Vedic English
Spoken English: III

He  words read and remember

He greeted me as  friend

He fell into inscrutable silence.

He inquired the grounds for my premature request

He was credulous and obliging enough to.

He blessed us as he departed quickly.

He  attains perennial peace.

This is her creed.

whom he dearly loved, dearly desired, dearly wanted, dearly appreciated

He had a surpassing influence over my life.

 He was fully awake

He tended to first say no

her strong Indian sentiment for family,

She  is in excellent health

she is dangerously ill

He grew noticeably more tender, more loving, more approachable

She had left me a momentous message

He opened his eyes and beckoned me to approach.

He is ready to renounce all worldly hopes, desires  

He rejoined me

A true man is he who dwells in righteousness among his fellow men, 

He seemed in a didactic mood

He gave a childlike laugh

He is marvelous!

He made a gesture of blessing.

He surveyed me thoughtfully.

He beheld the fair face of nature

She was a living temple of God.

He seldom spoke at length.

Her handsome face.

 Her dark eyes were guileless,

He touchingly requested me.

He had lovingly hatched a plot.

 He smiled mischievously

He made this charming observation.

He was enjoying the familial warmth.

He  regarded me kindly.

He explained courteously,

He was determined to foil the plans of escape ,

He exercised a vigilant eye.

remained hidden from my eyes



He gave me an enigmatical glance. 

He glanced at the letter

He revealed my plan

He greeted me graciously.

He was a handsome, robust man]

He is intimate with truth,

He pursued extensive researches on it.

He  was sympathetically distressed.

He was constrained to silence.

He was in intimate converse with him.

Her dark eyes conveyed more amazement than her words.

Her face, tenderly smiling, was beauty itself.

Her majestic words of love;

Her swift heed ,

He was engaged in his inexhaustible romance with nature.

She realizes our sad predicament.

He passed his arm around me affectionately,

But he leaned toward me confidentially.

She is in full sympathy with us .

He seemed an incarnation of purity

Her appearance fairly dazzled me.

He has great respect.

He kindly outlined the solutions to various problems

He impressed me favorably.

He admonished a few near-by disciples.

He had further words for me.

He  brought me this devastating news.

He laughed merrily.
He was active and vigorous as a young man.

He gazed at me with childlike trust.

He added humbly,

He said affectionately:

He easily penetrated my difficulty.
He spoke with determination.
He paused for a dramatic moment;

He  hospitably arranged  for our comfort.

He receives respect and obedience

He maintained a lugubrious silence ,

 He pinched me painfully at an awkward spot.

She smiled in motherly fashion

He burst into tears.

He smiled pleadingly ,

 He spoke thoughtfully.

He  spoke with a spiritual enthusiasm never before noticeable.

He must be on intimate terms

He fell into tranquil silence.

He was economical;.

He manifested the originality of a creative spirit.

He looked at me affectionately.

He spoke gravely

He was reluctant to discuss.

He is a fool that cannot conceal his wisdom,


He patiently instructed the boys

He had ingeniously devised for the

He praised the progressive, resourceful and hygienic habits of the West,

 He remarked on suitable occasion.

He was apparently satisfied with my  progress,

He  assured me.

He felt a serious responsibility

He  was pleased over my enthusiastic arrival.

He  spoke venomously to me one day without reason.

He showed no distinction or partiality.

He answered caustically.

He was apparently unsuccessful,

He shook her head with great vigour.

He enjoyed an exchange of views with his guests.

Often grave, he  was never gloomy.

He was gentle and affable to guests;

He  was puzzled.

He stressed on the futility of mere book learning.

He remarked.

He gave a brief comment.

He can grasp such erudition.

He laughed heartily.  

He  made a formal request,

He respectfully offered a word of apology and sped away.

 He listened politely,

He outwitted every opponent.

 He underwent these painful experiences.

He remarked.

He makes it aptly significant ,

He struck gently

He is eternal, ever-new Joy

He  was aptly mute.

