Vedic English
Class VI to XII
Class VI to XII
Sweet and soft
Smile and sweetness
Harmony and happiness
Beauty and brightness
 Beauty and boldness
Beauty and colour
beauty and fragrance      
beauty and joy
beauty and love
beauty and grace
beautiful and blooming
beautiful and brilliant
 beautiful and charming
beautiful and pretty
 beautiful and beaming
beautiful and loving
 beautiful and romantic
beautiful and classic
 beautiful and buoyant
beautiful and mirthful
beautiful and handsome
beautiful and awesome
despair and distress
 Smile and sighs
 full of sorrow and strife
Pain and panic
spring and summer
rain and winter
sweet spring and scorching summer
summer days and rainy days
autumn sky and pristine sky
occasional and seasonal
 comedy and tragedy
sorrow and malady
Hope and joy
peace and pleasure
Pain and pleasure
Hope and happiness
 Sincere efforts and good wishes
Peace and bliss
peace and tranquility
Peace and harmony
Love and freedom
Peace and freedom
 Harmony and freedom
Beauty and colour
 hues and hymns
 love and beauty
truth and beauty
agony and ecstasy
regret an rapture
rejoice and regret
mirth an melancholy
 romantic and artistic
 poetic and artistic
 love and romance
beauty fragrance
dream and visions
 voices ,views, and visions.
Sights and sounds of nature
mortal and immortal
earthly and eternal
trauma and trouble
trauma and tragedy
comedy and tragedy
sorrow and malady
glorious and graceful
beaming ad beautiful
 blooming and beautiful
passionate and painful
beautiful and blooming
blooming and blossoming
budding and blossoming
holy an heavenly
beauty and joy
 beautiful and brilliant
delicious and delighting
 fluttering and dancing
music and melody
spirited and spontaneous
 love and beauty
art and beauty of life
 regret and repent
bloodshed and brutality
misery and misfortune
heart and thought
words and acts
living and loving
eternal and holy
beauty and joy
  beautiful and brilliant
 powerful and dramatic
 beautiful and charming
beautiful and pretty
 beautiful and beaming
beautiful and loving
beauty and love
 peace and bliss
 positive and rewarding
 positively rewarding
 bloomed and blossomed
romantic and poetic
passionate pain and pleasure
 romantic and realistic
leaves and flowers
 sea and sky
 sun and moon
sun and star
holy and heavenly
love and purity
devotion and divinity
subjective and realistic
 musical and melodious
 poetic and lyrical
 hopeful and happy
tragic death and lose of life
unity and integrity
 harmony and freedom
 horror and hostility
 crown and flower
deep distress
 welfare and wellbeing
 safe and sound
 cruel but kind
 creative and constructive
terror and horror
tragic and traumatic
 powerful and dramatic
 calm and quiet
 silent and sweet
devotion and divinity
liberty and dignity
unity and integrity
agony and anxiety
worry and anxiety
 worries and anxieties
pities and pathos
heart touching and heart rending
nostalgia and sorrow
excited and exhilarated
excited and emotional
integrated intimacy
integrated  relationship
 heart and humanity
 every one and everything
cruelly and brutality
 joys and sorrows of life
exciting and interesting
art of warfare and welfare
enthusiastic and interesting
dynamic and devoted
heart and humanity
positively and passionately
ups and downs
all times and climes
cruelty and brutality
love and affection
affection and attachment
love and living
 love and fondness
love and kindness
 love and adoration
 love and joy
 lovely and beautiful
 beautiful and charming
 charming and sweet
beautiful and pretty
fair and fine
fair and lovely
lovely and comely
 beautiful and beaming
beautiful and loving
love and goodwill
 kindness and fondness
loving and tender
tender and kind
kind and affectionate
kind and sweet
love, affection, devotation
love and devotion
affection and devotion
affection and attachment
attachment and adherence
 affinity and attachment
loving and tender
respect,worship, praise
 respect and revere
appreciate and honour
love and admire
adore and admire
 admire and worship
admire and esteem
venerate and revere
 esteem and revere
admire and respect
 admire and appreciate
appreciate and honour
honour and esteem
 appreciate and venerate
praise and respect
admiration and appreciation
admirable and commendable
admirable and honorable
 loveable and respectable
excellent and praise worthy
noble and eminent
 eminent and admirable
admirable and honourable
 admire and cherish
praise and welcome
 praise and applaud
 acclaim and applaud
applaud and acclaim
acclaim and admire
acclaim and extol
 acclaim and welcome
acclaim and acknowledge
honour,glory, regard,
 honour and reputation
honour and glory
 honour and dignity
dignity and reputation
dignity and glory
glory and nobleness
 pride and glory
 glory and greatness
 honorable and admirable
admirable and respectable
respectable and eminent
 eminent and noble
good and honest
good and virtuous
good and simple
virtue and goodness
benevolence and kind
honest, sincere,faithful
honest and truthful
honest and sincere
 fair and honest
 truthful and honest
 truthful and faithful
truthful and righteous
 fair and honest
honesty and integrity
 honesty and sincerity
 sincerity and integrity
faith, belief, trust
 hope and faith
 faith and hope
 faith and trust
 trust and belief
 faith and expectation
expectation and anticipation
faith and loyalty
 loyalty an reliance
 faith and creed
 loyalty and obedience
faithful and loyal
faithful and trustworthy
caste and creed
caste and colour
caste, colour and creed
holy, divine,sacred
holy and heavenly
heavenly and holy
holy and divine
 divine and holy
divine and sacred
sacred and holy
sacred and consecrated
 blessed and sacred
 sacred and serene
serene and sacred
divine and spiritual
sacred and spiritual
spiritual and super natural
super natural   and miraculous
joy and happiness
 joy and gladness
pleasure and happiness
 joy and love
 joy and gladness
joy and peace
joy and bliss
 peace and bliss
bliss and blithe
merriment and merry making
gaiety and amusement
 joy and mirth
peace and pleasure
pleasure and rapture
joyful and glad
 joyful and  jovial
jovial  and joyous
 joyful  and delightful
merry  and glad
glad  and jovial
joyful and pleasant
joyous and rapturous
joyous and gay
 gay and gleeful
joy and delight
 delight and joy
 delight and pleasure
hearty and joyful
happy and pleased
gladness and joy
 pleasure and delight
gladness and happiness
pleasure and satisfaction
mirth and felicity
happy and cheerful
gay and cheerful
felicity and delight
felicity and happiness
felicity and joy
 felicity and delight
joy and enjoyment
 enjoyment and happiness
joy and rapture
rapture and pleasure
 peace and bliss
bliss an blithe
 bliss and ecstasy
 joy and ecstasy
 pleasant and delicious