Vedic English
Word bank- Adverb (Singing Word: LY)
Shree Guru charan saranam. Pranam.

Shree Guru Govinda Gaanii Saranam. Pranam.

Singing word ‘LY’ to remember easily for ever

Truly English is a foreign language, very  difficult  to write and speak because we know many words but can not remember many words and can  not remind many words at many times. The true purpose of the Vedic English is to devise the musical method, to design and develop the suitable words like singing the song so you can easily remember and easily remind 1000 words in just 10 days. It will help you in a great way to enhance your knowledge and memory power to win the confidence to write and speak fluently, conveniently, credibly, lucidly, brilliantly and buoyantly. Just read once or write once or hear once it will be printed in your mind and memory for ever. Do not care if you are not knowing the meaning of many words. You will surprise when it will come to your tongue when you think of something or searching for suitable words in future. For this it is acclaimed world wide as innovative and pristine. Pranam.

Always read and remember  the words in alphabet as stated below. It is very easy  and effective to remember and remind for writing and speaking.

Part-1  :     S,T,R,P, Q, M,N

Part-II  :     L,K, O, J, G,H, F,E

Part-III :    C,D,I, B,A, U,V,W,X,Y,Z

Audio - LY part=1

Part-1  :     S,T,R,P,Q,M,N

For example: Highly interesting, pleasing, praised, honoured, pleased,

Please write and read as highly interesting, highly pleasing, highly pleased, highly praised, highly honoured,  highly rewarded.

S   safely reached, done, crossed the river, landed the air craft, Sadly walking, working, living, said, replied, expressed , thought, saintly nature, character, behavior, saintly and sage like, affectionately said, scarcely believe, known, found, scientifically investigate, examined, tested, trusted, accepted, proved,  scrupulously followed my advice, instruction, secretly  done, performed, happened, executed, given, received,  attacked, met, supplied,  practiced, seriously harmed , injured,  beaten, speaking, warning, taken, seriously injured, wounded, fall, embarrassed, damaged, discussed, talked, warned, desired, thought, meant, serenely glowing, serenely dissolve into unity, severely condemn, affect, affected,  influence, criticize, Shamelessly  gripping his feet, silvery beams, clouds, moon, Silently looked,criticizing,  loving, agreed,  approaching, observing, working, doing, Silently I had entered, obstinately silent, stood silently, stood irresolutely, stood calmly, bravely, simply ask, say, wish, desire, deny, agree,  wished, warned, advise,  remember, beautiful, remarkable, amazing, disappear, to do , to explain, to express, done, set it right, sincerely followed, practiced, worked ,Single heartedly seeking God, single handedly fighting the enemy,  skillfully written, designed, done, displayed, polished, executed, performed, with much skill and care,  slowly work, walk, assimilated, went away, walking, moving, flowing, doing, slowly but steadily, steadily and surely,  slowly and simply , smiled gratefully, happily, affectionately , lovingly, cunningly, pleadingly, socially backward, forward, recognized,spoke calmly, comfortingly, despairingly,   slowly,  seriously , venomously , humbly,  tenderly, genuinely,  eloquently, impressively, specially done, performed, brought, reserved, ear marked, kept, applied, spontaneously accorded ,executed, accomplished, expressed, manifested, overflowed, returned, come out,  steadily work, walk, developed, steadfastly looked at me, sternly reminding, warned, ,    strangely believe, speaks, enough,  strictly correct, true, speaking, say, said, prohibited, banned, vegetarian,   strikingly described, strongly believed, desired,  felt, recommended, successfully  done, achieved, accorded , executed, accomplished, expressed, manifested, finished, carried out, tested, launched, resist ,  occupied, defeated, completed, tested, carried out, replaced, repaired, checked, controlled, stopped, superbly  endowed, supremely happy, joy, suddenly  happened, came, cried, lit, raise, rise, arise, emerged, came, happened, disappear,  found, come back, suddenly stunned with wonder, subtly with gentleness, surely  improved, achieved, come, bring luster, sufficiently available , found, sweet serenity, beauty, song, music, experience, love, feeling, serenely dissolve, serenely glowing face, Sympathetically described, distressed

