Vedic English
Spoken English: II


    Spoken English very easy. I        in   Negative sense


I explained my difficulty. I hastened to the home. I will go if you wish.  I said amidst sobs. I took an ingenious step to nullify his threat to me. I told my companion. I shall be very much disappointed if I have not succeeded. I asked him to accompany me. I had inquired. I chuckled. I had carefully omitted the mistake. I staggered painfully. I hardly expected to avail myself of the privilege. I would reluctantly depart. Occasionally I stayed there. I scarcely noticed. I felt that his advice was unreasonable. I have definitely refused it. I looked pleadingly at him. I am averse to function. I overheard his remark. I questioned him eagerly. I clearly felt. I whispered a few words of thanksgiving. I had heeded his advice. I need not inform you. I hardly thought you would pass. I am quite unworthy. I have made an unpardonable blunder. I realized one morning that I had made a serious error. I don't deserve your blessings. I had carelessly answered his questions. I made no attempt to hide the facts of the case. I spent many hours with him.His eyes expressed deep sympathy as I told him of my mother’s plight. I prostrated myself at his feet with joyful relief. I rushed to her home. I began to move heaven and earth with my prayers. She will recover. I replied stoutly. I paid her a visit. I smiled  mischievously. I heard her voice, cordial but commanding. I joined the jovial group of relatives in our home. Although I made no outward reply. I reasoned that It is a thankless task. I answered.  I had protested in alarm. I cautioned him. I inquired, looking straight into his eyes. Please tell me the truth. I have left Delhi permanently. Later I met an old friend, I go to meet my friend. I cannot divulge my plan to anyone .I cannot give a full explanation of it. I did not understand the full implications of his words. After a stunned silence, I cried loudly. I awoke immediately, and cried out, But a deep lesson came to me that night, one I can never forget. I placed the apparently lifeless pet  dog on my lap. I prayed piteously to God to spare its life. I had hurt him by refusing his request. I am now reconciled to your choice in life. I sat under a tree, surrounded by a group of students. I felt constrained to refuse this difficult responsibility.  I finally consoled him. Yes, I promised. I will try to find you. I called him to my room before leaving, and carefully instructed him to remain, against all persuasion. I returned to home a few days later. I cried somewhat unreasonably. I began a memorable search for him. I could know his whereabouts. I hoped to receive response from him. I intuitively felt. I concentrated on my heart. I heard his summons again and again. I have located him. Ah, I exclaimed. I approached him silently. I hardly knew him. I was astounded to find myself transfixed. I knocked at the door in a state of intense excitement, holding my very breath. I fell groaning to the ground. My whole body was paralyzed.  I was about to sink into unconsciousness. I found myself seated. I thought philosophically. The following day, after lunch, I bade him a reluctant farewell. I forget myself.


I   in positive sense

I am fine. I am O.K. I am in good health.

I am convinced, I obeyed his directions. I marveled. I uttered a few ejaculations of wonderment. I will gladly enlighten you. As  I remained silent in awe. I tearfully embraced his feet. I murmured brokenly.  I noticed with astonishment that. I maintained a bewildered silence.  I was literally spellbound. I looked trustingly at him. I submissively agreed to leave. I gazed beseechingly at him. I protested warmly. I spoke without due thought. I shall soon call you. I realize my serious error. I humbly ask pardon. I ventured to call you. I could scarcely believe my eyes . I see my mistake. I acknowledged remorsefully. I understood at once. I have already glimpsed your plan.  I wanted to discuss it with you tonight. I am happy for you. I hurried to his home and sobbed out the story. I returned with a light heart . I have found a deep and sincere interest in his work.  I responded warmly. He said smilingly. I nursed him lovingly. I want to talk to you. I want to become like you in every way. I put my trust in God. I replied solemnly. I have spoken truth always. I speak truly now. I was thrilled to see her I had a vivid dream. I was convinced that I was still dreaming.  that  I awoke at once.  Of course, I responded, I finally ventured to ask for further. I cried, again and again. I added hopefully. She gazed at me with loving recognition. I have tried everything. I was leaving, unnoticed. I will confess a sin which I committed.  I began to feel forlorn and neglected. I quickly followed him.  I addressed him scathingly. I had recovered from my bewilderment. As  I listened in awe. I regret that.  I cried, I implore pardon a million times. Beside myself with fear. I lay sobbing at his feet.  I thanked him for sharing with me her wondrous experiences. I cannot suffer the pangs of delay in waiting.

