Vedic English
Singing Words: ING
Singing words to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiling sweetly, beautifully, face, flower,

Please write and read as Smiling sweetly, Smiling beautifully, Smiling face, Smiling flower,

Shinning sun, moon, star, face, beauty, dews, Safeguarding national interest, border, life and property, Sacrificing life, land, selfish interest, everything, for the greatest cause, greatest good of the country. Saving life, property, people, crop, Saying truth, correctly, genuinely, Shouldering responsibility, Searching truth, light, for peace, for joy, here and there, eyes, Smiling sweetly, beautifully, face, flower, Seeing him, nature, sun, shouting loudly, a loud, painfully, for help ,to save, showing courage, paper, certificate, shying away, nature, girl, speaking truth, tree, fluently, English, fearlessly, spelling correctly, spoiling career, future, spraying water, perfume, standing crop, water, straight, staying away, there, here, stealing water, money, book, stitching in time saves nine, stopping him, entry, studying well, submitting application, certificate, humbly, suffering from fever, silently, class, mass, people, surpassing all, surprising me, all, us, surveying area, surviving luckily, kit, against all odds, swimming pool, kit, fast, Smoking habit, Seating position, sitting arrangement, idle, lonely, comfortably, securing success, position, good rank, Slipping well, mat, bag, Sky high Showering flower, petals, water, blessing, Soothing effect, touch, smile, care, Seeking justice, peace, bliss, truth, redressal, relief, help, transfer,staining truth,Serving at best, sincerely, faithfully, for the country, family, in national interest, food, cloth, Settling problem, case, issue, solving problem,Seeming alike, differently, correctly , false,

Selling goods, mango, sending troop, force, police, letter, money, Sensing trouble, doubt, fear, danger ahead, smelling bad, doubt, rot, sweet, strong, speculating danger, threat, future, Separating circle, family, country, triangle, mixture, Shaking well, shaping future, life, sharing room, food, sorrow and joy, Sharpening pencil, tool,

Stumbling block, Stunning victory, achievement, display, Shattering goods, house, things, here and there, experience, evidence, truth, shifting goods, house, smashing glass, Startling revelation, manifestation ,Shocking news, truth, revelation, result, and sorrowful, and shattering, Silencing all, critic, people, Solacing eyes, consolation, help, Solemnizing marriage, Stimulating factor, medicine, interest, Shunning violence, riot, Shooting range, tiger, film, star Shipping complex, materials, iron ore, coal , cement, Saluting national flag, martyr, jawan, Sanctioning authority, power, money, Saturating point, scaling high, mountain, scanning brain, machine, roaming charge, sewing machine, Scathing attack, scolding severely, Scorching summer season, sun,

Scoring high, Scrapping tie, agreement, Scratching letter, Soaring high, stressing hard, Striving for success, struggling hard, for success, to servive,Smuggling gold, sowing seed, growing crop ,Screwing tightly, Sealing wax, shop, secret letter, Sinking boat, capsizing boat, ship, differences, enmity, Soaking water, air, sparking light,


Tackling problem, violence, mob, riot, terror, Taking interest, charge, chance, opportunity, Talking slow, tough, diplomatically, friendly, cunningly, loudly, Tampering proof, letter, seal, Tapping water, resources, talent, Targeting enemy, enemy position,

Tasking the work, task,Teaching lesson, English, in the class, profession, experience, well,Tearing sorrow, heart, eyes, truth, fact, Tendering resignation, Terrifying people, act, Testing lab, kit, centre, toolThanking you sir, you, Thinking well, positively, negatively, correctly, Threatening words, Thrilling climax, victory, joy, Throwing ball, water, Thundering sound, rain, rain and thunder, Touching letter, and moving, story, Training programme, Transcending all barrier, land, sky, Transmitting power,  Treating well, warmly,Travelling at light speed,

Treckking mountain, Trembling in fear,Trespassing house, country,Troubling time, tough time, each now and then,Trusting friend, him,Trying for good, best, our best,Turning point, Twinkling star, eyes, of an eye, typing machine, speed, work, error,


