Vedic English
Spoken English: IV

Spoken English   words beautiful and brilliant

A  words read and remember


       observed a certain reverential distance.

Even a gentle rebuke, 

who  pursues a goal ,

Sadly walking home, along a woodland  path ,

took a definite interest ,

awakened memories of a past life.

in a sweet serenity.

a momentous message, meeting, work

a  phenomenal event

bestow a blessing.

a cold, smooth touch.

in a childlike voice.

in a benign gesture.

a treacherous companion

we discussed a vital matter,

greeted me in the courtyard.

put me in a difficult position.

an honest introspection,

What a paradox!

a graceful means of escape.

A crowd of people were sitting,

Grimly silent for a long time.

in a state of excitement

in a bone-cracking blow.

grateful for his vivid outline of a life truly cyclonic.

like a leaping frog.

In a state of intense devotion 

His face held a mild rebuke.

By a continuous living tradition,

 a vital power

eloquent testimony of a tireless ingenuity.

Now an agony at separation

In a playful mood

The unique pantomime brought me an inexpressible ecstasy.

in an idle moment.

a fellow victim

an elderly woman of dignified bearing.

An hour-long verbal tussle ensued

A rear garden was pleasant with  trees.

 A spacious ground-floor hall,

A flood of ineffable bliss

a striking similarity of aspect

A sublime self-assurance marked his mode of expression:

 in a delicate balance of discrimination.

wanton loss of a human body

But a deadly cobra once confronted him,.

after a severe illness.

Taking his words as a gesture of love

a change was unpleasantly apparent.

written down in a remote past

An opportune memory came to me


In  words read and remember

held him in the highest esteem/honour /glory.

balanced in his judgments

in their early years,

in appreciation of her immeasurable faith in her guru.

dancing in the wind.

in that sacred spot.

Emerging in every generation

at once manifested in mountain caves,

in the tenderness of mother

travel in the holy hills

grew in intensity,

going to the school  in quest of the knowledge.

in quest of truth, conquest of falsehood,

.bowed before him in great reverence.


Ing    words read and remember


Overhearing this provocative remark,

He obligingly explained

who has refused the conflict, acquiring nothing,

enrich the world by bestowing the fruits of his victorious experience.

seeming into the reality

utilizing knowledge only for personal gain.

The burning Indian imagination

astonishing fertility of his genius ever be exhausted

have shown astounding unanimity in result

will contribute to lessening of human suffering.

deciphering the closely guarded secrets

Shamelessly gripping his feet,

the door was opened by his  welcoming hand.

violently reciting a chant.

 A transforming silence ensued.,

fast approaching. equally uninteresting. silently criticizing, tenderly smiling,  tireless ingenuity

Do not forsake me and your grieving brothers and sisters.
An appetizing aroma filled the air.

 Darkness was descending

Impending doom averted

Slightly curly hair softened a face of striking power.

at the transfixing touch of pure love.

 The living reality of your presence

meeting had ended on an inharmonious note.

The stranger opposite me was taking a surprising interest.

These appetizing words had disastrous effect on us.

once again he was beset with misgivings.

You are surely not banishing me.

 Midnight was approaching.

White marble dazzling in the sun,

unceremoniously sharing the quarters.

during the annual festivities of Durgapuja.

everything was simple, clean,

 Several  things were in evidence

the early sun is warming the river.

Before embracing it,

Quiet evening hours

charmingly situated near the Bay of Bengal.

in a rhythmical clapping of hands.

In conversation he avoided startling references;

The darkness is silently approaching.

even delicate handling.

penetrating sunshine of his wisdom,

Quietly sitting beside him,

Fully expecting to be scolded,

serenely glowing face.

treating all as his children.

Perceiving their soul equality,

trying to convince her about something.

There was a charm about the trifling incident;

The welcome was given with charming cordiality.

sometimes suffered an invigorating shock.

beneficial in stimulating desire

doing his rightful duty.

 innocent of the cunnings of diplomacy.

Amazing it was to find that

in the scorching field. in a crowded lane. in a sea of luminous joy, beauty, love.

