Vedic English
Style Words

Shree Guru charan saranam. Pranam

Shree Govinda Gaanii Saranam. Pranam.

Humbly learn the beautiful art of writing and the technical know how to write and speak like an ever singing bird,  like the spell bound mighty mountain spring without any rest or haste, flowing with all its beauty and elegance, full of music and mirth.

The Vedic way of learning and its aesthetic technique of transferring knowledge in sound form by the magical,gifted voice is very brilliant, exciting and innovative.Truly scientific and systematic, glorifying the eternal art of teaching and serving mankind in all ages. Hear carefully  and remember everything is the key, the boon, the blessing of  Gurudev, the greatest gift of God. From king to common man, all acclaim and appreciate the method and Master. Always learn from the Himalayan Master and take the opportunity of learning from the Viswaguru “India”. Pranam.


a pleasing personality, a gentle man, a noble man, simple man,  a sincere well wisher, being my noble well wisher, being my well wisher, foreseeing my future prospects.

age of science and technology, era of science and technology

A boon for life, a blessing for life , A gift of science, a gift of nature, a gift of God,

A fried in need is a friend in deed,

always useful, always needful, always helpful, always harmful, always faithful.

A great poet, A great devotee, A great leader, A great saint,

According to the situation, According to the plan, According to the budget,

All the evils of the society, all the ills of the society,

a great blessing to mankind,  ,


a lot of thrill and excitement, a lot of excitement, a lot of fanfare, a lot of joy,  a world wide phenomenon, an age old phenomenonamong the people , among the students , among the boys, among the citizens,

a land of rich culture, a land of rich heritage,  a land of rich civilization, a land of fairs and festivals 

a token of love, a token of respect,

Amicable settlement

A vast country with rich culture, rich civilization, rich heritage,

a blessing in disguise, a curse in disguise, a boon in disguise

By virtue of his hard work, By virtue of his love, By virtue of his effort,

basic needs of life ,basic requirement of life,

Backbone/soul of the country, Backbone family, Backbone army, Backbone nation

better relation, bitter relation, good relation, bad relation, crucial relation,

bond of brotherhood, bond of friendship, bond of love,

By gone days, in remote past, but gone are the days of youth,

Behold beautiful sight,

Brief span of life, vital period in life,

Child is the father of the man.

conquered time, distance and space

crucial talk, crucial meeting, crucial address, crucial happening

Can prove a panacea, can prove futile, can prove success,Can be done, Can be achieved, Can be finished, Can be completed, Can be removed, Can be developed, Can be won, Can be avoided, Can be prevented, Can be executed , Can be restored

Working more interestingly, Working more enthusiastically, Working sincerely, Working honestly, Working effectively,

Working in the factory, living in the village, swimming in the river, playing in the field, writing in the paper, studying in the school , watering in the garden, dancing in the pendal,

During leave, strike, During war, During vacation, festival, During puja,

going to war, going to strike, going to play, going to serve,

Suffering people, Suffering humanity, mankind, Suffering society, working for peaceful existence, working for peace

Fighting for victory, Fighting for justice, Fighting for freedom, Fighting for peace,

Causing misery and suffering, Causing hardship, and difficulty,

Believe in simple living and high thinking,

true meaning of life, true purpose of life

unraveling the secrets of nature,  unraveling truth,

with thrilling excitement, with thrilling joy, with much difficulty, pain, with much cheers , with thundering cheer and wild excitements

with the change of season

with the change of mind, thought

very close to me , very close to my heart,  very close us,

Nothing in this world is an unmixed blessing. A dark cloud has silver lining.

celebrated with dignity, celebrated great joy, celebrated great fanfare, celebrated great enthusiasm,  observed with devotion an enthusiasm

Different schools , Different parts, Different organisations, Different views, Different opinion,  different in size ,shape and colour

Depends on rain water, Depends on agriculture , Depends on oxygen, Depends on electricity

Due to the rapid progress, Due to the rapid industrialization, Due to the rapid growth,

do not mislead people, do not misguide people, do mot misuse power, do not mistake again, do not mischief, do not repeat.

Economic reform, Economic condition, Economic upliftment, Economic development,

For the spread of disease, For the spread of education In the for all times to come, once for all, for years to come

festive season,  festive occasion,

for growth and advancement,

full of blessing and comforts

free from corruption, free from pollution,

 for our growth and prosperity, for our peace and prosperity

from start to finish, from beginning to end, ,

village area , In every walks of life, in every aspects of life, In urban and rural area, In city and village area

if there is a will there is way,

intelligent an hard working , open and honest, sincere an friendly ,

it is futile, it is significant , it is excellent, it is extraordinary,

Prior to independence, prior to marriage, prior to agreement, prior to talk, prior to purchase,

Played  a major role, Played  a key role, Played  a vital role , Played  a important role, Played  a crucial role,

presents the living picture of the society, presents the true picture of the society, presents the faithful picture of the society,

No satisfactory work has been done. No satisfactory progress has been made. No satisfactory reply has been given.

needless to say, needless to explain, needless to point out,

Noted for its bravery, Noted for its love, Noted for its discipline,

Lead to success, lead to failure, lead to unhealthy living, lead to havoc, lead to catastrophe, lead to destruction ,

life of luxury and comforts

long cherished hope, long cherished dream,

leads an austere life, leads a pious life, leads a saintly life, leads a precious life

