Vedic English
Singing Words 'TO' -II


Singing words ‘to’-Part =II to remember easily for ever

For example: to smile sweetly, beautifully, 

Please write and read as to smile sweetly, to smile beautifully,


to labour hard,day and night, to  lack  interest, truth, to lament death, departure, to laminate  paper, certificate,to  land the aircraft, smoothly, safely,  to languish  in jail, prison, to lapse the date, period, to last long, to  laud the victory, success, to launch the war, attack, rocket, space craft, to  lead the people, students, nation, member, to leak the question paper, result, to learn easily,  English, Foreign language, lesson, a lot, to  lease  land, property, to leave the house, country, to  level the ground, site, area, to make liaison well,  to lie in court, to  liberate the prisoner, to  light the  house, village, road, park, to like me, nature, us, him, students, people, motherland, radio, fish, dancing, swimming, sweet, to limit the  power, option, supply, movement, to  link the road, case, river, to list the price, names, materials, household goods, articles, seizure items, to listen carefully, radio, music, to load the truck, vehicle,  coal, to lock the door,  motor cycle, to lodged  an F.I.R,  the complain , to look hand some, beautiful, smart, wild, calm, tranquil, sweet, nervous,serious, pale, painful, poetic, sharply, penetratingly, cunningly, like a heroin, hero, like a tiger, violent, tense,for help, for assistance, for aid, relief, awesome, fearsome, mysterious, strange, fearless, tenderly, lovingly, sweetly, warmly, sympathetically, bravely, healthy, sky, sea, at me, fantastic, romantic, classic, elegant, artistic, splendid, gorgeous, shining, dazzling,  beaming, buoyant, triumphant, grave, sad, optimistic, pessimistic, very pleasing, very charming, sensuous,saint like,  strong,  to loose the temper, hope, faith, belief, to  loot the bank, office, people, to  lose hope, war, money, house, life and property, to love mother, father, me, us, motherland, country, flower, nature, home, sweet, heartily, truly, sincerely, tenderly, with care,


to kick the foot ball, to kidnap the boy, to  knock the door, to know him, the truth, fact, earlier, later, before, nothing, everything,


To obey the order, instruction, law, elders, to object  it, nuisance, false allegation, to oblige him , to observe the situation, people, land, sky, space, weather, movement, activity, to obstruct the  entry, movement, enemy, army, to obtain   permission, pass, to occupy the  place, home, land, territory, space, to occure in day, in night, in day light, in board day light, in public place, to offer   flower, prayer, seat, relief, assistance, every thing, to  offload the truck, goods,  to open the door, window, carefully, slowly, cautiously, lock, gate, secret, fact, truth, for all, for VIP only, tender, to operate carefully, well, engine, machine, to oppose gently, humbly, straight, vehemently, him, me, us, students, people, to optimize  result, to orbit  the moon, earth, spacecraft, satellite, round the clock, to order the work, the task, duty, it, to go, to bring, to take, 

To  organize  meeting, function, examination,  to outline the plan, project, operation,  to  over come the difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow, trouble, obstacle,defeat, danger, all odds, to over crowd the city, house, place, park, to over flow the water, flood water, milk, lava, river, to  over look it, the mistake, fact, to over power  enemy, us, our vehicle,  to prohibit entry, him to enter, to  over throw Government, from power, 


To jeopardize the  interest, security, public safety, to join  duty, to-day, army, with us,in time, to jubilate in  victory, to  jump first, last,on  fire, from aircraft, from sky, bravely, to justify  action, order, to juxtapose each other, joy and sorrow,


to gain ground,  power, position, strength, to garland the teacher, leader, God, bride, guests, to generate power, electricity, to get money, truth, gifted gold, cow, car,

 to  give  property, life , supreme sacrifice, order, instruction, opportunity, warning, advise, hope, assistance, aid, relief, joy, pain , trouble, sorrow, victory, success, goal, pleasure, power, water, milk, cloth, food, shelter, medicine, arm, ammunition, judgment, comment, reward, award, punishment, capital punishment, details, list, names, answer, reply, 

to glorify  the country, nation, people, victory, success, achievement, death, martyr, sacrifice, the noble cause, noble deed, noble act, our school, our college, poet, artist, freedom fighter,    to go slowly, went smoothly, went speedily, in right direction, in slow pace, to school, college, cinema, war, church, forest, ground, play ground, to celebrate, gladly, sadly, away,  in time, by cycle, bus, car, 

to govern our country, to grace peace, bliss, joy, love, to grasp  the truth, fact, correctly, to greet  him, leader, minister, teacher, warmly, lovingly, guest, each other, people , students, to grab the land, power, opportunity, to grip tightly, firmly, tool, to grow well, healthy, to guard the national interest, security of the country, border, post, day and night, round the clock, in all weather,

to guide the students, people, children, properly,  to gun down , at blank point,him,


To hamper relation, interest, to handle carefully, successfully, properly, to happen today, yesterday, earlier, previously, to harm  the people, students, child, us, in a great way, our interest, relation, to harness power, electricity, to harvest crop, to haunt the tiger,  

