Vedic English
learn and let learn



Gurudev pranam . Gurudev saran.
Shri Govinda Gaanii Saranam. Pranam.



Aim of your incarnation in this beautiful mother earth is to live a God graced life of material enrichment and spiritual enlightenment. The AUM, the Vedic Sanskrit is the language of the universe and the English is the language of the earth, of our mankind, enriched by many Vedic Sanskrit words like father and mother. Prepare yourself to achieve the excellence and contribute your time, money and knowledge comfortably. Learn the technical know how and help your near and dear ones to learn it to speak fluently, to write creatively and to remember in the magic way like music/song and picture/painting, using your five senses i.e eye, ear, taste, touch and smell and sixth sense intuition and lastly the grace of God and blessing of Gurudev to remember, remind, and reproduce easily. What I gain in my 20 years you can in 02 years for the grace of God and bless of my beloved Gurudev. Empower yourself in the English and excel the fragrance, beauty, and colour. Do your best for your family and friends and we will do the rest for our beloved world for the unification of the mankind. Pranam.


Vedic English method : And is the tool, the technical know how, the method, very simple method, crucial key, truly a boon for you to boost your little limited knowledge to sky high. It helps you to remember easily, recall easily and to write/speak easily. Use of ‘and tool’ helps you remember two words at a time to double your knowledge and capacity at little time, at little effort. It is the layman’s tool to learn, to remember like a rewarding experience of life. Genuinely, It is a great effort for you to write, speak and save it in your copy and memory. I will show you the road but you have to walk sincerely, honestly and respectably with a sense of holiness, greatfulness and obligation.


You know that the Holy Veda in Sanskrit is very difficult for common man but in ancient time it was very easy for the blessing of Gurudev and its musical method to remember in an echo friendly sanguine atmosphere with a simple mind, holy thought and pure heart for selfless service to the society.


Use your five senses to remember. You may not know which sense is powerful and which is less. Take help of all. 100 beautiful sweet words and its rhythmic use in various forms, its stunning performance, its brilliant display can make you an expert, unbelievable but true.Your sixth sense is intuition it can help you like an extra ordinary experience. Lastly, your Iswar /Gurudev can transfer the knowledge to you in air and ether when pleased and blessed just like FAX. Your firm faith on you,” I can, I will be” will help you in a great way like miracle. This is why kings and emperors , rich and powerful respect the spiritual masters and serve the saints and sages for knowledge and wisdom in all ages, in difficult times, in wee hours...


Eye : beautiful colour like painting, for aesthetic looking, sweet sense pleasing. Praise it, oh what a beautiful word ; ah beautiful colour. you can write and paint the words of your choice..


ear, Oh very sweet to hear. What a beautiful word I feel fascinating and captivated and thrilled for its rhythm and rhyme.


taste, as if you taste it like the taste of sweets in your tongue, ah very sweet words, I feel happy.


Touch: as if you touch it like a soft, sweet touch, a beautiful touch, a romantic touch, warm and affectionate touch. Truly, you can write the sweet words of your choice in your copy or slate and touch it gently with love, you will surprise to remember it, so easy so powerful. You can give colour to the words and touch it. Really it will touch you. Touch, the torch to teach. 

Smell : as if you smell, ah a sweet smell , sweet perfume Rose like, Chandan like. You can use it to keep your mind fresh to feel the sweet words like sweet smell. You can spray sweet scent in your copy of words for easy remembrance.

Remember Tool : Freshness of mind and eagerness, eco friendly sanguine atmosphere and your presence in a natural setting will inspire you to remember. YOU can strong your concentration easily by devoting one hour to catch fish in a fishing rod or to fly kite or playing different word games, or games you like. If it is not possible to go to riverside with a fishing rod you can make your own cement water tank 5 x 4’feet and enjoy fishing small fishes for natural joy, and always look at the floating feather stick for strong concentration.

Useful words  






Class -1 to class V



Class -VI to class X



Class- XI to Graduation



Class -Post graduation




Scholars, writers , teachers, Speakers

Class -1 to class V : LEARN ‘AND’ TETCHNIC

Father and mother, Brother and sister, Grand father and grand mother, Son and daughter, Aunt and ante,

Kith and kin , Male and female, Niece and nephew, husband and wife, Friend and comrade, Class-mate and room-mate, life-mate and soul-mate

newborn and baby, boyhood and childhood

childhood and manhood,childhood and youth

Eye and ear,Head and tail, Head and heart, Knee and elbow, hand and leg, heart and soul, gum and teeth, nose and nostril,brain and breast, blood and flesh, body and mind, deaf and dumb,lame and blind

