Vedic English
Beautiful Words: TO
Pranam Gurudev
To enjoy nature
To share his joy, love, sorrow, suffering
To bring pride and glory to the nation
to ensure peace and tranquility , law and order
 to restore law and order
 to ban the dowry system
to envisage the war,
to escape from the sordid reality 
to realize the reality
 to bring harmony and freedom
 to win the race
sorry to write , note, speak ,
 regret to write
to secure the spirit of humanity at all cost
to save the honour of the nation at all cost

to save our people and their interest at all cost/at the cost of life /truth.

To improve his lot
To feel pride, displeasure, joy
To cast the vote
To hold responsible post
To fight bravely
To run the Govt. efficiently
To pacify him by giving him and honest explanation
To protect the wild animals
To bridge the gap
To chalk out the action plan
To extend support
To evolve a consensus on the issue
To end the enmity, hostility, violence,
To enhance the capacity, performance, 
To feel it
To form an opinion
To suggest the idea
To sell the product, rice, sugar, painting
To sort out the problem
To save the life
To study in the school
To protect the monument
To provide more information
To return to home
To reply to the notice
To take over the charge
To hand over the charge
To the space station
To the point,
To try our best
To put all efforts
To Endeavour for success
To tap the talent, resource, market
To get some money
To get more business
To give his statement
To get back his money
To put undue pressure
To h old a through investigation
To help improve condition
To include more names the list
To implement the project
To involve civic society
To involve in the crime
To know the truth, the detail, fact,
To know about the region
To keep a close watch
To keep in touch
To leave the station, home
To apply for leave, job, justice, service,
To land in the air field
To land in trouble.
To laugh and enjoy.
To learn language
To learn the lesson
To teach the lesion
To make a plea
To marry the boy
To organize a rally, meeting , protest march,
To oppose the move, meeting, him, the idea, the plan , the opponent ,
To oppose vehemently, bravely,
To open fire, a school,
 To set fire
To upgrade the computer
To undertake the research
To use to great advantage
To visit the place, patient, temple,
To take a decision,
To participate in the meeting
To publish the newspaper, book
To postpone the meeting, plan, visit
To prevent theft
To pick up speed
To conduct enquiry, examination
To constitute a board, committee
To rescue the girl
To save her life in time
To reach a decision
In time
To quell the resistance\to buy goods
To set up power plant
To guard the nation
To safeguard the interest of the people

To address the issue, in the meeting

To address the nation, people ,

To resolve all problems, issue,

To woo the customers, candidates, voters
To approach the   govt.
To clean the floor
To provide raw material
To make it more success, more challenging , grand
To make the tie , friendship
To minimize the risk, loss, harm
To maximize the profit, gain
To make a career in school
To pay regard, attention, the due, respect, tribute
To press him for the service , ]]
To press the panic button
To press the cloth
To press the opinion
To probe the case
To elaborate the fact
To enjoy better
To expand the base
To extend support
T o link him with the case
To travel fast
To discuss the issue
To delay the work
T o damage the public property
To be sure of success
To be first in the world
To be illegible for the post
To submit the plan, proposal, copy,
To finish the job, work
To its utter dismay
To depute a team
To visit the spot
To help the poor ‘
To issue the card
To allow him to appear the test
To achieve the success
 To abstain from voting
 to submit the proposal
To join duty , the party
to feed the child
To supply water

 to build confidence among the people

 to draw public attention
 to register the case
to snatch the chain
 to play together
to meet relatives
to consider for the post 
to meet these challenges
 to approve the plan
to tackle the problem
 to generate awareness
 to deal with an accused
to help the victim
to control the price
 to fight for justice

 to stabilize the spirit of democracy

 to cultivate good will and friendship 

to mitigate the misery of the people

 to full flower our desires and dreams

 to mobilize the army
 to create public opinion
 to live and love
 live and let live
to make our life flowery and fruitful
 to conquer the fear
 to harvest happiness
to meet the mounting challenges of life
to expound the true purpose of life in true terms service to man is service to mankind
 to reap rapture

 to destroy our foes ,bad feeling 

to cultivate human relationship

 to fulfill and full flower our dreams

 to turn the tide of life
 to be straight forward in life

 to fight against all odds and evils 

to be a hero than to be a coward
 to overcome fear and weakness
 to take revenge on him
to stand up in life 

 to be fearless ,straight forward and independent in life

 to take the risk of life
 to die like a hero than to live like a coward
to exercise ones own judgment

 to establish the order, to give proper training

 to give well guidance
 to struggle and survive
to face the problem

 to present the common problem with common interest

to illuminate the personality of a man
 to come to his rescue
 to reciprocate the friendly feeling
 to do in such a manner
 to express the opinion
 to amalgamate the idea, objects
 to locate the place
 to see the sweet beauty of nature
 to rejoice the regretted hours
 to his poetic eyes

 to love all things blooming and beautiful

 to enjoy the beauty of nature in all hues and hymns

 to secure the spirit of heart and humanity at all cost

 to the contrary of the  fact 
to welcome the decision 
 to share in the joyous celebration

 to save the unity and integrity of the country

 to catch him alive

 to leave her helplessly and hopelessly

 to stay with her 
to reward the hard word 
to drink a cup of milk
 to take him away
to serve and smile

 to escape from the cruelty of the reality

to love His creation
to pray for his soul
to do your duty without any rest or haste 

To earn livelihood, To earn bread and butter, To earn name and fame

To learn and earn

Sad days of life

To add vitality to life

To add joy and dream, beauty and colour to life

To visit various places,various places of interest and importance

To enjoy the beauty of nature

To educate the people

 To yield significant results 

To overcome the difficulties , To overcome the crisis, To overcome the problem

To create confidence among the people,

To create awareness/rumour among the people

To check air pollution, to check

To maintain ecological balance

 to purify the environmental
 to lives in harmony with nature
 To face the acute problem of the pollution

To celebrate the birthday, to celebrate the festival, to celebrate I-day,

To work sincerely

To convey sincere thanks

to make life more better and more comfortable

 to eliminate illiteracy, to eliminate poverty, to eliminate corruption,

 deadly disease, deadly weapons,

to reveal the true aim of life, to reveal the truth

to be sober and polite

to be sincere and honest,

to be good and great,

to be polite and sincere,

to be disciplined and faithful,

to be broad and noble

 to mobilize resources, to mobilize force, to mobilize public opinion,

 to serve the society, to serve the country, to serve the people, to serve the masses,

 to mark the occasion, to mark the social harmony, to mark the festival , to mark the secularism,

To fight against the enemy, To fight against the injustice, To fight against the corruption, To fight against the British rule,

To provide better facility, To provide better opportunity, To provide better care, comfort, To provide r basic need

to promote/ for promoting national integration, to promote peace and non-violence, to promote international understanding

to lead a better life, to lead a purer life


to help the poor, to serve the nation, to sacrifice for the country,

to be obedient, to be duty bound, sincere, honest, responsible,

 to feed the hungry, to love the mother land, to teach the student, to

Victim of social evils, Victim of social injustice, Victim of injustice,

To improve the condition, To improve the facility, To improve the system,

To voice against injustice,

to voice against violence,

 To remove fear and hatred,
 To work against war and violence,

To work against aggression and violence,

To work against violence and riot,

To understand value of peace, value of non violence,