Vedic English
Musical Words: TIVE

Sweet and suitable words of ‘tive’ 

For example :     attractive and  charming, beautiful, alluring, enticing, fascinating, 

Please read and write as attractive and  charming, attractive and  beautiful, attractive and  alluring, attractive and  enticing, attractive and  fascinating, 

sensitive and perceptive, seductive and  enticing, productive and fruitful, primitive and ancient, prerogative and prilvilege, advantage, right, positive and constructive, sure, certain, operative and working,  active,  offensive and aggressive, insulting, disgusting, instinctive and voluntary, automatic, spontaneous,  inquisitive and enquiring, curious,  insensitive and callous,  cold, ineffective and inefficient, weak, inattentive and unmindful,  neglectful, careless, imaginative and inventive, creative, fanciful, visionary, expensive and costly, valuable, precious, exhaustive and comprehensive, complete, exclusive and complete, effective and capable, efficient,  competent,  destructive and deadly, constructive, disastrous,  injurious, deceptive and delusive, illusive, deceitful, creative and inventive, imaginative,  original, consecutive and orderly,  continuous, conclusive and concluding, convincing,  decisive, final,  communicative and open, frank, candid,  authoritative and authentic, commanding,  attractive and  charming, beautiful, alluring, enticing, fascinating,  attentive and watchful, alert,  vigilant, careful, heedful, wakeful, apprehensive and  fearful, uneasy, intelligent, alternative and choice, option, preference,