Vedic English
Singing Words: ING-II
Singing words  ‘ING’ to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiling sweetly, beautifully, face, flower,

Please write and read as Smiling sweetly, Smiling beautifully, Smiling face, Smiling flower,


Labouring hard,day and night, lacking interest, truth, lamenting heart, severely, death, laminating paper, certificate, landing facility, place, aircraft, smoothly, safely, crash landing, languishing in jail, prison, lapsing date, period,lasting pain, suffering, joy, peace, happiness, lauding voice,victory,laughing toy, boy, class, Buddha, in joy, joyously,launching war, attack, rocket,facility, space craft, pad,,laundering money, lavishing food, leading role, people, students, nation, member,leaking news, water, secret, question paper, result, leaping tiger, lion, high,learning tool, easily, difficult, English,centre,Foreign language, lesson, a lot, interest, leasing land, property, leaving house, country, lending money, lessoning sorrow, grief, difficulty, trouble, pain,levelling ground, site, area, machine, liaisoning work, lying in court, in ground, liberating country, prisoner, lighting house,village, bulb, road, park,liking nature, heart, us, him, students, people, motherland, radio, fish, dancing, swimming, sweet,limiting power, option, supply, movement, lingering case, issue, work, linking earlier case, rail couch, road, listing price, names,materials, household goods, articles, seizure items,listening carefully, power, radio, music, litigating issue, case, living room, cell, animal, loading truck, vehicle, goods, coal,locking door, properly, motor cycle, lodging F.I.R, complain, longing for peace,looking hand some, beautiful, smart, wild, calm, tranquil, sweet, nervous,serious, pale, painful, poetic, sharply, penetratingly, cunningly, like a heroin, hero, like a tiger, violent, tense,for help, for assistance, for aid, relief, awesome, fearsome,mysterious, strange, fearless, tenderly, lovingly, sweetly, warmly, sympathetically, bravely, healthy, sky, sea, at me, fantastic, romantic, classic, elegant, artistic, splindid, gergeous, shining, dazzling, beaming,bouyant,triumphant,grave, sad, optimistic, pessimistic, very pleasing, very charming, sensuous,saint like, strong,,, looming large, loosing temper, hope, faith, belief, looting bank, office, people, losing hope, war, money, house, life and property, loving mother, father, me, us, motherland, country, flower, nature, home, sweet, heartily, truly, sincerely, tenderly, with care, lowering height, honour, dam, lubricating oil, luring people, women,me, us, lurking truth, fact, meaning,


Kicking foot ball, kidnapping boy, knocking door, knowing truth,him, fact, earlier, later, before, nothing, everything,


Obeying order, instruction, law, elders,

Objecting it,your honour, nuisance, false allegation, obliging him ,observing situation, people, land, sky,space, weather, movement, activity, obstructing entry, movement, enemy, army, obtaining permission, pass, occupying place, home, land, territory, space, occuring in day, in night, in day light, in board day light, in public place, offering flower, prayer, seat, relief, assistance, every thing,officiating collector, director, offloading truck, goods, oozing sky, opening day, ceremony, door, window, market, carefully, slowly, cautiously, lock,gate, secret, fact, truth, for all, for VIP only, tender, operating system, man, carefuly, well, engine, machine,opposing gently, humbly, straight, vehemently, him, me, us, students, people, optimising result, orbiting moon, earth, spacecraft, satelite, round the clock, ordering work, task, duty, it, to go, to bring, to take, organising meeting, function, examination, oscillating position, always, out going principal, boys,outlining plan, project, operation,out sourcing business, out spreading violence, rumour, cholera, disease,out standing work ,achievement, performance, display, art, victory, ACR, courage, over acting behaviour, reaction, attitude, over coming difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow, trouble, obstacle,defeat, danger, all odds, over crowding city, house, place, park, over flowing water, flood water, milk, lava, river,over hanging clouds, overhauling engine, air craft, truck, expense, work, annually, over looking it, mistake, truth, fact, preparation, over powering enemy, us, our vehicle, over taking us , our bus, prohibited, illegal, over throwing Government, from power, over writing on it, certificate,


Jeopardising interest, security, public safety, joining duty, to-day, army, with us, time, letter, jubilating party, marriage, parade, march past, goal, victory, students, people, guests, jumping first, last, fire, from aircraft, from sky, bravely, horse, sport, justifying request, plea, position, action, order, juxtaposing each other, joy and sorrow,