I left the place in a tranquil mood. I looked apprehensively into the sky.I smiled to realize that , I hope you are in readiness. I am at your service. I will give you the privilege of choosing it. It was a sunny day, I remember. I am happy that you have persisted in your desire to be a scientist. I paid a visit to my birthplace. eyes. He and I became fast friends, often joking together. I left the place on the first available flight. I am still enjoying. I have been long cheerfully serving you all. I felt certain. I saw clearly. I determined to help him. It gives me joy to see you amidst these happy get-together. I rejoice that.  I agreed. I told my companion. I enjoy under the shady trees and the glories of the sky.

I gazed in all directions at sublime snow-capped Himalayas. My eyes fixed on the sparkling white slopes of  icy mountains under sunny blue skies.

 I understood why Kashmir is often called the world's most scenic spot.  I know he will arrive at ten o'clock. As I finished my description, he came into view. By the time I had finished the work.  I ventured a few words of sympathy. I remembered your words of kindness. I was calmly working heedless of his protests. My joy knew no bounds for his  phenomenal appearance. For general purposes I counsel.  I found anew that . I put the bag in a conspicuous spot. I reached manhood, boyhood, youth.  I ventured this question after a long silence. I had tried to assimilate his words. I bowed before him in great awe, I feel that through his grace I am entirely well.I could only conclude that . I will see that you pursue your goal.  I guess I shall have to arrange the matter through someone else. I have been longing to leave  this place.  I beseech you to help him. I fully realized the truth. I ministered to my friend as best I could. I wept for an hour .  I broke down and moaned openly.  I was not surprised to see I struggled unsuccessfully to regain . I see you are still disturbed.  I was still in the unspoken agony of bereavement. The following day I suggested him. I have wholly regained my strength. I visited him several times during the next few weeks,

On many other occasions I coaxed my gentle  tutor.   I felt a strong desire to see them. My wife  is critically ill. I am torn by anxiety. I shall get you some word about her. I already know that you are no ordinary man. Yet I am unable to believe that. I was able to undertake the work. I truthfully assured you. How can I assimilate any higher teachings? I was astounded to hear a distant voice calling my name. I continued my vigorous upward climb on the Mountain. I finally reached. I have kept it ever clean and ready for you. I gazed long and ecstatically on my eternal treasure. I reflected with a quick reminiscent smile. He guide made a sweeping gesture. I felt no need for sleep in my ecstatic state.  I sought the presence of my master.  I gazed tranquilly at the stark contrast of the present scene. I penetrated the realms of reality.  I shall be with you instantly. I was welcomed by my fellow employees I sank into the meditative state. I will stay awhile. I do not wish your word discredited before your friends.  I have seen the conqueror of death.  I assumed the manifold business and family obligations of a householder. I have freed you tonight from painful death. For months I have pursued a ceaseless search for you. I implore you to accept me. I was silently reading. I soon reached the secluded spot. I had sat in patient silence for awhile. I have asked him.   I was further wonder-struck to behold .  I found inspiration in his ideal companionship. I was deeply praying to God for help. Once more I hastened to him.  I did not understand.  I saw in a blaze of light. I didn't want to interfere with you. I know now that your simple word is binding. I expected something material. Overcome by violent delusion I heard a voice resounding from every part of the room. It is all nothing when I made inquiry, she was still living.  I shall give him some words to remember., which I have renounced .

As I grew, As childhood slipped into boyhood, I am glad indeed to record this testimony, I am glad that . I could grasp it. I will not accept ministrations from any one.  I sensed that before me was a true man of God. Just imagine I ejaculated. No matter what the outcome, I will not speak untruth. With astonishment as well as gratitude, I smiled happily.I turned away . I agreed to an immediate departure. I was listening to him with mingled mirth and vexation.  I sought every opportunity to ,I started for the Himalayas

 in a buoyant spiritual mood, Inspiration filled me, my companion and I were thankful to be invited ,my friend and I greeted him expressing our admiration. For some obscure reason I felt sharp regret. I enjoyed the pleasant ride . I can scarcely believe it. I vouchsafed no reply to his insulting question. I quietly made my, appearance. I mustered all my will-force, I thought in mounting astonishment.


