Vedic English
Musical Words: FUL

-----same same  meaning ------FUL----------------

Sweet and suitable words of ‘ful’ 

For example :     beautiful and  blissful ,  handsome,  buoyant, sweet, loving, beaming,  blissful,  striking,   shinning,  gorgeous

Please read and write as beautiful and  blissful ,  beautiful and  handsome,  beautiful and  buoyant, beautiful and  sweet, beautiful and  loving, beautiful and  beaming,  beautiful and  blissful,  beautiful and  striking,   beautiful and  shinning,  beautiful and  gorgeous, beautiful and  good looking,

A       artful and clever, cunning , deceitful, awful and appalling, terrible,  dreadful , baneful and  harmful, bashful and different, shy, coy,     beautiful and  blissful ,  handsome,  buoyant, sweet, loving, beaming,  blissful, lovely, splendid,attractive, striking,   shinning,  gorgeous,   bountiful and  plentiful, abundant, lavish, copious, careful and watchful, alert, attentive, cautious, vigilant, prudent, heedful,   cheerful and joyful,  jovial, jolly, smiling,  happy, glad, pleasant, joyous,

Deceitful and deceptive, dishonest, devious,  cunning, lying, fallacious , specious,  delightful and joyful, charming, enjoyable, amusing,  pleasant, lovely, delicious, glad, disgraceful and dishonourable, disreputable, shameful, shocking,  doubtful and dubious, suspicious , ambiguous, unbelievable,  unreliable, uncertain, distrustful, unsure, hesitant , dreadful and horrible, terrible, fearful, faithful and truthful , true, trustworthy, realistic, authentic, believable, honest, reliable, correct,  fearful and frightened, awful, terrible, dreary, fearsome, fanciful and dreamy, imaginative, fantastic, unrealistic, forceful and powerful, strong, mighty, vigorous, forgetful and careless,  neglectful,  fretful and irritating, irritable, querulous, frightful and fearful, terrible, horrible,  dreary, fearsome, fruitful and successful, productive, fertile,

Gainful and profitable, beneficial, Gleeful and joyful, jovial, merry, graceful and elegant, polished, charming, pleasing, grateful and obliged, indebted, thankful,   harmful and inimical, injurious, hurtful, dangerous, deleterious,  helpful and useful, heedful and careful, watchful, mindful, cautious, attentive, helpful and useful, beneficial, suitable, serviceable, hopeful and happy, optimistic,  confident, sanguine, hurtful and resent,


Ok    joyful and joyous , happy, glad, pleasant, merry, meaningful and fruitful, merciful and kind, compassionate, generous, mindful and thoughtful, mirthful and rapturous, mournful and remorseful, doleful, sorrowful, melancholy,  needful and useful,

painful and aching, pitiful and sympathetic, peaceful and placid, pacific, tranquil, powerful and strong, mighty, forceful, potent, vigorous , powerful and Penetrating, powerful and perfect , plentiful and plenteous, ample, abundant, copious,bountiful, purposeful and meaningful,  regardful and respectful, remorseful and sorrowful, resentful and  hurtful/displeased, respectful and honourable, revengeful and merciless, rightful and dutiful,  serious and thoughtful , shameful and  sorrowful, shameful and disgraceful, skillful and clever, expert, ingenious, skilled,,sinful and wicked, sinful  and sinister, sinful and vicious, sinful and painful, sorrowful and mournful, sorrowful  and pathetic, successful and result oriented,

 tactful  and clever, diplomatic, tasteful and pleasing, tearful and sorrowful, painful,  thankful and grateful, thoughtful and careful, heedful, attentive,  truthful and honest, correct, true, frank,  thoughtful  and serious ,   useful and profitable, unfaithful and disloyal, faithless, deceptive, treacherous, disloyal, unfruitful and unsuccessful, unhelpful  and unfriendly, unlawful and illegal, unmerciful and unkind, unmindful and inattentive, unskillful and unskilled, unsuccessful and futile, unthankful and ungrateful, useful and helpful,  wakeful and aware, alert, attentive, watchful, vigilant, cautious, watchful and attentive ,alert, attentive,  vigilant, cautious, willful and intentional, deliberate, wishful and different, woeful and sorrowful, wonderful and marvelous,  mysterious, surprising, amazing,  wrathful and  revengeful, youthful and spirited, young, energetic, vigorous,


                     Sweet and suitable words of ‘Ful’               

For example :     beautiful nature, flower, poem, story, boy, girl, sky, sea, cloud, rainbow, 