Crossing rough paddy fields,

bringing me to near-collapse

extraordinary pair of piercing dark eyes.

Single heartedly seeking God ,

enlightening words. dazzling radiance. spoke  comfortingly. moving gently ,lasting joy, peace, sorrow, pain, long, for ever, . meaningless gestures, talk, quarrel, life. joyously supervising, inspiring words ,most revealing

pleasing presence, personality, experience, nature, you, guest, me,

Loving him dearly, Loving him heartily, Loving him deeply, 

An outstanding mathematician and logician,

feeding the poor

Shunning  all luxuries

light, enveloping the entire room

Another early recollection is outstanding

striving  for worldly success.

Taking every precaution for success,

The voice was as murmuring clouds.

the wedding preparations

Mother was welcoming numerous relatives,

daily arriving here from distant homes.

Everything was in readiness

The melancholy morning came

trifling tragedies of childhood.

worldly light emerging from the dawn.

Intense pangs of longing for her

 roaming about India as a student

  assuming the difficult role of Father

Everything is mysterious

bestowing  blessing ,  ensuing eloquence, inspiring words 

The memorable morning arrived

But he had faded into the dark, unknown surrounding

during our homeward journey.

Ever gentle and loving,

God is simple. Everything else is complex.

Careful scrutiny, relentless observance, close monitoring,

stark and shattering experience.

 enjoying the discussion.

Where throngs of devotees were passing to and fro.

charming fragrance of rose

learned many astonishing Vedic secrets

starving millions of India

Feeling the silent rebuke,

expressing our admiration

understanding  the past dilemma.

All this politeness is certainly going to cost me something.

 mounting astonishment, relaxing quietly, wise warning, amazing force

Amidst  piercing sound and terrified crowd,

defying the law of gravitation

they are often found embarrassing.

They are discovering India anew.

abandoning his wife

looking after His own.

humbly knelt for his farewell blessing.


Of     words read and remember


Pleasure of knowing, pleasure of travelling, pleasure of gardening, pleasure of serving, welfare of the people,  family, country, women, poor, depressed, victims, society, 

 worthy of the veneration , worthy of praise, worthy of adoration, worthy of reward, worthy of promotion,

characteristic features of Indian culture, glimpses of the past, glimpse of the future. queen of hearts,  rays of the late afternoon sun were still crowning the tall ripple of the wild grass.  favourable turn of events. in moments of trial or confusion, An immense flash of light , after the day of rapture. ,gesture of respect , gesture of good will, immemorial gesture of good will , he rows of colorful lights, vibration of great peace. A blaze of illumination came over me , But instead of enthusiasm, vicious nature of the tiger , glance of amusement, Many of our happy hours ,the splendour of the sun , the brotherhood of man stands revealed. against the guiles of materialism, delightful fragrance of the flower, An ejaculation of surprise broke from me. aura of peace ,The aura of peace after the storm , for the benefit of the world , of endless bliss. ,The world is full of uneasy believers. The foremost ancient exponent of yoga. The unique throb of life in all creation could seem , Through many years of miscomprehension, I came to know, recognized the importance of our contribution to success. With expression of unreserved gratitude to him , One of the foremost expounders , in the house of poignant memories, under press of time, honeyed beauty of the tongue1,, As gesture of welcome/ goodwill/love  to him, We entered a oneness of silence;

every aspect of social life,  by the exigencies of the moment, the mist of lifelong dreams.  A hint of humility had crept into his voice. our first glimpse of the sacred wonders of Brindaban , the vaults and vulgar accumulations of the world.  A throb of wonderment stole over me ,

