Vedic English
Musical Words: OUS

  Beautiful word “ous”

For example : courageous and vigorous,

Please read and write or hear as courageous and vigorous, vigorous and courageous. It will help you to remember easily.



ambiguous and dubious, audacious and  bold, autonomous and independent, auspicious and lucky, arduous and rigorous, barbarous and brutal, barbarous and ferocious, bounteous and plentiful, Courageous  and adventurous, cautious and careful, cautious and vigilant, conspicuous  and outstanding, curious  and enquiring , enquiring and inquisitive, copious and plenteous,  plenteous and plentiful, copious and  ample, chivalrous and brave, Courageous and vigorous, Courageous and adventurous, adventurous  and valorous, infectious and contagious, contagious and infectious, conspicuous (clear)and obvious, conspicuous  and prominent, courteous and polite, conscious and judicious,

Dangerous and hazardous, hazardous and perilous, Dangerous and serious, dolorous and doleful , doleful and painful, dubious and vague, disastrous and ruinous, disastrous and destructive, desirous and eager, enormous  and colossal, expeditious and speedy, erroneous and incorrect,

furious and ferocious, furious and forcible, furious and  outrageous, furious and violent, capricious and fanciful, fastidious and precise, frivolous and futile, frivolous and meaningless, , frivolous and superficial, fallacious and false, fallacious and mendacious, Generous and magnanimous, Generous and gracious, Heinous and notorious, notorious and scandalous, Heinous and atrocious, atrocious and odious, harmonious and melodious, melodious and musical,humorous and cheerful, harmonious and consistent,

Illustrious and eminent, impecunious and poor,  innocuous  and innocent , innocuous  and  harmless, industrious and assiduous,  industrious and laborious, industrious and hardworking, infectious and contagious, ingenious and apt, , ingenious and open, ingenious and clever, inglorious and disgraceful, inglorious and ignominious, injurious and grievous, injurious and serious, impetuous and impulsive, indigenous and  aboriginal,

Judicious and sagacious, Judicious  and cautious, Judicious  and prudent, luminous  and lucent, luminous and shinning, luminous and lustrous, luscious and delicious, luxurious and comfortable, marvelous  and wonderful, marvelous and stupendous, marvelous and monumental, monotonous (dull) life, monotonous  and tedious, tedious and tiresome, mysterious world, mysterious  and mystical, mysterious  and secret, mysterious  and miraculous,  mysterious  and marvelous, momentous and momentary, momentous and significant, , meticulous and accurate, monstrous and frightful, miscellaneous and varied, mischievous and naughty, malicious and mean,

notorious  and infamous ,  notorious and scandalous, , numerous  and various, noxious and harmful, noxious and injurious,

obvious and apparent, obvious  and clear, precious and valuable, precocious and presumptuous(forward),  promiscuous and immoral, pious an religious, previous and prior, pompous and ceremonious, poisonous and venomous,

 rebellious and defiant, ridiculous and foolish, rigorous punishment, rigorous and stringent, righteous and virtuous, virtuous  and religious, piteous and pitiable, pitiable and pathetic, prosperous and rich, spontaneous and  sudden, Spurious and fictitious (false), strenuous and hard, superfluous and avoidable, serious and important, serious and thoughtful, spacious and capacious, strenuous and vigorous,

 treacherous  and traitorous, cunning and treacherous ,tenacious and resolute, tremendous and awful, ungracious and unkind, ungenerous and selfish,virtuous  and innocuous, Vigorous personality, Vigorous  and vivacious, Vigorous  and forceful,  voracious reader, voracious and hungry, various and different, zealous and spirited,