Vedic English
Beautiful Words: Express

Helps for strong vocabulary and better English.

Sweet word “express”


Beautifully expressed, beautiful expression, silent expression, sincere expression, natural expression, brilliant expression, powerful expression, poetic expression,

Expressed in its true term, expressed in its letter and spirit,  expresses spontaneously, it finds the spontaneous expression, expresses the facts in its true colour, expresses the truth and beauty of life, expresses the rewarding experience of life, expresses the spring and summer of life, expresses the smiles and sighs of life, expresses  the hope and joy of life, expresses the tragedy and comedy of life, expresses the sorrows and sufferings of life,

Expresses positively, expresses hopefully,  expresses negatively, expresses beautifully,  expresses brilliantly, expresses truthfully, expresses realistically, expresses dramatically, expresses faithfully, expresses seriously, expresses strikingly, expresses notably, expresses remarkably,  expresses bravely,  expresses symbolically,  expresses silently,  expresses harmoniously,  expresses effectively, expresses politely, expresses humbly,  expresses respectfully,


Try to write beautiful  and sweet sentences.Read 100 sentences  to increase your speaking power and make your vocabulary strong.


Sir, I humbly express that I may kindly be granted leave.

I humbly express  the following facts for your kind consideration and sympathetic action.

 I humbly state that I am suffering from fever.

In obedience to your letter dated 3.1.10,  I humbly  state the following true facts.

He expresses the agony of his sweet heart. He expresses the suffering of women in our society. He expresses the suffering of people. He expresses the friendly relationship between the two countries. He expresses the harmonious relationship between   man and nature. He expresses the gravity of the situation. He expresses the tragic incident. He expresses the dramatic change in her life. He expresses the sweet beauty of nature. He expresses the romantic beauty of the  princess. He expresses the agony and ecstasy of life. He expresses the mundane reality of life. He expresses the eternal joy of nature. He expresses the love and freedom of life. He expresses  the peace and tranquility of society. He expresses the harmony and happiness in life. expressed with a touch of classic finish, expressed with a touch of artistic beauty, expresses with all its splendour and colour, full of unique expression, full of beautiful expression, full of spontaneous expression, spontaneous expression of his powerful feelings, spontaneous utterance of his sorrowful heart, he expressed joy in life, joy in love, joy in truth,

It finds a brilliant manifestation. It finds a spiritual manifestation. It finds a spontaneous manifestation.  It finds a poetic manifestation. It finds an artistic manifestation. It finds a concrete manifestation. Its  creative  manifestation. The ecstatic manifestation of nature. its ecstatic manifestation, its joyous manifestation,  its sublime manifestation,

Aims at complete expression, expression of social experience, finds beautiful expression,  rich and sensuous  description, rich and  delicious description, gifted with beauty, gifted with insight and wisdom, sense of reasoning, sense of speculation, sense of contemplation, sense of sorrow, nothing gives him greater delight, nothing gives him greater excitement,

Carrying  a welfare message,  its powerful description, its grand description,  represented by its familiar qualities,  it finds a familiar manifestation, powerful manifestation, striking manifestation, he sees and presents as it is. He accepts life as it is.

One of the most striking facts is that, one of the most striking notes is that, This can be best described in it. This can  be best illustrated in it. This can be best exemplifies in it. defined clearly, defined genuinely, expressed clearly, deals with life, deals with nature, deals with love, goes a step ahead,  reveals something strange and wonderful, reveals something strange and mysterious, reveals in a flash, reveals the real fact, reveals the truth, reveals the truth of life, reveals the beauty of nature, reveals the reality,  reveals the real truth, reveals the true aspect of life,

 Presents in a very realistic manner, Presents in a very successful manner,  presents in a very innovated way, he presents an authentic and living  picture of the society, his brilliant presentation,  his profound presentation,follows steadily and persistently, He endeavours persistently. He is constantly endeavouring to find truth. He is constantly working to bridge the gap, He is constantly working to find an amicable settlement, He is constantly working to reconcile the differences,

      Depicting two different situations, depicting two diverse things, depicting in a different way, depicting minutely, depicting correctly, he touched almost all aspects,  he touched almost all angles, all corners of this case, he clearly manifests in the following lines, in the following words, in the closing lines,  perfection of art fascinated him, loveliness of art that fascinated him, the true meaning of the text, the true meaning of the poem, the true meaning of the life,

He enjoyed pure  joy in nature, he enjoyed unmixed pleasure in nature, he enjoyed unalloyed pleasure  in nature,

Marked by simplicity , marked by clarity, marked by spontaneity and freedom, marked be spontaneity and intensity, he  manifests in these beautiful lines, he illustrates in these beautiful words,  in this famous lines,It is genuinely felt, it is genuinely expressed, it is genuinely manifested, genuinely stated, he emphatically states that,  emphatically expresses that,  emphatically says that,  he declares emphatically, he concluded in the following words, following lines, following findings, He transcends time and space, a fine example, a beautiful example,  it finds its finest expression, it finds its fullest expression, it finds its true expression, it finds its complete expression, his intense feeling, his intense appeal, his intense approach, his intense scrutiny,  it gives a great impetus to his work, to his spirit, to his thought, it gives a great satisfaction to him, fully achieved this goal, fully achieved this ideal,

 It has value, it has significance,  a perfect example, an unique example, a supreme example, very interesting and brilliant presentation, presenting in great care, in  great detail, presenting minutely, presenting beautiful and colourful nature,