Vedic English
Singing Words "ED"- I

Singing words ‘ED’- I to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiled sweetly, beautifully, 

Please write and read as smiled sweetly, smiled beautifully,

Safeguarded national interest, border, life and property, Sacrificed life, land, selfish interest, everything, for the greatest cause, greatest good of the country. Saved life, property, people, crop, Said truth, correctly, genuinely, Shouldered responsibility, Searched truth, light, for peace, for joy, here and there, eyes, Smiled sweetly, beautifully, Saw him, nature, sun, shouted loudly, a loud, painfully, for help ,to save, showed courage, paper, certificate, spoak truth, tree, fluently, English, fearlessly, spelled correctly, spoiled career, future, sprayed water, perfume, stood straight,fire, fearlessly, stayed away, there, here, stolen water, money, book, stitched in time saves nine, stopped him, entry, studied well, submitted application, certificate, humbly, suffered from fever, silently, class, mass, people, surpassed all, surprised me, all, us, surveyed area, survived luckily, kit, against all odds, Showered flower, petals, water, blessing, Sought justice, peace, bliss, truth, relief, help, transfer, sustained truth, Served at best, sincerely, faithfully, for the country, family, in national interest, food, cloth, Settled the problem, case, issue, solved the problem, Seemed alike, different, correct false, beautiful, magnificent,

Sold goods, mango, sent troop, force, police, letter, money, Sensed trouble, doubt, fear, danger ahead, smelled bad, doubt, rot, sweet, strong, speculated danger, threat, future, Separated circle, family, country, triangle, mixture, Shaked well, shaped future, life, shared room, food, sorrow and joy, Sharpened pencil, tool,

Stunned me, us, all, Shattered house, things, here and there, life,love, hope, shifted goods, house, smashed glass, ,Shocked me, us, all, Silenced all, critic, people, Solemnised marriage, Shunned violence, riot, Saluted national flag, martyr, jawan, Sanctioned money, scaled the mountain, scanned brain, scolded him, us, severely, 

Scrapped the  tie, agreement,  stressed on it, on this point, on this problem, struggled hard, for success, to servive, grew well ,Screwed tightly, Soaked water, air, ,


Tackled the problem, violence, mob, riot, terror, Took interest, charge, chance, opportunity, Talked slow, tough, diplomatically, friendly, cunningly, loudly, Tampered proof, letter, seal, Tapped water, resources, talent, Targeted enemy, enemy position,

 Taught English, in the class, well, Tendered resignation, Terrified people, me, him, Tested blood, Thanked him, me, Thought well, positively, negatively, correctly, Threatened me, him, us with dire consequences, Thrilled me, us, students, Threw the ball, water, Touched me, tenderly, lovingly, smoothly, kindly, Trained us, the boys, army, person, to do it, and experienced, Transmitted power, Treated well, warmly, us friendly, Travelled fast,  at light speed,

Treckked the mountain, Tremblled in fear,Trespassed the house, country,Trusted friend, Tried best, again, again and again, sincerely, successfully,

 Raged /waged war, conflict,

Raided the house, Raised the issue, problem, Ransacked house,

Reached  home, there, in time, late,  Reacted sharply, silently, violently, vehemently,Read the book,   in class v, Received money,book, cordially, warmly, the guest,Recognized me,him, the theif, the culprit,   Recommended for award, my name, Recorded song, speech,Recovered speedily, well,Rectified the error, mistake, Reduced slowly, rapidly, Reffered his case,Reflected the light,Refrained from war,violence,  Refused to obey, order, refuted the charges, regained strength, power, beauty, vigour, registered the case, his name, regretted for him,for his work, ,rejected the plea, order, agreement,request,related to fees, case, relaxed well, relayed on him, on nature, released the prisoner, water, money, pay, relieved me from trouble,pain, remained there, silent, faithful,  in house, forest,remembered him, his great service, great deeds,reminded in time,removed huddles, obstacles, rendered great  service, renewed interest, effort, renounced terror, violence, smoking, renovated the temple, house, work, repaired cycle, house, replaced old one,him,repeated again,replyed question, represented people, country, requested for help, relief, money,humbly, required it, money,book,arms,urgently,resented me, us, guest,resided in house, in city, resolved the problem, issue,respected the elders, custom, tradition, law of the land, responded well, in time, rested peacefully, comfortably, restored peace, law and order, system,water supply, restricted entry,movement,driving, resulted violence, resumed duty, work,retained  power, glory, retalilated enemy, retired day, from service, from work, returned home, safely, in time, revamped tie, agreement, revealed the truth, fact, reviewed the order, condition, revised mark, order, revived the glory, revoked the ties, agreement, rewarded me, him, punishment,for life long service, for great work, for my service to the nation, risked life, ruined the future, career, ruled the country, people, us,  


