Vedic English
Spoken English: I

         I  Positive Sense

I gladly consented. I humbly made this confession. I speculated awhile on the prospect. I have every reason to be happy. I was quite willing to believe that. I listened respectfully. I fairly staggered in astonishment. I witnessed the splendor of function, I felt a love for her, a passion for her, I am deeply indebted, ever indebted to her, for suggestions and encouragement. I spoke aloud. I lovingly desire. I often observed. I felt powerfully. I was inexplicably thrilled by his words. I behold the face.  I smiled gratefully. I am glad to see you. I thought in amusement. . I agreed wholeheartedly. I was instantly refreshed. I feel great love for you, I was charmed to see , I silently agreed.  I  spoke tenderly. I would be glad to convey it. I addressed him with great awe and gratitude.


I feel much better today. I remained absolutely quiet. I bestowed affectionate glances, I am in deep joy at thought. I am not heartless. I noticed his eyes fixed on me reflectively. I had never before tasted such delicacies. I will love you eternally, I was awe-struck at the grandeur of his wisdom. I give you my unconditional love. I was vastly entertained.  I found so delightful in his grave nature, I humbly worship. I gave him an enthusiastic smile. I was honoured and garlanded. but I felt no elation.


I began to perform my work   publicly, with gratifying success. I was relaxing quietly in the evening. I loved mother as my dearest friend on earth. I had an ominous vision. I saw the beloved form of my mother. I feel that my life has been uplifted. I smiled encouragingly.  I prayed silently.  I felt a tremendous power.  I was glad to make emphatic reply. I ceaselessly enjoy the nature. I gladly agreed. I was destined to undertake my work. I desired to devote my whole time to study. I found  the  irrevocable union  with you.  Gratefully I accepted the invitation. One morning I paid a visit to him. I was charmed with the artistry of  the  science. I politely thanked him. I paid a visit the next day. I had long admired him  from a respectful distance. I wore a solemn mask over my face, hiding the elation. I bowed in utter reverence. I thought fondly, I was astonished by his rapid approach . I agreed, glad to be in his company in any circumstances. I stood for a moment by a temple.

I was touched at his great respect for his mother. I welcomed the opportunity. I tuned myself to his nature, He offered  a hospitable welcome. I came to understand, I would still accomplish whatever task I set myself. I was dazed and then overcome with joyful relief. I am in the best of health. I recalled with amusement. I obeyed. I saw clearly. I thank you for coming. I feel your sincerity.  I saw him walking slowly toward me.  I am leaving today for Delhi. I am happy for you. I was sitting up, in good spirits. As I had expected, he laughed heartily.


I do not wish to complain. But I yearn to see him turn from his materialistic views. I have deep faith that you can help him.  Of course I will do anything I can. I smiled. I turned away without reply. I am going to study now.  I replied sharply. I don't trust you. But I do hold you responsible for the failure. I proceeded alone. With stony heart, I prayed. I felt slightly disheartened. Reluctantly I opened my eyes, and saw him. I silently remonstrated, I wanted to offer a special prayer. I was able to do it. I realized anew. I suddenly glimpsed my friend. I looked happily at him. I saw him running behind the tree. I see the glorious God,  the towering temple.  I looked at my watch. It was ten o'clock.  I have gone back.


I had felt  your presence which was still vibrant within my heart. I was emboldened to exclaim. I would like to see your  mother. He addressed me. I have been observing you. I have made an exception for you. I thanked him, and gazed straight into his eyes.  I noticed that. The following afternoon I visited her home. She greeted me affectionately. I am happy beyond expression. I was overjoyed to perceive  the fact. I shall prove it. Soon I shall join you. I sat awhile in silent prayer. I was pleased to find that. I whispered. I shouted with laughter.  I am going to undo every wrong I have done you. What  a delicious mango! I exclaimed. I am greatly enjoying these glorious scenes in your holy company. I would say. I was awed also when I first beheld the wonders of nature.  It has its good points. I exclaimed joyfully. He said gaily, joyfully, delightfully. I rolled merrily with my young companions. I gazed in all directions. As  I gazed upon the mountain-peak.  I fell into an ecstatic trance. I felt a throb of pleasure at his appreciation. I obeyed the order. I was astounded to observe it.