Knee and elbow, Rain and rain-bow, thick and thin, lean and thin, Kith and kin, Chick and chin, Vein and skin,

 fat and slim,cut and trim,beautiful dream, milk for cream

rise and fall, heart and soul, bat and ball, let him call,

score the goal, what is your goal? short and tall. wise and fool ,active and dull, what is your role ?You are my soul, let him call.

weak and strong. What is wrong? Wait for how long?

to sing the song, watch your tongue, pain and pang.

strong and healthy, rich and wealthy, bad and filthy,

fit and worthy

youth and old, infant and old,beauty is gold,do not scold, be brave and bold,firmly hold, he is told to do it,gold is sold.,Paper to fold,Tin sheet to mould,Precious metal is gold,Silver and gold,Head is bald,Looking very glad,Oh my dear dad

beautiful and handsome , handsome and beautiful, ugly and beautiful, helpful and harmful, hopeful and joyful,

obliged and thankful,clever and tactful

disease and medicine, medicine and vaccine, medicine and vitamine, look at the gold mine, seems polished and fine, come in line, come in time, come at nine o’clock

 it is 15 to nine, it is mine, I am fine. How are you

Come late give fine , Glittering and shine, Born the twin.

Humbly I deny and decline.

 wound and burn , wait for your turn, oath ceremony to sworn, on 15th august he was born, tragic death to mourn

cut and bind the corn, life is precious to learn, know the art of life to earn

scar and swelling,injury and bleeding,rubbing and swelling

pain and pleasure,luxury and leisure,it is our pleasure to serve you,gold is a treasure,sharpen the seizer,be careful it is raiser,He is a miser,Wear you trouser,Dig the soil in dozer.

Bull like bulldozer ,

cold and hot

physician and doctor, poison and nectar

teacher and madam, sir and madam ,headmaster and headmistress, lecture and professor, host and guest, actor and actress

dramatist and novelist,writer and author

stranger and well known, theist and atheist, spy and detective

farmer and peasant, peasant and cultivator, servant and master, thief and police ,poet and philosopher, singer and dancer, reader and scholar, priest and prophet, wise and orator, national and foreigner


hero and villain, king and queen, prince and princess, president and governor, emperor and empress, saint and sage

Pant and shirt.Shawl and sweater,Dress and cloth,cap and belt ,court and tie ,Boot and shoe

justice and injustice

Gold and diamond, Olive oil and almond, River and pond, Symbol of love and bond, Soil and sand, Drum the band, Band in hand, Right time to land, Help hand in hand, Aircraft to land,Fertile land, Porous land, Land of culture, Land of law, Land of the rising sun, Japan, Law of the land


Gem and crystal. Gold and diamond ,Gold and silver

Bud and flower,Rain and shower,Tomb and tower,Strength and power,Sun and shower,Victory is our.

Home and house ,Hut and cot, Cot and cottage

 Cot and cottage, School and collage, New year’s message, Body massage ,Write a passage, Words and usage, Words and message. Saint and sage. Open the page. What is your age. Parrot in cage.

Bygone days. Memorable days. Happy days


Words and action, Words and deeds

Fort and factory. Cell and prison. Temple and church. Temple and mosque.

Door and window. Brick and stone. copper and iron. Iron and steel. Iron and copper, Roof and floor. Sand and stone. Cup and plate. Lock and key


. Chair and table

Knife and sword. Where is God. Take his nod. Never say the filthy word. Write in the board. Display in the board. Show me your sword. I am not a coward. Be ready and go forward .Good deed good reward. Do well and get award. Poisonous is the lizard. Move it upward .Flow is inward. Play the billiard. Pay proper regard. Body guard and arms guard

 Dish and plate, Chalk and slate, Always use the belt, hit the plate to melt, firmly dealt with the law breaker

 Bull and bat,Bell the cat,Said the rat


Bread and butter ,Rice and wheat, Tea and coffee, Cheese and curd, Milk and fish, Fish and mutton,Mutton and chicken ,Curry and soup, Veg and non-veg, Potato and tomato, Honey and wine, Jam and juice, Salt and sugar

 Light food and heavy meal, Tiffin and breakfast, Lunch and dinner, Lunch and supper, Be fair and proper ,Dipper dipper, upper and lower.

