Vedic English
Singing Words "ED" -II

Singing words ‘ED’-II to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiled sweetly, beautifully, 

Laboured hard,day and night, lacked interest, truth, lamented death, laminated paper, certificate, landed aircraft, smoothly, safely, languished in jail, prison, lapsed date, period,lasted long,  lauded victory,launched war, attack, rocket, space craft,  money, lead the people, students, nation, member,leaked, question paper, result, learnt easily, , English,Foreign language, lesson, a lot, leased land, property, left the house, country, leveled ground, site, area, liaison well,  lied in court, liberated prisoner, lighted  house, village, road, park, liked me, nature, t, us, him, students, people, motherland, radio, fish, dancing, swimming, sweet, limited power, option, supply, movement, linked the road, listed the price, names, materials, household goods, articles, seizure items, listened carefully, radio, music, loaded truck, vehicle, coal, locked door, motor cycle, lodged F.I.R, complain,looked hand some, beautiful, smart, wild, calm, tranquil, sweet, nervous,serious, pale, painful, poetic, sharply, penetratingly, cunningly, like a heroin, hero, like a tiger, violent, tense,for help, for assistance, for aid, relief, awesome, fearsome,mysterious, strange, fearless, tenderly, lovingly, sweetly, warmly, sympathetically, bravely, healthy, sky, sea, at me, fantastic, romantic, classic, elegant, artistic, splindid, gergeous, shining, dazzling, beaming,bouyant,triumphant,grave, sad, optimistic, pessimistic, very pleasing, very charming, sensuous,saint like, strong, loosed the temper, hope, faith, belief, looted the bank, office, people, lost hope, war, money, house, life and property, loved mother, father, me, us, motherland, country, flower, nature, home, sweet, heartily, truly, sincerely, tenderly, with care,


Kicked the foot ball, kidnapped boy, knocked door, knew him, the truth, , fact, earlier, later, before, nothing, everything,


Obeyed order, instruction, law, elders,

Objected  it, nuisance, false allegation, obliged him ,observed the situation, people, land, sky,space, weather, movement, activity, obstructed the  entry, movement, enemy, army, obtained permission, pass, occupied  place, home, land, territory, space, occured in day, in night, in day light, in board day light, in public place, offered  flower, prayer, seat, relief, assistance, every thing,offloaded truck, goods, opened the door, window, carefully, slowly, cautiously, lock, gate, secret, fact, truth, for all, for VIP only, tender, operated carefully, well, engine, machine,opposed gently, humbly, straight, vehemently, him, me, us, students, people, optimised result, orbited the moon, earth, spacecraft, satellite, round the clock, ordered to work, the task, duty, it, to go, to bring, to take,  organized  meeting, function, examination,  outlined the plan, project, operation, , over came the difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow, trouble, obstacle,defeat, danger, all odds, over crowded city, house, place, park, over flowed water, flood water, milk, lava, river,over hanged clouds,  over looked it, mistake, fact, over powered enemy, us, our vehicle, prohibited area, act, him to enter over threw Government, from power, 


Jeopardised  interest, security, public safety, joined duty, to-day, army, with us,in time, jubilated victory, students, people, guests, jumped first, last,on  fire, from aircraft, from sky, bravely, justified action, order, juxtaposed each other, joy and sorrow,


Gained ground,  power, position, strength, garlanded the teacher, leader, God, bride, guests, generated power, electricity, got money, truth, gifted gold, cow, car, gave  property, life , supreme sacrifice, order, instruction, gave  opportunity, warning, advise, hope, assistance, aid, relief, joy, pain , trouble, sorrow, victory, success, goal, pleasure, power, water, milk, cloth, food, shelter, medicine, arm, ammunition, judgment, comment, reward, award, punishment, capital punishment, details, list, names, answer, reply, glimps her beauty, glorified  the country, nation, people, victory, success, achievement, death, martyr, sacrifice, the noble cause, noble deed, noble act, our school, our college, poet, artist, freedom fighter,    went slowly, went smoothly, went speedily, in right direction, in slow pace, to school, college, cinema, war, church, forest, ground, play ground, to celebrate, gladly, sadly, away, in time, by cycle, bus, car, governed our country, graced peace, bliss, joy, love, grasped the truth, fact, correctly, greeted him, leader, minister, teacher, warmly, lovingly, guest, each other, people , students, grabbed the land, power, opportunity, gripped tightly, firmly, tool, grounded air craft, pilot, grew well, healthy, guarded national interest, security of the country, border, post, day and night, round the clock, in all weather,

Guided the students, people, children, properly, gunned down , at blank point,him,


hampered relation, interest, handled carefully, successfully, properly,happened today, yesterday, earlier, previously, usually, harmed the people,students, child, us, in a great way, our interest, relation, a lot, harmonized  effect, living, harnessed power, electricity, harvesed crop, haunted the tiger,  

