Vedic English
Positive & Negative words

Positive words for same meaning to make your expression powerfull and perfect.Please write and speak like a sweet rhyme. Very veery easy to remember, recall,and remind. It will make your knowledge strong and prosperous.Try t to speak left to write and right to left for strong hold of English words .


speak and say, say and speak, talk and tell, tell and talk, say and utter, utter and express, say and declare, speak and articulate, state and utter, state and express,

show and display, disclose and reveal, show and demonstrate,

study and scrutinise, examine and investigate,

try and attempt, attempt and endeavour, strive and struggle, strive for success, struggle for success.

suggest and hint, advise and intimate, intimate and suggest, suggest and advice, advice and propose, propose and recommend, advise and suggestion, suggestion and proposal, suggestion and recommendation, advise and counsel,

signify and represent, represent and indicate,

understand and perceive, perceive and conceive, grasp and comprehend, seize and arrest, seize and snatch,

observe and express, express and utter, utter and express, observe and note, observe and examine, remark and view, view and remark, remark and comment, comment and remark, comment and criticism, comment and statement, statement and declaration, declaration and announcement, voices , views and visions, voice and views, view and vision, view and opinion, opinion and impression ,impression and opinion,

meaning and significance, gist and meaning, sense and significance, significance and importance, important and significant,

significant and momentous, momentous and noteworthy,

apt and appropriate, appropriate and proper, proper and suitable, suitable and fitting, fitting and befitting reply, response,

examine and analyse, inspect and investigate, analyse and scrutinise, examine and evaluate, scan and investigate, scan and survey, search and survey, search and quest, enquiry and investigation, 

seek and search, search and enquire, enquire and ask for, ask for and request,

aim at and endeavour, endeavour and try, try and effort,

see and behold, behold and glimpse, look at and view, see and perceive, notice and observe.

Thought and idea, idea and view, view and conception, conception and contemplation, contemplation and thought, thought and imagination, think and contemplate, think and imagine, think and feel, imagine and speculate, speculate and contemplate,

safe and sound, safe and secure, safe and certain, safe and harmless, safe and protected , safe and reliable , reliable and dependable, certain and definite, security and surety, sound and healthy, sound and undisturbed,

careful and attentive, careful and judicious, careful and conscious, careful and alert, careful and cautious, careful and prudent, careful and mindful, careful and heedful,         

wise and intelligent, reasonable and practical, aware and conscious,

sagacious and wise , wise and intelligent, sagacious and shrewd, wise and acute-minded, wise and penetrating, wise and judicious, judicious and sagacious, wise and saga, sagacity and wisdom, sense and sagacity, insight and intelligence, sense and prudence,

polite and gracious,
diligent and industrious, steady and sedulous,

dynamic and modern, dynamic and active, active and energetic, energetic and active, active and vigorous, vigorous and vivacious, active and animated, animated and spirited, spirited and lively, active and effective, energetic and industrious, industrious and diligent,

smart and clever, clever and intelligent, smart and vigorous, vigorous and ingenious, sharp and intelligent,

reliable and genuine, genuine and reliable,  fair and honest, loyal and trustworthy,

bold and courageous, stalwart and steadfast, stalwart and sturdy , bold and determined,brave and bold, robust and vigorous, stalwart and stubborn, staunch and stout, stout and sturdy,

grand and sublime , elevated and exalted, noble and grand, grand and glorious,

sober and solemn , solemn and serious, serious and grave, steady and quiet, quiet and profound,

protect and preserve, guard and safeguard, save and secure, protect and defend,

soul and spirit, spirit and courage, zeal and spirit, energy and vigour, spirited and lively, spirited and animated, spirited and courageous, vivacious and zealous,

 joy and zeal, spirited and buoyant, spirited and vivacious, lively and active, active and vigorous, smart and fastidious, smart and stimulus, stimulus an impetus, , impetus and incitement,

sovereign and supreme, supreme and paramount,

salient features, prominent features, salient and prominent, prominent and obvious, striking and remarkable, remarkable and striking, striking and noticeable, conspicuous and obvious,

subject and theme, subject and topic, matter and theme,

remarkable and noteworthy, exemplary and conspicuous, noteworthy and outstanding ,

helpful and useful, useful and helpful, beneficial and profitable, salutary and beneficial,

skill and ability, skill and dexterity, ability and expertness, skillful and clever, clever and skilled, skillful and ingenious,  

glorify and dignify , sanctify and purify, purify and consecrate, sanctity and holiness, holiness and saintliness, sanctity and sacredness, sacredness and sanctity, sacredness and holiness,

hopeful and optimistic, hopeful and confident, hopeful and sanguine, sanguine and optimistic, optimistic and hopeful,

satisfy and gratify, satiate and satisfy, satisfy and fulfill, satisfy and appease, satisfy and suffice,

satisfactory and sufficient, sufficient and enough, ample and enough, enough and adequate, adequate and sufficient, sufficient and suitable,