Several causes of failure, Many cause for poverty, Chief cause of illiteracy, Social and economical development

service to mankind is service to God

Significant and noteworthy, significant and praise worthy,

Sublime sense of discipline,

rendered a great help, rendered a great service,

Real issue, relevant issues , burning issues, fundamental issues, major problem, key issues,

Round the year, round the clock,

Rewarding profession, worthy profession, noble profession

remarkable change in life, remarkable change, significant change, noticeable change, visible change,

rendered great service, rendered immense service

Relevant today, relevant to the changing society,

 remain healthy and happy ,remain fit and healthy,

Makes our life colourful, Makes our life richer and happier, Makes our life happier and healthier.

mirth and joy all round,

Major problem, crucial problem, vital problem

Work with courage and strong will

nature looks beautiful, nature looks delightful ,

our glorious past, our glorious future,  our glorious history

wide spread violence, wide spread panic, wide spread rumour, wide spread anger, wide spread tension,

War is the greatest evil of the mankind.

Key to success, key to progress an prosperity, key to develop

Under his supervision, Under his care, Under his guidance, Under his control, Under his stark supervision, Under  the aegis,

Under the hot sun, under the scorching heat, under the shady tree

quite significant, quite good, quite pleasing and memorable,

Great importance in human life, Great influence in human life, great event in our life,

dear friend, bosom friend, intimate friend, good friend ,

 health is wealth. Man is a social being.

First and foremost duty, primary duty, As a fact, as a result,

Life is holy. Life is beautiful.

To illustrate the true purpose  of life.

To expound the true purpose of life in truest term.

To expound the true purpose of life in fullest form.

in true term ,in truest term,  in fullest form

 to live and love each other. To live and let live




Glorious, spontaneous, luminous, momentous, dangerous, wondrous ,nebulous ,ominous, tremendous, delicious, lustrous ,gracious, capacious, pious ,famous, luminous, melodious ,hilarious, humorous

 spontaneously accorded, gently luminous, approached him cautiously, glorious anticipations, luminous blaze, momentous message, dangerous jungle land, wondrous  glow, nebulous ecstasy, ominous  vision, momentous  message, tremendous  ,found it delicious, lustrous eyes, wondrous vision, gracious lady, capacious ocean, pious platitudes, famous shrine, luminous joy, melodious voice ,hilarious spectacle, humorous occurrence



With calmness and insight ,with the urgency of fright , With astonishment as well as gratitude, With all the fervor of my heart, With an impressive gesture ,more tender



Day and night, morning and evening, dawn and dusk, forenoon and afternoon , sunrise and sunset, sunrise and moon rise, sunlight and moonlight, sun and star, Socially and economically backward,Political and social, social and economical , social and religious, Quantity and quality, Art and music, drawing and  painting, Poor and ignorant, Poor and backward, Backward and neglected, Neglected and oppressed ,Oppressed and deprived class, Deprived and suffering class,Fairs and festivals, Universal brother hood and fellow feeling ,Culture, civilization, and heritage,Plan and programme Aims and aspirations, goal and aim , class and creed , sect and community, service and sacrifice , happy and fortunate enough, simple and gentle, Singing devotional songs, progress and prosperity, peace and progress, life and love, love and joy , love and kindness, kindness and compassion,  sympathy and fellow feeling, art and music, art and literature, art and craft,  art and science ,art and beauty, regular and punctual, peace and comfort, aesthetic and spiritual, aesthetic and eternal, agriculture and industry, effective and beneficial, order and harmony , peace and order, disorder and conflict, disorder and unrest, disorder and violence, disorder and disharmony, chaos and confusion, Remedies and solutions, Ignorant and illiterate, Plough the land, sow the seed, cut the crop, Seed  and manure, seed and fertilizer, Tradition and culture, culture and civilization, society and civilization, Hardship and suffering, Difficulty and hardship ,Misuse and wastage, Peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding, nonviolence and love, love and brotherhood, spirit of love and mutual respect, peace and non-violence, love and non-violence, love and good will, love and friendship, dignity and freedom, mutual interest and mutual trust, mutual love and mutual understanding, mutual understanding and cooperation, Primitive and ancient, medieval and modern, rest and recreation, Unity and integrity , unity and strength, strength and stamina, Moral value and moral courage, Happy and enjoyable, Dutiful and sincere, Life and property, life and liberty, life and dignity, life and love, life and religion, life and death, sorrows and sufferings, Caste  and community, caste and creed, heaven and earth, food and water, food and shelter, food and cloth, Glory and joy, glory and greatness, glory and pride, Duty and sincerity, duty and devotion, duty and integrity, sorrows and tears, tears and cheers, Family and friends, love and care, words and actions, movements and gestures, Flood and famine , flood and cyclone, flood and earthquake, war and famine, war and peace, war and violence,Easy and uneasy, easy and busy, easy and comfortable, Glory and greatness, Flesh and bone , skin and horn, follower and thorn, Far and near, near and dear, dear and loved one,Heavy loss, Heavy gain, Heavy rain, Heavy load, national and social , social and religious, social and political, safe and comfortable, safe and sound,  time and distance, cooperative and reliable, sincerity  and faithfulness, loyalty and obedience, trusted and reliable, free and frank