Vedic English
Singing Wors "ED" -III
Singing words  ‘ED’ to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiled sweetly, beautifully,

Please write and read as Smiled sweetly, Smiled beautifully


Calculated correctly, calibrated effort, called me, him,again and again, for help, campaigned for voting, support, meeting, cancelled the programme, visit, tender, capsized boat, captivated me, him, , captured the thief, culprit, cared well, always, sincerely, with love and affection, carried  rice, fruits,     castigated him, his work, bad work, caused trouble, tension, difficulty, fear, pain, sorrow, joy, death, hardship,  problem, a lot of problem, suffered a lot ,cautioned me, us, people, danger, danger ahead, to proceed, to move, to follow, well in advance, celebrated victory, success, birth day, I-day, marriage, marriage ceremony, the function, censured the film, song, book, centralised power, certified  me, him, chained the dog, cow, enemy, chaired person, guest, chalked out plan, strategy, ways to tackle, challenged  me, us, enemy, to do it, changed season, scenario, scene,attitude, mind, heart, thought, mood, decision, views, plan, project, strategy, route, profession, shirt, slowly, rapidly, soon, parts , vehicle, successfully,charged me as suspect, Govt. for inaction, him for mistake, battery, charmed all, me, chased the case, tiger, thief, successfully, sincerely, well, bravely,   cheated me, us, act, checked the people, prisoner, vehicle, movement, answer paper, ticket, letter, squared, leakage , water leakage, successfully, completely, cheered us, me, shouted loudly, choked the neck, death, supply, flow, circulated the order, instruction, notes , cited example, civilized nation, people, country, clarified point, observation, doubt, action, position, stand, decision, issues, clashed each other, in street,cleaned house, premises, well, neatly, perfectly, climbed the tree, rock, mountain, closed the house, shop, business, bank, door, window, clouded sky, co-existed  in nature, harmoniously, collapsed tower, house, power supply, city life, collected effort, endeavour, responsibility, firewood, goods, ration, fruits, combed the forest, area, combined them, came soon , successfully, safely, in time, usually, regularly, near, close, slowly, speedily, dangerously, fast, first, late, very late, commanded order, troops, commemorated the function, R-day, joyously, the occasion, victory day, marriage day, commenced the journey, function, well, examination, meeting, speech, war, commissioned the project, factory,   communicated to me, him, well, effectively, successfully, us, all, each other, order, circular, message, greeting, good wishes, compared letter, correctly, well, compelled me, him, us, complained always, frequently, without any cause, to the teacher, police, completed  work, task, project, it, successfully, perfectly, soon, effectively, complicated the  issue, case, to understand, complied the order, composed  poem, comprehended well, correctly , truth, story, film, computed very fast, concealed  truth, fact, reality, conceived well, truth, fact, concerned person, boy,  concerted effort, concluded the  enquiry, visit, condemned his act, view, condoned his death, conducted well, the examination, operation, test, surprise check, enquiry, confined in this  area, house, confirmed news, fact, death, confiscated the money, property, confused me, us, people, students, letter, statement, congratulated me, him,  for success, for victory, each other, warmly, lovingly, the leader, captain, minister, connected the  road, people, conquered land, territory, space, consecrated  place, temple complex, consented to come, to visit,the physician, considered your case, request, application, permission, transfer, it, from all angles, all facts, genuinely, sincerely, consisted of wood, iron, sand, plastic, consoled  him, her, me, consolidated his position, conspired to kill, harm, defeat, murder, constituted the committee, board, enquiry, constructed the house, temple, dam, road, bridge, consulted me, us, the doctor, lawyer,

Consumed  medicine, poison, milk, contacted police, lawyer , contained lead, iron, contaminated water, air, contemplated the truth, fact, story, contested in  election, for the post, with me, continued the supply, water supply, power supply, course, study, contradicted  each other, contrasted each other, contributed  largely, humbly, sincerely, genuinely, for a great cause, his life, controlled the people, area, town, successfully, effectively, remotely, the violence, crime, students, staff, business, children, converted his religion, mechanical power, conveyed the news, message, sorrow, joy, truth, good wishes, love, good will, convicted the accused, convinced him , me, us, people, students, well, cooked food, co-operated us, people, enquiry, me, always, co-coordinated with us, for the meeting , corrected the mistake, note, letter, action, wrong, corresponded well, in time, corroborated it, fact, counted notes, goods, correctly,   votes, covered it, me, the  table, bed, crashed site, spot, created it, criticised him, his act, view, action, Govt, crossed limit, all limit, the river, mountain pass, crowded place, city, area, fair, very crowded, cried loudly, for help, for justice, for liberty, for toy, for money, cultivated  land, curbed terror, violence, crime, cursed me, him, the guilty, crime, bad deed, 


