Vedic English
Beautiful Words: IN
in public interest
in the interest of the nation
in the interest of the country
in the greater interest of the society
passionate interest,selfish interest,sincere interest

In a natural setting, rural setting , seasonal setting  

In the ecstasy of eternity, in the ecstasy of love,

 Walking  in the sweet and soft breeze,

Working in a conducive atmosphere

 in joy, in beauty and in sorrow

in this world of sorrows  and sufferings

 in his poetic eyes

in the milky way , in blue sky,

 in all respect, in every respect, respectfully,

 in all its hues and hymns

in tone and temper

in this momentous meeting of history

 in mounting sorrow
 in deep distress, in deep sleep
 in this age of worries and anxieties

in the marriage ceremony

in this auspicious hour

 in the heart of people
 in beauty and colour

in his duty and devotion

 in intense sorrow, in passionate pain,

 in the twinkling of stars , in the twinkling of eye,

in misery and misfortune

 in jokes and mocks, in joys and sorrows,

in all sense

in truest term, in true term

in the blooming aspects of life

in the blooming prospects of life

 in the art and beauty
 in the death bed

 in his childhood , in his youth, in his boyhood

in a natural way, in a comic way, in a novel way,

 in the remote past, in recent past,

 in his expression and in his approach , in his behavior, in his performance, in his mind, in his heart, in his thought, in his action, in his words, in his personality


in pure pleasure, in pure bliss

 in this crucial problem , in this crucial hour
 in the early hour

in his thought and action , in his word and action,

 in his opinion , in his remark, in his finding , in his study, in his research , in his mind, in his works, in his dealings , in his feelings, in his experience,

in every activity, in every meeting, in every function,

in nation building,  in character building,

in the service of the nation, in the service of the people,

in spite of all the demerits, in spite of all the difficulties, in spite of suffering
in letter and spirit,  in gala spirit,
in time of need , in time of requirement, in time of difficulty,

in our life , in our social life , in our marriage life, 

in the hands of the workers

in detail , in the examination hall

in the atmosphere, in the land, in the water, in the air,

it is high time , it is right time , it is time  to act, it is time to take correct action. It is time to take concrete action,

despite the difficulties , in spite of difficulties

in the river, in the sea, in the canal,

in rainy season , in winter season, in spring, in summer,

 in  moonlit night , in sunlight, in day time, in evening, in morning,

in my favour, in my case, in my sorrow , in my joy,

  in Puri, in Delhi, 

in public interest, in social interest, in selfish interest,

in poetic language, in poetic beauty,  

in his writings, in his poetry, in his essay, in his novel ,in his drama, 

in the lap of nature , in the lap of mother

in the midst of nature, in the midst of forest,  in the midst of sorrow, in the midst of suffering,

in all things, in all places,

 in search of truth, in search of excellence,  in search of God , in search of peace, in search of life, joy

in perfect  harmony, in perfect peace, in perfect bliss, in perfect joy,

in terms of condition , in terms of agreement, in its true term, in its true form,

 in the mind of the poet, in the mind of the people

in the annals of history, 

rich in tribal culture, rich in natural descriptions ,rich in expression,  

flood in Orissa, cyclone in Orissa, draught in Orissa,

interested  in dance and music , interested in social service,

abundant  in Orissa , abundant in nature, abundant in forest, abundant in sea,

 in the month of June, in the month of July,

in his view, work, opinion, 

in the way of achieving, in the way of working, in the way of functioning ,

in response to question,

in thinking of good things,
 in performing duty, rite,

in celebrating the function,

 in executing order,

in close observation,

in this world , in this society , in this school, in this age, in this time, in this situation,

in design and development,

in essence and execution ,

live  in harmony, work in harmony

faith in God, faith in religion, faith in nature, faith in justice,  

in golden  age, in modern age, in old age, in ancient age,

optimistic  in tone and temper,

beauty in meadow, beauty in rainbow , beauty in woodland, sweet beauty in nature,

in this world of leaves and flowers , in this world of sorrows and suffering, in this world of spring and summer, in this world of spring and winter

 in a novel way
In all its hues and hymns , 

Living in   peace, living in   nature, living in town, living in village, living in society,

 in good condition , in bad condition, in perfect condition, in miserable condition, in healthy condition,

