Vedic English
Musical Words: LESS

Beautiful word “less/ness”

Please read and write or hear as under. It will help you to remember easily.

                   LESS words   for example ;                             

artless, cheerless, doubtless, eventless, faithless, harmless, hate less, helpless, heedless, careless, hopeless, meaningless, merciless, thoughtless, painless, pitiless, powerless, purposeless,  regardless, heedless,  shameless, tasteless, thankless, thoughtless, truth less, useless, unless,  

useless and valueless, useless and worthless, useless and fruitless, useless and nothingness, useless and vain, useless and futile, worthless and undeserving,senseless and meaningless, senseless and cruelness,  senseless and witless, senseless and stupid, senseless and foolish, ruthless and merciless, ruthless and pitiless, ruthless and heartless, ruthless and harsh, ruthless and cruel, ruthless and brutal, restless and disturbed, restless and uneasy, restless and agitated, reckless and careless, reckless and thoughtless, reckless and heedless, passionless and indifferent, peerless and matchless, matchless and unique, unique and exceptional, exceptional and unparallel,  measureless and fathomless, measureless and immeasurable, immeasurable and unfathomable,  lifeless and death, lifeless and unconscious, lifeless and spiritless, hopeless and despairing, hopeless and incompetent, helpless and weak, helpless and defenseless, careless and heedless, careless and inattentive, careless and neglectful, harmless and safe, harmless and secure, groundless and baseless,  baseless and false, faultless and flawless, faultless and correct, faultless and perfect,  faithless and unreliable, faithless and disloyal, doubtless and sure,  countless and numberless, countless and innumerable, cheerless and dull, cheerless and gloomy, cheerless and miserable, changeless and constant, changeless and steady, changeless and firm,


Beautiful word “ness”


        happiness and satisfaction, happiness and pleasure, witness and evidence, witness and proof, witness and testimony, weakness and feebleness,  weakness and defect, steadfastness and toughness, steadfastness and firmness, stillness and silence, stillness and motionless, stillness and tranquility , sickness and illness,  sickness and disease, tenderness and affection, likeness and similarity, likeness and resemblance, keenness and sharpness, keenness and acuteness, keenness and eagerness, kindness and compassion, kindness and love, happiness and satisfaction, happiness and pleasure,  happiness and delight, goodness and kindness, goodness and virtue, goodness and benevolence, happiness,  joy, gladness and pleasure, gladness and delight, gentleness and kindliness, gentleness and mildness, gentleness and tenderness, forgiveness and pardon, forgiveness and acquittal, fondness and tenderness, fondness and love,  fondness and affection ,fondness and devotion, fairness and  justice, fairness and  impartiality, express and state, cleverness and smartness, cleverness and sharpness, carelessness and neglect, business and profession, business and occupation, business and trade,


SS          trespass and transgress, trespass and violate,  trespass and enter,  trespass and breach, suppress and put down, suppress and silence, suppress and crush, progress and prosperity, progress and advancement, progress and development, progress and process, harass and  trouble, trouble and worry, worry and irritate,  express and manifest, clearness  and cleanness, embarrass and distress, embarrass and trouble,