Vedic English
Musical Words: CAL

               Beautiful word “cal”

Please read and write or hear as under. It will help you to remember easily.


Cal            vital and essential,  essential and crucial , crucial and important, crucial and cardinal,

vertical and perpendicular, perpendicular and straight,

 typical and symbolical, typical and characteristic ,

skeptical and cynical, cynical and doubtful,

satirical and ironic, ironic and sardonic

usual and habitual, habitual and common, common and general, general and conventional, conventional and traditional,

unusual  and  uncommon, uncommon and unique,  unique and rare ,  rare and exceptional,

trivial and common, trivial  and insignificant, insignificant and unimportant, 

trial  and test, test and experiment,

 universal  and general, general and common, common and usual,   

  turmoil and trouble, turmoil  and tumult, tumult and chaos, chaos and confusion,

tremble  and vibrate,

 travel and tour, tour and trip,  travel  and journey,

 total and full, full and complete, complete and whole,

 toll and tax,  tax and duty,

 temporal and terrestrial, temporal  and worldly, worldly and earthly,  earthly and mundane, 

symbol and sign, sign and mark, sign and signal,

supernatural and  spiritual, spiritual and divine, divine and supernatural,

superficial and frivolous, 

substantial and real, real and material, 

startle and surprise, surprise and astonish,  astonish and wonder,

spoil and decay,  spoil and damage, decay and decompose,  decay and deterioration, decay and death, decay and destruction,

spiritual and holy, holy and divine,  divine and sacred, sacred and religious, 

spectacle and  exhibition,  exhibition and display, 

special and important, special and particular, 

sparkle and glitter, glitter and shine, glitter and glisten, glitter and glow, shine and glow, shine and sparkle, shine and glitter,

small and tiny, tiny and little, small and big,

Signal and sign, sign and  indication, sign and gesture,

sentimental and imaginative, imaginative and fanciful,

sensual  and carnal, 

 sample and example,  sample and specimen,

 rival  and  foe,  foe and enemy, enemy and opponent,

 riddle and puzzle, puzzle and problem,

 revival and reawakening, revival and rebirth, revival and restoration,

reveal and disclose, reveal and expose, disclose and show, show and display, 

repel and repulse,

 regal and royal,  royal and grand, grand and noble,

recall and recollect, recollect and remember, 

real and true, real and actual, true and genuine, real and natural, natural and actual,

rational  and reasonable, reasonable and judicious, reasonable and sensible,

 radical and fundamental, fundamental and ultra, ultra and extreme,

quarrel and dispute, quarrel and wrangle,

punctual and timely, timely and accurate,

proposal and  suggestion,  suggestion and opinion, proposal and  offer,

 propel and impel,  propel and push, push and drive back,

 prodigal and profuse, profuse and lavish, lavish and abundant,

principle and doctrine, doctrine and law,

practical and virtual, practical and feasible, practical and reasonable, reasonable and judicious,

 portrayal  and description,  description and depiction, description and delineation,

pinnacle and summit, summit and climax, summit and apex, apex and zenith,  zenith and top,

physical and material, 

phenomenal and extraordinary,

 perpetual  and eternal, perpetual  and permanent,  eternal and immortal, 

original and initial,  initial and first, initial and innate,

oral  and verbal, 

natural  and real, real and original, 

mutual  and common, mutual  and reciprocal, 

musical and melodious,  melodious and harmonious,

 mortal and fatal,  fatal and deadly,

moral and virtuous, virtuous and righteous, moral and pure

 material and physical,

 loyal and faithful,  faithful and devoted,  devoted and dedicated,

 logical and reasonable, reasonable and sound, reasonable and judicious,

 liberal and tolerant, liberal and broad, liberal and kind, kind and generous,

 level and plain,  plain and smooth,

 legal and lawful,   lawful and legitimate,

 jovial and joyful,

 irrational and unreasonable, unreasonable and illogical, irrational and absurd,

 invisible and unseen,

 original, initial and beginning,

inimical and harmful, harmful and hostile, hostile and adverse, adverse and unfriendly, harmful and injurious,

inevitable  and certain, inevitable  and unavoidable, certain and sure,

 incidental and accidental,

 imperial and majestic, imperial and August, 

 impel and compel , compel and force,  impel and propel,

 impartial and fair, fair and just,

 immortal and eternal, eternal and everlasting,

 immoral and corrupt,

 illegal and unlawful, illegal and criminal, illegal and illegitimate, illegal and illicit,

 ill and sick, sick and unsound, 

identical and same, same and like, identical and equal,

ideal and exemplary, ideal and visionary, visionary and imaginary,  imaginary and unreal, 

hurdle and obstacle,  hurdle and hindrance, obstacle and difficulty, obstacle and hindrance

humble and submissive,

hostile and inimical, hostile and adverse, adverse and unfriendly, hostile and antagonistic, antagonistic and inimical

 horrible and terrible, horrible and horrid, terrible and appalling, appalling and shocking,  appalling and ghastly,

 goal and aim, aim and aspiration, goal and destination, goal and purpose,

general and usual, usual and common,  common and universal, common and regular, general and popular, common and ordinary,

fundamental and essential, fundamental and basic, fundamental and primary, primary and elementary,

 full and complete, complete and perfect, full and entire, full and filled, 

 frugal and economical,

 frail and fragile, fragile and weak, fragile and brittle,  brittle and breakable,  foretell and predict, 

fool and idiot,

flexible and soft, flexible and adaptable,

 final and concluding, concluding and conclusive, final and ultimate, final and last,

 fickle and  unstable, fickle and  inconstant,  inconstant and changeable, 

fatal and mortal,  fatal and deadly, deadly and destructive, deadly and disastrous, 

fable and story, story and tale, tale and legend, legend and myth, novel and fiction,

extol and exalt, exalt and extol, extol and praise,

expel  and oust, expel  and exile, exile and banish, exile and extradition, 

exceptional and unique, exceptional and rare, rare and unusual,

evil and harmful, 

ethical and moral, moral  and righteous, righteous and virtuous,

essential and basic, essential and vital,

especial and exceptional, especial and distinguished,

encircle and surround,

enable and empower, empower and authorise, 

downfall and fall , downfall and ruin, downfall and destruction,

dismal  and gloomy, gloomy and bleak,  bleak and dreary, dreary and dull, bleak and somber, gloomy and melancholy,

  detrimental  and  damaging,  damaging, harmful and injurious, harmful and hurtful,

  debacle and downfall, debacle and collapse,  collapse and breakdown,

critical and crucial,

 criminal and culprit, criminal and offender, criminal and convict,

counsel and advice, advice  and opinion, opinion and advise, counsel and consultation, 

council and assembly,

 cordial and friendly, friendly and hearty, friendly and sincere, cordial and warm,

 cool and cold, calm and cold,

 continual and endless, endless and ceaseless, 

congenial and pleasing,  

conceal and hide, hide and cover, 

colossal and enormous, enormous and large, large and huge,  huge and gigantic,

cardinal and essential, essential and central, essential and vital,  cardinal and fundamental,

 beneficial and useful,

 assail and attack, attack and assault,

 artificial and  unreal, 

appeal and request, 

additional  and  more, additional  and  supplementary,

actual  and real, real and genuine, genuine and authentic, authentic and certain,