Gaining power, position, strength, gardening hobby, interest, garlanding teacher, leader, God, bride, guests, generating power, electricity, gesturing good will, getting done, cold, hot, money, truth, gifting gold, cow, car, boon, giving property, life , supreme sacrifice, order, instruction, clear cut direction, work order, opportunity, warning, advise, hope, assistance, aid, relief, joy, pain , trouble, sorrow, victory, success, goal, pleasure, power, water, milk, cloth, food, shelter, medicine, arm, ammunition, judgment, comment, reward, award, punishment, capital punishment, details, list, names, answer, reply, gleaming beauty, glimpsing beauty, glorifying country, nation, people, victory, act, success, achievement, death, martyr, sacrifice, they noble cause, noble deed, noble act, our school, our college, poet, artist, freedom fighter, going slowly, smoothly, speedily, well, in right direction, in slow pace, to school, college, cinema, war, church, forest, ground, play ground, to celebrate, gladly, sadly, away, coming, late, in time, by cycle, bus, car, every day, governing body, council, our country, gracing peace, bliss, joy, love, grading seed, cotton, wheat, rice, quality, grasping truth, fact, correctly, greening city, house, garden, greeting card, him, leader, minister, teacher, warmly, lovingly, guest, each other, people , students, grabbing land, power, opportunity, gripping tightly, firmly, tool, grounding air craft, pilot, grooming schools, clinics, study centers, growing tree, tension, violence, terror activity, theft, well, healthy, plant, threat, danger, darkness, calmness, guarding national interest, security of the country, border, post, day and night, round the clock, in all weather,

Guiding light, spirit, teacher, principle, students, people, children, properly, lovingly, carefully, sincerely, map, gunning down , at blank point, head, chest,


Halting place, hallucinating experience, hampering relation, interest, handling carefully, successfully, properly, hanging garden, position, clouds, photo,fan,happening today, yesterday, earlier, previously, usual happening, happening every month, hardening the stand, law, issue, case, harming people,students, child, us, in a great way, our interest, relation, a lot, intention,harmonising effect, living, harnessing power, electricity, harvesting season, crop, tool, haunting experience, tiger, having knowledge, power, talent, money, wealth, vehicle, courage, security, diverse experience, experience, work experience, expertise, patience,

Heading meeting, enquiry, team members, board of officers, delegation, the group, people, difficulty, trouble, pain, bravely, calmly, successfully, healing touch, smile, therapy, well, hearing sound, roaring sound, quarrel, music, radio, argument, plea, people, problem, heating rod, iron, water, milk, argument, talks, heeding people, problem, helping hand, mind, always, nature, poor, happily, assistance, aid, money, book, country, enquiry, negotiation, to reach an agreement, each other, at odd hour, at wee hour, sincerely, in time, at all cost, at the risk of life, in face of grave threat, danger, flood victims, cyclone victims, fire victims, generously, kindly, sympathetically, at the time of need, honestly, smilingly, spirit, attitude , against all odds, in a hostile situation, greatly, heralding national flag, truth, hesitating to go, to work, to bring, to take, hiding truth, fact, cycle, book, hijacking air craft, highlighting success, works done, important lines, news, hitting squad, each other, rod, hoisting national flag, flag hoisting ceremony, holding tightly, firmly, ground, truth, hoping well, success, victory, judgment, against hope, good result, help, unseen help, best, horrifying experience, tales, story, situation, housing complex, project, humiliating experience, dealing, us, people, hurting self, life, honour,


Fabricating truth, facilitating entry, visit, fading image, colour, beauty, failing student, falling ball, farming land, fascinating beauty, experience, display, performance, victory, show, favouring me, him, students, order, decision, fearing danger, violence, quarrel, death, people, me , him, state of mind, ghost, enemy, feeding child, milk, food, felicitating him, me, words, comment, inspiration, filing case, filling gap, blank, filming cinema, meeting, river, finalising programme, plan, agenda, finding truth, fact, ball, finishing touch, art, project, work, firing spot, zone, point, kit, training, fishing net, kit, fish, rod, line, fitting tightly, properly, reply, response, answer, fixing pole, photograph, responsibility, flaming fire, high, sky high, fleeing country, town, city, village, area, fleeting reply, response, answer, floating boat, ship, paper, flooding village, fake notes, flooring tile, colour, marble, flying machine, air craft, test, programme, allowance, safety, time, hour, sky high, over audience, over us, focusing point, light, dark area, on it, following event, accident, incident, day, night, para, lines, fact, me, us, thief, police, act, activity, meeting, forcing us, me, death, to work, to do, forecasting weather, rainfall, snowfall, cyclone, foregoing payment, promotion, dues, facility, foreseeing future, future prospects, success, danger, difficulty, forging relation, tie, forgetting me, school, story, you, all, forgiving me, us, students, culprit, thief, fortifying town, area, border, fostering relation, tie, friendship, founding father, stone, pillar, framing charge sheet, him in this case, falsely, intentionally, freeing country, prisoners, parrots, control, freezing temperature, point, fish, vegitable,fruit, frightening condition, in fear, frisking properly, visitor, passanger, thief, in airport, people, frustrating experience, result, fueling tension, violence, air craft, station, fulfilling promise, dream, words, funding organisation, terrorist, furling national flag, furnishing fact, detail,