Headed the meeting, enquiry, team members, board of officers, delegation, the group, people, heard the sound, roaring sound, quarrel, music, radio, argument, plea, people, problem, heated the rod, iron, water, milk, argument, talks, helped the poor, , money, book, to reach an agreement,    at all cost, at the risk of life, in face of grave threat, danger, flood victims, cyclone victims, fire victims, generously, kindly, sympathetically, at the time of need, honestly, smilingly, against all odds, in a hostile situation, greatly, heralded the national flag, truth, hesitated to go, to work, to bring, to take, hided the truth, fact, cycle, book, hijacked  air craft, highlighted his work , important lines, news, hoisted the national flag, hold tightly, firmly, ground, truth, hoped for success, victory, judgment, against hope, good result, help, unseen help, best, humiliated us, people,


 Facilitated  entry, visit, faded  image, colour, beauty, failed student, farmed land, fascinated me, us,him performance, victory, show, favoured me, him, students, order, decision, feared  death, people, me , him, ghost, enemy, feeded the child, felicitated him, me, words, comment, inspiration, filed case, filled the gap, blank, finalized the programme, plan, agenda, found the truth, fact, ball, finished the project, work, fitted tightly, properly, fixed pole, photograph, responsibility,floated the boat, ship, flooded village, focused on the point, light, on it, followed me, us, thief, police, forced us, me, death, to work, to do, ty, foresaw the future, future prospects, success, danger, difficulty, forged the relation, tie, forgot me, school, story, you, all, forgave me, us, students, fortified the town, area, border, fostered the relation, tie, friendship, founded new school, framed charge sheet, him in this case, falsely, intentionally, freed prisoners, parrots, freezd fish, vegitable,fruit, frightened me, him,  in fear, frisked properly, visitor, passanger, thief, in airport, people, frustrated me, fuelled  tension, violence, fulfilled promise, dream, words, funded the organisation, terrorist, furnished fact, detail, house.


Earned money, name and fame, good name, bad reputation, purpose, ate sugar, sweet, fruit, fish,  edited the news paper, educated women, mass, people,elected member, president, office bearer, elevated landscape, nature, sky, elicited information, truth, fact, eliminated the enemy, foe, opponent, all who opposed, completely, eluded me, him, us,factor, emancipated the prisoners, people, embarrassed me, him, us, guest, VIP, embraced her, guest, warmly, lovingly, with all her heart, Buddhism emphasized on it, problem, point, employed the people, students, in factory, empowered the women, country, nation, enabled us, me, to act, enchanted me, him ,poet, enclosed form, draft, certificate copy, document, letter, encouraged him, me, us, people, students, children, women, encroached land, forest, power, ended well, enmity, hostility, violence, terror, the programme, meeting, session, endangered life, tiger, wild animal,  endeavoured to success, at best, all, to complete, comply, finish, execute,  enforced order, curfew, law, engaged in war, violence, fight, day and night, enhanced power, fee, cost, price, enjoyed  beauty, nature, dance, film, enriched culture, experience, nations, civilization, felt deeply, joy, sorrow, entered the border, home, safely, fearlessly, agreement, conclusion, ensured victory, success, safety, security, power supply, relief, arrangement, entrusted him, task, work, responsibility, envisaged the incident, danger, it, death, eradicated poverty, illiteracy, disease, erected house, building, erupted  volcano, violence, escalated violence, tension, war, fighting, escaped the death, danger, enemy attack, eschewed the violence, bad habit, smoking, drinking, escorted the guest, VIP, him, safely, established in 1966, order, factor, law, authority, school, college, factory , estimated cost, expense, plan, project, eulogised him, poet, evacuated the people, lower line, flood area, sea shore, evaporated water, evaded arrest, evaluated answer sheet, performance, evening sky, hour, time, star, evicted quarter, evoked response, equal response, immediate reply, evolved him, exalted mind, heart, state, examined properly, well, him, candidates, excavated area, work, exceeded  limit, power, control, excelled in all fields, in science, in all sphere, exchanged views, ideas, notes, books, parts, excited offer, opportunity, beauty, nature, mind, in joy, anger, argument, talk, excluded him, me, it, excused me, him, sir, for mistake, this time, executed the order, exemplified  fee, tuition fee, school fee, exercised power, authority, control, exhausted feeling, body, all resources, exhibited well, exhilarated experience, nature, expression, exhorted (advised) me, us, students, people, existed there, order, exonerated my mistake, expanded day to day, expected well recovery, good result, good rain fall , bumper crop, peace and prosperity, happy return, you to do it, to achieve it, to accomplish it, to execute it, so much, no more, nothing , expedited the  reply, experienced cold, hot, snowfall, space journey, truth, Divine, expired  date, medicine, explained the fact, incident, position, action, everything, correctly, in detail, well, the reason, the circumstances, exploited the women, child, facility, explored  new horizon, possibilities, opportunity, area of mutual interest, exported rice, wheat, coal, terror, exposed  him, me, agent, fact, truth, false one, cover, expressed  well, beautifully, humbly, correctly, brilliantly, comfortably, sincere desire, lucidly, magnifiscently, spontaneously, perfectly, strikingly, good wishes, good will , good will gesture, seriousness for talk, peace, fascinated me, us, expounded well, conspicuously, clearly, the order, judgment, extinguished the fire, well, completely, extracted  juice, truth,

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