He laughed in hearty appreciation,

He is not displeased,

He ignores the panorama of the world's ado.

He was ideal in every respect.

He had forsaken great family wealth.

He obligingly explained. 

honeyed beauty of the tongue1

your refusal of ten rupees

Her solacing black eyes

In stoic silence he listened to my explanation.

He uttered gravely.

He is pleased to invite you.

If you can successfully resist him,

his savage activities

His eyes opened widely.

 his ferocious appearance.

his callous departure, his enthusiastic smile,

his eyes sparkled, then grew dull.

his voice was resonant in our astounded ears.

his inner tenderness. I noticed , bitter-sweet ,

his intense joy of God

his piercing eyes

his bewilderment at my distress.

his high character

his revolutionary discoveries

 his radical achievements

his sympathetic words

His motive emerged after a few casual remarks.

His voice was loud and sarcastic,

His insolent words struck me like a volley of bullets.

his hand was desperately torn.

his eyes twinkled. 

his gentle voice

His large, lotus eyes

His face held a mild rebuke.

his paradoxical view of renunciation

His striking words

His rich voice

his concluding words were the realized creed of his faith.

 his alarming counsel

his voice tremulous with joy.

His calm eyes were full of understanding.

His role in the world was humble,

His simple words of greeting, love

 His dark eyes were large, beautiful with plumbless wisdom.

He said I must depart.

He looked at me steadfastly.

He sternly  reminding  me.

 He bestowed on me a gaze of illumination which I have never forgotten.

He inclines to think.

He patted my shoulder.

His eyes became compassionately soft.

His simple words

his immortal words

his aggressive will and courage

His  fierce yet calm face

His ironical smile implied that

His procedure differs widely,

his deafening demands

His austere face was noticeably softened.

his erudition ,his calm eyes.

His eyes held unfathomable tenderness.
his oceanic heart.

His suggestion dismayed me.

His voice was stern.

his eyes gleamed with satisfaction;
his voice was cold, his manner unemotional.

his tone was reverently vibrant.

His voice rings out,

His impartiality  is rooted in wisdom.

his every utterance was measured and chiseled by wisdom.

his lifelong interest:

his health was excellent;

his wisdom was so penetrating that, heedless of remarks,

His words were impersonal with wisdom.

His impartial justice was notably demonstrated.

His  reply  came with unusual coldness his  unreasonable moods.

his  departure brought me no elation;

his tone was inquiring, as though utter silence had reigned.

his  words convulsed me with mirth,

His importance would be ceremoniously acknowledged.

his financial independence ,His attitude towards me was offensive.

his towering stature.

His calm gaze was unfathomable.

his enigmatic smile.

his tone held a note of resignation.

his words of warning.


You  words read and remember
Ample  reward for your services.

Then you can resume your search

  a young man of ebullient manner, greeted me in the courtyard.

There is resentment against you.

for your belligerent son.

You have renounced riches and comforts

You are welcome here.

You could not have come on a better day."

You have given us a memory for a lifetime.

You are surely not banishing me.

What joy if you accept my humble services.

Let your wish be my wish.

you shall be well and strong

Your malady has been quite serious.

You are ever welcome,

you are under obligation to render grateful service.

you have inexplicably failed

your divine thirst is laudable.

your destined path ,

Your little face was illuminated

You will feel no remorse.

your sole path in this life is that

You have indeed penetrated the bewilderment of my thoughts.


My words read and remember

The music gently entered my ear as I stood silently.

my chance companion

My companion left me abruptly.

jovially clasping my shoulder.

To my great surprise, joy, pain

One evening he entered my room in pensive mood.

The  students are in a state of excitement over my presence.

my worldly ambitions.

My teacher is the holy man who gave the wise warning.

  My longing was sincere, for one day he arrived unheralded.

It is my further wish

before my fascinated eyes.

Tears stood in my eyes at  her concluding words.

The bitter separation of my mother's death ,

Joyful anticipation rang in my voice

 silent witness of my grievous hurts

my tears welled from a bliss, and not a pain, past bearing.