Picnic and feast, Animal and beast, Work with joy and zest, Take a little rest, No hurry no haste, Do your best ,Appear the entrance test, It is like acid test, Sweet to taste

Seasonal fest, Horror and aghast

Raw and ripe, Fresh and rotten, Bitter and sweet

 Smell and scent, Fragrance and sweet smell

 Emotion and feeling ,dream and emotion

Hard and soft

 Hot and cold, Hearing and light, Pain and pleasure

 Peace and pleasure, Peace and joy, Joy and sorrow

Joy and laughter, Joy and pain,Dream and reality

 Emotion and passion
Pride and glory, Love and hate, Love and hatred

 Love and affection, Hope and trust, Hope and despair

 hope and fear, Fear and fearlessness

Fear and shame, No one to blame, It is shame, shame

Oh it is a big game, Wild cat looks tame

Can not walk like lame, Earn name and fame

Love and sympathy, Sympathy and antipathy

Apathy and sympathy, Allopath and homeopathy

bird and animal,, Tiger and lion,,Elephant and horse

Leopard and lion, bear and dear,Cobra and frog

 ant and bee, Coo and crow,Tiger and tigress
 Goat and sheep,calf and clove,swan and dove

Cub and Lamb,Kid and kitten, Paw and palm

 Kite and falcon, Duck and stork,Bat and Hawk

 Lark and peacock, Goose and vulture,Crane and goose ,beak and wing, Egg and meat ,Nest and cage

Crab and crocodile, Fish and meat ,Wheat and rice

 Snail and snake

horse and pony,small and tinymore and many,wise and brainy ,,lives lonely,sweet is honey


Snail and snake,Note is fake,Sit on the deck,Beak and neck ,,,Give and take,For your sake, River and lake ,

Control and check


Talk and twitter,Smile and whisper.He is topper ,Rain and shower . came in odd hour.Applied at eleven hour

Seen never before.Mad dog moving be aware.Wait me no longer


Bubbles and ripples.Clapping and tinkling


Twitter and twinkling .Shinning and dazzling


Beaming and glowing..Blowing and flowing


Shouting and crying..Keep on trying….Never lying.

 Restless and ripples


Pepal and banyan . Coconut and Neem


grass and bush. Plant and creeper

 Root and trunk.. Trunk and branch


Stem and bark. Fruit and flower

 Thorn and leave.Leave and flower

 Garden and lawn. It is dawn.Beautiful dawn

Work dusk to dawn.Up and down

Potato and tomato. Potato and pumpkin

Parbal and brinjal. Pea and bean

 Cabbage and cauliflower. Fresh and green
 Rot and ripe.Mango and apple
 Grape and orange. Banana and cucumber
 Radish and carrot. Olive and black berry
 Lemon and orange .Salt and sugar

Bud and blossom .Bud and flower,Petal and pollen. Flower and fragrance, Rose and jasmine. Lotus and lily, Champak and Zinnia.


Chili and salt ,Wheat and pulse.

Steel and glass ,Zink and copper. Metal and mineral

Brass and bronze Coal and iron

Gold and silver .jewel and ornament


Indians and Americans.Arabian and Italian

 Nepali and Gurkha.French and Germany
 Indian and British.Japanese and Chinese

Greeks and Romans.Russians and Europeans

Buddhist and Jain..Hindu and Muslim

 Muslim and Christian.Brahmin and Khandayat
 Hindu and Sikh
Dollar and Euro, Rubble and diner, Rupees and taka

Pound and sterling,Note and coin

Pet and domestic, domestic animal and wild animal

animal and bird’, cattle and goat, pig and ass

crop for cash,mass and class,dead body and lass

gas stove and gas,no body no mass,light and flash

cat and dog,dog and frog,bucket and mug

mug and jug,wood and log,dew and fog,book and bag

give me the tag, cow and ox,put in a box ,call may be a hoax call


Sun and sky,Sun and star

Teacher and student ,Are you present

No question of absent

Do not be adamant

Law for amendment

Teacher stands for talent

Lawyer loves his client

Be wise and prudent

Cure is not better than prevent

Very beautiful and pleasant

 Book and copy,Pen and pencilRead and write, Dance and sing

 Eat and drink,Ship to sink,,Do not sit on the brink

Cloth to shrink

 Air and water, Moon and star, Sun and rain, River and lake,Sea and ocean,Mountain and fountain,Hills and fields

Woods and woodland, ,Firm and firm land, Woods and forest ,Sand and sands,Bird and animal

Tv and fridge,Hanging bridge,,Land on lease

Bat and ball,Rise and fall ,Big and small,Room and hall

Short and tall,Attend the nature’s call,,Beautiful role

Buy the doll,Active and dull,Wise and fool,Remain be cool

Do not play with the tool,See the owl,Scores the goal

What is your goal,Patch the hole,Sweat and toil,

Plan to foil,Baby to crawl,Beautiful snail

Pass and fail,Ring the bell,Heart and soul

Do not play foul,North pole and south pole

What is your role,Tell the tale


 Rat and cat, Mat and hat, Tiger and lion ,Sheep and goat

Coin and note,River and boat, Cold and hot,,Home and cot, Buy and bought,Explain sought,Keep the bat

Kill the rat,Wear the hat,What is the rate.,When we meet.