T   tenderly smiling,  terribly wild, ferocious, violent, thickly populated, covered, grown,  thoroughly examined, checked, penetrated, understood, briefed, totally false, correct, different, unsuccessful, failed, touchingly explained,  requested me, Truly  loving, beautiful, enchanting, sincere, honest, magnificent, majestic, sweet looking, great, noble, brave, brilliant, ardent,  genuine, innocent,  saint like, fascinating, captivating, serious, sensuous, spirited, sincere, religious, symbolic, artistic,  romantic, poetic , elaborate,  thought fondly, thoughtfully emerge, twinkling happily, joyously, hopefully, triumphantly give, take,  receive, answer, win,

R   rapidly developed, bring, achieved,  rarely seen, , known,  happen, takes place, missed, happy, in distress, in sorrow, readily accepted,  available, really  loving, beautiful, enchanting, sincere, honest, faithful,  magnificent, majestic, sweet looking, great, noble, brave, brilliant,  saint like, fascinating, captivating, interesting, pleasing, valuable, surprising, striking, difficult, painful, head ache, critical, complex, simple, responsible, reasonable,  wonderful, fantastic, means, deserving, praise-worthy, admiring, appreciating,thankful, helpful,  hear, see, speak, reasonably  fair, correct, expected, recently seen, came, went, happen, give, receive, takes place,  issued, renewed, found, repeatedly refusing, requesting , told, reminded, spoken,  Remarkably good,  intelligent, fertile land, few, more, remotely  controlled, related to ,respectfully offered ,  listened, resentfully conscious,reverently vibrant, realizing fully, richly  beautiful, colourful, creative, artistic,poetic, sensuous, ornamental, endowed, expressed, manifested, illustrated, portrayed, rightly said, pointed out, observed, deserve it, guessed, marked, grasped, understood, guided, grasped , talked, expressed, pointed out, calls, called, right fully called , occupied,

P   painfully expressed, bear, partly damaged, demolished, abolished, removed, passionately painful, joyful, expressed, described, illustrated, manifested, sought, peacefully done, engaged, completed, happened,  occurred, occupied, handed over, performed, executed, took place, perfectly calm, silent, done, finished, executed, accomplished, performed, safe, harmless, simple, dressed, armed, equipped, united, separated, displayed, realistic, religious, helpless, matched, matching,similar, same colour, plainly furnished , poetically described, expressed ,politely denied, declined, listened, thanked , received, give, said, expressed,  powerfully expressing, practically difficult, impossible, not possible, not workable, probably correct, true, different, similar, people believed, for the first time, profoundly  worried,  sad, concerned, influenced,opened, profusely bleeding, flowing, properly trained, properly translated, done, finished, purely gold, sad state of affairs,

Q    quickly come, came, reached, finished, done, found, seen, eat, run, ran away, disappeared, come back, returned, quietly relaxing, enjoying,

M    materially poor, rich, prosperous,  mentally alert, strong, conscious, stalwart, prepared, merely speculative, merrily dancing, crying, working, singing, meticulously planned, executed, performed, accomplished, displayed, minutely expressed, described, portrayed, examined, inspected, mostly lovely, loving, participated, came, moving gently, mutually interested,  benefited, working, mysteriously happened, disappeared, came back, returned, survive, escaped, appeared,

N    naturally developed, found, available, linked together, nicely expressed, described, portrayed, elucidated, very nicely elucidated, notably rich, demonstrated,  narrowly escaped, confined, saved, survived,


Audio - LY part=2

Part-II  :     L,K, O, J, G,H, F,E

L    laughingly said,  advise, suggest,  logically planned, developed, concluded, argued, lonely place, house, feeling, island, man, Lovely morning, evening, day, hills, flowers, colours, sights and sounds, natural  surrounding, show, discussion,  lovingly desire, give, said, looked at me affectionately, lovingly and mildly done it,

K  keenly interested, felt , planned,  kindly help, advise, guide, give, receive, do, come, approve, keep it ,see, hear, listen, look after, excuse, forget, forgive,

O  obligingly expressed, said,explained, obstinately silent, openly admit, confess, argue, deny, ignore, receive, deceive, reject, accept, dismissed the case.