Perceiving my hurt, he finally smiled consent.

my enraptured heart seemed shattered into a thousand pieces.

ignoring my question, answered my thought

My thought was impatient,

 My educational dilemma

This was my reasoning,

assimilating my new knowledge

my stumbling interpretation.

at my own silent comment:

In my new dignity,

They gave me praise for my work

My greeting was one of unfeigned joy.
But the past day of my torture was not easily forgotten;

My strict adherence to meditation

a reflection of my whole life.
My family was predicting my return, humbly rest in our family nest.

my eternal affection,

you disregard my request.

Please convey my respectful regrets to him when he returns.
With heavy heart, I sought out my sole friend,

No hesitation was in my words or in my heart.

You have given us a memory for a lifetime.

What joy if you accept my humble services.

only mean my highest good.

My affectionate farewell to her.

Bidding farewell to my friend

my opportunity to please him by obedience was vitally immediate

determined to press my advantage.

Let your wish be my wish.

my gaze fell with astonishment on a wall picture,

Such are my simple annals.

overwhelming my heart

my sunken eyes and emaciated appearance were far from my liking.

My tone was a protest.

three great events in my life.

The reward was an effortless harmony with my guru.

Laughing sarcastically, he repeated my remark.

in my eyes the greatest privilege  is that

in my astounded face

My travels ended,

at my distress ,sorrow, joy, pain, suffering, best,

Happier memories, sweet memories, painful memories, loving memories,

One of my most precious possessions is that,

It has been my privilege to serve you,

 my joy to serve you ,

a opportunity to serve and please you.

express myself freely

My life was despaired

my heart was thrilled.

the desperation in my face.

 stunning mystery of death.

My heart wept for the lost Mother

fulfillment of my solemn promise

my silent prayer

The most singular event in my life.

deeply unhappy circumstances of my life

 a herald of my gain

My keen love for studying, keen  interest for him

My material needs are amply provided for.

my thoughts raced in confusion

It increased my bewilderment

illumined my mind.

the burning goal of my life was achieved.

my inward mirth  reached a zenith

My friend wore an expression of blithe satisfaction.

Prostrating myself at his feet,

My companion had turned pessimist ,

My brother spoke soothingly.

slightly shaken my confidence. Please solve my bewilderment

 my lively curiosity

My anger was evaporated in laughter.

My glance of amusement


We words read and remember

We shall view the beauties of the Taj Mahal.

We sat awhile in silent understanding,

We  were soon before the glory of  the Taj Mahal.

We  broken heartedly discussed the fact.

We looked into each other's eyes, where tears were shining.

as we have seen, India has made great contributions.

we proceeded hand in hand,

We are impelled to seek freedom.

 During our ecstasies in the lap of nature,

We are  be spellbound.


It words read and remember

It was on a lazy summer afternoon,

It was just an extraordinary accident,

It is difficult to describe

It evidently pained him to think

Ample reward for your services.

It bore no scar or trace of hurt.

It was a gala occasion.

found it delicious.

Its temporary phenomena

It appeared incredible that

It was by indomitable persistency in thoughts of health and strength that

When his fame reached a zenith, it brought the intoxication of pride.

It is quite true, quite beautiful.

It was well-known

it brought vital impetus to science.

It was with great hope that I announced my results

It is lamentable that

It has been determined

It was brilliantly expounded long ago

It was an indescribable torture .

 It was deep humiliation to realize that

its placidity reminds us of the vast calmness of God.

 It proved abysmally dull,

It shows his complete lack of faith

 It is time for a change,

It will cease to trouble you.

It was unique

It filled me with fright.

It was the gentle hour of dusk.

It may be used constructively or destructively like a knife,



This words read and remember


this holy spot,

This welcome suggestion came from him.

This tale did not impress me.

This memory persisted long

What is this wondrous glow?

This noble poem,

this not a confused state but the clearest,

This is all too uncanny for me 

fell on unsympathetic ears.

living in this material age, 

After this extraordinary revelation

This  is doomed to failure