Vedic English
Musical Words: VERY

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 Musical words. You must write and speak, record and hear in your tape record or mobile to remember easily.


Vedic Method : To remember many suitable words easily and also to recollect/remind it easily at the time of speaking and writing. Use Vedic way of music method for ‘very’, ‘so’, ‘being’, ‘be’ etc words.


Example : It is very simple, very sweet, very suitable, very easy, very effective, very important, very powerful.


Write all ‘very’ words :     very good very fine, very fine very sweet, very sweet very loving, very loving very beautiful, very beautiful very fine, very fine very good, very good very honest, very honest very humble, very humble very good, very good very kind, very kind very sympathetic, very sympathetic, very pitiable, very pitiable very helpful, very helpful very suitable, very suitable very fine, very fine very simple, very simple very easy, very easy very simple, very simple very good, very good very smart, very smart very strong, very strong very hard, very hard very strict, very strict very strong, very strong very powerful, very powerful very strong, very strong very straight, very straight very forward, very forward very straight, very straight very honest, very honest very helpful, very helpful very usable, very necessary, very effective, very useful, very important, very fruitful, very suitable, very convenient, very smooth, very strong, very brave, very courageous, very smart, very sincere,

very easy, very simple, very humble, very polite,

very complex very critical, very sad, very painful, very pathetic, very shameful, very soft, very cold, very hot, very sharp, very pointed, very penetrating, very dear, very near, very cautious, very careful, alert, vigil, very fast, very slow,

very worry, very anxious, very disappointing,

very pessimistic, very optimistic, very hopeful, very sanguine, very familiar, very lovable, very well, very sound, very healthy, very harmful, very dangerous, very wild, very tame, very light, very heavy, very idea, very thought, very plan

very costly, very expensive, very charming, very pleasing, very pleasant, very amusing, very interesting, very enthusiastic, very inspiring, very joy and zeal, very glad, very tired, very exhausted, very tiresome, very pensive,

very idle, very fool , very easy very difficult,

very rich, very poor, very big, very large, profound, enormous, very small, very short, very thin, very slim, very fat, very perfect, very beginning, very end, very start, very soon, very late, very gentle, very noble, very complex, very critical, very quick, very sudden, very soon, very surprising,very exciting , very interesting,

very frank, very open, very candid, very clear, very transparent, very clear, very straight

very safe, very secure, very peaceful, very silent, very calm, very tranquil, very normal, very congenial, very friendly atmosphere for meeting,

very happy, very hopeful, very faithful, very loyal, very honest, very reliable, very close, very friendly, very mixing, very young, very youthful, very handsome, very beautiful, very brilliant,

very brilliant, very genius, very wise, very intelligent,very similar, very different,

very truth, very fact, very noisy, very disturbance, very disturbing, very unpleasant, very satisfactory, praise worthy, rewarding, very reasonable, balanced, very serious, very compelling, very grave, very fearful, very awesome, very pleased, very satisfied, very careful, very helpful, very reluctant, very unwilling, very adamant, hesitating, very kind, very cruel, very patience, very impatient, very lucky, very fortunate, very good luck, very unfortunate, very bad luck.

very active, very smart, very prompt, very note, very remarkable, very famous, very popular,

very clear, very confused, very sweet , very delicate, very lonely, very isolated, separated,

very irritating, very humiliating, very old, very young, very emotional, very immature,

very mature, very doubtful, very suspicious, very selfish, very proud, very hungry, very thirsty,

very careful, very attentive, very alert,

very wild, very agitate, very violent, very furious,

very defiant, very daring, very likely, very soon,

very inconvenient, very embarrassing, very excited, very agitated,

very much


So : so beautiful, loving , so sweet, so good, so fine, so kind, so sincere, so honest, so brave, so humble, so strong, so powerful, so careful, so sweet, so delicious, so daring, so enchanting, so pleasing, so serious , so tranquil , so calm, so different, so vast, so big, so important, so difficult, so glad, so friendly, so useful, so serious, so terrible, so violent, so wild, so furious, so strong, so hard, so smooth, so delicate, so amusing, so pleasing, so similar, so compelling, so hot, so cold, so critical, so complex, so smiling, so pleasing, so bad, so painful, so suddenly, so surprising, so strong , so robust, so profound, so pale, so feeble, so poor, so rich, so fearful, so interesting, so shameful, so embarrassing, so tired, so exhausted, ,


Being   : Being good, being honest, being faithful, being beautiful, being truthful, being careful being poor, being brave, being true, being sincere, being responsible, being kind, being serious, being smart, being friendly, being obedient,


Be : You should be faithful, be truthful, be careful, be hopeful, be happy,  be good , be honest, be brave, be forward, be smart, be polite, be kind, be obedient, be sympathetic, be serious, be friendly, be strong, be perfect,  be responsible, be reasonable, be judicious, be balanced, be open, be frank, be active, be smiling, be happy, be powerful, be courageous, be sincere, be true, be strict, be humble, be polite, be cautious, be interested, be creative, be true, be genuine, be simple, be mature enough, be strong enough, be careful enough, be creative, be modern, be cultured, be civilized, be devoted, be humble, be helpful, be calm, be composed, be attentive, be alert, be prepared, be great, be good, be like a hero, be like a leader, be like a politician, be like a martyr,  be like a teacher, be like a mother, be like a poet,


Before: before morning, before evening, before dawn, before day break, before noon, before night, before Monday, before Sunday, meeting, before going, before fighting, before accepting, giving, before swimming, dancing, before playing, before writing , before making, before doing,