Please sit ,Lily and lotus

Candle to lit,You are fit,See the kite,Try the knot,Caught the goat,Bravely vote,,Caste your vote,,,Knife to cut,Ripe then rot,Water the pot ,Try a lot ,Quarter to allot,,Remain alert

Gold is assert,Put your effort,Bravely fought,Knife to cut

Bea a poet,Fortune and fate,Food fate,Do n’t late

Technic of ‘To’ words,

Milk to drink ,Rice to eat,Field to play,sky to fly,fly very high

beaming blue sky,road to ply

Water to swim,Book to read,Copy to write

Flower to enjoy,God to worshipDance in joy ,Buy the toy

Very good boy,Let us go bye, bye,,,,,,Ta ta, hai hai.

no no, nay nay

fly very high,beaming blue sky,God to worship

Destroyer and war-ship,Company under flag ship

Fire to warm,Enemy to harm,Go to the firmAlways learn ,We born to learn,Be steady and firm,Enemy can not harm

Horse to ride,Feel worthy and pride,, the beautiful bride

Tell the truth do not hide,Please give me side

Do not bath in noon tide

Road to walk/go,coal is black ,talent you lack

sit in back,keep in rack,job will sack

take the dak,dog to bark,man eater shark

night is dark,do not go in dark,dog will bark

singing lark,put the mark

Night to sleep,Mouth to speak,,Come early, be quick

 ear to hear,pain to bear,love the dear,car in gear

always in mothers care,do not go bare

diamond is rare,cut your hair,give me chair

purchase a hare,bring it buy or hire

do not play with fire,do not be fun with fire

 it is dangerous. ,brave never dare

to cure take care,hand to work.

Pen to write,Home to stay



Bottle to feed, book to read,,Baby to feed,,sow the seed,


power grid,Do not be miser and greed,Egg to breed


Faith and creed,You are no more need,We urgently need

Brave to lead


Table to write,Sword to fight,Bulb to light


Rice to cook,Ticket to book ,Eye to look,Hand to shook,Clip to hook


Lip to smile,Wait for a while,Glazing tile


Walk to mile,Half a mile ,Plese be smile


Enchanting smile,Keep the letter in file

 Leg to walk,Buy in bulk,Fair and folk,

Table to write,Sword to fight,Bulb to light,Meat for might,Might is right,,Sweet natural sight,I saw in the flight

You caught the kite,Am I right?

you are naughty,Jawan stands for duty,queen looks very beauty

Chair to sit,Drum to bit,Tool bag and kit

Challenge you dare to meet,Danger is ahead time to quit

Looking very loving and sweet,Rope the knot very tight

What is your height,Mosquito to bite,Not and bolt to tight

Enemy to fight ,Go to the site,Milk is white,Be humble and polite,Wise and erudite,Stoop at red light,Sleep at mid night,Work at day light,Do not read in dim light,Vitamin ‘D’ in sun light,Dinner in candle light. Moon light and sun light,

Nose to breath,Length and width,Kin and kith,Legend and myth,Roof and plinth

Player to play,Do not play in clay,Work in time do not delay,Believe in God and rely, Be honest. Do not tell lie

I will fly,Tell the truth do not be shy,Tell the truth do not cry

Hen to lay,Keep it at bay,Be obedient and obey

 Teacher to teach,Priest to preach,Right time to reach,

Dancer to dance,Do not give any chance

A golden chance

Hen to egg,, Cloud to rain,Cow to milk,Dancer to dance

Singer to sing,

 Cow to milk,Shining silk,Mouse to click,Football to kick

Break to break,Tube to leak,Are you sick,Show me the trick

Wine to drink

Do not miss the train ,,,Apply your brain,See the Siberian crane,Beauty is the gain ,Do not try/pursue/search in vain

Monitor is mainEnjoy the rain

See the evening show,Shining beauty and glow

Rivers that flow,Walk very slowBeauty of Egypt in Helen’s eye-brow,,Come in row,Ripe and raw,Snag and flaw

Technical flaw,Pay you draw,Rain and rainbow

Joint and elbow,Arrow and bow,Black coloured cuckoo and crow,Plant you grow,Stand on toe

At one go,Face the foe,Do not say if and so

Class VI to X



Sweet and soft, Smile and sweetness, Harmony and happiness, Beauty and brightness, Beauty and boldness