special and exceptional, particular and peculiar, exceptional and extraordinary,

specific and definite information,

sample and example, model and pattern, example and illustration,

plain and simple, simple and easy, simple and humble

shinning and dazzling, dazzling and bright, bright and brilliant, dazzling and radiant, glow and shine , shine and sparkle, glow and twinkle, glow and glitter, glow and beam. sparkle and glitter,

bright and brilliant, splendid and magnificent, splendid and gorgeous, splendid and glorious, superb and excellent, excellent and impressive, impressive and unique, unique and excellent, excellent and superb, superb and splendid,

grand and dignified, grand and great, grand and noble,

splendour and grandeur, splendour and brightness, brightness and brilliance, splendour and magnificence, splendour and radiance,

grand and majestic, grand and magnificent, great and grand, grand and dignified, grand and lofty, grand and superb, superb and grand, ,

rank and status, class and grade, rank and position, status and condition

plan and design,  design and plan, plan and scheme, plan and programme,

educational and academic, scholarship and scholastic, knowledge and learning, knowledge and erudition, knowledge and understanding,

emotion and passion, emotion and feeling, feeling and sentiment, sentiment and sensibility,

affection and tenderness, tenderness and mildness.

calm and tranquil , tranquil and calm, calm and serene, calm and composed, calm and sedate,

calm and comfort, calm and soothe, soothe and solace, solace and comfort,

solid and firm , firm and compact,

alluring and enticing , enticing and alluring, enticing and fascinating, enticing and bewitching, tempting and seductive,

romantic and fantastic, fantastic and fanciful, dreamy and imaginative,

sign and symbol , sign and signal, sign and gesture, sign and indication, sign and symptom,

frank and open , sincere and frank, sincere and true, true and upright, frank and candid, sincere and candid, sincerity and frankness, honesty and sincerity, openness and fairness,

myth and legend, fiction and fable, story and fiction,

pay and allowance , salary and wages,
decide and determine, settle and resolve,

site and scene, place and locality, place and position, state and position , situation and condition,

smooth and slick , smooth and polished, polished and fine,

elegant and graceful, elegant and stylish, subtle and delicate,

sophisticated and advanced,

firm and strong, stable and firm , firm and stable, stable and steady, steady and steady fast, staunch and steady,

stark and stiff, stiff and rigid,  uncompromising and unyielding, stark and desolate, sheer and stark, stiff and obstinate,

strength and stamina, power and potency, force and power, strength and might, power and vigour, vigorous and strenuous, vigorouos and zealous , vigorous and energetic, ardent and persistent,

constant and fixed, strong and stable, strong and resolute, resolute and firm,

hard and rigorous, rigid and rigorous, hard and strict, strict and stringent, strict and stern, stern and stringent, severe and strict,

strong and mighty, mighty and powerful, powerful and forceful, powerful and potent, powerful and vigorous, powerful and effective, strong and robust, strong and tough, solid and strong, strong and firm, strong and sturdy, sturdy and hardy,

class and kind, class and category, any type, any kind,

sudden and unexpected, unexpected and sudden, unexpected and abrupt, quick and rapid, rapid and hasty, hasty and hurried, rapid and hurried, rash and rapid,

speed and quickness , quickness and swiftness, swiftness and fastness, speedy and quick, quick and rapid, very quick and fast, fast and prompt,

fun and amusement, game and sport, sport and pastime,
scientific and systematic, accurate and precise,

guide and escort,

prosper and flourish, flourish and prosper,

more and enough, enough and ample, ample and adequate, adequate and sufficient, sufficient and adequate,

Negative Words for same meaning

Sorrow and suffering,sorrow and grief, sorrow and regret, sorrow and sadness, sad and pathetic,pathetic and pitiable, pitiable and touching, touching and moving, pathetic and miserable, miserable and deplorable, pitiable and pitiful, pitiable and miserable,sad and sorrowful, sorrowful and mournful, sad and gloomy,gloomy and melancholy,gloomy and dejected, dejected and depressed, depressed and despaired, despair and distress,melancholy and mournful, cheerless and charmless, sorrow and regret, sorrow and grief, woe and anguish, headache and heartburn, dark and dismal, dismal and depressing, depressing and dejected, dejected and gloomy,gloomy and sullen, dejection and depression, despair and despondency, darkness and gloom, gloomy and darkness,monotonous and tiresome , tiresome and boring, tiresome and wearisome, tiresome and tedious,tiring and tedious, tiring and exhausted,tired and fatigue,  