Previous  : previous morning, previous evening, previous happening, previous incident, previous night , previous day, previous meeting,


Previously : previously seen, previously heard, previously done, previously happened, previously received, previously advised, previously warned, previously told, previously narrated, previously described, previously proposed, previously expressed, previously met, previously found, previously punished, previously rewarded,


After : after morning, after evening, after dawn, after day break, after noon, after night, after Monday, after Sunday, after meeting, after going, after fighting, after accepting , after giving, after swimming, after dancing, after playing, after writing , after making, after doing,


Full of : full of joy, full of love, full of hope, full of life, full of enthusiasm, full of pain, full of sorrow, full of spirit, full of zeal, full of mirth, full of rapture, full of trouble, full of suffering, full of surprise, full of curiosity, full of richness and beauty, full of peace and tranquility, full of truth and beauty, full of sorrow and suffering, full of tragedy and comedy, full of praise, full of confidence, full of faith, full of good spirit, full of confusion, full of chaos


In case of: in case of trouble, in case of pain, in case of sorrow, in case of difficulty, in case of distress, in case of discomfort, in case of any difficulty, in case of fear, in case of danger, in case of threat, in case of violence, in case of riot, in case of murder, in case of success,  in case of failure, in case of victory, in case of defeat,   


In spite of : in spite of trouble, in spite of difficulty, in spite of pain, in spite of sorrow, in spite of distress, in spite of discomfort, in spite of fear, in spite of threat, in spite of danger, in spite of suffering, in spite of obstacle ,in spite of grave threat, in spite of care, in spite of great effort, in spite of great care, in spite of grave concern, in spite of all attempt,


To my joy: to our joy, to my regret, to my smile, to my pain, to my sorrow, to my surprise, to my great surprise, to my great joy, to my great pain, to my disbelief, to my belief, to my greatest delight, to my suffering, to my astonishment, to my satisfaction,


With so much: with so much joy, with so much pain, with so much difficulty, with so much zeal, with so much love, with so much happiness, with so much enthusiasm, with so much inspiration, with so much pleasure, with so much influence, with so much effort, with so much trouble, with so much relief, with so much aid, with so much support, with so much supply,


With utmost : with utmost joy, with utmost pain, with utmost regret, with utmost suffering, with utmost sorrow , with utmost surprise, with utmost satisfaction, with utmost belief, with utmost disbelief, with utmost delight, with utmost care, with utmost comfort, with utmost safety,


With : with love, with joy, with care, with smile, with heart, with thanks, with enthusiasm, with satisfaction, with pain, with fatigue, with the agility, with tears, with cheers, with good wishes, with success, with failure, with heart beats, with heart brake, with tearful pain, with tearful joy, heavy heart, with great sorrow, with great disappointment, with constraints, with restrictions, with usual restriction, with evidence, with witness, with new joy, with renewed interest, with patience and determined will, with power and force, with utmost astonishment, with utmost satisfaction, with intention, with tension, with affection, with adoration, with gratefulness, with undoubting confidence, with patience, with all the honour, with all the dignity, with all the warmth, with all the love, with leaves, flowers, fruits, with great speed, with great rapidity, with curiosity, with excitement, with a good opportunity, with lock, with a fovourable order, opportunity ,with inexpressible joy, with unutterable joy, with an amount of joy, with an amount of pain, with an amount of grief, with an amount of sorrow, with an amount of violence, with an amount of agitation, with an intension of pleasing him, amusing him, hurting her, her honour, constructing a house, with an intension of killing,   


Without : with out peace, with out love, with out liberty, with out freedom , with out justice, with out reason , with out good sense, with out smile, with out joy, choice, with out help, with out assistance, with out pain, with out trouble, with out much trouble, with out much pain, with out much suffering, with out difficulty, with out mishap, with out accident, with out any injury, with out any failure, with out any doubt, with out rest or haste, with out any hesitation, with out any ambiguity, with out any desire, with out any default, with out any crime, with out any mistake, with out any use, with out delay, with out further delay, further thought, with out waiting, with out food, with out water, with out cloth, with out shelter, with out safety, with out praise, with out reward, with out agreement, with out facility, with out payment, with out hard work , with out plan, without effort, without much effort, without much labour, without much pain, with out test, with out your consent, with out knowledge, with out approval, with out sanction, with out satisfaction, without any result, without war, without violence, without injury, without wound, with out evidence, with out witness, without delay, without much delay, without any loss of time, without a minute, without second I attended, I set out for help. With sparkling of an eye, with twinkling of an eye I ran to the spot, without hope, without thinking for a moment,


Perfect joy, peace, bliss, silence, calm, tranquility,

In the face of : in the face of trouble, in the face of danger, in the face of challenge, in the face of threat, in the face of difficulty, in the face of grave threat, in the face of grave concern,

in the face of tiger, in the face of truth,

in the face of God.

In the light of  in the light of truth, in the light of new findings, in the light of new facts, in the light of justice,

Beyondbeyond our joy, beyond my joy, beyond my sorrow, beyond my grief, beyond my expression, beyond my description, beyond my grasp, beyond my understanding, beyond my imagination, beyond my reach, beyond my perception, beyond my thought, beyond my knowledge, beyond my capacity, beyond horizon,

Within: : within my reach, within my knowledge, within my capacity, within my grasp, within my power, within my perception, within my jurisdiction, within my area,: with in limit, a short while, with in a minute, with in while, with in a short distance, with in a few minute