Vedic English
Muscical Words: TION

Beautiful word “tion/ sion”

Please read and write or hear as under. It will help you to remember easily.


Variation and  alteration, Variation and  deviation, Variation and  change, transaction and deal, transaction and deed, transaction and business, tradition and heritage, tradition and convention, tradition and custom, suspicion  and doubt, doubt and disbelief,  suggestion and advice, advice  and instruction, suggestion and recommendation,  selection and election, election  and option, selection and choice, sensation and feeling, sensation and perception, sensation and impression, separation and isolation, alienation, separation and seclusion, section and portion, section and part, section and region, section and subdivision, sanction and grant, sanction and permit, sanction and authorise, revision and review, review and re-examination, review and reconsideration, review and retrospection, revolution and rebellion, revolution and revolt,  revolt and retaliation, retaliation and revenge,  reputation and distinction, reputation and credit, reflection and thought, reflection and reconsideration, region and sector, region and zone, region and locality,  regulation and rule, regulation and order,  regulation and direction, regulation and system, recollection and remembrance, recollection and memory, recollection and retrospection,  recreation and amusement, amusement  and entertainment,  progression and advance, progression and development, progression and succession, procession and demonstration, procession and parade, profusion and excess, presumption and assurance,  possession and property, possession and wealth, property and wealth, permission and  permit, permission and  consent, permission and  authorisation, perception and comprehension, perception and apprehension, perception and insight,  perfection and excellence, perfection and completeness, passion and emotion, emotion and feeling,  emotion and sentiment, emotion and enthusiasm, participation and association, participation and sharing, participation and communion, omission and oversight, omission and commission, operation and execution, operation and function, function and action, opposition and contrast, option and choice,  option and selection, option and preference,  oration and address, occasion and reason, occasion and opportunity, occupation and work, occupation and job, occupation and business,  objection and opposition, obligation and compulsion, obligation and agreement, mutation and alteration, alteration and modification, modification and variation, variation and change, intimation and information,  intimation and hint, introduction and beginning, beginning and start, introduction and preface, preface and prelude,  prelude and prologue, intuition and insight, insight and acumen, intuition and penetration, invasion and aggression, aggression and attack, attack and assault,  attack and onslaught, invasion and intrusion, investigation and enquiry, investigation and examination, investigation and search, intention and purpose, purpose and plan, plan and design, indication and signal, signal and sign, sign and symptom, indication and gesture, sign and mark, inception and beginning, beginning and opening, opening and start, beginning and origin, beginning and commencement, impression and belief, belief and feeling, impression and effect, imagination and idea, , imagination and fancy, fancy and fantasy,  imitation and copy, copy and replica, copy and duplicate, humiliation and embarrassment, humiliation and shame, humiliation and harassment,  hallucination and illusion, fusion and union, union and coalition, fusion and blending, friction and conflict, crash and conflict, collision and conflict , friction and collision, formation and arrangement, formation and structure, foundation and basis, foundation and base, foundation and ground, fountain and stream, fountain and spring,  fountain and mountain, fiction and novel, novel and story, fiction and tale, novel and fable, federation and organisation, organisation and union, union and association, exultation and joy, exultation and rapture, exultation and gladness, exultation and rejoicement, extradition and exile, extradition and expatriation, extradition and deportation, extension and enlargement, extension and expansion, expression and expressing, expression and manifestation, exhibition and exposition, exhibition and show, show and display, display and demonstration, expedition and travel, travel and journey, tour and travel, execution and accomplishment, execution and act, erection and construction, erection and building, building and structure, erudition and wisdom, erudition and insight, erudition and knowledge, entertain and amuse,  entertain and host, entertain and please, entertain and serve, entertain and welcome, elevation and eminence, eminence and nobleness, elevation and grandeur, education and schooling, , education and study, education and training, domination and supremacy, domination and control, diversion and deviation, diversion and distraction,  distinction and eminence, eminence and excellence, dissolution and disintegration, and disintegration and decomposition, discretion and judgment, direction and guidance, direction and course, direction and instruction, determination and firmness, determination and resoluteness, desperation and depression, depression and distress, despair and distress, despair and gloom, desolation and loneliness, desolation and dreariness, dedication and devotion, decision and determination, decision and conclusion, decision and judgment, deception and cheat, deception and fraud,  culmination and climax, culmination and acme, corruption and adulteration, adulteration and contamination, conviction and persuasion, conviction and faith, faith and belief, faith and confidence, conversation and dialogue, conversation and talk, contravention and opposition, violation and  transgression, contention and dispute, dispute and conflict, consumption and use, constitution and composition, composition and formation, consolation and comfort, comfort and solace, comfort and relief, consideration and attention, connection and link,  link and bond, bond and relationship, compulsion and force, comprehension and understanding, comprehension and perception, comprehension and apprehension, composition and construction, , composition and mixture, compensation and salary, salary and allowance, compassion and kindness, compassion and sympathy, sympathy and mercy, pity and kindness,  companion and friend,  communion and union, commotion and confusion, confusion and disturbance, combination and association, association and alliance, combination and union, collision and conflict, clash and conflict, clash and combat, collection and gathering, cognition and sensation, sensation and perception,  perception and intuition, civilization and culture, caution and vigilance, caution and watchfulness, benediction and blessing, benediction and prayer, augmentation and enlargement, augmentation and addition, augmentation and increase, attention and care, attention and alertness,  attention and watchfulness, association and organisation, association and union, association and alliance, assertion and declaration, assertion and affirmation,  aspiration and ambition, aspiration and desire, aspiration and wish, aspiration and, longing, ascertain and confirm, ascertain and find out,  apprehension and comprehension, apprehension and understanding, appreciation and admiration, aggression and assault, attack and assault, aggression and offensive, affection and love, affection and attachment, attachment and inclination, affection and goodwill, admiration and  appreciation, admiration and  adoration, admiration and  praise, admiration and  respect,  administration and management, addition and extension, addition and expansion,