I thought sadly, I prayed deeply, I sighed in relief. I am puzzled. I was in near-collapse.  I fell violently. I was bewildered, I overcame my handicap, my hardship. I scarcely believed him. I felt a growing impatience, I repeated my plea. I took his silence. I touchingly explained my predicament. I stood rooted to the ground, I wept no more.

I lamented that I had missed you. my human heart had broken for sorrow. .  I sighed with relief. I regret it. I was deeply hurt. I felt no dismay. I escaped without castigation. I cautioned him about the despotic possibilities.



 I turned toward the door to summon help. I approached him cautiously.  I can assume responsibility for your life. I found puzzling, remote.  I had found eternal shelter in you. I went there immediately, and expressed my disappointment. I glanced at him apologetically. I was completely unnerved, cruelly marred. I was weeping like a child. I  experienced an awe-stricken fear. I glanced at him doubtfully. I took my departure.

I  thought, a plot is brewing. My heart had been longing for it. I politely declined the offer. I was longing for her. I have changed my mind. I had never caught a glimpse of  him. I ventured a further remark.

I cannot pretend to diligence. I catch hardly a glimpse of you.
I politely concealed my doubt. I fled that afternoon. I was forced to return. I came to a definite resolve. I collapsed into an almost lifeless state. At first I grieved ,I lamented no more. I gazed searchingly about it. Turning, I confronted him.

I immediately grasped it, under stood it. I unsuspectingly agreed. I gave utterance. I have conscientiously finished my work. I felt abashed. Abruptly I quitted the room.  I felt baffled resentment. I never crave for money nor for material needs.   I was reverently bidding farewell to him. I quitted the court premises. I wandered along aimlessly. I must leave you now. I looked around the room. I had so far experienced. I cannot deny my keen interest in Science. I had been sobbing in sorrow.  I was overwhelmed by success.  I found his silent signature on my thoughts. I overheard him from an adjoining room. I found a marked decrease in development. I felt such reluctance. I ventured a request. I gazed at him in astonishment.  I stood speechless. I began to feel that , I brooded over the matter, feeling like a goat awaiting sacrifice, I stood in silence beside him. I understood by his attitude, I had been prejudiced against astrology. No longer could I feel the continuous torment that had kept me nearly sleepless for weeks; I felt a sudden pain. I thought I would bravely endure my trial alone. Of course I shall take your advice. I too will do my best to undo any wrong I have done. I was puzzled , my embarrassing unpreparedness. his condition increasingly worse. He has ignored my counsel; I don't want to see him. If trouble comes, I fully believe God will protect me. I didn't warn you. I will leave it to you . I believe in nothing else. I can't afford one. I was shocked. I was left to my tears and reflections. I was sobbing at his feet. I addressed him with greed in my heart. I stood speechless. I called on him in anguished tones. I was not too much shocked. I understand now, I never saw her after that day, I learned the facts I have just told you about him. I perceive, I have changed my mind,  I followed him, eager to hear more. I looked around my simply furnished room with awakened interest. I hardly think you will enjoy it. I concealed my surprise.I had been trying to thwart his plan. I said mournfully. I collapsed before him. Racked with agony, I cried. I have to look after you.I understood at last. I protested.I hardly expected to find you alive. I am convinced of it. I agreed wholeheartedly. I have made many unsuccessful attempts. I am finally convinced.  I hardly think. I would like to go.I arrived here  early Monday morning. I was exasperated. I waited half an hour. I departed sadly. I stared mutely. I had  been the victim of a hallucination. I  stood up and gazed at him questioningly. I distinctly felt.  I prefer to trust the written word. I am delayed; I have now finished my business there.


I fell at his feet with an imploring gesture. I was still weak, but daily improving, I was shocked.  I said in an undertone. Please do not break our harmony by these unpleasant words. I can hardly believe it. I looked apprehensively at him. I am sincerely sorry that I have ridiculed you. For the shameful way I have been acting, I will punish myself.