Beauty and colour, beauty and fragrance , beauty and joy, beauty and love, beauty and grace



beautiful and blooming, beautiful and brilliant , beautiful and charming, beautiful and pretty , beautiful and beaming ,beautiful and loving, beautiful and romantic, beautiful and classic , beautiful and buoyant, beautiful and mirthful ,beautiful and handsome ,beautiful and awesome


despair and distress, Smile and sighs, full of sorrow and strife,Pain and panic, comedy and tragedy, sorrow and malady, Pain and pleasure,

trauma and trouble

trauma and tragedy

spring and summer, rain and winter, sweet spring and scorching summer ,summer days and rainy days, autumn sky and pristine sky, autumn sky and azure sky

occasional and seasonal

,Hope and joy, peace and pleasure, Pain and pleasure,Hope and happiness, Sincere efforts and good wishes

Peace and bliss,peace and tranquility ,Peace and harmony,Love and freedom,Peace and freedom, Harmony and freedom,Beauty and colour, hues and hymns, love and beauty ,truth and beauty,agony and ecstasy ,regret and rapture ,rejoice and regret,,mirth an melancholy

 romantic and artistic, poetic and artistic

 love and romance, beauty fragrance,   dream and visions, voices ,views, and visions. ,Sights and sounds of nature

mortal and immortal , earthly and eternal

glorious and graceful

 beaming ad beautiful
 blooming and beautiful

passionate and painful

beautiful and blooming

blooming and blossoming

budding and blossoming

holy an heavenly


beauty and joy, beautiful and brilliant ,delicious and delighting , fluttering and dancing ,music and melody


spirited and spontaneous, love and beauty ,art and beauty of life, regret and repent ,bloodshed and brutality


misery and misfortune, heart and thought ,words and acts

living and loving ,eternal and holy ,beauty and joy, beautiful and brilliant , powerful and dramatic, beautiful and charming, beautiful and pretty , beautiful and beaming ,beautiful and loving ,beauty and love, peace and bliss , positive and rewarding, positively rewarding


bloomed and blossomed, romantic and poetic,

passionate pain and pleasure, romantic and realistic


,leaves and flowers, sea and sky, sun and moon, sun and star ,

holy and heavenly, love and purity ,devotion and divinity, subjective and realistic, musical and melodious , poetic and lyrical,

 hopeful and happy ,tragic death and lose of life ,unity and integrity, harmony and freedom, horror and hostility

 crown and flower ,deep distress, welfare and wellbeing,

 safe and sound, cruel but kind, creative and constructive ,terror and horror ,tragic and traumatic, powerful and dramatic

 calm and quiet, silent and sweet

devotion and divinity, liberty and dignity, unity and integrity

agony and anxiety ,worry and anxiety, worries and anxieties, pities and pathos ,heart touching and heart rending ,nostalgia and sorrow

excited and exhilarated, excited and emotional ,

integrated intimacy, integrated relationship

 heart and humanity, every one and everything


cruelly and brutality, joys and sorrows of life,


exciting and interesting ,art of warfare and welfare


enthusiastic and interesting,dynamic and devoted


heart and humanity ,positively and passionately


ups and downs,all times and climes


cruelty and brutality ,love and affection


affection and attachment ,love and living

 love and fondness ,love and kindness


 love and adoration, love and joy , lovely and beautiful,


 beautiful and charming, charming and sweet ,beautiful and pretty, fair and fine,fair and lovely ,lovely and comely


 Beautiful and beaming, beautiful and loving, love and goodwill, kindness and fondness , loving and tender

tender and kind ,kind and affectionate, kind and sweet

love, affection, devotation

love and devotion, affection and devotion ,

affection and attachment, attachment and adherence

 affinity and attachment ,loving and tender
respect,worship, praise

 respect and revere, appreciate and honour ,love and admire ,adore and admire, admire and worship, admire and esteem ,venerate and revere, esteem and revere

admire and respect, admire and appreciate, appreciate and honour, honour and esteem, appreciate and venerate ,praise and respect ,admiration and appreciation ,admirable and commendable ,admirable and honorable, loveable and respectable ,excellent and praise worthy ,noble and eminent, eminent and admirable ,admirable and honourable, admire and cherish


praise and welcome, praise and applaud, acclaim and applaud ,applaud and acclaim ,acclaim and admire,

acclaim and extol, acclaim and welcome ,acclaim and acknowledge

honour,glory, regard,

 honour and reputation ,honour and glory, honour and dignity,dignity and reputation,dignity and glory ,glory and nobleness, pride and glory, glory and greatness, honorable and admirable ,admirable and respectable

respectable and eminent, eminent and noble

good and honest, good and virtuous, good and simple

virtue and goodness , benevolence and kind

honest, sincere,faithful

honest and truthful, honest and sincere, fair and honest

 truthful and honest, truthful and faithful, truthful and righteous, fair and honest, honesty and integrity, honesty and sincerity, sincerity and integrity