In every walks of life, in every direction, in every where, in every sphere of life,

in modern India , in a ancient India , in medieval India, in such a circumstance, in such a beautiful natural surrounding, in such a hostile environment

In hours of need, In hours of difficulty, In hours of peril,

In remote areas, in remote past, in distant future, in current time,


in the field of science and technology, in the field of transport and communication, in the field of education and health, in the field of electricity and irrigation, in the field of health and sanitation,

In case of any difficulty, In case of any trouble, In case of any conflict, In the interest of the country, In the interest of the society, In the interest of the people, in public interest,

in times of war , in times of peace, in times of flood and cyclone, flood and famine, in times of natural calamity


in some way or other, in some days, in some time, in many cases , in many ways, in many respect, in many fields, in many places, in many time,  

in the developed countries, in the developing countries, in our country, in our society, in our religion, in our school, in our village, in our town, in our life,

 in the changing situation , in the changing climate, in the changing scenario, in the changing atmosphere

in a peculiar way, in a peculiar manner,

 in the playground, in the class room , in the garden, in the house,

in nation building, in character building, in career building,

 in his early life, in his later life, in his youth , in his childhood,

 in a team, in a group

useful in some cases , useful for us, useful for the time being,

Practiced in many countries, Practiced in in every country,

in a joyous mood, in a hilarious mood, in a romantic mood, in a optimistic mood ,in a pessimistic mood,

 in human life , in all age, in my life, in your life, in our life,

 in all time ,in all times and climes, in all places,
in spirit of joy, in spirit of joviality,

 in tranquil morning,

 in the sea port, in the river bank, in the market , in the station, in the bus stand, in the county , in the battle field,

 in various states , in various stages, in various ways , in various manner, in various places

played a vital role in determining the future

in determining the result, in determining the future ,in determining the success,

in a state  of joy, in a state of pleasure, in a state of delight, in a state of sorrow, in a state of shock, in a state of surprise, in a state of agony, in a state of panic, sorrow,

in the face of danger, in the face of truth, in the face of tiger,

in hearty appreciation , in hearty welcome, in hearty love,

 in great reverence, in great respect, in great honour

in perfect peace, in perfect calm,

in a state of joy, in a state of rapture, in a state of excitement, in a state of bewilderment

Unity in Diversity,

adequate steps, adequate measures, adequate precautions are taken in the interest of the people, in the interest of the country, in the interest of the nation

in the temple of learning

living  a lasting impression in the minds of the people, in the minds of the students, in the minds of the children,

 in the abode of nature, in the lap of nature, in the midst of nature,

 believed in plain living and high thinking
in one’s life, in such worried moments , in such time,

very useful in life, very helpful in life, very painful in life, deep interest in math, deep interest in science, deep interest in computer,

in the play field , in the battle field, in the playground,

his caliber in science, his caliber in math, his caliber in computer,
keep him in good humour

 to take proper care , to take grate care,

to be considered as more useful, suitable, valuable, helpful,

 to make it pollution free, disease free, smoke free, 

to gives us much pleasure and fan fare, to gives us momentary pleasure, full of amusement ,

 to make it a grand success,

to hear the enchanting song ,

 to improve the system,

to learn discipline and devotion ,

to obey the elders , to obey the law , to obey the rule, to obey the order, to obey the teacher,

to take part in games , sport, hunting, football, cricket,

not helpful, not gainful, beneficial, not effective, not possible, not happening, not done, not harmful, required a lot of hard work, a lot of preparation, a lot of patience, a lot of stamina

Found joy in her stunning beauty , romantic beauty  greatly inspired in its enchanting beauty. inspiring beauty .

Fascinated in her alluring beauty ,fascinating beauty, arresting beauty, elevating beauty, glowing beauty ,splendid beauty , lucid beauty , poetic beauty , natural beauty , rainbow beauty , eternal beauty,  earthly beauty ,momentary beauty,heavenly beauty, silent beauty ,serene beauty,  erotic beauty , aesthetic beauty , robust beauty,  rose like beauty, lotus like beauty , pristine beauty, shinning beauty, sensuous beauty ,solemn beauty, tranquil beauty , moon lit beauty , romantic beauty, classic beauty , noble beauty , awe inspiring beauty