Please read and write as beautiful nature, beautiful flower, beautiful poem, beautiful story, beautiful boy, beautiful girl, beautiful sky, beautiful sea, beautiful cloud, beautiful rainbow, 

A        artful talk, work, awful nature, universe  baneful  to society, us,  country, students, people,  beautiful nature, flower, poem, story, boy, girl, sky, sea, cloud, rainbow,  ,  blissful  life, love, nature, mountain, and peaceful, and joyous,  bountiful  food, medicine, rain, sunshine,   plentiful water, milk, food, goods,  careful always,     cheerful  life, love, play, dance,  drama, nature, waves, clouds, stream,  

deceitful  to me, us, delightful beauty, flower, nature, moon, sunrise, sunset, mountain, fountain, rainbow,   disdainful attitude, speech, article, act, disgraceful  act, speech,    distasteful  food, speech,   distrustful  to me, him, her, country,  doubtful talk, words,  document,

 faithful boy, servant , to me, to us, to society, always,  and reliable, and honest, fanciful attitude, talk, forgetful nature, always,  frightful  desert, tiger, forest, ocean, waves,  gleeful  nature, rainbow, sky,    graceful God, teacher, Guru, grateful  to you,  to me, to the country, to the society, 

 harmful to health, life, society, country, medicine,   helpful  boy, friend, always,  to all, heedful to  people, us, students,   hopeful  , hopeful  always, for good result,  for good rainfall,  for safe return, hurtful  words, acts,  joyful  nature, sea, waves, birds, trees, meaningful  talk, dialogue, meeting,  merciful act, to him,  mindful  always, act,  mirthful  nature, moon, sunset,  rainbow, meadow, mountain, mournful  day, death,   needful  to us, me, for good, for good result,          

 painful  life, picture, experience, journey, truth, fact, separation, farewell, meeting, death , pitiful  life, powerful story, poem, speech, words, attack, king, minister,  nature, God, ruler,   purposeful talk, dialogue, meeting,  remorseful  life, death, resentful experience, story, respectful teacher, elder,  revengeful  deed, act, attack, rightful demands,  shameful work, act, deed,

 skillful worker, artist, sinful  act, deed, work, sorrowful  life, living,  successful mission, programme, plan, project, movement, tactful person, tasteful  mango, tearful  eyes, heart, farewell, separation, union, meeting, thankful  to you,  always, sir, thoughtful mind, poet, always, truthful person, always,  

useful information, tool, part, for me, us, at the time of need, unfaithful person, to him , unlawful  act, movement, demand, strike,  unmindful act, deed, unsuccessful  project, plan, programme, movement,  wakeful at night, always,  watchful eyes, always, at night,  willful absent,  woeful life, wonderful world, nature, universe,  youthful spirit, love, joy,



----opposite------of ‘Ful’--- words

artful and artless, baneful and benevolent, beautiful and ugly, blissful and miserable,  bountiful and  scarcity, cheerful and cheerless, deceitful and honest, delightful and sorrowful, disdainful and respectful, disgraceful and honouable, disrespectful and respectful, polite,  distasteful and tasteful, pleasant, distrustful and trustful  , doubtful and doubtless, eventful and eventless, ordinary, faithful and faithless, fanciful and real, forgetful and mindful, fretful and genial, frightful and pleasing, gleeful and sorrowful, graceful and ungraceful, grateful and ungrateful, harmful and harmless, hateful and hate less, helpful and helpless, heedful and heedless, careless),   hopeful and hopeless, hurtful and beneficial, joyful and sorrowful, meaningful and meaningless, merciful and merciless, mindful and thoughtless, mirthful and sorrowful, mournful and cheerful, joyful, needful and needless, painful and painless, pitiful and pitiless, playful and  sedate, powerful and powerless, purposeful and purposeless,  regardful and regardless, heedless,  remorseful and joyful, resentful and pleased, respectful and disrespectful, revengeful and merciful, rightful and right less, scornful and respectful, shameful and shameless, sinful and sinless, sorrowful  and joyful, successful and unsuccessful, tactful  and tactless, tasteful and tasteless, tearful and joyous, thankful and thankless, thoughtful and thoughtless, truthful and truth less, false, unfaithful and faithful, unfruitful and fruitful, unhelpful  and helpful, unlawful and lawful, unmerciful and merciful, unmindful and heedful, unskillful and skillful, unsuccessful and successful, unthankful and thankful, useful and useless,  wakeful and asleep, wasteful and useful, watchful and inattentive, willful and docile, wishful and indifferent, woeful and joyful, wonderful and common, wrathful and pleased, youthful and aged,