To head the meeting, enquiry, team members, board of officers, delegation, the group, people,  to hear the sound, roaring sound, quarrel, music, radio, argument, plea, people, problem, to heat the rod, iron, water, milk, argument, talks,

 to help the poor, , money, book,  to reach an agreement,    at all cost, at the risk of life, in face of grave threat, danger, flood victims, cyclone victims, fire victims, generously, kindly, sympathetically, at the time of need, honestly, smilingly,  against all odds, in a hostile situation, greatly,

to herald the national flag, truth, to hesitate to go, to work, to bring, to take,

to hide the truth, fact, cycle, book, to  hijack the  air craft, to highlight his work , important lines, news,  to hoist the national flag, to hold tightly, firmly, ground, truth, to hope  for success, victory, judgment, against hope, good result, help, unseen help,  best, to humiliate us, people,


to facilitate  entry, visit, to fade the  image, colour, beauty, to  fascinate me, us,him , to favoure me, him, students, order, decision, to fear the  death, people, me , him, ghost, enemy, to feed the child,  to felicitate him, me, to  file the case, to fill the gap, blank, to finalize the programme, plan, agenda, to find the truth, fact, ball, to  finish the project, work,  tofit tightly, properly, to fix the photograph, responsibility, to float the boat, ship, to  flood the village, to  focuse the point, light, on it, to  follow him, me, us, thief, police,to  force us, me, death, to work, to do,

to foresee the future, future prospects, success, danger, difficulty, to  forge the relation, tie, to forget me, the school, story, you, all, to forgive me, us, students,to fortify the town, area, border, to foster  the relation, tie, friendship, to  find it, success, victory, the result, to  frame the charge sheet, him in this case, falsely, intentionally, to free the prisoners, parrots,  to freeze the fish, vegetable, fruit, to frighten me, him,  in fear, to fuel  tension, violence, to  fulfil  promise, dream, words, to fund the organisation, terrorist, to furnish the fact, detail, .


To earn money, name and fame, good name, bad reputation, to eat sugar, sweet, fruit, fish,  to edit the news paper, to educate women, mass, people, to elect  member, president, office bearer, to  elicit information, truth, fact, to eliminate the enemy, foe, opponent, all who opposed, completely, to elude me, him, us, to emancipate the prisoners, people, to embarrass  me, him, us, guest, VIP, to embrace her, guest, warmly, lovingly, with all her heart, Buddhism to emphasize  on it, problem, point, to employ the people, students, in factory, to empower the women, country, nation,  to enable us, me, to act, to enclose the form, draft, certificate copy, document, letter, to encourage him, me, us, people, students,  children, women, to encroach land,  forest, power, to end well, enmity, hostility, violence, terror, the programme, meeting, session, to endanger life, tiger, wild animal,  to endeavour  to success, at best, all, to complete, comply, finish, execute, to  enforce the order, curfew, law, to engage in war, violence, fight, day and night,  to enhance power, fee, cost, price, to enjoy  beauty, nature, dance, film, to enrich culture, experience, nations, civilization, to feel deeply, joy, sorrow, to enter the border, home, safely, fearlessly, to ensure victory, success,  safety, security, power supply, relief, arrangement, to entrust him, task, work, responsibility, to envisage the incident, danger, it, death, to eradicate poverty,  illiteracy, disease, to erect house, building, to erupt  volcano, violence, to escalate  violence, tension, war, fighting, to escape the death, danger, enemy attack, to eschew the violence, bad habit, smoking, drinking, to escort the guest, VIP, him, safely, to establish in 1966,the order,  law, authority, school, college, factory , to  estimate cost, expense, plan, project, to eulogise him, poet,  to evacuate the people, lower line, flood area, sea shore, toevaporate water, to evade arrest, to evaluate answer sheet, performance,to  evict the quarter, to  evoke response, equal response,  immediate reply, to evolve him, to  examine properly, well, him, candidates, to excavate the area, land, to  exceed  limit,  power, control, to excel in all fields, in science, in all sphere, to exchange views, ideas, notes, books, parts, to excite the mind, in joy,  anger,to  exclude him, me, it, to excuse me, him, sir, for mistake, this time, to execute the order, to exemplify  fee,  tuition fee, school fee, to exercise power, authority, control, to exhaust oxygen,  all resources, to exhibit well,  the painting, to exhilarate in nature, to  exhort (advise) me, us, students,  people, to exist there, order, to exonerate  my mistake, to expand  day to day, rubber, to expect well recovery, good result,  good rain fall ,  bumper crop, peace and prosperity, happy return, you to do it, to achieve it, to accomplish it, to execute it, so much, no more, nothing ,

To expedite the  reply,  to experience cold, hot, snowfall, space journey, truth, Divine, to explain the fact, incident, position, action, everything, correctly, in detail, well, the reason, the circumstances, to exploit the women, child, facility, to explore  new horizon, possibilities, opportunity, area of mutual interest, to export  rice, wheat, coal, terror, to expose  him, me, agent, fact, truth, false one, cover, to express  well, beautifully, humbly, correctly, brilliantly, comfortably, sincere desire, lucidly, magnifiscently, spontaneously, perfectly, strikingly, good wishes, good will , good will gesture, seriousness for talk, peace, to fascinate me, us, him, to expound well, conspicuously, clearly, the order, judgment, the story, to extinguish the fire,  well, completely, to  extract  juice, truth,