Radiating beauty, speech, Raging war, conflict,

Raiding house, Raising the issue, problem, high,

Rallying for support, vote, Ranking first,

Ransacking house,Ravaging flood, cyclone,

Reaching goal, destination, home, Reacting sharply, silently, violently, vehemently,Reading book, habit, in class vReasoning power, sense, ability, rebelling act, activity,Rebuilding nation, country, temple,Receiving cordially, warmly, guest, Reciting poem,Reclaiming property, goods,Recognizing him, the truth, fact, theft, culprit, accused, Recommending award, name, Recording song, speech,Recovering speedily, well,Rectifying error, mistake, Reducing slowly, rapidly, Reeling under hot sun, pain,Reffering his case,Reflecting light,Refraining from war,Refreshing room Refusing to obey, order, refuting charges, regaining strength, regarding problem,registering case, name,regretting for him, his work, regulating law, rules,rejecting plea, order, agreement,request,relating to fees, case, relaxing well,relaying on him, nature, releasing prisoner, water, money, pay, relieving me from trouble,pain, remaining days, free,there, in house, forest,remembering him, his great service, great deeds,reminding in time,removing huddles, obstacles, rendering service, renewing interest, effort,renouncing terror, violence, smoking, renovating temple, house, work, repairing cycle, house, , replacing old one,him,repeating again,replying question,representing people, country, requesting help,justice, relief, money,humbly, requiring money,arms,urgently,resenting me, us, guest,residoing in house, in city, resolving problem, issue,respecting elders, custom,tradition, law of the land, responding well, in time, agreement, law, resting peacefully, comfortably, restoring peace, law and order, system,water,restricting entry,movement,driving,sugar,resulted violence, resuming duty, work,retaining power, glory, retalilating enemy, retiring day, from service, from work, returning home, safely, in time, revamping tie, agreement, revealing truth, fact, reviewing order, condition, revising mark, order, reviving glory, revoking ties, agreement, rewarding prospect, future, career, judgement, capital punishment, effort, work, ringing bell, rioting people, mob, situation, rising sun, risking life, roaming boy, cloud, charge, roaming facility, roaring sound, waves, tiger, rolling mill, paper, rowing boat, rapidly, ruining future, career, ruling party, the country,running horse, fast,


Pacifying people, him, students, public, packing goods, food, material, tightly, paining me, him, heart,mind, very much, painting house, door, art, paralysing city, life, pardoning him,parking place, area, vehicle, parting hour, us, participating well, in game,in election, ,passing well, time, out students, patrolling police, the city, patronising him, me, attitude, paying money, fee, school fee, in time , house rent, guest, pelting stone,penetrating well, deeply, insight, slowly, wall, eyes, perceiving story, fact, the incident, performing well, perpetuating violence, terror, persecuting agency, persisting act, effort, persuading him, people, voters, students, pertaining to this case, , persuing well, study, pervading darkness, sorrow, placating tension, violence, placing order, in its right place, under suspension, arrest, planning well, properly, in advance, wisely, for future, for development,playing football, cricket, pleading guilty, for justice, peace, freedom, pleasing us, me, personality, him difficult, guest, atmosphere, pledging ceremony, oath taking ceremony, plotting conspiracy, to kill, plucking flower, fruit, plundering wealth, plying on road, vehicle, poaching tiger, poising threat, polishing dimond, floor, stone, polling station, booth , agent, day,polluting atmosphere, air, water, posing threat to nation, security, posting letter, order, place, postponing meeting, visit, exam, function, powering people, engine, praising him, teacher, good works, praying God, fervently, for peace, good health, justice, preaching religion, preceding day, night, predicting future, prospects, cyclone, weather,truth, prefering tea , this, prescribing medicine, preserving food, fruit, monuments, presiding meeting, session, officer, pressing need, hard, us, for sanction, agreement, money, loan,presuming danger, accident, quarrel, difficulty,fear,pretending lie, prevailing situation, scenario,preventing from fire,injury, printing press, works, material, prioritising visit, loan, relief,privatising economy, industry, probing the case, incident, proceeding slowly, cautiously, rapidly, on leave,processimng application, fee, material,the case,proclaiming order, ordinance, truth, procuring goods , books, producing car, computer, rice, programming computer, training, progressing slowly, speedily, fast, in science, education, country, prohibiting act, promising future, factor, result, promoting business, film, promulgating order, his views, projecting plan, expense, propagating peace, love, violence, religion,truth, proposing marriage, agreement, car-loan, prospecting bride, groom, protecting nation, country, life, people, property, proving correct, false, true, wrong, providing opportunity, shelter, assistance, aid, help, arms, money, material,details of the case,incident,provoking act, publishing news, book, house, article, pulling power, door, with force, punching machine, punishing thief, culprit,purifying water, air, temple,body, pursuing education, the case, the course, putting in right place, in order, me trouble, puzzling word , mind,


