Vedic English
Singing Words 'TO' -III


Singing words ‘to’-Part =III to remember easily for ever

For example: to smile sweetly, beautifully, 

Please write and read as to smile sweetly, to smile beautifully,


To calculate correctly, to call me, him, again and again, for help, to campaign for voting, support, meeting, to cancel the plan, programme, visit, tender, to capsize the boat, to captivate me, him, the poet,  to capture the thief, culprit, to care well, always, sincerely, with love and affection, to carry the  rice, fruits,    to castigate him, his work, bad work, to cause the trouble, tension, difficulty, fear, pain, sorrow, joy, death, hardship,  problem, a lot of problem, to suffer a lot , for him, to caution me, us, people, the danger, danger ahead,  to proceed, to move, to follow, well in advance, to celebrate the victory, success, birth day, I-day, marriage, marriage ceremony, the function, to censure the film, song, book, to centralize the power, to certify  me, him, to chain the  dog, cow, enemy, to chair the person, guest, to chalk out plan, strategy, ways to tackle, to challenge  me, us, enemy, to do it, to change the mind, heart, thought, mood, decision, views, plan, project, strategy, route, profession, shirt, slowly, rapidly, soon,  vehicle, successfully,

To charge me as suspect, Govt. for inaction,  him for mistake,  battery, to charm all, me, to chase the case,  tiger, thief, successfully, sincerely, well, bravely,  to  cheat me, us, act, to check the people, prisoner, vehicle, movement, answer paper, ticket, letter, squared,  leakage , water leakage, successfully, completely, to shout loudly, to choke the neck,  supply, flow,  to circulate the order, instruction, notes , to cite the example, to civilize the people, to clarify the point, observation, doubt, action, position, stand, decision, issues, to clash each other, in street, to clean the house, premises, well, neatly, perfectly, to climb the tree, rock, mountain,  to close the house, shop, business, bank, door, window, to co-exist  in nature, harmoniously, to collapse the tower, house, power supply, city life, to collect the money, books,  firewood, goods, ration, fruits, to comb the forest, area,  to combine them, to come soon , successfully, safely, in time, usually, regularly, near, close, slowly,  speedily, dangerously, fast, first, late, very late, to command the  order, troops, army, to commemorate the function, R-day, joyously, the occasion, victory day, marriage day,  to commence the journey, function, well, examination, meeting, speech, war, to commission the project, factory,   to communicate me, him, well, effectively, successfully, us, all, each other, order, circular, message, greeting, good wishes, to compare the letter, correctly, well, to compel me, him, us, to complain always, frequently, without any cause, to the teacher, police, to complete the  work, task, project, it, successfully, perfectly, soon, effectively, to complicate the  issue, case, to compile the orders, data, agenda points,  to compose the  poem, to comprehend well, correctly , truth, story, film, to conceal the  truth, fact, reality, to conceive well, truth, fact, to the concerned person, boy,  to conclude the  enquiry, visit, to condemn his act, view, to condone his death, to conduct well, the examination, operation, test, surprise check, enquiry, to confine in this  area, house,  to confirm the news, fact, death, to confiscate the money, property,  to confuse me, us, people, students, to congratulate me, him,  for success, for victory, each other, warmly, lovingly, the leader,  captain, minister, to connect the  road, people, to conquer the land,  territory, space, to consecrate the  place, temple complex, to consent to come, to visit, to  consider your case, request, application, permission, transfer, it, from all angles, all facts, genuinely, sincerely, to consist of wood, iron, sand, plastic, to console  him, her, me,  to consolidate his position, the data, information,  to conspire to kill, harm, defeat, murder, to constitute the committee, board, enquiry, to construct the house, temple, dam, road, bridge,  to consult me, us, the doctor, lawyer,

To consume the  medicine, poison, milk, to contact the police, lawyer , to contain water, to  contaminate water, air, to contemplate the truth, fact, story, to contest  in  election, for the post, with me, to continue the supply, water supply, power supply, course, study, to contradict  each other, to contrast each other, to contribute  largely, humbly, sincerely, genuinely, for a great cause, his life, to control the people, area, town, successfully, effectively, remotely, the violence, crime, students, staff, business, children,  to convert his religion, mechanical power, to convey the news, message, sorrow, joy, truth,  good wishes, love, good will, to convict him, the accused, to convince him , me, us, people, students, well, to cook the food, meat, toco-operate us, people, enquiry, me,  always, to co-coordinate with us, for the meeting , tocorrect the mistake, note, letter, action, wrong, to correspond well, in time, to corroborate it, fact, to count the notes, goods, correctly,   votes, to cover it,  me, the  table, bed, to crash the aircraft, to create it,  to criticise him, his act, view, action, Govt, to cross the limit, all limit, the river, mountain pass, to cry loudly, for help, for justice, for liberty, for toy, for money, to cultivate the  land, to curb the terror, violence, crime,  to curse him, the guilty,  bad deed, 