faith, belief, trust


hope and faith, faith and hope, faith and trust, trust and belief, faith and expectation ,expectation and anticipation


faith and loyalty, loyalty an reliance, faith and creed

 loyalty and obedience,faithful and loyal

faithful and trustworthy,

caste and creed ,caste and colour,

caste, colour and creed

holy, divine,sacred


holy and heavenly, heavenly and holy, holy and divine,


 divine and holy, divine and sacred, sacred and holy


sacred and consecrated, blessed and sacred, sacred and serene, serene and sacred, divine and spiritual, sacred and spiritual, spiritual and super natural

super natural and miraculous



joy and happiness, joy and gladness, pleasure and happiness, joy and love, joy and gladness, joy and peace


joy and bliss, peace and bliss, bliss and blithe, merriment and merry making ,gaiety and amusement, joy and mirth


peace and pleasure, pleasure and rapture ,joyful and glad, joyful and jovial ,jovial and joyous, joyful and delightful, merry and glad ,glad and jovial ,joyful and pleasant ,joyous and rapturous, joyous and gay, gay and gleeful ,joy and delight, delight and joy, delight and pleasure, hearty and joyful, happy and pleased, gladness and joy, pleasure and delight, gladness and happiness, pleasure and satisfaction ,mirth and felicity ,


happy and cheerful ,gay and cheerful ,felicity and delight,


felicity and happiness, felicity and joy, felicity and delight ,


joy and enjoyment, enjoyment and happiness ,joy and rapture ,rapture and pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. joy and ecstasy.


 pleasant and delicious, delicious and delightful

 delicious and tasty, delicious and palatable
 sweet and delicate, tender and delicate


 delicate and delicious ,delicate and beautiful


beautiful and handsome, beautiful and blooming


blooming and beaming, beaming and elevating

elevating and illuminating



Love and affection, Love and joy, Love and fondness


Love and blessing, Love and kindness, Love and goodwill,


Love and compassion, Love and non-violence,   Love and adoration, Love and admiration, Love and devotion


Lovely and beautiful, Beautiful and charming, Charming and sweet, Sweet and loving, Sweet and beautiful

Sweet and delicate, Beautiful and pretty, Beautiful and handsome


Young and pretty ,Lovely and comely, Beautiful and beaming ,Beautiful and buoyant,Beautiful and loving, Love and beauty, Beauty and charm, Beauty and loveliness

Beauty and grace, Charm and elegance, Beauty and elegance, Loveliness and fairness ,Lovely and beautiful, Beautiful and lovely ,Beautiful and splendid ,Beautiful and attractive ,Attractive and good looking, Charming and attractive, attractive and alluring , enchanting and alluring, enchanting and fascinating, fascinating and bewitching,

Cheer and comfort ,comfort an soothe,cheer and gladness ,cheerful and merry ,cheerful and glad

 jolly and joyful , happy and jolly, joyous an joyful


soft and sweet, Soft and delicate, delicate and soft


delicate and fine, fine and delicate ,delicate and tender


tender and delicate, delicate and loving ,loving and affectionate, mild and moderate, mild and gentle


mild and soft, mild and mellow, mellow and mild meek a d mellow meek and mild ,smooth and mild, soft and smooth


smooth and tender ,tender and gentle ,gentle and mild


tender and compassionate ,lenient and compassionate

mirth and merriment



fun and mirth,mirth and festivity ,mirth and laughter ,laughter and merriment ,merriment and enjoyment 


fun and amusement,enjoyable and entertaining


enjoyable and amusing , delicacy and tenderness


delicacy and softness,elegant and beautiful

 beautiful and graceful ,elegant and refined ,beautiful and tasteful


Loving and tender, Tender and kind ,Tender and mild

 Kind and sweet

Love and devotion, Affection and devotion ,Affection and attachment ,Attachment and adherence

Affinity and attachment ,



Love and admire, Admire and adore, Adore and admire


 Admire and esteem, Venerate ad revere, Esteem and revere, Admire and respect, admire and honour,


