Vedic English
Musical Words: ABLE

Sweet and suitable words of ‘able’ 

For example :     reliable and dependable, sure, secure, certain, loyal, faithful,

Please read and write as reliable and dependable, reliable and sure, reliable and secure, reliable and certain, reliable and loyal, reliable and faithful,


ABLE          workable and possible, feasible, practicable, plausible, variable and changeable, unstable, valuable and useful, precious, costly, dear, unreasonable and illogical, irrational,  unquestionable  and sure, unmistakable and clear, unfavourable and discouraging,  adverse, hostile, undeniable and unquestionable , indisputable,  obvious, unchangeable and unalterable, unalterable and constant, tolerable and bearable , endurable, agreeable, tangible and palpable, material, actual, responsible and answerable, accountable,  reliable,  respectable and admirable, honourable, reliable and dependable, sure, secure, certain, loyal, faithful, remarkable and  striking, touching, impressive, noteworthy,  profitable and gainful, useful, preamble  and preface, introduction, pitiable and pitiful, miserable, deplorable, lamentable, pathetic, palatable and agreeable , acceptable, objectionable and offensive, undesirable,  miserable and pitiable, distressed, mean,  laudable and admirable, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy, irrevocable and irreversible, unalterable, unchangeable , inexpressible and unutterable,  inexorable and  adamant, inevitable and certain, sure, unavoidable, inestimable and incalculable, immeasurable, indomitable and unconquerable,  invincible, impregnable, indispensable and inevitable,  essential, unavoidable, incredible and    unbelievable, unthinkable, unimaginable,  incompatible and inconsonant,, inconsistent, discordant, incalculable and immeasurable , immense,  infinite, limitless, fathomless, frangible and breakable, fragile, brittle,  favourable and helpful,  equitable and impartial, disreputable and disgraceful, dishonourable,  compatible and consistent, harmonious, congruous, communicable and infectious, contagious, comfortable and enjoyable, convenient, pleasant,  charitable and benevolent, compassionate, generous, available and ready, handy,  assemble and gather, together,  appreciable and considerable, applicable and useful, appropriate, suitable, amicable and friendly, loving, cordial, genial, sociable,  amiable and lovable, agreeable,  admissible and permissible,


  Sweet and suitable words of ‘able’    part-II          

For example :     valuable life, property, metal, time,  paper, to us, to me

Please read and write as valuable life, valuable property, valuable metal, valuable time, valuable paper, valuable to us, valuable to me

workable plan, project, machine, idea,  possible to do, to finish, to complete, to get,  feasible plan, project, machine, idea, practicable plan, project, plausible plan, project, variable result,  changeable programme, plan, date,  unstable idea, plan, mind,  ,   unreasonable  demand, want,  unfavourable to me, him, us, undeniable  demand,  unquestionable  authority,  indisputable property, wealth,   unchangeable plan, meeting, schedule,  unalterable plan, meeting, schedule,  tolerable pain, sorrow, suffering, word, bearable pain, sorrow, suffering, word , responsible person, officer, people, for it, for the damage, for the loss, for  the tragedy, for success, for victory,   answerable to me, him, people,  the officer, accountable money, goods, papers, files,   reliable man, boy, officer, person, dog,  respectable person, sir, leader, poet,  admirable work, victory, success, achievement, words, honourable minister, sir, dependable on rain water, air, on him, always,  remarkable work, victory, success, achievement,   profitable business, plan,  preamble  of the constitution, of the holy book, pitiable condition,  miserable condition, life,   deplorable condition,  lamentable condition,   acceptable plan, idea, result, objectionable  words, picture, speech, work, act,  undesirable elements, fact, happening, sorrow,     laudable work, victory, success, achievement, words, commendable work, victory, success, achievement, words,   irrevocable  agreement, irreversible plan, unalterable programme, plan, unchangeable  plan,  inexpressible  sorrow, pain, suffering, unutterable joy, pain, words,   unavoidable problems, domestic problem, inestimable loss, incalculable loss, joy, immeasurable joy, loss, indomitable  will, unconquerable country,  inevitable guest,   incredible  fact, story,    unbelievable story, fact,  unthinkable act,  incompatible  with the rules, inconsonant with the rules,  inconsistent effort, works,  discordant elements, breakable glass, pot,  favourable decision, to me, to him, always,   disreputable  land, property, territory,  dishonourable words, act, communicable disease, comfortable life, stay,  enjoyable nature, life, beauty,   charitable fund, society, trust, available goods, materials, resources, here, there, everywhere,   assemble the parts, appreciable work, deed, act,  considerable case,  applicable rule, law,  suitable machine, to me, to us, plan,  amicable settlement, solution, agreement,   amiable person, agreeable plan , idea,  with you,  admissible as per rule,  permissible to enter, to play, to work,