To dance on the stage, beautifully, to dazzle in beauty, in sky, to debar his entry, election, him, movement, to decay the body, chair, to build the temple, house, to deceive me, us, cunningly, the enemy, tactfully, the tiger, cleverly, to decentralize power, to decide his fate, his application, date of journey, marriage, to study, to do, to give, to work, to take, to finish, to achieve,

to declare independence, winner, his victory, election, war, peace, to decline slowly, fast, to decode the secret, message, to decorate  house, temple, beautifully, to decrease day by day, water table, water level, ground water, production, to dedicate himself, for the country, life, service,  to de-escalate  tension, war, violence, to deface the wall, to defeat well,  in the battle, completely, Pakistan, to defend  well, the action, his honour, freedom, country, national interest, to defer the decision, hearing, to defuse the  tension, crisis, to delight in nature, rainbow, scenery, dance, festival,   us, me, students,  greatly,

to deliver the justice, goods, to demand  justice, food, money, more, less, always, action, relief, to demarcate the land, area, to demolish the structure, temple, to deny the  truth, fact, incident, involvement, it, to depart us, for ever, to depend on us, him, water, air, food, medicine, rainfall, river,  in  a great way, always, to depict well, picture, to deplore for his death, suffering, misery,   to deploy  force, police, army, to deposit the money, soil, wheat, key, fee, cash, to deprive his dues, right, to  describe the story, incident, his case, beautifully, to desert me, us, to deserve well, it, the reward,  appreciation, prize,  to design  beautifully, artistically, skillfully, the air craft, space craft, to desire  good health, good wishes, happiness, to work, to surrender, to study, to retire, to write, to meet, to finish , to fight, to die, to live, to serve,

to destroy the house, camp, enemy post, life and property, forest, to detain the suspect, thief, me, him, to detect  timely, the bomb,  it,  to deteriorate its condition, day by day, to determine to do, to finish, to work, to complete,

to devastate the village, school, to develop the country, nation, well, fast, to deviate from fact, truth, to devise the method, plan, to devote life, money, for nation, society, to diagnose the disease, in time, to dial the telephone, me, him, to dictate the note, draft, order, terms, me, to die peacefully, a natural death,  to dilute the water, milk, to direct me, us, people, students, to do, to go, to work,

to disappear  immediately, soon, to disappoint  me, us, to disarm the enemy, thief, people, to disbelieve me, him ,people, to disburse the money, goods, mangoes, to discard the fact, reality, truth, findings, to discharge his duty, to disclose the  truth, fact, wealth, to discontinue the study, work, aid, to discourage  me, us, players, to discover the truth, him, it, to discuss  the problem, issue, to disobey the order, instruction, to display  brilliantly, stunningly, perfectly, magnificently, enchantingly, bravely, to disregard me, elder, senior, national flag, to disrupt the work, to distinguish the difference, to  distort the fact, to distribute the money, relief, goods, land, books, to distrust us, me, you, to disturb always, me, you, him, to divert the fund, river, attention, to divide the country, house, to divulge the plan, to do well, it, easily, the  work, to donate the blood, money, to double the effort, to download the data,  to downplay the issue, it, fact, to draft the letter, well, beautifully, to drain the water, money, talents,  to dream for future, for better future, for success, to dress  well, elegantly, traditionally, to drill the door, to drink the water, milk, to drop the food packets.


To identify me, him, it, the thief, to illustrate the story, beautifully, to imbibe  good spirit, good education,  to immortalize his name, fame, to  impact on him, well, to  impeach  the president, judge, to import sugar, rice, coal, to impose the sanction, tax, to improve day to day,  daily, situation, condition, health, to  inaugurate the function, school, office, to incite the people, us, me, to include it, me, to increase the price, cost , to  indicate good sign, well  recovery,  to indulge in war, violence, quarrel, to influence the people, voter, us, to inform  the people, students , us, to inhale the oxygen, to  initiate action, journey, work, study, case, to inject medicine, new spirit,  to injure me, self, to ink the agreement, deal, to inquire the fact, truth, about it,  to inspect the school, office, to visit  the place, people, house, to  install the factory, chimney , to instruct  the students, staff, to do, to insult me, us, him, to intensify the  effort, war, violence, riot, to interact each other, well, peacefully, friendly, to intercept the message, letter, to interlink each other,  the rivers, sea, ocean, to intoxicate him, the poet,  to introduce  well, first time, the product ,me, guest, to invest  money, time, to invent the cycle, computer, to investigate the fact, truth, theft case, murder,to  invite the guest, me, to involve me, people, students, to  irk me, him, to irrigate the land, to irritate and embarrass,  and humiliate, to irrupt violence, lava, to isolate the patient, prisoner, him, to issue the order, permit,


to back  him,  power supply, to  ban entry, movement, to bestow the  blessing,   to blackmail her, to blame him, me ,to  blaze the house, to bless me,  him, to block the road, entry, to bloom  beautifully, in the garden,  to board the train, flight, to boil the egg, rice,  to book the ticket, house, plot,  to boost the relation, business,  to borrow the money, book, to brave the cold, hot, heat, danger, difficulty, all odds, to bridge the gap, differences, to brief us, me,  everything, to bring  water, it, here,