J  jovially working, moving, dancing, singing, clasping,  joyously  working, moving, dancing, singing, clasping, sang, returned, supervising, justly observed, recorded, alarmed,

G     generally  happen, seen, found, admitted, believed, considered , thought,associated, attached, genuinely speaking, expressed, say, said, felt, desired, presented, correct, acceptable, understood, thought, gently feel, smile, speak, took, look, give, touch, gently tossed flowers, gently shaking/shook flowers,  gladly worked, agreed, consented , give, take, receive, said, welcome, pay respect, gradually growing, improved, developed, deteriorated, weak, changed, accustomed, migrated, deserted, disappeared,  graciously welcome, greeted ,gravely concerned, worried, thought, Greatly benefited, affected,  surprised, astonished, amused,  honoured, enchanted, captivated, enjoyed,  suffer, enhanced , Gratefully accepted, Grimly silent, look,

H  happily working, moving,  twinkling, agreed, consented, hardly fair, honest,  true, correct, suggest, dared , seen, known,  expected, hoped to see again,    harmoniously  working, exists, attuned, done, executed, accomplished, displayed, united, blended, synthesized,  ,heartily desired, loved, heavenly joy, peace, bliss, beauty, pleasure, things, heavily armed, fortified, influenced, punished, Highly rewarded, rewarding, praised, acclaimed, appreciated ,honoured, pleased, motivated, convinced, influenced, impressed, interesting, pleasing, praise-worthy,  innovative, recommended, effective, beneficial, benefited,  beautiful, picturesque, sensitive, sensuous, imaginative, lyrical, dramatic, developed, intellectual, suitable, debatable issue/question, required, essential , necessary,  ,   holy place, life, temple, city, book, festival,    honestly speaking, writing, say, done, achieved, humbly state that, write that, express that, request to you, worship, bowed before him,

F     fairly say, express, concluded, good, strong, dazzled, fairly uncomfortable time,    faithfully served, working,   Fervently denied, refused, reminded,  prayed,    firmly  hold, closed, bind, tied, locked, stopped, hooked, upright,   finally achieved, done, executed, completed, succeed, got, proved, gave, paid, conquered, meet, united, separated, defeated, happened, settled, agreed, approved,consent, vanished, disappeared, concealed,  financially poor, rich, sound, unsound, capable, strong, firmly hold, speak, believe, right, denied, established, flatly denied, refused, disobey, condemn, fortunately enough, escaped, seen, found, worked,  saw,  freely said, expressed, discussed, available, move, work, enjoy, moving,participated, distributed,  friendly attitude, gesture, gaze, look, talk, played,   frankly expressed, stated,  fruitfully presented, achieved, operated,  fully expressed, alive, aware, awake, conscious, ready, prepared, understood, grasped, comprehended, conveyed,  convined, influenced, satisfied, believed, absorbed, bloom, furiously attacked, look, react.

E   early hour, years, age, days, summer,  earthly joy, happiness, pleasures, sorrow, honour, abode, environment, easily done, performed, executed, accomplished,  understood, grasped, assimilated, remembered, forgotten, convinced, separated, united, distinguished, found, traced,  penetrated, easily penetrated my heart/thought, my difficulty, easily and pleasantly done ,  economically rich, poor, weaker, sound, richer, developed, backward, unsound, effectively done, performed, accomplished, executed, implemented, worked , entirely new, dark, done, different, ingnored, equally  great,  grand, a man of dignified bearing, strong, powerful, ardent, remarkable, responsible, punished, rewarded,    entirely new, different, unknown, correct,  enthusiastically  worked,  especially conveyed, given, invited, excellently works, performs, working, exclusively cotton, woolen, Indian, your, for you, reserved, kept, exceptionally beautiful, handsome, exalted, charming, brilliant, talented, rare, strange,  strong, exquisitely charming, sensuous, blissful life/love,extremely sorry, unhappy, painful, joyful,happy, fine, beautiful, handsome, exquisite, rare, vivid, adverse circumstances/ condition, hot, cold, evidently known, It evidently pained me, 

