Vedic English
Singing Words 'TO'- I

Singing words ‘to’- I to remember easily for ever

For example: to smile sweetly, beautifully, 

Please write and read as to smile sweetly, to smile beautifully,

to eat mango, ice-cream, bread, drinking water, milk,  to read the book, news paper, novel ,poem,

to write  the words, poem, English,

to play  cricket, football, the game,

to see the  tv, cinema, sky, 

to hear  the sound, story, noise, cry, voice,

to take the pen, pencil, rubber,

to give water, money, book,

to bring the copy, water, pen,

to get the  book, admission, permission, ticket,

to book the ticket, seat, plot,

to go  to the school, cinema, park, play ground, river, sea, market,

to come to home, school, late, first,

to cry for pen , sang the song,

 to shout for help, water

to sell the goods, books, vegetables,

to bring the books, vegetables, pen, goods,

to catch the fish, ball,

to hold the bat, pen,

to keep the book,  at right place,

to cut the paper,

to sleep  in ground, mat,

to  run  away, very fast,

to drive  the car,

to do  the work, hard work, good work, it well, properly, correctly,

to feel healthy, hungry, good,

to find the book, glass,

to tell the tale, story, truth, lie,

to talk loudly, slowly, me, English,

to speak  truth, English, Oriya, fluently, correctly, beautifully, spontaneously, bravely, politely, humbly,

to learn the English, language, math,

to know it, the fact, story,

Always  read /start with the word “S” in dictionary.

S  :  to safeguard the  national interest, border, life and property, to sacrifice life, land,  interest, everything, for the greatest cause, greatest good of the country. to save life, property, people, crop, to say the truth, correctly, genuinely,  to shoulder responsibility, to search for  truth, for light, for peace, for joy, for excellence, here and there, to smile sweetly, beautifully,  to see him, nature, the sun, to  shout loudly, a loud, painfully, for help ,for save, to show the  courage, paper, certificate, to speak truth,  tree, fluently, English, fearlessly, to  spell correctly, to spoil the  career, future, life, to spray  water, perfume,

to stand straight,  firmly, fearlessly, to stay away, to steal the water, money,  book, to stitch in time saves nine, to stop  him, entry, it, work, to study  well, his mind,  the case, to submit application, certificate, humbly, to suffer from fever,  silently, severely, all the way , for him, to surpass all, to surprise me, all, us, him, to survey the area, land, the case, to survive luckily, by chance,  against all odds, to shower flower, petals, water, blessing, to seek justice, peace, bliss, truth, relief, help, transfer, to sustain pain,  truth, it, to serve at best, sincerely, faithfully, for the country, family, in national interest, food, cloth, to settle the problem, case, issue, to solve the problem, to sell goods, mango, to send troop, force, police, letter, money, to sense trouble, doubt, fear, danger ahead, to smell bad, doubt, rot, sweet, strong, to speculate danger, threat, future, to separate circle, family, country, triangle, mixture,  to shake well, properly, to shape the future, life, to share room, food, sorrow and joy, to sharpen the pencil, tool,

to stun me, us, all, to shatter the  house, things,  life,  hope, to shift  goods, house, to smash glass, to shock me, him, all, to silence all, the critic, the  people, to solemnize  marriage, to shun violence, riot, demand, condition, to salute  national flag, martyr, jawan, to sanction money, to scale the mountain, hill, high, down, to scan the brain, heart,  to scold him, us, to scrap the  tie, agreement,  to stress on it, on this point, on this problem, to struggle hard, for success, for victory, to survive bravely, against all odds, to grow well , plant, to screw tightly, the nut, to soak  water, air,


to tackle the problem, violence, mob, riot, terror, to take interest, charge, chance, opportunity, to talk slow, tough, diplomatically, friendly, cunningly, loudly, to tamper the  proof, letter,  seal, to tap  water, resources, talent, to target the  enemy, enemy position, to teach  English, in the class, well, to tender resignation, to terrify me, him, the  people, to test him, the  blood sample, my patience, to thank him, me, to think  well, positively, negatively, correctly, to threaten  me, him, us with dire consequences, to thril me, us, the students, to throw the ball, water, to touch me, tenderly, lovingly, smoothly, kindly, to train us, the boys, army, to transmit  power, to treate well, warmly, us friendly, to travel fast,  at light speed, by air, to treck the mountain, to tremble in fear, to trespass the house, country, to trust the friend, to try your best, to try again, again and again, sincerely, successfully,