In triumph I moved toward the door.

I am glad to help them.

Silently I had entered the room in great awe. I clutched his feet as the sole raft of my rescue. As I stood irresolutely ,now I felt it an immeasurable privilege, yet I would not hurt him. Glancing back from the corridor, I become illuminated. Beyond reach of doubt, I was convinced ,Perhaps I was a little provoked. Fervently I reminded God, Revered Father, how can I tell my love for you! With reluctant parental consent, I set out to join  him. I remained obstinately silent. I noticed increased hostility in their attitude. I am leaving. Bowing reverently at his feet, I departed.  I made my way in the midnight darkness,Overhearing this remark, I regretted. Gratefully I accept your authority in every detail of my life, Silently I bowed before the familiar picture. In early manhood, I undertook the responsibilities of a householder, Father and I sat together in the evening calm. At his feet, I was in perfect peace. I always thrilled at the touch of  his holy feet. I never saw him unwell. I daresay ,I will not do it again. His tone was apologetic. I had abandoned my resentment, I had imbibed a few ,erroneous lessons. As the first streaks of dawn penetrated the dark room, I set out. looked  as bewildered as I felt.  I left behind.






You are welcome here. You must be the great. I shall come when you need me. you are perceiving it. Solve all your problems through meditation. I pursued you. I followed you like a mother bird guarding her young. I have watched over you, for your sake, because of your plea. It will help you. trust in you, Your word of kindness/compassion is enough. Your word of assurance is enough. You will remember this day. You will soon see, do you mind, as you wish,

 You have often expressed to me. You once expressed a desire to enjoy the beauties of moon. Feast your eyes, enjoy the artistic splendors of this palace.  All your earthly thirsts are about to be quenched forever. You must now mingle in the world of men. I pray that you permit me to communicate it to all seekers. You have graciously appeared at my prayer,


You are no longer my friend. You are willing and ready. My sinful eyes can see you no more.  You are ridiculing me. You could not fully believe me, I cannot accept you.  Do you remember that , No necessity compels you to leave the world. You seem sad. worrying over your life, in any way you like, if you insist. You have failed. Your preference for ashram life, advising you wrongly, shouting for you.  You failed to notify the authorities,


Do you now understand? How kind you are to me ? Will cause you much trouble? How can you admire ? Will you pardon me ? Will you accept my insignificant gift? Don't you see? Will you forgive me and receive me ? Why didn't you explain yesterday ?




He said laughingly. He confessed. He said indulgently. Look here! he ejaculated.  He embraced me warmly. You have come, he said tenderly. He often said. He said in triumph. He now thundered.  He added hopefully. He suggested that , He smiled at my enthusiasm. He made no comment. He added gently. He added abruptly. He said consolingly. He went on.  He said in alarm. He exclaimed.  He shouted. He instructed me to go. He remarked. He does not know.  He said with unusual gravity. He said ruefully. He observed solemnly. He announced. He now spoke placatingly. He limped along painfully. He soon raised an outcry. He suddenly spoke in a panic voice. He said finally. As he uttered these words. He does not know it. He remarked gravely. He remains  confused . He is in touch with me. He owes to your silent help. He does not know it.  He is still in ignorance. He has refused to go. He was so anxious to see me. He patted my hand gently. As he concluded with the words, He walked slowly. Her plea touched me. He retired into sullen silence.  He grinned sarcastically. He approached me.  He shouted. He was bewildered. He did not speak a single word. Taken aback at her ominous words.  He turned to me and whispered. He instructed me.  He went on quietly. He obligingly agreed to my diffident request.

He deems it fit. He occasionally accepts fruits. He spoke his usual words of departure,  He sensed my deep reluctance to leave him. On his return he smiled consolingly. when he was forced to speak openly. He could easily accomplish the task. He would encounter strange difficulties.  He volunteered his services. He excelled in swimming and in many skillful activities.      