Danced on the stage, beautifully, dared to attack,   dazzled in beauty, in sky, debarred his entry, election, him, movement, decayed body, chair, building, deceived me, us, cunningly, enemy, tactfully, the tiger, cleverly, decentralized power, decided factor, his fate, his application, date of journey, marriage, to study, to do, to give, to work, to take, to finish, to achieve, declared independence, winner, his victory, election, war, peace, declined slowly, fast, decoded the secret, message, decorated  house, temple, beautifully, decreased day by day, water table, water level, ground water, production, dedicated himself, for the country, life, service, de-escalated  tension, war, violence, defaced wall, defeated well, in the battle, completely, Pakistan, defended well,the action, his honour, freedom, country, national interest, deferred the decision, hearing, defused tension, crisis, delighted  to see, to visit, nature, rainbow, scenery, dance, festival, victory, us, me, students, cinema, greatly, delivered justice, goods, demanded justice, food, money, more, less, always, action, relief, demarcated land, area, demolished structure, temple, denied  truth, fact, incident, involvement, it, departed soul, hour, us, time, sorrow, pain, for ever, depended on us, him, water, air, food, medicine, rainfall, river, in a great way, always, depicted well, picture, deplored his death, condition, deployed force, police, army,deposited money, soil, wheat, key, fee, cash, deprived dues, right, derogated word, comment, speech, letter, described the story, incident, his case, beautifully, deserted me, us, deserved well, it, the reward, appreciation, prize, designed beautifully, artistically, skillfully, the air craft, space craft, desired  good health, good wishes, happiness, to work, to surrender, to study, to retire, to write, to meet, to finish , to fight, to die, to live, to serve, destroyed the house, camp, enemy post, life and property, forest, detained the suspect, thief, me, him, detected  timely, bomb, it, deteriorated condition, day by day, determined to do, to finish, to work, to complete, devastated flood, fire, cyclone, village, developed country, nation, well, fast, deviated from fact, truth, devised method, plan, devoted life, money, for nation, society, diagnosed disease, in time, dialed the telephone, me, him, dictated the note, draft, order, terms, me, died peacefully, a natural death, dignified way, manner, diluted water, directed me, us, people, students, to do, to go, to work, disappeared immediately, soon, disappointed  me, us, to hear the result, disarmed enemy, thief, people, disbelieved me, him ,peole, disbursed the money, discarded the fact, reality, truth, findings, discharged duty, disclosed  truth, fact, wealth, discontinued study, work, aid, discouraged me, us, players, discovered truth, him, it, discussed the problem, issue, disobeyed order, instruction, displayed  brilliantly, stunningly, perfectly, magnificently, enchantingly, bravely, disregarded me, elder, senior, national flag, disrupted the work, distinguished poet,audience, distorted fact, distributed money, relief, goods, land, books, distrusted us, me, you, disturbed always, me, you, him, diverted fund, river, attention, divided the country, house, divulged the plan, did well, it, easily,   work, donated blood, money, doubled the effort, downloaded the data, downplayed the issue, it, fact, drafted the letter, well, beautifully, drained water, money, talents,  dreamed for future, for better future, for success, dressed well, elegantly, traditionally, drilled the door, drank  water, milk, dropped food packets


Identifyed me, him, it, the thief, illustrated the story, beautifully, imbibed good spirit, good education,  immortalized his name, fame, impacted on him, well, impeached the president, judge,imported sugar, rice, coal, imposed sanction, tax, improved day to day, daily, situation, condition, health, inaugurated the function, school, office, incited the people, speech, us, me, included it, me, increased price, cost, indicated good sign, well  recovery, indulged in war, violence, quarrel, influenced the people, voter, us, informed the people, students , us, inhaled the oxygen, initiated action, journey, work, study, case, injected medicine, new spirit, injured me, self, inked the agreement, deal, innovated idea, design, plan, inquired the fact, truth, about it, inspected the school, office, visited the place, people, house, installed the factory, chimney , instructed the students, staff, to do, insulted word, action, me, us, intensified  effort, war, violence, riot, interacted each other, well, peacefully, friendly, intercepted the message, letter, interested in story, very interested in math, science, interlinked each other, rivers, sea, ocean, intoxicated him, the poet,  introduced well, first time, product ,me, guest, invested  money, invented the cycle, investigated the fact, truth, theft case, murder, invited guest, me, r, involved me, people, students, irked me, him, irrigated land, irritated and embarrassed, and humiliated, irrupted violence, lava, isolated patient, prisoner, him, issued order, permit,