Earning money, name and fame, good name, bad reputation, purpose, eating sugar, sweet, fruit, fish, away, and drinking, echoing call, voice, sound, editing news paper,educating women, mass, people, effective from Monday, Sunday, 12.2.10,date, elaborating story, incident, case, fact, truth, electing member, president, office bearer, elevating beauty, landscape, nature, sky, eliciting information, truth, fact, eleminating enemy, foe, opponent, all who opposed, completely,eluding factor, emaciating patient, emancipating prisoners, people,embarrassing situation, experience, guest, VIP, behaviour, us, him , me, and humiliating, embellishing ornament, embracing her, guest, warmly, lovingly, with all her heart, emerging situation, issue, problem, emigrating office, official, officer, emitting smoke, emphasising on it, problem, point, employing people, students, in factory, empowering women, country, nation, emptying house, bottle, enabling us, me, to act, enchanting beauty, nature, picture, experience, encircling house, enclosing form, draft, certificate copy, document, letter, encountering thief, enemy, terrorist, naxal, encouraging him, me, us, people, students,  children, women, encroaching land, forest, power, ending well, enmity, hostility, violence, terror, the programme, meeting, session, endangering life, tiger, wild animal, endeavouring success, at best, all, to complete, comply, finish, execute, enduring(lasting , durable, stable) spirit, courage, patience, peace, war, violence, talk, meeting, friendship, relation, energising people, women, weaker section of the society, enforcing order, curfew, law, agency, engaging in war, violence, fight, day and night, engineering marvel, work, course, book, enhancing power, fee, cost, price, enjoying beauty, nature, dance, film, enriching culture, experience, nations, civilization, feeling, expression, entering border, home, safely, fearlessly, agreement, conclusion, enticing beauty, nature, ensuring victory, success, meeting, safety, security, power supply, relief, arrangement, entrusting him, task, work, responsibility, envisaging incident, danger, it, death, eradicating poverty, illiteracy, disease, erecting house, building, erupting volcano, violence, escalating violence, tension, war, fighting, escaping death, danger, enemy attack, eschewing violence, bad habit, smoking, drinking, escorting guest, VIP, him, safely, establishing order, factor, law, authority, school, college, factory , estimating cost, expense, plan, project, eulogising him, poet, evacuating people, lower line, flood area, sea shore, evaporating water, evading arrest, evaluating answer sheet, performance, evening sky, hour, time, star, evicting quarter, evoking response, equal response, immediate reply, evolving him, exalting mind, heart, state, examining properly, well, him, candidates, excavating site, area, work, exceeding limit, power, control, excelling in all fields, in science, in all sphere, exchanging views, ideas, notes, books, parts, exciting offer, opportunity, beauty, nature, mind, in joy, anger, argument, talk, excluding him, me, it, excusing me, him, sir, for mistake, this time, executing agency, body, meeting , director, staff, order, exemplifying fee, tuition fee, school fee, exercising power, authority, control, exhausting feeling, body, all resources, exhibiting well, exhilarating experience, nature, expression, exhorting (advising) me, us, students, people, existing problem, sanction, order, exonerating mistake, expanding day to day, expecting well recovery, good result, good rain fall , bumper crop, peace and prosperity, happy return, you to do it, to achieve it, to accomplish it, to execute it, so much, no more, nothing , expediting reply, experiencing cold, hot, snowfall, space journey, truth, Divine, expiring date, medicine, explaining fact, incident, position, action, everything, correctly, in detail, well, the reason, the circumstances, exploiting women, child, facility, exploring new horizon, possibilities, opportunity, area of mutual interest, exporting rice, wheat, coal, terror, exposing him, me, agent, fact, truth, false one, cover, expressing well, beautifully, humbly, correctly, brilliantly, comfortably, sincere desire, lucidly, magnifiscently, spontaneously, perfectly, strikingly, fascinating experience, good wishes, good will , good will gesture, seriousness for talk, peace, expounding well, fluently, conspicuously, clearly, order, judgment, extinguishing fire, well, completely, extracting juice, truth,