He will recover. He will not heed this counsel. He is feeling at his best. He will drop dead. He seldom visited  the temple. He so deeply regretted his previous mode of life that he was ashamed to face him. What he has done, he can undo.  He can overcome any limitation.    He is justified in discarding his order. He takes advantage of any convenient short cut. Can he do anything about it? He walked to and fro. He quickly prevented me. He wanted me to feel that not he, but God, had been the Healer.  If he so wills, he will work in harmony with the plan. He was forbidden the experience of bitterness. He came back shortly. He delights in ridiculing the blind. Her usual calm and cheerful expression. He eventually appears. He rose resentfully from his seat . I yet realized their sting of truth. He pays off a large debt for his prodigal son.  He considers himself fortunate in being able to render such aid. He can then use it in any way he deems fit. He had not willingly cooperated with  us. He should do so.  He alone can say ,unless he had received permission. He expressed the infinite vastness of oceans, mountains and skies. He follows the precepts of human brotherhood.  He spent several hours , that he looked up in alarm. He had never before shown me these signs of affection. inwardly  he possessed the melting heart of a mother.  He listened to her in silence.


Read and remember ‘A’ the beautiful word

A good luck. A good beginning. A good start. A good thing. A good boy. A good worker.

a miracle! a pleasant surprise, a pleasant  evening, a devotee. a number of happy week , a lot of free time. a lot of work,  a lot of money, a specific purpose, a specific  requirement, a specific  need, a living soul, a living  hell, a life of self-respect, a life of determination, a loving glance , a loving gaze, a loving touch, a friend of mine. a smile of relief, a smile of  joy,  a smile of victory, a shining object, a shining star, a shining future, It is a pleasure to record that, a divine gift,  a beautiful gift, we came to a cordial understanding. a mutual understanding , a loyal Hindu, a profound influence over me, a delightful cold wave , a delightful sunset, a lavish meal, a place of worship;  a smiling photograph, a sign of  improvement,  a proof of his loyal service,


a dead man , a terrible blow,a short time,a silence,made a complete recovery, a dying man , a healing prophet,a picture of health, a brief interview, a tense hour , turned a sympathetic gaze, a commotion, a few weeks, a skeleton, a four-year course, a feeble attempt, a span of materialism, a relationship between ,

a glimpse of our teacher, a glimpse of other worlds , a seven-day trip to Srinagar, a large horse. a new location, a special prize , a hindrance to God, a mark of disrespect, a similar request, a lift of encouragement, a casual worker, a specialist, a constant visitor, a native, a fellow passenger, a murmured blessing, a pale stream of sunlight, a halt. a wave of cold fear , a hopeful paradox, a coincidence, a long story, a chance encounter, a small village, a complicated technique, a certain yoga technique,  a subtle realm , a few years later , a warning , under a vow of poverty. a spiritual presence, a renowned doctor. Such a prospect,  my unselfish friend is a boon to me. a shady spot, accompanied by a divine peace. a prodigal child , a need of man, a sacred Tulsi  tree, felt a desire , what a miracle!  suffering from a serious ailment, a year after , a picturesque place. with a panorama, a near-by well. We made a pilgrimage in a distant land through a dense forest. a moment's rest, a breath-taking view. a vast carpet of yellow flowers, over a natural waterfall. a rare delicacy,

with a sardonic smile., a year's study, by a divine healing. only a few minutes,  As a test of her faith, I asked her. a part of the Creator, a heavenly body, he made a pregnant comment. a symbol, a new name, after a moment's thought, a formal order, it has a twofold significance, through a harmony with nature, a worldly man , a mind with its restless thoughts, a universal need for yoga or control. in a comfortable position, a universal need, a careful English translation , a number of scholars , in a more scholarly manner, with a certain mournful solemnity. After a silence, he quoted, made a sympathetic inquiry, a miracle was occurring, a classmate said to me impatiently, ,a delightful story, a radiant light, a confirmation of this simple pronouncement ,a phenomenon of repulsion and attraction; cast a hopeful eye, a world of shadows, a search was begun ,a great thought , a visual sensation, a vision of violent contrasts, a captain in command of a battleship., a stray bullet ,a varied expression ,a true master ,with a troubled heart. For a long time I experienced ,a lifelong disciple ,a natural form of self-expression, a voice of flutelike quality ,a very remarkable man, a family of geniuses.  a deep-seeing philosopher, a charming spectacle, a natural fragrance!, a serious study of painting. ,a number of illustrations, a neighboring hill. a vehement protest, in a few months,, a brilliant student, a short trip, a soul vibrating with unfulfilled desires, a secret yoga technique, a near-by path, a stern glance. On a previous occasion, a most unexpected remark., plays a rewarding role, a unique system , problems of a small household, a beautiful bride waiting for you. a new incarnation, a huge crowd ,such a large number. After enjoying a short period ,That's a sacred trust ,through a certain action ,a similar technique,, a number of misguided youths, zealots. , a simple natural process, with a shallow ego, a living soul; a method to prove the scriptural truth. at a more rapid rate., a definite technique,