Audio LY part=3

Part-III :    C,D,I, B,A, U,V,W,X,Y,Z

C   calmly sitting, looking, sleeping, dying, working, seeing, doing,  carefully written, drafted, noted, corrected, amended, hear, see, listen, watch, done, performed ,executed,  covered, hided, concealed, examined, checked, repaired, replaced, controlled,fitted, opened, built, constructed,   ceaselessly enjoy, sing ,work, raining, singing,  ceremoniously celebrated the marriage/ birth day/ victory, certainly true, correct, happens, comes, keeps, suffers, gives, dominates, clearly read, seen, visible, means, indicate, pointed, expressed, said, manifested, expounds, elaborates, marked, shown, known, separated, differentiated, closely related, watched, observed, monitored, woven, intertwined, commonly seen, found, available, called, known,  happened,  comparatively good, bad, strong, poor, superior, inferior,  completely checked, controlled, stopped, repaired, replaced, satisfied, understood, assimilated, absorbed, evacuated, paralysed, penetrated, destroyed, demolished, broken, shattered,  smashed, overpowered,  considerably improved, developed, reduce, differ, constantly working, doing, observing, watching,    cordially welcome, thanked, invited, clearly said, described, expressed, defined ,  manifested, visible, understood,      closely watched, observed, examined,   critically examined, analysed, tested,  

D    deeply happy, unhappy, felt, worried, concerned, hurt, prayed, sympathetic, loving, desired, influenced, religious, indebted, symbolic, hit, entered, penetrating, deeply interested in science/ computer/cricket, dearly loved, remembered, worshipped, called, known, decently dressed, looked, finished, executed, polished, definitely replied, answered, come, attended, deliberately denied, not attended, not done, directly charged, sent, went, responsible, handle, involved, associated, come, distinctly see, hear,

I  illuminating analysis, description,  immediately come, go, leave, join duty, rain, disappeared, wanted, saw, asked, vacated, occupied, required, performed, happen,   immensely strong, used,  inconveniently arranged, done, stay, came,  independently done, developed, working, staying, living, indirectly done, said, paid,  led, lead, achieved, attacked on him, raised the issue/point, pointed out, ingeniously developed, designed, devised, built, instantly started, commenced, cured, felt, recovered, understood,  grasped ,caused, intensely painful, emotional , felt, hurt, loved, hate, human, intimately connected, worked, inwardly humble, strong, outwardly  hard,

B     Badly affected, needed, required, felt,   Barely  required, needed, felt, basically different,,     beautifully conveyed, expressed, described, depicted, portrayed, expounded, manifested, illustrated, presented, displayed, done, works,performed, decorated, embellished,  benevolently agreed, consented to give/to grant, blindly agree, consent, approve, follow, sought ,  Bowing humbly, respectfully, reverently, briefly  described, expressed, introduced, brightly shines, shinning, glowing, illuminating, brilliantly expressed, described, portrayed, conveyed, expounded, manifested, illustrated, presented,  displayed, performed, done  bravely fought, suffer, protest, endure, broken heartedly cried, came, looked, agreed,

 A   abundantly (much more), abundantly useful supplied, provided, given, available, absolutely true, correct, wrong, quiet, free, actively worked, participated, engaged, actually  worked, done, used, seen, felt, happened, exists, created, means,  acutely  perfect, conscious, adequately provided, praised,   adversely   impact, affecting, affected, impact,  aimlessly  roaming, roamed, wandering,  amply  provided , useful, supplied, available, aptly  noted, recorded,  expressed,  significant, answered caustically,   apparently satisfied, present, successful, apparently said, written, contradictory facts,  apologetically begged to me, looked at me, glanced at him, addressed to me, ardently looked, gazed,

U  Urgently needed,  required, immediately required , unpleasantly  apparent, unceremoniously living, utterly different, unprepared, Undoubtedly original, unique, older, ultimately ends, brings, ends in tears, /departure/union, leads to victory, defeat, success,  failure, unholy motive, alliance, nexus, tie, act, attempt, unworthy son, father, leader, daughter, staff, person, for it, justice, success, victory, usually dealt, deals with, found, seen, happen, banned, stopped,

V   vastly different, entertained, vigorously worked, vividly recalls, recalled, described, expressed, portrayed, depicted, manifested,   vanished mysteriously, violently agitated, reciting, reacted, renounced, virtually unrepresented

w    widely accepted, respected, known,   discussed , talked, Whole heartedly, wonderfully revealed, wholly devoted, conscious, developed,  recovered, original, indigenous, conventional, traditional, new, effective, expressed, found,  worldly hopes, success, ,melancholy, people,  quests, wisdom, custom, woes,  ties , peace, pleasure, joy, advantage, attraction, ambition, temptation, prosperity, existence, wrongly say, said, expressed, written, typed, come, interpreted, stated, wittily done, described,