Vedic English
Beautiful Words: NATURE

 Beautiful Words “Nature”. Write and sing like a song to keep in memory once for ever.


Nature is living and loving. Nature is eternal and holy. Nature is holy and heavenly. Nature is the store house of beauty and joy. Nature is the source of spontaneous joy. Nature is the treasure house of all treasures which has no earthly measure. Nature is full of peace and bliss. Nature looks calm and quite. Nature looks blooming and beautiful. Nature looks beautiful and brilliant. Nature looks romantic and poetic. Nature looks serene and joyous. Nature looks bright and beautiful. she looks young and pretty. looks attractive and admiring, looks awesome and alluring.His heart dances with joy. His heart dances with spontaneous joy. His heart filled in pure pleasure. His little heart loses its limits in joy. Words are not enough to express his heart filled in joy.source of spontaneous joy. source of eternal joy. source of pure pleasure., store house of beauty, store house of beauty and joy. store house of peace and bliss.. treasure house of all treasures ,treasure house of beauty.beautiful experience, fascinating experience, captivating experience, alluring experience, poetic experience, rewarding experience, enchanting experience,full of hope and joy. full of peace and bliss, full of peace and tranquility. full of beauty and joy. full of beauty and charm. full of peace and pleasure.

peaceful and blissful, beautiful and buoyant, graceful and mirthful, truthful and beautiful, hopeful and joyful, a lover of beauty, a lover of nature, a lover of truth, a lover of mountain and meadows, mountain and fountain, a lover of peace, a worshipper of beauty, a worshipper of nature, a worshipper of love, a worshipper of truth.

sweet memory of the nature, sweet melody of the birds, murmuring music of the mountain spring, sweet music of the lurking birds, melody and music of the nature, sweet sights and sounds of the nature, captivating note of the nature,

sweet spring flowers, sweet sunshine, sweet sun set, sweet sunrise, sweet beauty of the nature, sweet bitter experience, sweet and soft breeze,in the heart of nature, in the lap of nature, in the lap of mother. in the midst of nature, in the innermost corner of her heart, in a natural setting, in a rural setting, in a pastoral setting, in a tranquil morning, in a tranquil moonlit night, in a sweet starry night, in a tranquil starlit night.

symbol of truth. symbol of beauty, symbol of truth and beauty, symbol of joy and peace. symbol of love. symbol of eternity.In  all its beauty and colour , in all its hues and hymns, its poetic manifestation. its natural manifestation, its spontaneous manifestationbeautiful description, brilliant description, delicate description, magnificent description, strikingly illustrated, strikingly manifested, strikingly expressed, strikingly displayed.,romantic beauty, poetic beauty, delicate beauty, enchanting beauty, captivating beauty, blooming beauty, eternal beauty, magnificent beauty, serene beauty, tranquil beauty, fascinating beauty, seasonal beauty,  romantic and arresting beauty, dancing and fluttering beauty,romantic beauty of nature, poetic beauty of nature, delicate beauty of nature, enchanting beauty of nature, captivating beauty of nature, blooming beauty of nature, eternal beauty of nature, magnificent beauty of nature, serene beauty of nature, tranquil beauty of nature.with spontaneous joy, with the magical beauty of the flower, with passionate joy, with passionate pain, with the rhythm of the waves, with the rhythm of the voice, with beauty and colour,

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard sweeter. I love all beauteous things.singing elevated soul, loving sights and sounds, enchanting experience, beauty of nature, sweet beauty of nature , celebrates the sweet beauty of nature in all its hues and a natural setting, romantic beauty of the rainbow in a natural setting,

gives an artistic touch to his design, gives the finishing touch, gives the creative touch, gives the last touch, gives a delicate touch,ecstasy of eternity, submerged in the ecstasy of eternity, his singing, elevated soul submerged in the ecstasy of eternity.

beauty of the flower. all embracing beauty of the flowers , exhilarated in the all embracing beauty of the flowers. blooming beauty of the flowers. romantic beauty of nature, fascinated to see the magnificent beauty of nature. blooming beauty of nature in spring looks delicious and delighting. blooming beauty of nature in spring so sweet and enchanting. so loving and inspiring. so inspiring and interesting,

manifests the emotion of his heart magnificently.

manifests the arresting moments of his heart with the nature,

manifests the delicate beauty of the clouds, flowers, hills and valleys.

so sweet so loving, so sweet so spontaneous ,

so beautiful so magnificent, so magical so captivating.

poets are lovers. Lovers are poets. a lyric poet of love.

living spirit of nature, experiences the living spirit of nature. comprehends the inner spirit of the nature.

in this world of sorrows and sufferings, living world of leaves and flowers,

love for nature, passionate love for nature, passionate love for beauty, his passionate love for beauty is romantic and realistic. passionate interest for life.