Backed  him,  power supply, banned entry, movement, barked dog, loudly, bestowed  blessing,   blackmailed her, blamed him, me , blazed sun, blessed me,  him, blocked the road, entry, bloomed beautifully, in the garden,  boarded the train, boiled egg, rice, temperature, booked the ticket, house, plot, boosted the relation, business, borrowed money, book, braved the cold, hot, heat, danger, difficulty, all odds, bridged the gap, differences, briefed us, me,  everything, brought water, it,


Abetted  terror, violence, abided by law, rule, order, abolished the act, sati system, absconded long, after leave, absorbed water, well, abstained from voting , from answering, from enquiry, from meeting, accelerated effort, speed, endeavour, attempt, accepted  gift, goods, prize, reward, acclaimed him, teacher, accomplished the work, task, in time, well, accumulated wealth, property, money, accused him, me, achieved  success, target, victory, result, easily, acknowledged the receipt, acquired knowledge, skill, training, land, acquitted him, all charges, activated the computer, mobile, added more sugar, salt, adjourned the meeting, session, adjusted the guest, administered the city, town, admired him, poet, leader, teacher, admitted the crime, mistake, admonished him, earlier, to improve, to be careful, adopted the policy, son, advanced  slowly, rapidly, cautiously, advertised the product, advised us, me, to study, to read, advocated the truth, his view, affected us, society, nature, village, affixed the photo, afforded  money, fund, food, shelter, arms, vehicle, agitated  people, students, me, him, agonized  for mistake, fact, death, departure, incident, very much, tears, experience, agreed to him, to the point, aided him,the flood victim, aimed at success, correctly, at the bull, at the bird, target, allowed us, me, him, to take, to stay, to go, amassed wealth, property, gold, coal, amended the plan, letter, draft, amused us, me, students, all, and enchanted, analyzed scientifically, it, anguished in jail, in prison, there, annexed the land, territory, announced the result, prize, date, fine date, holiday, judgement, annoyed me, him, guest, teacher, anticipated  it, earlier, the event, apologized me, teacher, appeared soon, in court, in sky, applied for it, mind, presence of mind, successfully, rule, for the post, house, loan, appraised the fact, truth, everything, him, me, Govt. , appreciated him, me, teacher, good work, performance, display, achievement, letter, judgment, speech, beauty, art, craft, attempt, noble cause, courage, boy, apprehended the danger ahead, approached  me, us, him, law, court, doctor, authority, for help, for assistance, approved the plan, it, project, expense, file, work done, action taken, argued well, unnecessarily, with me, us, arranged the meeting, function, party, arrested the thief, arrived early, timely, in time, asked  question, assembled the parts, people, students, asserted to violence, assessed spot, market, ground reality, assigned task, work, responsibility, assimilated the truth, fact, story, assisted me, him, enquiry, board, assumed the charge, duty, astonished me, us, all, scientists, attached  property, me, him, it, attacked on him, on enemy, attained 60 year, meeting, authorized me, him, availed the opportunity, facility, vehicle, leave, resource, avoided quarrel, smoking, me, enquiry, arrest, court, awaited patiently, his turn, awarded punishment, capital punishment, certificate, gift, him, poet, student,


Underwent  operation, change, sea change, understood well, correctly, poem, story, truth, me,him, reality, law, law of nature, unearthed  truth, fact, coal, unfurled national flag, united the people, students, unloading task, truck, unlocking room, gate, unmanning post, updating information, news, book, upgrading system, machine, computer, upheaving sign, upholding honour, self esteem, uprooting tree, house, urging to act immediately, to Govt, to people, to students, using power, water, air, vehicle, always, no more, every day, effectively, utilizing properly, land, money, resources, uttering name, truth,


Vacated the room, house, quarter,post, vanished soon, verified the fact, truth, documents, certificate, vested interest, viewed seriously, vindicated the truth, it, violated order, law, principle, visited teacher, lecture, room, place, doctor,voiced for justice, for action, against corruption, against injustice, volunteered to work, to do , vowed to do, to finish,


Waged the war, attack, waited room, patiently, there, unnecessary, in bus stop, for doctor, bus, walked slowly, fast, away, wanted very much, him dearly, money, peace, wandered here and there, aimlessly, like cloud,  warned him, me, the students, washed the cloth, well, motor cycle, away crop, house, wasted time, power, money, watched the people, him, house, waived the  fee, wedded her, the bride, wished happiness, love, joy, success, good health, to see you soon, happy return, long life, happy old age, withdrew power, facility, supply, support, worked   well, effectively, round the clock, sincerely, honestly, worried me, us , worshiped  God, teacher, nature, sun, moon, idol, wounded me, seriously, and injured, wrote well, the words, sentence, letter, story, poem, novel, drama, 

 Yielded the result,

 Zoomed the picture, letter,