for a specific and spectacular purpose, merely a hint of his life , only a few facts , a youth of twenty-five, As a social courtesy, around a huge fire , a sacred Vedic ceremony, disturbed by the arrival of a stranger. a difficult test. a concrete example, a glimpse , a surprising request, a huge stone slab , a matter of great importance, a beautiful youth , a small number of people, a benign gesture. a witness at the scene , a sacred fulfillment, a wonderful discourse on immortality , gives us a detailed glimpse of the, a wondrous tale, a smiling young man, a remarkable resemblance, a fierce challenge, glow of a golden palace, ,a paean of welcome, a spectacle of unparalleled grandeur. a  spacious room, hall. a multicolored glow, a creation with its creatures, a monumental challenge to man, a golden throne, a golden palace, a mountain stream , a mountain spring, a gracious natural setting, a married man, a householder like me, a mood of exalted fervor, under a strain , under a pain,  The works were managed with spirit and strain, in such a way. in such a strange way,  in a peculiar way, in such a manner, asked for a quiet room, filled with a dim aural moonlight; a sudden flash, a sudden change, a sudden attack,  holding a begging bowl, a reverent study of the Veda, a reverent spiritual master,  notice a violent change, notice a strange transcendental change, notice a quick change, notice a remarkable change,  a great spiritual renaissance began , With a childlike simplicity, With a childlike humility, With a childlike innocence, a bundle of flesh and bones, a nest of troubles,  sea of troubles, no end of troubles, a newspaper account of the death , a humble student,  a humble approach, a humble request,  a humble statement, a humble expression, a profound aura of peace. a profound  presentation, a profound expression, a poignant expression, a state of calmness, a state of tranquility, a state of violence, a state of peace, The Gita is a part of the great epic. a true leader,  a true teacher, a definite method , a more reasonable explanation , To a remarkable extent, noted scholar  , a long-felt desire , a natural  fragrance, a very small room, His voice had a new note, soft like distant music. a sea of bliss, glanced at me for a moment, a violent sound, a beautiful woman ,a beautiful flower, a good wife, lead a good moral life , a very famous friend, a decades ago , a baffling problem , a man of love, a man of peace, a man of non-violence, a crowd of devotees, a painful  experience, a painful disease. a painful expression, a worldly man, a symbolic expression, a symbolic witness,  a symbolic journey, fell into a long silence, a similar case, a similar face, a similar incident, a similar story, put to a severe test, put to acid test, a gesture of love, a gesture of despair, a gesture of sympathy, a gesture of hope, a lover of truth, a lover of peace, a lover of quiet, a lover of nature, a lover of beauty, in a few hours , a small amount of sugar, a voice resounding with joy, a voice resounding with  pain. a significant development,  a significant prediction., a deep interest in  life, a deep interest in science, a deep interest in nature, a logical fact, a logical incident,  a logical development, a written account of his life, a written document of his life , a close study of the case , a close study of the poem,  a kind, gentle, and courageous youth, beloved by all his companions. a fortunate moment for all the human race,





ING words very powerful and very beautiful

waiting  to greet me. ending the childish quarrels, during preceding years, after undergoing training, after undergoing various trials and tests, after undergoing the operation, after undergoing the test,   ignoring all prejudices of caste, creed, class, color, sex, or race,  in reaching their high goal. taking nothing for granted on emotional grounds, seeking its manifold blessings. addressing  me sternly, Greeting me affably, appearing for those difficult finals, coursing down my face. Burning  zeal for God ,succeeding days, almost deafening me . During the week of the examinations, something resembling , getting your degree, ignoring the advice, asking questions, following year, coming true, Trusting my long training ,

admitting that the strained relationship between us was not due to any fault of his, but solely to my absences from classes

