Vedic English
Words: CLass I & II

Good morning papa

Good morning mama

Morning sun, burning sun, candle, learning English, turning point, happy journey


Number  one to ten

One two three

I am free. you are free. Go to green green tree.


two thee four

open the door. Oh my dear, do not be fear, catch the tiger, cat like tiger, goat like deer, pig like beer, laughter and cheer

please come here. Near and dear, far and near, do not go there. Can not you hear? Radio to hear. Car in gear. I do not care. Very  very dare.


three four five

sweet beehive, big big dive,


four five six

do not take risk, fate is fix,


five six seven

go to heaven, hell and heaven, ten to eleven.


six seven eight

hold me tight, put it right, left and right, lit the light, star lit night, beautiful sight, see the kite, beautiful and bright, shirt is white.  am I right ?


seven eight nine

 I am fine, are you fine? sweet sun shine.  pen is mine .see the twin, lovely twin. King and queen


eight nine ten ,

what a hen ?where is cane? What in cane? water in cane. heavy rain, journey by  train, water to save or drain.



blue and black, black and white, white and red, red and blue, blue and orange, orange and yellow, yellow and pink, pink and chocolate, chocolate and violet, violet and  pink, pink and gray, gray and brown, dark blue and light green, dark colour and light colour. Chocolate colour and coffee colour.


  red red rose, yellow yellow flower, black black coal, coat, cat, night, white white milk, egg, blue blue sky green green grass, pink pink stone , brown  brown fox, cat ,gray gray lion ,



rose and lily, lily and lotus, lotus and champak, champak and jasmine, jasmine and  gineya,

kadamb and  marigold,


spring and summer, summer and winter, winter and spring, autumn and winter, rain and winter, autumn and spring,



hot hot air, hot hot fire,

cool cool air

cold cold snow, ice-cream

warm warm water



sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet, salt and sweet, sweet and salty,



sweet smell, bad smell, sweet fragrance,


see the cow, see the crow, see the tiger, see the lion, see the jackal, see the parrot, see the peacock , see the t.v, see the sea, see the sky, see the river, see the cinema, see the flower,


hear the sound, hear the music, hear the song, hear the noise, hear the voice, ear to hear. hear by ear.

Listen to  radio, story, poem, music

Give me pen. Give me pencil. Give me copy, Give me milk, Give me book, Give me money, Give me rubber, Give me scale, Give me mango, Give me ball, Give me bat, Give me toy,

Take me school, Take me hospital, Take me town, Take me cinema, take my pen, Take me bag, Take me cap,  Take me cycle,  Take me book.


Learn to write


I go to home,  I go to house, I go to school, I go to college, I go to bank, I go to park, I go to town, I go to market, I go to hospital, I go to shop, I go to play ground

I love my parent, I love my father, I love my mother, I love my teacher, I love my school, I love my friend, I love my country, I love my motherland.

I like this pen.  I like mango. I  like potato. I like tomato. I like biscuit. I like to read book. I like to play football. I like to eat meat. I like to meet my  friend.  I like to beat the drum.

 This is my toy, This is my ball, This is my bat, This is my book, This is my pen,  This is my copy, This is my shirt, This is my house, This is my school,  This is my hat, This is my pocket

That is  my chair, That is  my table, That is  my photo, That is  my clock.

Do n’t disturb me. Do n’t quarrel. Do n’t shout. Do n’t complain. Do n’t go there. Do n’t cry.

Please come here. Please go. Please sing a song. Please help me. Please give me the glass.

Thank you. Thank you sir.

Thank you madam. Thank you for helping me.

How are you? How are your parent?

What is your name ? What is yours fathers  name ? What is the name of your village ? What is the name of your school ? What is this? What is that? What is it? What is the time? What is the name of this place? What do you mean? What do you want? What do you want  to say? What do you  say? What do you do ? What is he  doing in Cuttack? What are you doing? What do you understand? What is your business? What is your problem? What is trouble? What a non-sense ? What a shame? What an idea? What a plan? What a dream? What a day? What a tragedy? What a surprise? What a loss? What a sight? What a beautiful sight? What a beautiful temple? What a  terrible sight? What  is the matter? What  is the reason? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong ? What’s wrong with you? What’s problem with you? What’s difficulty with you? What’s troubling  you? What’s puts you in trouble  ? What’s bring trouble to  you? What you expect? What you expect from me? What you want from me? What you desire from me? What you hope from me? What’s right ? what is happening? What’s the matter? What’s the reason? What’s happening? What you have seen there? What did you say? What do you find? What did you do ? What was he doing in Cuttack? What did you decide? What did you choose? What did you find? What was  yours fathers  name ?  What was the name of your village ? What was the name of your school ? What’s your plan? What’s your suggestion? what’s your plan? What’s your opinion? What ‘s a news? What’s the menu for lunch? What’s the agenda  for lunch? What are you looking for? What are you searching for?