Qualifying exam, test, quarreling attitude, always, without cause, sense, unnecessarily, qenching thirst, questing truth, peace, joy, quashing order, judgement, quickening effort, supply,quitting cinema hall, home, smoking, questioning authority, success, members, students, quoting his words, line,


 Madding crowd, people, mailing address, letter, maligning fame, reputation, name, manning space station, out post, border, managing skill, hotel, function, business, school,, well,successfully, manifesting truth, views, manipulating story, marching fast, bravely, courageusly, army, marking pen , measurement, correctly, tape, land, area, matching reply, response, colour, face, measuring correctly, tape, meeting place, danger, tiger, him, result, fearlessly, melting point, metal, migrating bird , people, mining area, zone,activity, mingling and mixing, with sorrow, joy, minimising risk, damage, programme, misbehaving me,us, guest, people, misguiding student, nation, people, mishandling machine, engine, missing person, paper, certificate, miraculously, misunderstanding arised, cleared, reason,eachother, misusing power, money, mitigating sorrow, pain, trouble, difficulty, suffering, misery, mobilising force, army, resourses, money, motivating him, easily, very difficult, for the project, work, skill, students, voters, people, members, mounting sorrow, pressure, moving sky ward, fast, slowly, rapidly, very fast, and touching, ,heart and mind, hereand there, murmering spring, brook, mountain spring, mountaineering school,skill,,training,


Nabbing thief, culprit, nailing him, mistake, cuklprit, narrating story, incident, poem, case,facts, narrowing differences, views, gap, navigating system, aircraft, nearing truth, fact, to the point,needing immediately, urgently, it, medicine, food, arms, money, shelter, neglecting her, family, self, national interest, duty, work, attitude, repair, future, negotiating peace, agreement, talk, neighbouring countries, houses, people, normalising situation, notivcing to come, to join, surrender,nursing sister, training,

charming fragrance of rose ,thrilling mastery ,amazing force, unfolding petals ,gnawing vigor, Impending doom, transfixing touch of pure love, living reality, morning hours, scorching field, enlightening words, flashes of lightning; dazzling radiance, lasting joy, charming cordiality, delicate handling, penetrating sunshine ,evening calm, piercing eyes, murmuring clouds. Inspiring words, solacing black eyes ,stunning mystery, roaming about India, ensuing eloquence, mingling tears, enjoying the flower,

Emotional feeling

Friendly feeling

Sympathetic feeling

A rare feeling
Food to feed
Loving feeling
Divine feeling’

A powerful feeling

Sweet feeling
Poetic feeling
Silent feeling
Aching feeling
Terrible feeling

Praise worthy feeling

Rapturous feeling

Feeling of a true being

Feeling of commotion


Eating sugar , mango, ice-cream, bread, drinking water, milk, reading book, news paper, novel ,poem,

writing word, poem, English,
playing cricket, football, game,
seeing tv, cinema, sky,  
hearing sound, story, noise, cry, voice,
taking pen, pencil, rubber,
giving water, money, book,
bringing copy, water, pen,
getting ticket, admission, permission,
booking ticket, seat, plot,
going to school, cinema, park, play ground, river, sea, market,
coming to home, school, coming slowly,

crying girl, dancing girl, singing girl, singing bird, shouting boy,

riding horse, horse riding
selling goods, book, vegetables,
buying books, vegetables, pen, goods,
catching fish, ball,,
holding bat, pen,
keeping book, book keeping, keeping at right place,

cutting tool, cutting master, cutting paper, sleeping boy, running boy,

driving car,

doing work, hard work, good work, well, beautifully, carefully, properly, correctly, digging soil , earth,

drawing sheet, copy, paper , pencil,
flying bird, car, kite, aero plane,
falling apple, raindrop,
feeding food, milk,
feeling well, healthy, good, pride,
finding book, glass,
telling tale, story, truth, lie,
talking loudly, slowly,

speaking truth, English, Oriya, fluently, correctly, beautifully, spontaneously, bravely, politely, humbly, tough,

spelling correctly,
learning English, language, math,

knowing truth, it, fact, story, known, well known,