paying a short visit, making notable progress. wanting him to go, quietly weeping, believing that we take his mockery seriously, morning sun, aspiring zeal, inwardly visualizing,

scorching under the midday sun, banishing all discomfort, smilingly nodding in greeting, walking to and fro ,The all-embracing vision disappeared, sitting there cross-legged and cross-eyed ,watching you, diving deep into the ocean of thought. rushing out for aid, holding the feet in reverence, in arranging to go, enjoying excellent health, admiring the magnificent views. adding cream and sugar, staggering to realize that , wandering in the ether of futurity. changing vistas of mountainous grandeur. eyes were twinkling, welcoming trees, overlooking the noble hills. No running water was available, untiringly came , wholly transfiguring the bleak hills. Rushing down from the mountains, amidst the dazzling flower-beds, brewing within me, floating gardens, growing in the midst of vast waters, with colorful formations, stunning fairylands, spending happy weeks in Kashmir, subject to suffering , informing me that he had recovered. during the next fortnight, helping to carry his heavy load; willingly sacrifices , Rejoicing in the joyful splendour, His distinguishing qualifications, making the slightest distinction between them, owing to the unreality of the body, during my summer vacation, being celebrated at my family home, waiting for this opportunity, assuring myself that ,wondering whether my invitation, going to ask my uncle ,looking forward to this, stabbing pain was so intense, carried me to the sitting room. excruciating suffering ,  following morning the physician arrived hurriedly, healing powers, captured his hand lovingly. missing his real destiny, humiliating ego, pursuing the course, working together, welcoming our approach with a smile, disappointing news, Muttering angrily, overlooking the street. dazzling background, coming toward you, rumbling sound, piercing light, nothing remained before me ,laughed mockingly. surprising statement, fronting the sea. during his early boyhood, ignoring his warning, representing himself, incriminating evidence, clinching evidence, including myself, staring with resentment ,power of penetrating ,charming features, My day of reckoning finally arrived. harrowing details ,lasting one ,dying man ,in an unrelenting silence, testing the depth of her faith, penetrating eyes, twinkling eyes, no parting word, contrasting effect ,spending a few weeks, smiled consolingly, neglecting your college work,. Pursuing this course ,betraying their astonishment, collecting donations ,raising sufficient funds ,disintegrating powers of nature, challenging portrait, During the journey, wearing the bangle, excruciating pain, evening meal ,looked at me inquiringly, twinkling happily ,liberating knowledge ,lacking the potentialities ,feeling and reason, determining the auspicious times, dealing with such matters, basing their conclusions ,meaningless gestures, lifelong blessing, welcoming voice ,realizing fully ,profound understanding. Finding myself in Delhi, fulfilling a long-felt desire ,blooming like a lotus, silently emanating a spiritual fragrance, strangely enveloped in dazzling light. Realizing the uniqueness of her relationship with the sublime Guru, On the following day I returned ,scorching heat, train whistling for departure. Arriving at the home ,many fascinating details of his life, during my visits , This alarming threat , every evening, foolishly spending my money ,astounding miracles, displaying his divine powers, still living, baffling problem, unerring application of the law , her black hair, sparkling teeth, and amazing energy. forsaking his usual silence, expounding the holy scriptures one sunny morning , rapidly ebbing life ,Paying no attention to his ghastly condition, in a voice resounding with joy, spreading that message, healing of earthly woes, gains new meaning in the light ,Heeding such persuasions, against the thousand cunnings of time, except the revealing fact that she was an ardent devotee, living presence, nothing extraordinary, rising once again, towering spiritual figures, so striking that, youthful-looking Krishna, amazing incidents of his life ,astonishing skill ,during my visit ,made a surprising request. glittering stars, preceding evening, beholding the drama ,an enthralling story, roaming in the magnificent hills. a smiling young man, extending his hand in welcome, begging bowls,  releasing the sweet seed-memories of my previous life. waiting for this perfect day, the icy Himalayan night was descending, a comforting warmth, an inner radiation, shrieking a fierce challenge. sound of approaching footsteps, satisfying your wish, freeing you from the bonds ,rejoicing at the end of your long exile. A vast palace of dazzling gold, nothing inexplicable, floating in space, all-accomplishing will, maintaining it intact, blazing with diamonds, glistening gold, words of blessing, Reentering the palace, fabulously glistening in the cold Himalayan sunlight, enchanting palace, embracing me, for his farewell blessing, burning with the enthusiasm ,nothing then to deny. bestowing a blessing on me. willing to investigate the truth , mistrusting their senses, holding a begging bowl, cleaning his cooking utensils. by serving wise and ignorant, learning the greatest of virtues, pleasing to God ,everything in this world, preceding day ,aware of his enfolding presence ,through your enlarging perceptions. finding fault with my tools, his penetrating interpretations ,correctly conveying , the profound insight of the Guru, lasting bliss, lasting peace,  