 packed food, material, tightly, painted house, door, art, paralysed city, life,leg, pardoned him,parked place, area, vehicle, participated well, in game, in election, passed  well, the test, the examination, out students, patronized the artists, paid  money, fee, school fee, in time , house rent, penetrated well, deeply, into it, slowly, the wall, perceived the story, fact, the incident, performed well, perpetuated violence, terror, persuaded him, people, voters, students, persued well, silently, the study, pervaded the house, place, area, placed order, in its right place, under suspension, planned well, properly, in advance, wisely, for future, for development,played football, cricket, pleaded guilty, for justice, peace, freedom, pleased us, me, him, guest,   plotted to kill, murder, plucked the flower, fruit, plundered the wealth, ply on road, vehicle, polished the  dimond, floor, stone, polluted atmosphere, air, water, poised the  threat to nation, security, posted the letter, order, postponed the  meeting, visit, exam, function, empowered  people, women, praised him, teacher, good work, prayed God, fervently, for peace, good health, justice, preached the religion, predicted future, cyclone, weather,truth, preferred to  tea ,fish , prescribed  medicine, preserved  food, fruit, monuments, presided the meeting, session, pressed hard, us, for  action, immediate action, sanction, agreement, money, loan,presumed the danger, accident, quarrel, difficulty, fear, pretended to tell lie, ,prevented him from fire, injury, printed paper,book, prioritised visit, loan, relief, privatized  economy, industry, probed the case, incident, proceeded slowly, cautiously, rapidly, on leave, processed the application, fee, the case,proclaimed the order, ordinance, truth, procured  goods , books, produced car, computer, rice, programmed computer, well, progressed slowly, speedily, fast, in science, education, country, prohibited act, order, area, promised better future, good  result, promoted business, film, promulgated order,rule, law, his views, projected the plan, expense, propagated for peace, love, violence, religion, truth, proposed  marriage, agreement, car-loan, protected the nation, country, life, people, property, proved correct, false, true, wrong, provided opportunity, shelter, assistance, aid, help, arms, money, material, details of the case /incident, provoked the people, us, me, the students, published book, article, pulled the  door, with force, punched the paper, punished the thief, culprit, purifyed water, air, temple, body, pursued education, the case, the course, sincerely, seriously, silently,put in right place, in order, me in  trouble, puzzled mind,


Qualified in  exam, in test, to take part in sports, quarrelled always, without cause, unnecessarily, quenched his thirst, quest for  truth, peace, joy, quashed the  order, judgment, quickened the effort, supply, quitted cinema hall, home, smoking, questioned the authority, success, members, students, quoted his words, line, famous words, line


maligned fame, reputation, name, manned the space station, out post, border, managed hotel, function, business, school, well, successfully, manifested  truth, views, manipulated story, marched fast, bravely, courageously, marked correctly, land, area, matched well, with it, measured correctly, by the tape, met him, the tiger, result, fearlessly, melted , metal, migrated bird , people, mined area, zone,  mingled and mixed, mingled with sorrow, joy, minimised risk, damage, programme, misbehaved me, us,people, misguided students, people, mishandled the case, machine, missed person, certificate, miraculously, misunderstood  me, him, misused power, money, mitigated sorrow, pain, trouble, difficulty, suffering, misery, mobilised force, army, resources, money, motivated him, easily, for the project, work, students, voters, people, members, mounted sorrow, pressure, moved fast, slowly, rapidly, very fast, the heart and mind, here and there, murmured spring, brook, mountain spring,


Nabbed the thief, culprit, nailed him, the mistake, culprit, narrated the story, incident, poem, case,facts, narrowed the differences, views, gap, navigated the aircraft, needed immediately, urgently, it, medicine, food, arms, money, shelter, neglected her, family, self, national interest, duty, work, attitude, repair, future, negotiated peace, agreement, talk,  normalised the situation, noticed to come, to join, surrender,


Ate  sugar , mango, ice-cream, bread, drinking water, milk, read the book, news paper, novel ,poem,

wrote  the words, poem, English,
played cricket, football, the game,
saw the  tv, cinema, sky, 
heard the sound, story, noise, cry, voice,
took the pen, pencil, rubber,
gave water, money, book,
brought the copy, water, pen,
got the book,admission, permission, ticket,
booked the ticket, seat, plot,

went to the school, cinema, park, play ground, river, sea, market,

came to home, school, late, first,
cried for pen , sang the song,
 shouted for help, water
sold the goods, books, vegetables,
bought the books, vegetables, pen, goods,
caught the fish, ball,
held the bat, pen,

kept the book, at right place,

cut the paper,
slept in ground, mat,
 ran away, very fast,
drove the car,

did the work, hard work, good work, it well, properly, correctly,

flew away,
felt healthy, hungry, good,
found the book, glass,
told the tale, story, truth, lie,
talked loudly, slowly, me, English,

spoke  truth, English, Oriya, fluently, correctly, beautifully, spontaneously, bravely, politely, humbly,

learnt the English, language, math,
knew it, the fact, story,