To abet  terror, violence, to abide by law, rule, order, to abolish the act, sati system, to absorb  water, well, to abstain from voting , from answering, from enquiry, from meeting, to accelerate the effort, speed,  endeavour, attempt, to accept the  gift, goods, prize, reward, to acclaim him, teacher,  to accomplish the work, task, in time, well, to accumulate the wealth, property, money, to accuse him, me, to achieve  success, target, victory, result, easily, to acknowledge the receipt, to acquire knowledge, skill, training, land, to acquit him, all charges, to activate the computer, mobile, to add more sugar, salt, to adjourn the meeting, session, to adjust the guest, me, him, to administer  the city, town, to admire him, poet, leader, teacher, to admit the crime, mistake, to admonish him, earlier, to improve, to be careful,

to adopt the policy, son, to advance  slowly, rapidly, cautiously, to advertise the product, to advise us, me, to study, to read,      to advocate the truth, his view, to affect  us, society, nature, village, to affix the photo, to afford   money, fund, food, shelter, arms, vehicle, to agitate the  people, students, me, him,  to agonize  for mistake, fact, death, departure, incident, very much, to agree to him, to the point,          to aid him, the flood victim, to aid and abet terror, violence, to aim at success, correctly, at the bull, at the bird, target, to  allow us, me, him, to take, to stay, to go, to amass the wealth, property, gold, coal, to amend  the plan, letter, draft, to amuse us, me, students, all, to analyze scientifically, it, to anguish in jail, in prison, there, to annex the land, territory, to announce the result, prize, date, fine date, holiday, judgment, to annoy me, him, guest, teacher, to anticipate  it, earlier, the event, to apologize me,  teacher, to appear  soon, in court, in sky, to apply  for it,  mind, presence of mind, successfully, rule, for the post, house, loan, to appraise the fact, truth, everything, him, me, Govt. ,to appreciate him, me, teacher, good work, performance, display, achievement, letter, judgment, speech, beauty, art, craft, attempt, noble cause, courage, boy, to apprehend the danger ,  to approach  me, us, him, law, the court, doctor, authority, for help, for assistance, to approve the plan, it, project, expense, file, work done, action taken, to argue well, unnecessarily, with me, us, to arrange the meeting, function, party, to arrest the thief, him, to arrive early, timely, in time, to ask the  question, to assemble there in the parks, to assert to violence,      to assess the spot, market, ground reality, to assign the task, work, responsibility, to assimilate  the truth, fact, story, to assist  me, him, enquiry, board, to assume the charge, duty, to astonish me, us,  all, scientists, to attach the  property,  me, him, it, to attack on him, on enemy, to attained 60 year, the meeting, to authorize me, him, to avail the opportunity, facility, vehicle, leave, resource, to avoid  quarrel, smoking, me, enquiry, arrest, court, to await  patiently, his turn, to award  punishment, capital punishment, certificate, gift, him, poet, student,


To undergo  operation, change, sea change,  to understand well, correctly, poem, story, truth, me,him, reality, law, law of nature,  to unearth  the truth, fact, coal, to unfurl the national flag,  to unite the people, students, to unload the truck, to unlock the room, gate, to  update the information, news, book, to upgrade  system, machine, computer, to uphold honour, self esteem, to uproot the tree, house, to urge to act immediately, to Govt,  to people, to students, to use power, water, air, vehicle, always, no more, every day, effectively, to utilize properly, land, money, resources, to utter the name, truth,


To vacate the room, house, quarter, post,  to vanish soon, to verify  the fact, truth, documents, certificate, to view seriously, to vindicate the truth, it,  to violate order, law, principle, to visit the place,  temple, town, to voice for justice, for action, against corruption, against injustice, to volunteer to work, to do ,  to vow to do, to finish,


to wage the war, attack, to wait  patiently, there, unnecessary, in bus stop, in  room, for doctor, bus, to walk  slowly, fast, away, to want more,  very much, him dearly, money, peace, to wander here and there, aimlessly, like cloud,  to warn  him, me, the students, to wash  the cloth, well, motor cycle, away crop, house, to waste time, power, money, to watch the people, him, house, to  waive the  fee, to wed her, the bride, to wish happiness, love, joy, success, good health, to see you soon, happy return, long life, happy old age, to withdraw power, facility, supply, support, to work  well, effectively, round the clock, sincerely, honestly,  to worry me, us , to worship the  God, teacher, nature, sun, moon, idol, to wound me, seriously, and injure, to write well, the words, sentence, letter, story, poem, novel, drama, 


 to yield the result,


to zoom the picture, letter,