 to to a very small room, to witness the incident, to ward off the scorching heat, to move round and round, to view the phenomenon, failed to interrupt my regular program, exposed to the fierce sun rays, offered no clue to his mode of escape, to operate instantaneously, hope to throttle the voice of God, to read the marvelous story , to behold a  miracle, suddenly put to a severe test, to find him in a dying state. Paying no attention to his ghastly condition, to the urgent problems of peace and brotherhood, to put himself in harmony with it, to all men in all lands. to the challenge of time. up to proclaim that the science of yoga is more vital than any material advances to man's happiness and to a nation's longevity. to assume the entire responsibility of his family, to burst into flame.  to inspire the nations, to forsake wars, race hatreds, religious sectarianism, and the boomerang-evils of materialism, to maintain silence, towering spiritual figures , to discuss a matter of great importance, turned to me with a benign gesture. to spend many hours roaming in the magnificent hills. descending to the gorgeous gardens, I noticed,  to bring spiritual solace, to unravel the final mysteries of life , friends gathered to greet me, eager to behold a saint, It is easy to believe, willing to investigate the truth, to attend the holy festival, to criticize no one, to adhere to the good traditional discipline of their own faith, has the answer to every dilemma of life. trouble appears to be endless, to such an extent that ,used to serve our purposes; problem to delight the heart , visit the venerable lady,

to be rightly grasped , except by men of profound understanding.  to curtail the period of  exile, to absorb the shock of lightning, to take an unfriendly interest in you, to tell him my woes in private. to your fate, to be true, to fall in with the plans, to my mind. to understand the truth , to enjoy all human sensibilities, not to put their concentration, to correctly ascertain the dates , according to the ancient seers, to assimilate his noble exposition. to undo any wrong , reluctant to disturb ,bravely endure,

greeted me with unusual warmth, to tell him my woes in private,

 The story is incomprehensible to me. You must use this life to reconcile your accomplishments with the highest humanitarian goals.

began to attract widespread attention. able to fulfill his slightest wish. to misuse his powers, to travel with him, to turn around. not to help suffering humanity, but to prey on it ,to forsake my worldly ambitions, to take an interest, to change his  materialistic views, doesn't wish to be disturbed. Why do you come here to bother me? ,to keep peace with my family. to establish a college ,to correctly describe, to eliminate me , to the questions ,lovingly tried to fill the void , to accompany us. to make proper arrangements ,to my amazement, to lighten the misery, to alleviate the sorrows of mankind, to bear bodily pain stoically,  to become ill  ,to accompany me , refuses to go. to accompany us.  to look after the luggage, to serve without pay. willing to go, to stay awhile longer with me, attention to my remark. to display their powers openly, too subtle to be suspected.  to observe his social obligations, , and to notify my uncle, preparing to leave, to make any explanation, his reluctance to visit , too much astounded to utter a word, commanded to give you this experience, rare to achieve , To the very last, I could feel his fingers resting lightly on my hair, unable to grasp it



