Vedic English
Magic Words 'a, b, c, d'


Art and beauty

Art and literature                

Art and culture

Art and craft

Arts and science

Artistic and beautiful

Artistic and marvelous

Artistic and illustrative

Artistic and superb

Artistic craftsmanship

Artistic caliber

Artistic credibility

Artistic execution of works

Artistic exuberance (more)of nature

Artistic ambience

Artistic manifestation

Artistic illustration (Description)

Artistic ecstasy (Joy)

Artistic excellence

Artistic and amazing

Artistic and wonderful

Artistic and magnificent (beautiful)

Artistic and majestic expression

Artistic and majestic expression

Artistic and alluring expression

Artistic and enchanting expression

Artistic and enigmatic expression

Art of arts, art of all arts

Art and crafts

Action and adventure

Art and genius

Art and style

Apt to note that

Apt to express that







Apt and accurate

Apt and appropriate

Accurate and Precise

Precise and pinpoint

Brief and precise

Artistic and superb

Atmosphere and life

Age and experience

Anxieties and worries

Worry and anxiety

Artist and dramatist

Attractive and charming

Attractive and beautiful

Attractive and impressive

Attractive and fascinating

Attractive and alluring

Attractive and enchanting

Attractive and interesting

Abundance (more) and few

Antithesis and paradox

Addition and enlargement

Addition and subtraction

Admired and enjoyed

Attacked and injured

Again and again

Agony and ecstasy

Agony (Sorrow) and anxiety

Adventure and heroism

Accepted and respected

Approach and expression         

Authors and natural

Attacked and injured

Ageing and out dated

Amazingly and indomitably

Analyse  and express

Analytical and Philosophical









Beauty and joy

Beauty and grandeur

Beauty and sweetness

Beauty and brightness

Beauty and mirth (Joy)

Beauty and enthusiasm

Beauty and charm

Beauty and colour

Beauty and fragrance

Beauty and perfection

Beautiful and fantastic

Beautiful and brilliant

Beautiful and romantic

Beautiful and charming

Beautiful and enigmatic

Beautiful and enthusiastic

Beautiful and bold

Beautiful and buoyant (Joyous)

Beautiful and colourful

Romantic beauty

Poetic beauty

Transparent beauty

Pristine (Clean) beauty

Superb beauty

Enchanting beauty

Fascinating beauty

Marvelous beauty

Lustrous beauty

Enigmatic beauty

Elevated   beauty

Awe some  beauty

alluring  beauty

enchanting  beauty

Blooming and beautiful

Bloomed and blossomed

Bright and beautiful

Bright and colourful

Buoyant and joyous

Buoyant and rapturous

Buoyant and beautiful

Blacke(Poet) and Wordsworth

Body and soul

Body and mind

Bulk and variety

Brief and concise

Balanced and judicious

Backward and forward

Boys and girls

Babies and children

Brave and bold

Brave and courageous

Brotherhood and  fellow  feeling .

Bitter and pessimistic

Brutality and cruelty

Bloodshed and brutality

Bloodshed and violence

















Creator and destroyer,

Character and scenes

Character and episode

Character and action

Character and incident

Character and circumstance

Custom and tradition

Complex and uncommon

Complex and manifold

Complex and varied

Complex and concrete

Complex and subtle

Complexity and obscurity

Complexity and crudity

Crudity and obscenity

Complexity and intricacy

Curiosity and receptiveness

Conscious and unconscious

Clear and obscure

Clear and forceful

Clear and transparent

Clearer and truer

Cheers and laughters

Care and confidence

Care and comfort

Close and intimate

Confidential and intimate

Conventional and traditional

Contemporary and traditional

Confused and misguided

Colour and beauty

Colour and picturesqueness

Coherent and well-knit, well-built

Concrete and coherent (Strong)

Currents and cross-currents

Conscious and unconscious

Careful and conscious

Careful and active

Careful and alert

Careful and confident

Convincing and moving

Clouds and storms

Constructive and co-operative

Constructive and purposeful

Criticised and condemned

Courage and confidence

Courageous and brave

Brave and courageous

Brave and bold











Clearly and vividly

Clearly and minutely

Clearly and transparently

Clearly and placidly

Cold and cool

Cold and hot

Tame and tranquil

 Peace and tranquility

Cold and tranquil

Careful and conscious

Cares and comforts

Care and comfort

Comfort and convenience

Convenient and useful

Convenient and smooth

Soft ,sweet and subtle

Cuckoo and butterfly

Charm and amiable

Charm and grace

Charmness and cheerness

Charming and cheerful

Charming and loving

Culture and tradition

Culture and religion

Culture and society

Calm and composed

Calm and cool

Calm and confident

Calm and serene

Calm and tranquil

Calm and peaceful

Calm and quiet

Calm and beautiful

Crown and queen

Crown and flower

Crown and glory

Cruel and brute

Cruelty and brutality

Calculation and measurement

Comprehend and penetrate






Desires and dreams

Dreamy and drowsy

Dreaminess and drowsiness

drowsiness (Slow sleep)

Dream and ambition

Dance and merry-making

Dancing and fluttering

Delicious and delighting

Delicious and sweet

Delicious and charming

Delicious and loving

Delicious and delightful (Joy)

Delicious and delighting

Delicious and delicate

Delicate and delicious

Delicate and deserving decision

Dull and boring

Distant and unfamiliar

Dark and dreary

Dark and dreamy

Dark and delicious eyes

Direct and indirect

Directly and indirectly

Direct and straight                       

Direct and forceful

Description and imagery

Describe and narrate

Description and narration

Description and settings

Detailed and extensive

Detail and minutely described

Detail and non-detail

Dignity and decorum

Dignity and recognition

Dignity and freedom

Dignity and debonair

Downtrodden (Poor) and miserable

Develop and rise

Develop and prosper

Developed and prosperous

Development and prosperity

Peace and development

Peace and prosperity

Peace and tranquility

Deep and dense

Deep and dense valley, forest





Deep and profound

Deep and profound gratitude,

Deep and profound (more) love

Deep and profound respect

Deep and profound sorrow

Deep and profound joy

Deep and profound expression

Deep and profound grief

Defects and demerits

Despair and distress

Delusion   and  illusion

Devoted and dedicated

Devotion   and   love

Devotion and divinity

Democracy and humanity

Democracy and peace

Democratic and

Destruction and construction

Destructive and constructive