Admire and appreciate, Appreciate and honour,


honour and esteem ,appreciate and venerate ,


Praise and respect ,Admiration and appreciation ,


admiration and adoration ,admirable and commendable ,


admirable and excellent ,admirable and honourable, 

honourable and respectable


excellent and praiseworthy, noble and eminent

 eminent and admirable, admirable and honourable

admire and cherish, respect and revere, praise and welcome ,praise and applaud, applaud and acclaim ,acclaim and applaud, acclaim and extol ,acclaim and welcome

acclaim and acknowledge, honour and reputation

honour and glory, honour and dignity, dignity and reputation, honour and glory, honour and dignity, dignity and reputation, dignity and glory, glory and greatness

glory and nobleness ,glory and pride ,pride and glory, glory and greatness, honourable and admirable

admirable and respectable, respectable and eminent

eminent tan noble


honest and truthful ,honest and sincere, fair and honest

 truthful and honest ,truthful and righteous
 fair and just , fair and truthful

honesty and integrity,honesty and sincerity

sincerity and integrity ,


hope and faith .faith and trust. trust an belief


 faith and expectation.expectation and anticipation

 faith and loyalty. loyalty and reliance
 faith and creed. faithful and loyal

faithful and trustworthy. trustworthy and praiseworthy


Beautiful and brilliant,Hues and hymns ,Fluttering and dancing ,eyes and ears ,meaning and moral

 interesting and exciting ,accepted and respected

welfare and wellbeing, constructive and cooperative

 sound and smooth ,defects and demerits ,individually and collectively,opinion and interest , illuminated and illustrated, fruitful and gainful, equality and fraternity

kings and queens ,man and morality ,genuine and generous ,approach and expression ,heart and mind

goodwill and friendship ,constructive and cooperative

desires and dreams, joys and sorrows ,security and stability , cheer and charm , humanity and divinity

 exciting and interesting ,simplicity and gentleness

cooperation and coordination ,devoted and determined

developed and developing nations ,heart and mind

heart and soul ,humanity and harmony, devoted and dedicated ,joy and zeal ,flowering and fruitful ,art and beauty ,music and melody ,agony and ecstasy

cheer and laughter ,natural and real ,thoughts and actions

 positive and rewarding, friendship and love , criticized and condemned ,love and affection,freeness and frankness ,love and nonviolence, freedom and harmony ,words and actions ,freedom and friendship, faith and friendship ,hopeful and happy ,live and let live ,elevated and illuminating , nearest and dearest,son and daughter

optimistic and hopeful ,ups and downs ,storm and strife

spring and summer ,pride and glory ,tears and fears

sorrows and suffering ,courage and confidence

 odds and aches ,odds and evils, fears and weakness

rough and rude, results and achievements ,aware and beware, attacked and injured ,violent and terrible ,bars and weighs,faith and confidence , grace and glory

physical and moral


Spiritual and intellectual, Hope and charity, Blooming and beautiful,Creative and constructive, Beauty and enthusiasm,Power and pride, Brave and bold, Odds and aches,Intelligence and imagination, Leadership and courage,Truth and beauty, Harmony and freedom

Virtue and vitality, Meaning and moral, Hard and cruel,Struggle and effort, Spiritual and intellectual, Hope and charity, Faith and religion, History and heritage