To rage /wage war, conflict, to raid the house, to raise  the issue, problem, to ransack the house, to reach  home, there, in time, late, to react sharply, silently, violently, vehemently, to read the book, poem, novel, in class v, to receive money, book, cordially, warmly, the guest, to recognize me, him, the thief, the culprit,  to recommend for award, for certificate, my name, to record the song, speech, voice, to recover speedily, well,  to rectify the error, mistake, to reduce slowly, rapidly, to refer his case, the patient, to reflect the light, to refrain from war, violence, terror, to refuse the order, him,  to refute the charges, to regain  the strength, power, beauty, vigour,  to register the case, his name,  to regret for the mistake, him, for his work,  to reject the plea, order, agreement, request, application, to  relax well, please, to relay on him, on nature, water , air, food,  to release the prisoner, water, money, pay, to relieve me, from  trouble, pain, to remain  there, silent, faithful,  in house, forest,  to remember  him, his great service, great deeds, to remind in time, me, him, to remove huddles, obstacles, the stone, to render great  service, help, to renew  interest, effort, to renounce terror, violence, smoking, to renovate the temple, house, to  repair the  cycle, house,  to replace it,  old one, him, to repeat again,  mistake, it, to reply the question, to represent the people, country, students, to  request me, him,  for help, relief, money, humbly, to  require it, money, book, arms, urgently, to resent me, us, guest, to reside in house, in city, to resolve the problem, issue, to respect the elders, custom, tradition, law of the land, to  respond  well, in time, to rest  peacefully, comfortably, to restore peace, law and order, system, water supply, to  restrict entry, movement, driving, to  resume duty, work , to    retain  power, glory, to retaliate enemy, to  retire to-day, from service, from work, to return  home, safely, in time, to  revamp tie, agreement, to reveale the truth, fact, to review the order, condition, to revise mark, order, to  revive the glory, to revoke the ties, agreement, to reward me, him, punishment, for life long service, for great work, for my service to the nation, to risk life,  to ruin the future, career, to rule the country, people, us,  


 to pack food, material, tightly,  to paint the house, door, art, to paralyse city, life, to  pardon him, to park the  vehicle, to  participate well, in game, in election, to pass  well, the test, the examination,  students, to patronize  the artists, to pay  money, fee, school fee, in time , house rent, to penetrate well, deeply, into it, slowly, the wall, to perceive the story, fact, the incident, to performe  well, to  perpetuate violence, terror, to  persuade him, people, voters, students, to persue  well, silently, the study, to pervade the house, place, area, to place  order, in its right place, under suspension, to plan well, properly, in advance, wisely, for future, for development,played football, cricket, to plead  guilty, for justice, peace, freedom, to please us, me, him, guest,   to plott to kill, murder, to pluck the flower, fruit, to plunder the wealth, to ply on road, vehicle,to  polish  the  dimond, floor, stone,to pollute the atmosphere, air, water, to poise the  threat to nation, security, to post the letter, order, to   postpone the  meeting, visit, exam, function, to empower  people, women,to praise him, teacher, good work, to pray God, fervently, for peace, good health, justice, to preach the  religion, to predicted future,  cyclone, weather,truth, to prefer to  tea ,fish , to prescribe  medicine,to  preserve  food, fruit, monuments, to preside the meeting, session,to  press  hard, us, for  action, immediate action, sanction, agreement, money, loan, to presume the danger, accident, quarrel, difficulty, fear, to  pretend  to tell lie, ,to prevent him from fire, injury, to print paper, book, toprioritise  visit, loan, relief, to privatize   economy, industry,to  probe the case, incident, to proceed slowly, cautiously, rapidly, on leave, to process the application, fee, the case, to proclaim  the order, ordinance, truth, to procure  goods , books, to produce car, computer, rice, to  progress  slowly, speedily, fast, in science, education, to  promise for better future, good  result, to promote business, film, to promulgate order, rule, law, his views , to  project the plan, expense, to propagate for peace, love, violence, religion, truth, to propose  marriage, agreement, car-loan,  to protect the nation, country, life, people, property, to prove correct, false, true, wrong, to provide  opportunity, shelter, assistance, aid, help, arms, money, material, details of the case /incident, to provoke the people, us, me, the students, top  publish  book, article, to pull the  door, with force, to punch the paper, to punish the thief, culprit, to purify water, air, temple, body, to pursue education, the case, the course, sincerely, seriously, silently, to put in right place, in order, me in  trouble, to puzzle the mind,


to qualify in  exam, in test, to  quarrel always, without cause,  unnecessarily, to quench his thirst, quest for  truth, peace, joy, to quash the  order, judgment, to quicken the effort, supply, to quit the cinema hall, home, smoking, to question the authority,  members, students, to quote his words, line, famous words, line


To malign  his  fame, reputation, name, to man the space station, out post, border, to manage  hotel, function, business, school, well, successfully, to manifest  truth, views, to manipulate  story,  to march fast, bravely, courageously, to mark  correctly, land, area, to match well, with it, to measure correctly, by the tape, met him, the tiger, result, fearlessly, to melt metal, to  mingle and mix, to  minimize  risk, damage, programme,  to misbehave  me, us ,people, to misguide  students,  people, to  mishandle the case, machine, to  miss the  certificate, him, to misunderstand  me, him, to misuse  power, money, to mitigate  sorrow, pain, trouble, difficulty, suffering, misery, to mobilize  force, army, resources, money, to motivate  him, easily,  for the project,  for work,  students, voters, people, members, to  move fast, slowly, rapidly, very fast, the heart and mind, here and there, 


To nab the thief, culprit, to nail him, the mistake, culprit, to narrate the story, incident, poem, case,facts, to narrow  the differences, views, gap, to navigate  the aircraft, ship, spacecraft, to need immediately, urgently, it, medicine, food, arms, money, shelter, to neglect  her, family, self, national interest, duty, work, attitude, repair, future, to negotiate peace, agreement, talk,  to normalise the situation, to notice to come, to join, surrender,