Rhyme words in music form

Very easy to speak and learn.



God god, good good, food food, mood mood,hood hood, wood wood,

Man and god, bad and good, water and food, mind and mood, hook and hood, fire and wood,

 deed, feed, seed, need, heed, breed,, creed, greed do your deed. Word and deed, work and deed, let me feed, child to feed, what is your need? Can not you heed? Sow the seed. Fruit and seed, do n’t be so greed? Faith and creed.

 rude rude , should should, could could,

rough and rude, shall and should, can  and could, mind, find, bind, kind, wind,blind, remind, behind,


mind it, mind your own business, do n’t mind please. find it, find your own book, bind it tightly, be  kind, be kind and sympathetic, be kind and gracious, air and wind, never mind, be noble and kind, Can n’t you bind? are you blind? go with the wind.  Right time to remind. Come and stand behind me.

round round, pound pound, found found, sound sound, mound mound, hound hound, wound wound, ground ground, profound profound, bound bound, abound abound, compound compound, around around, surround  surround,

circle is round, go to the ground, green green ground, hear the sound, go and found, take the pound, I am not bound. What a wound?

add, bad, pad, sad, lad, mad, glad, clad,

good and bad, do n’t be sad? Are you mad? Always be happy and glad. more sugar to add.

odd odd, blood, flood,glad, old old, bold bold, hold hold, behold behold, uphold uphold, gold gold, cold cold, fold fold, manifold manifold, merrigold merrigold, sold sold, told told, rolled rolled, ruled ruled,scold scold.

odd man out, give me blood I will give you freedom. More blood to spin, red red blood, furious flood, heavy flood, youth and old, he brave and bold, silver and gold, hot and cold, mangoes are sold. Truth you told. Fold the paper, hold the pen, do n’t scold.  

mud mud, bud bud, curd curd, lord lord, nod nod,  god god, rod rod, sword sword, board board,

mud and water, bud and flower, butter and curd, Oh my lord, give your nod, where is God? Right place to cut the rod. Keep the rod, show your sword, look at the board.

 land, band, sand, stand, grand,

high land and low land, land and mother land, water and land, bind your band, see the sand, where I stand? Be noble and grand.

ride, bride, pride, hide, side, tide, guide, collide

ride the horse. Do n’t be pride. Take the guide, go on your side. be careful ,do n’t collide. See the bride. Beautiful bride, be frank, do n’t hide. Time and tide wait for none. Do your work in time,O’ my dear son.

bed, red, made, fade,

it is nine. go to the bed in time , always be good and fine.colour  of bed is red may be fade.

said, raid, laid, maid, paid, afraid, void, avoid,

I said ,oh beautiful maid, do n’t be afraid. Life is not a void. Do n’t feel bad or avoid. Do your deed you will be paid , law is laid. If you will not obey police will raid.



bird, hard, card, ward, word,

singing bird, working hard, playing card, writing word. Visiting ward, be like a bird. work hard.  it is not  time to play the card. Keep your promise and word.we want action no mere word. Go to your ward. Take care of your wardboy.

bud, cord, accord, record, curd, crude, lord,

word, ward, award, reward, coward, forward,

odd, mud, god, lord, Be good and work on your own accord on uyour sweet will,Be brave and forward. God will reward. Braves deserve the reward.Do n’t be coward. If you want any award. Be good and do good. Feel good and fight for good.You are a beautiful bud. A bud to blossom to taste honey like the curd in milk , do n’t feel shy and tiny. Be polite  and kind. Do n’t behave rough and rude like  the crude.


O God how great you are. How grateful I am. How graceful you are. How grace filled I am. Pranam to you at your Lotus feet. Ever obliged. Ever at your command and control. Be kind and gracious . My lord save me  save my life and honour.  I am your always your. you will save me I am sure. You will care me I am confident.

bond bond, pond pond,

Lily and Lotus blossom in pond. Bond between mother and child is very very strong.

comedy, tragedy, malady, paddy, ruddy,rowdy

Life is a tale of comedy and tragedy. Days of sorrow and pain , malady an d tragedy will go. Go to the paddy field to derive pleasure to drink pleasure. No one will like you if you will be rude and rowdy.

brand, grand, sand, stand, , lucid, placid, sordid, morbid, Be good and grand. You con not stand a house in sand. Buy the goods of good brand. Nature looks lucid. Water looks placid. Life is not a sordid tale or morbid reality. Be happy and sing God. Feel good and His grace in pain. Because Your pain is not all vain. It is pain always train your body and mind to bear the sorrow and strain. Life is a journey like train. Good day will come think in brain.