Training and well guidance, Heart and heartbeats

Heart and heartbreak, Entity and endurance,

Entity and existence, Pure and perfect, Hues and hymns

Holy and heavenly, Man and mankind, Pride and glory

Glory and grace, Grace and bless, Grace and kindness

Kindness and love, Love and likeness,

Culture and civilization,,Vivid and vital,

Beauty and enthusiasm,Mountains and fountains

Rocks and rivers,Myths and legends,Agony and ecstasy

Flora and fauna,Inspires and influences,Delhi and Agra

Culture and civilization,Love and brotherhood,

Brotherhood and fellow-feeling,Ashok and Akbar

Love and non-violence,Growth and decay,

Powerful and serious,Rain and thunder,Terror and horror

Roof and pane,Pain and pleasure,

Everyone and everything

Sorrow and strife,Cruelty and brutality,Horror and hostility

Brave and bright,Exhausted and uneasy,

Misery and misfortune,Kind and merciful

At all times and climes,Painful and pensive

Painful and panic ,Terrific and traumatic

Pathetic and painful,Hills and fields,Concrete and coherent

powerful and perfect,effective and impressive,

 rain and thunder , thunder and wind

wind and rain , rain and rain bow

rain and rain god,rainy day and rain coat

heavy rain and high wind ,bright and beautiful 

magnificent and majestic ,fresh and festive

fresh and alive,, fresh and beautiful 

simple and spirited, love and romance

adventure and heroism ,kindness and love

love and admiration ,enthusiasm and interest

 strict an straight ,misery and misfortune

stars and singing birds, peace and bliss

 dearest and nearest,duty and devotion

serve and smile ,pitiable and pathetic

 helpless and hopeless ,poet and essayist

ebb and flow ,lips and eyes

 very soft and sympathetic, serious and systematic

jokes and mocks ,discipline and devotion

terms and condition ,storms and tides, regards an respects

beauty and colour,


Water and fire,Weaken and corrupt

Wonder and mystery

Wonder and magic,Wisdom and good sense

Wisdom and insight,Words and actions

Whimsical and ,Writing and drawings

Weaknesses and virtue,Woes and sufferings

 robust and strong,,concrete and strong,


interesting and exciting, interesting and fascinating

very interesting and loving,interesting and pleasant

interesting and inspiring,interesting and vivid


interesting and enthusiastic,interest and charm

innocence and simplicity,innocent and simple

simple and sweet,innocent and honest

honest and intelligent,honest and noble

noble and benevolent,intellectual and spiritual

ideas and emotions,important and significant

significant and crucial,importance and significance

intensity and spontaneity,imagery and vocabulary,inspiring and influencing

acts and incidents,intricate and complex nature

improbable and artificial,inexhaustible and varied

individually and collectively,illuminated and illustrated

illustrated and illuminated,faith and confidence

faith and trust,trust and believe

false and true,fame and name

fame and renown,familiar and homelier

far and near,fascinate and captivate

fascinate and entice,fascinate and charm

fatality and reality,imagination and exaggeration

difficult and easy,,facility and benefit

fabricate and falsify,fact and fiction,reality and imagination


Tired and exhausted,Fact and fiction

Fearful and ferocious,Ruthless and heartless

Terrible and troublesome,Violent and tense

Fertile and prosperous,Wild and arduous

Fruitful and successful ,Fervent and ardent

Fertility and richness,Ardent and vehement

Hot and burning, Hot and vehement

Fervor and ardor,Passionate and eagerness

Fair and festival,Joyous and festive,

Fettle condition and good condition,             Deepness and depth of sorrow

Fault and error,Blemish and offence

Appreciate and oblige,Admire and acclaim

Bird and beast,Fauna and animal,Fair and festival

Welfare and wellbeing,Awe and afraid


Useless and valueless,Valueless and worthless

Vain and valueless,Value and merit

Valuable and precious,Fruitless and worthless


Urgent and important,Urgent and exigent

Urgent and cogent,Exigent and cogent

Serious and compelling,


Important and useful ,Usual and common


Common and ordinary,Ordinary and general


General and conventional,Common and popular,Popular and familiar


Familiar and common,General and usual


Use and apply,Use and employ


Use and utilize,Use and practice

Custom and practice,Application and availability


Unique and uncommon,Unique and excellent,Exceptional and rare,

Remarkable and rare,Uncommon and unusual

Rare and scare,Remarkable and noteworthy

Remarkable and impressive,Remarkable and striking

Remarkable and exceptional ,Striking and touching

Striking and impressive,Impressive and striking

Striking and arresting,Unique and excellent

Excellent and unique,Excellent and perfect

Excellent and exceptional,Perfect and good

Excellent and exciting,

Distinguished and eminent,Eminent and distinguished

 Famous and remarkable,Eminent and prominent

Prominent and eminent,Prominent and noted
Noted and celebrated,Noted and reputed
Reputed and celebrated,Eminent and illustrious
Eminent and exalted ,Exalted and elevated
Elevated and exalted,Elevated and open

famous and well-known ,well-known and renowned

renowned and eminent,noted and famous

noted and distinguished,reputed and noted

wide and open ,plain and open
open and honest,honest and innocent

innocent and fair,fair and frank,very frank and straight forward

honest and virtuous,innocent and simple
simple and harmless,simple and harmless

sincere and straight forward,honesty and integrity

honesty and sincerity,shameful and disgraceful
evil and infamous,infamous and notorious
notorious and scandalous,start and begin
begin and start,start and commence
start and initiate,inaugurate and initiate
start and originate,open and introduce
initiate and originate,initial and original
open and arise,initial and beginning
first and earliest,origin and source
original and initial,primary and earliest
creative and innovative,end and close
finish and conclusion,settle and decide

conclusion and completion,convincing and appealing

urging and compelling,close and complete
cease and stop,stop and end
cease and stop,stop and withhold
continue and keep up,continued and in broken
continual and perpetual,continual and eternal
continue and discontinue,stop and suspend
stop and adjourn,adjourn and put off
putoff and postpone,postpone and differ
stop and halt,aid and assistance
hinder and impede,close and near
stand and support,support and encourage
support and help,tolerate and endure
endure and continue,continue and stop
facilitate and promote,aid and assist
suitable and convenient,useful and beneficial
gain and good,beneficial and advantage
hopeless and despairing,benefit and profit
profit and gain,profit and loss
good and advantage,
Sad and pathetic,Pathetic and pitiable
Pathetic and touchy
,Miserable and pitiable
Pitiable and pitiful,Sad and sorrowful
Sad and gloomy,