with an apologetic air. with affectionate exasperation. without failure, mixed with ejaculations betraying their astonishment. gazed at me with mock severity, without the sanction of human belief. greeted me with unusual warmth, but gave me no opportunity, with unshakable insight , expounded the Bible with a beautiful clarity. observed with considerable heat, with meaningless gestures, path with flowers, with our hands, without a glimpse , with changing vistas of mountainous grandeur. entranced with the scenery, fired with ambition ,with amazement, with anguished determination, equipped with wisdom , greeted me with a friendly warm, replied with a chuckle. with angelic tenderness. with your friends, without your blessings, approach with a smile, with disappointing news, with such restlessness , disappear without a trace, with ominous admiration , with resentment ,with an extraordinary power ,with egotism, without reply ,with my own eyes, within me, with silent compassion., with the sacred mother, I die with shame, with the sublime yogi, storm broke out with great fury. open with a violent sound, with no ill effect, finally spoke with solemn truth, smiled with keen interest.  with a gesture of despair. with tears of gratitude, with mirth. His eyes twinkled at me mischievously. a voice resounding with joy, along with the problems, to put himself in harmony with it. with regular observance , utters with reverence, worked with astonishing skill, The man's face was lit with inexpressible reverence, with a concrete example, The night was bright with moonlight and the glittering stars. He turned to me with a benign gesture. My voice was half-choked with joyous sobs. with celestial love. dark eyes sparkled with wisdom. with glistening gold, without personal motive or attachment, burning with the enthusiasm of truth, The darkened room soon filled with a dim aural moonlight; please do not depart without bestowing a blessing on my friends. entered this room without our knowledge, filled me with such intoxication , finding fault with my tools, without any display, in accordance with ancient custom, without stress or strain, publicly discussed or published without due discrimination,

filled me with grief. In all his dealings with the family, treated me with kindness, Transfixed with alarm, Get in touch with him, with congratulations, with such speed , with praise of my guru, within the passing mark. Please come with me, filled with life ,thrilling me with joy indescribable.  with the majesty of, without prior arrangements, He flushed with emotion,  lowering his gaze in silent repentance, with softened expression, occasionally glanced at me pleadingly. During my stay with him, I noticed that ,without suffering, he died without apparent cause, shortly after his strange remark before the photograph




born on that day, slavishly dependent on mechanical guidance, On later occasions, on which I wrote: on three occasions , It is a fact that , on the end of the nose, based on a relationship ,on the  this path, He went on .on that subject, on my way , conferred on me , for reasons somewhat obscure. plainly visible on her face, concentrated on it, on behalf of me, on the ground.  On the return journey to Calcutta, on reaching Kashmir, to carry on without you, On rare occasions, put my head on his lap, placed both hands on my head, on that date

on the ground, one outstanding event of history. on the rocky bank, on all sides ,in the path of worldly life, on several occasions, on the whole, their efforts were successful. one sunny morning , on the seas of faith and apprehensive doubt ,one of the spellbound listeners ventured a question , on the shores of my soul, on another memorable occasion. on the occasion of his triumphant entry,


in excellent health. in his human aspect, in the first place, to kneel at his feet in gratitude, gradually sinks into ignorance, banned in order to avoid, bodies in our solar system, stars in the Milky Way, in the 9th century, in its present form, in the midst of the garden, in his own image, in the image of God, in the morning. , in our midst, enveloped in darkness,

in your sacred life, in this very room, in dazzling light. in lotus posture, in the center of the room, earlier in my life, in a sea of bliss, in the company of his friends, fell into silence, in my  presence, in front of you. fell to the ground in agony. in connection with a woman, arrived in the quiet of night, in the tranquil night, in a dying state, night passed in unbroken silence, cheerful mood was incomprehensible, well to put himself in harmony with it. aid in establishing that brotherhood of man ,in spreading that message, and in writing that sacred life. culminated in 1995,  to put himself in harmony with it. spread in time to all men in all lands. best men in every generation, in every century , destroyed in the winter , One attempts in vain even to picture him. It is inconceivable. in his immortal scripture, in another way, in constant communion with God, in his later years, in an inner state of ecstasy,  reflected in the opaque waters, transparent waters, tranquil waters, vanished into the night sky, in the early dawn, She remains in ecstasy, in a hidden underground cave , in my thirty years, arrived in thirty days ,roaming in the magnificent hills. extending his hand in welcome ,his remark was incomprehensible ,in life and death, in the darkness, imbedded in the decorative arches, immersed in an inner peace, solely in your honor, in reality there is nothing inexplicable, completed in the early dawn.  beauty in heaven and earth, remaining unbrokenly in its bliss ,in the quest of the truth, in these days ,interest gleamed in every eye, in such a strange way. took an enthusiastic interest in education, in the path of worldly life, in the daytime, sat in silence most of the time, locked in the tranquil lotus posture, inconceivable nature ,in actual practice, regained in 40 days his health,