 Misery and misfortune, misery and suffering, suffering and pain, woe and agony, agony and anguish, despair and distress, torture and torment, torment and excruciate,

gloomy and dismal , dismal and dreary, dark and dreary, dreary and sombre, sombre and melancholy

sick and ailing, ill and ailing, ill and unwell, unwell and unhealthy, morbid and diseased, sickness and illness, illness and ailment, disease and disorder, disorder and malady,

weak and pale, weak and feeble, pale and faint, feeble and faint, sickly and languid,

lean and thin , thin and lean, thin and slim, slim and slender, slender and shallow, shallow and narrow, shallow and superficial, superficial and trivial, flimsy and scanty, flimsy and frivolous,

worry and anxiety , care and concern, solicitude and anxiety

ill-will and malice, malice and bitterness,

suffer and endure, endure and bear, bear and tolerate,

choke and suffocate, choke an strangle,

 gap and separation, separation and isolation , isolation and seclusion, isolation and alienation, solitude and loneliness, loneliness and isolation,

separate and divide, divide and disconnect,

change and alter, change and transfer, convert and modify, modify and transform,

strange and unknown, strange and unusual , strange and peculiar, unusual and abnormal, unusual and uncommon,

shock and surprise, surprise and startle, , surprise and astonish, amaze and astonish, amazing and surprising, surprising and startling, surprising and bewildering, bewildering and stunning, shocking and alarming, startling and staggering

careless and thoughtless, careless and inattentive, careless and heedless, careless and negligence,

 marvelous and wonderful, marvelous and stupendous, amazing and astounding,

serious and grave, serious and responsible, sincere and serious, serious and thoughtful,

severe and strict, strict and stringent, stringent and hard, hard and harsh, hard and rigorous , austere and strict, severe and harsh, harsh and rigorous,

shun and avoid, avoid and avert, shun and eschew, avoid and evade,

vehement and turbulent, stormy an turbulent, windy and stormy,

secret and private, secret and hidden, secret and clandestine, secret and clandestine, concealed and secret, secret and covert, covert and hidden,

earthly and worldly, worldly and earthly, earthly and temporal , temporal and temporary, temporary and mundane, mundane and earthly, mundane and crumbling

state and condition, condition and situation, state and nation, state and country,

sharp and pointed, sharp and shrewd, sharp and shrill, keen and pointed, pointed and penetrating

 broken and wrecked, shattered and destroyed, defeated and destroyed , destroyed and crushed,

smash and shatter, crack and crush, smash and destroy, break and crack,

smash and crush, crush and squash, crush and suppress, suppress and put down, quash and quell, quell and silence, silence and subdue, quash and squash,

kill and murder. murder and assassinate, slaughter and butchery, carnage and massacre,

spoil and waste, decay and decompose, rot and decay

destroy and    demolish, upset and overthrow, overthrow and undermine,

stop and block, block and obstruct, obstruct and impede, impede and hinder, stop and check, stem and stop

dispute and quarrel, quarrel and dispute, quarrel and tussle, tussle and scuffle, row and wrangle,

struggle and conflict, war and struggle , struggle and conflict, dispute and conflict, dispute and discord, struggle and strife, conflict and contention, quarrel and conflict, battle and combat


serious and violent, violent and intense, intense and passionate, intense and compelling, serious and dangerous, dire and dangerous, dire and dreadful, dreadful and horrible, horrible and terrible, horrible and hideous, hideous and secret,

dirty and filthy, filthy and foul, sordid and squalid, dirty and mean,

shame and disgrace, disgrace and disrepute, shame and abashment, shame and humiliation, shameful and disgraceful, disgraceful and dishonorable,

shock and surprise, surprise and startle, stun and startle, amaze and astound.

shocking and surprising, terrible and dreadful, terrible and appalling, appalling and awful, awful and appalling,

silence and stillness, calm and silence, calm and tranquility, tranquility and calm, calm and quiet, silent and mute, calm and noiseless, silent and still, still and tranquil, sober and tranquil, calm and tranquil, serene and tranquil, calm and placid, silent and undisturbed,

stimulate and excite , excite and incite, stimulus and impetus, impetus and encouragement, stimulating and exciting, exciting and inspiring, active and animating,

sober and solemn, sober and moderate,

solemn and August, solemn and ceremonious, solemn and grave,

small and short, brief and concise, scanty and insufficient, scanty and deficient,

reduce and lessen, lessen and diminish, cut and curtail,

virtue and vice, good and bad, evil and devil, god and demon, wicked and noble,

sin and vice, evil and guilt, sinful and wicked, sinful and sinister, wicked and criminal, sinful and vicious, vicious and corrupt, corrupt and immoral,

error and blunder, error and mistake, fault and error,

laziness and idleness, idleness and indolence, sloth an sluggishness, slow and sluggish, dull and inactive, tardy and tedious, lazy and idle,

artful and cunning, cunning and sly,
small and tiny, tiny and small, small and little,

snag , technical snag, snag and defect, defect and drawback, obstacle and hindrance, obstacle and impediment,

catch and capture, trap and entrap, snare an ensnare
snub and humiliate, humiliate and rebuff,
submit and surrender, surrender and give in,

solace and consolation, comfort and consolation, relief and ease, aid and assistance, help and assistance, solace and comfort, comfort and relief, relief and concessation,

solitary and lonely, only and exclusive, sole and lone,
spontaneous and automatic,

immerse and submerge , submerge and immerse, dip and sink, sink and plung,

real and material, solid and strong, strong and sound,

real and actual , actual and essential, essential and enduring, enduring and permanent,

prove and confirm, confirm and verify, confirm and corroborate, corroborate and substantiate,