Vedic English
Beautiful Sentences: IT

  Sweet and suitable word ‘it’  and ‘able’ easy to remember. 


ABLE          It is reliable, it is dependable, It is workable, It is possible, It is feasible, It is practicable, It is variable , It is changeable, It is unstable, It is valuable, It is unreasonable , It is unquestionable,  It is unmistakable, It is unfavourable , It is unquestionable , It is indisputable,   It is unchangeable , It is agreeable, It is palpable, it is accountable,  it is admirable, it is reliable, It is remarkable,  It is profitable, It is miserable, It is deplorable, It is lamentable, It is agreeable , It is acceptable, It is objectionable, it is undesirable,  It is laudable ,  It is admirable, It is commendable, it is unchangeable , It is inevitable , It is unavoidable,  It is incalculable, It is immeasurable, It is unconquerable,  It is invincible, It is impregnable, It is incredible ,  It is unbelievable, It is unthinkable, It is unimaginable,  It is incalculable , it is  immeasurable , It is suitable , It is available , It is appreciable, It is considerable, It is applicable,  It is breakable, It is favourable, It is communicable , It is comfortable , It is enjoyable, It is sociable,  It is amiable, It is lovable, It is admissible, It is permissible,

You are responsible , You are answerable.

It is useful, It is precious, It is costly, It is dear, It is illogical, It is irrational, It is  sure, It is clear , It is discouraging,  It is adverse, It is hostile, It is constant,  It is material, It is actual fact,, It is sure, It is secure, It is certain, It is striking, It is touching, It is impressive, It is noteworthy, It is gainful, It is useful, It is pitiable , It is pitiful, It is pathetic,,  It is offensive,  It is excellent, It is praiseworthy,  It is essential,  It is immense,   It is limitless, It is fathomless, It is fragile, It is brittle, It is helpful,  it is disgraceful, It is harmonious, It is convenient, It is pleasant,  It is benevolent,  It is generous, It is ready, It is useful, It is appropriate,  It is friendly, It is loving, It is cordial,



Sweet and suitable word ‘it’ and ‘tive’ 

easy to remember. 

For example :     it is attractive and  it is charming, it is beautiful, it is alluring, it is enticing, it is fascinating, 

It is attractive and  charming, It is attractive and  beautiful, It is attractive and  alluring, It is attractive and  enticing, It is attractive and  fascinating, 

It is  productive and fruitful, it is  right, It is  positive and constructive, It is   working,  It is   active,  It is   offensive , It is   aggressive, It is   insulting, It is   voluntary, It is   automatic, It is   spontaneous,   It is   curious,  It is   callous,  It is  ineffective, It is   inefficient,   It is   neglectful, It is   careless,  It is   creative, It is   fanciful, It is   expensive, It is   costly, It is   valuable, It is   precious, It is   complete, It is   exclusive , It is   effective,  It is   destructive , It is   deadly, It is   constructive, It is   disastrous,  It is   injurious, It is   deceptive , It is   delusive, It is   illusive, It is   deceitful, It is   creative , It is   inventive, It is   imaginative,  It is   original, It is   consecutive , It is   orderly,  It is   continuous, It is   conclusive , It is   concluding, It is   convincing,  It is   decisive, It is   final, It is   open, It is   candid,  It is   authentic, it is fascinating,  he is   efficient,  he is   competent, he is   attentive ,he is   watchful, he is   alert,  he is   vigilant, he is   careful,    


Sweet and suitable word ‘it’ and ‘ful’ 

easy to remember. 


For example :     it is beautiful ,  it is  blissful , it is  peaceful

A       it is awful ,  it is appalling, it is terrible,  it is dreadful, it is frightful,   it is fearful,  it is harmful, it is hurtful, it is baneful,  it is mournful, it is remorseful,  it is sorrowful,  it is  resentful, it is painful, it is bountiful,  it is plentiful, it is delightful, it is joyful, it is shameful, it is fanciful, it is forceful, it is powerful,  it is fruitful , it is successful, it is gainful,  it is helpful, it is useful,  it is meaningful,  it is fruitful, it is mirthful, it is needful,  it is  purposeful,  it is  meaningful,   he is artful, he is careful and watchful, he is faithful, he is truthful , he is hopeful ,he is graceful , he is grateful, he is thankful, he is merciful, he is mindful, he is thoughtful


it is suitable, it is serviceable,  it is dangerous, it is productive, it is fertile, it is inimical, it is injurious, it is shocking,   it is dubious, it is horrible, it is terrible, it is realistic, it is authentic,  it is believable, it is terrible,  it is dreary, it is fearsome, it is imaginative, fantastic, it is unrealistic, it is strong, it is mighty, it is vigorous, it is irritating, he is honest, he is reliable, he is correct,  and clever, he is alert and attentive, he is cautious and  vigilant, he is prudent and careful,   he is smiling,  he is happy, he is glad, he is pleasant,  he is dishonest,  he is lying, , he is happy, he is optimistic,  he is confident, he is sanguine, he is cautious, he is attentive, he is kind, he is compassionate, he is generous, ,

 it is handsome,  it is  buoyant, it is  sweet, it is  loving, it is  beaming,  it is  blissful,  it is  striking,   it is  shinning,  it is  gorgeous, it is  beautiful and  blissful ,  it is  beautiful and  handsome,  it is  beautiful and  buoyant, it is  beautiful and  sweet, it is  beautiful and  loving, it is  beautiful and  beaming,  it is  beautiful and  blissful,  it is  beautiful and striking,   it is  beautiful and  shinning,  it is  beautiful and  gorgeous,

 it is abundant, it is lavish, it is copious, it is  specious,   it is charming, it is enjoyable, it is amusing,  it is pleasant, it is lovely, it is delicious, it is suspicious , it is ambiguous, it is unbelievable,  he is unreliable, it is uncertain, distrustful, unsure, hesitant ,



Beautiful word  ‘it’  and “ous”. It will help you to remember easily.

 it is  famous ,it is judicious ,it is precious , it is hazardous, it is dangerous, it is auspicious,  it is rigorous, it is barbarous, it is conspicuous (clear)and it is obvious, it is disastrous, it is enormous,  it is erroneous, it is heinous , it is notorious, it is harmonious , it is melodious, it is delicious, it is luxurious, it is marvelous ,  it is monotonous (dull) life,  it is mysterious,  it is miraculous,   it is momentous , it is mischievous, it is notorious , it is injurious,, it is poisonous and it is venomous, it is prosperous, it is spontaneous, it is strenuous ,it is superfluous, it is serious , it is spacious and it is capacious, it is strenuous and it is vigorous, it is treacherous  , it is tenacious, he is generous, he is gracious