Vedic English
Beautiful Words: OF

Shree Guru charan saranam.Pranam

Shree Govinda Gaanii Saranam. Pranam

beauty of life
beauty of nature
beauty of women
beauty of ideas
remoteness of feeling
fire of passion
heart of love
poet of joy
note of joy
lover of beauty
sense of beauty
wonder and magic of the sea
poet of the people
feeling of sympathy
democratic feeling of sympathy
joys and pleasures of childhood
dream and vision of life
innocence of the child
problems of life , problems of life human life
laws of logic
sweet sights and scenes of nature
living in the lap of nature
world of his poetry
freshness of nature
beauty of sunrise and beauty of sunset
language of the people

Truths of life. Higher truths of life. He highlights the higher truths of life magnificently.Spirit of love. spirit of love and sacrifice

power of nature
life of common man
expression of faith
change of heart
change of season
change of life , change of mind, change of month
betterment of the common people,
 betterment of the human life
welfare of the people
wellbeing of the people

development of the people/ development of the society/ development of the country development of the /life/ thought, idea, school, college , village

sorrows and suffering of the people
peace and prosperity of the people
right and duty of the people
awareness of the people
pathetic condition of the people
peace loving people

flood affected people, war affected people, cyclone affected people, violence affected people

freedom/love/ peace of the people

for the sake of people, for the sake of honour, for the sake of freedom, for the sake of self respect, dignity, for the sake of truth, beauty, nature, peace, art, science, society, country, democracy, development,

For the welfare of the society.
For the wellbeing of the people.

 For the welfare and wellbeing of the people/family/ country.

 For the greatest good of the people.

For the greatest good of the humanity.
For the greatest good of the society.
For the greatest good of the country.

For the peace and prosperity, peace and progress, progress and prosperity. Peace and tranquility. Peace and amity, peace and friendship.

spirit of friendship, spirit of freedom

 value of education , value of social service, value of democracy, value of freedom, value of good health,

Vastness of the sea, Vastness of the sky, Vastness of the world,

 gives a lot of joy, gives a lot of delight

Government is of the people , for the people, and by the people.

Proper study of mankind is man.

ways of life are mysterious. Mysteries are the ways of life.

Purpose of life,True purpose of life, True purpose of living

True purpose of serving, studying, playing,
He illustrated the true purpose of life.

He illustrated the true purpose of life with startling psychological insight.

He manifested that the true purpose of life is to live and love each other.

with startling psychological insight.
Rewarding experience
Rewarding experience of life.
Rewarding experience of love,
Rewarding experience of nature.
 Rewarding experience of life, love, nature,

He manifests/ed his rewarding experience of life beautifully/ eloquently/exquisitely/ magnificently.

His rewarding experience of life finds a concrete expression.

finds a concrete expression.

finds a coherent expression.
 finds a beautiful expression.
Blooming aspects of life
Bright prospects of life

Blooming aspects of life and bright prospects of life

 He believes in the blooming aspects of life and bright prospects of life.

.The spirit of love is to live and let live.Service to man is service to mankind.

Our life is momentary but our service to mankind is momentous.

Selfish interest.without any selfish interest, we should serve the society without any selfish interest.We should be devoted in our heart and mind.

For the welfare and wellbeing

We should serve for the greatest good of the humanity.

We should serve for the greatest good of the country.

We should serve for the greatest good of the mankind.

we should serve the society without any selfish interest.

We should serve the society without any rest and haste.

We should serve the poor and needy in society without any rest and haste.

poor and needy, poor and downtrodden, poor and suffering class

for the honour and dignity of the people

poor and needy, poor and downtrodden.poor and suffering class

Loss of life, loss of freedom, loss of property, heavy loss of life and property,

Lack of interest, Lack of knowledge, Lack of truth, Lack of effort, lack of beauty, lack of insight, lack of love.

paradise of eternal bliss , paradise of nature, heaven

out burst of joy, out burst of violence, out burst of unrest,

Fate of the country, Fate of the nation, Fate of the student,

end of cruelty, end of hostility, end of enmity , end of friendship, end of game,

bond of brotherhood, bond of friendship, bond of love,
various type of people, language , culture,

with the passing of the time, year, season,

appreciation of beauty, talent, knowledge 
lack of / void of

lack of knowledge ,lack of wealth, lack of money, lack of manpower lack of, material, lack of devotion, lack of concentration, lack of ambition, lack of perfection, lack of development, lack of imagination, lack of effort, lack of wisdom , lack of common sense,

 lack of talent , lack of purity, lack of truth, lack of beauty, lack of flexibility, void of truth, void of light,

touch of

touch of love, affection, humour, truth, light, humanity, kindness, beauty, imagination ,perfection, artistic touch, poetic touch, lyric touch, romantic touch,


ideals of honesty and truthfulness

ideals of democracy and freedom
 man of

man of talent, man of joy, man of versatile genius, man of genius, man of passionate feeling , man of vital strength, man of great ambition,

 source of

source of joy, source of delight, source of inspiration, source of imagination, source of knowledge, source of resource, a good source, out sourcing the works

beauty and perfection
love for nature
world for dream
high hope, lofty hope

world of joys and sorrows, events and characters, men and women, truth and beauty, sorrows and sufferings

of life

true picture of life, true presentation of life, true purpose of life, true view of life, true reality of the fact, true fact, true charm of the life/nature, true charm of the natural beauty, true exponent of the movement,

truly saintly, saint like, truly beautiful, fascinating, eye catching,

view of

realistic view of life , pessimistic view of life, optimistic view of life, true view of life,

prospects of life, promising prospects of life, beautiful prospects of life, tragic reality of life, comic happening in life, facts of life, real facts of life, true facts life, joy of life, sorrow of life, spring and summer of life, peace and bliss of life, love and joy of life, reality of life , sordid reality of life,

life of

life of the poor, life of the oppressed, life of the downtrodden, life of the deprived class, life of the suffering people, life of the suffering mass/suffering class

full of

full of life and reality, full of fun and laughter, full of joy and beauty, full of tragedy and comedy, full of seasonal flowers, full of peace and bliss, full of crowd and noise, full of dust and smoke, full of action, full of strength, full of vigour, full of life, full of tragic pain and intensity, full of pathos, full of emotion and imagination,


panorama of the world, gesture of welcome ,gesture of good will, in a state of excitement, charming fragrance of rose, transfixing touch of pure love, flashes of lightning, majestic words of love, worthy of the veneration ,blaze of illumination, vibration of great peace, expression of blithe satisfaction, urgency of fright, glimpses of the past, glimpse of the future, gesture of respect ,day of rapture ,keen love of travel