The essence of truth, all-pervasive ,living manifestation of God.  the pervasive glare of daylight,.and glimpse the reality of bliss.  very easy of assimilation.  The gentle approach of love , Undemonstrative, however, he bestowed no word of affection.  very troublesome to his peace of mind , the greatest enemy to the happiness of man.  a woman of very decided opinions, infallible guidance of truth. very depths of his soul, added  a few words of affection.  render due appreciation and gratitude , help, assistance,  

veracious men and women.  Their mutual love, tranquil and dignified, respect for law and order,  India's history, mythology, and philosophy, seemed to dissolve and fade away ,   human and divine.  The benign and terrible aspects in nature,  The tiger collapsed and lay quietly.  Stalwart and straight, You have renounced riches and comforts , continuous toil, persistence and resourcefulness , With silky white beard and large lustrous eyes, glossy lawn, and tranquil lagoon, Sleep was sound and sweet ,  how real and vivid still! , Everyone found in him an equal courtesy and kindness, you shall be well and strong  , loved and revered their  teacher, Pain and pleasure are transitory, so candid and so censorious. at once simple and difficult,  deep, original, and sublime thoughts




seriously harmed , violently agitated, smiled happily, used frequently , generally considered , brilliantly expounded , laughed heartily ,plainly furnished; vastly different, emphatic reply, materially poor hypnotically  produced.  harmoniously attuned, finally vanished ,deeply unhappy,earthly duties, amply provided,arrived opportunely.,reasonably expected, hardly suggest, greatly  enhanced, greatly enjoyed, greatly amused, greatly felt, greatly surprised, gradually accustomed, extremely  rare. instantly recovered , Mutually ensanguined, spoke impressively. exploit commercially, approaches awkwardly ,firmly upright, remember painfully. needs urgently ,simply wished ,recognized scientifically,


I vividly recall, I vividly remember, I vividly remind, renounced worldly quests, ties, renounced violence, renounced smoking, fatal disease. pushed me playfully. spontaneously accorded to him. kindly accorded to him. greatly accorded to him.

taught us only through love. How bitterly you recall , ,vanished as mysteriously, The phenomenon was widely discussed.   utterly beyond words-,plans were truly elaborate. Shortly before the great day, him instantly. I sobbed out the fatal tidings. far  from worldly ambitions. Far  from madly crowd, far from noise and bustle,  far from the city life.

worldly hopes,  worldly hopes and desires, reveal  fully, does  not reveal fully , more profoundly expressed, ,Please expound the holy stanzas, faithfully served our country,  diffidently approached me, surely bring luster of vision into your eyes.

scarcely realize the vast strides of twentieth-century science., fairly strong body and an immensely strong determination, Finally he smiled in acquiescence. successfully resist, Worldly people do not like. , The only indispensable is Love. gazed ardently at me , life of a devotee of science is inevitably filled with unending struggle. apparently contradictory facts, clearly perceptible, but India is virtually unrepresented, The more deeply we perceive,

actions were effortlessly harmonized with his soul's simplicity. You are utterly unprepared for the finals, greeted me cordially, all worldly ambitions  ,darkly rooted in desires and satisfactions, in the family nest. then spoke slowly and seriously, Our benefactors were evidently known here; only accidental good fortune. Daily life at the school flowed smoothly, listen respectfully to words of truth ,  openly ignore a conceited pundit.

This world is inconveniently arranged , in action he was freely expressive. when his laugh rang jovially, need not concern himself strenuously ,But it is painful to worldly ears.  deeply revered him.

Remarkably intelligent, he quickly won his  affection. Tears stood in his eyes, but he controlled himself quickly.  Intelligence is rightly guided only , inwardly humble and outwardly unbendable. you have inexplicably failed , Their elevated thoughts are carefully unrelated  , slowly assimilated. instantly grasped , conscious of high worldly position , remotely related to it

fairly uncomfortable time , I remained obstinately silent. fully alive, fully active, fully briefed, fully prepared,. narrowly confined, spoke eloquently,, utterly different trembled and vibrated , violently agitated , smiled gratefully, joyously, beautifully, heartily,  spoke despairingly, sweetly, honestly, affectionately, .





closed his mortal eyes,

bowed before him

witnessed the luminous blaze ,

The vision vanished, but the silvery beams expanded in ever-widening circles to infinity.

The phenomenal powers possessed by him

expressed keen interest, profound interest, tremendous interest,

We broke into astounded lamentations.

refused to benefit himself ,

elated  by material profit

Joy filled me,

A train thundered toward us

determined chase

bowed at the sacred feet.

dormant  memories  awakened.

cannot be told, done, expressed, completed, executed, predicted, found, finished, seen,   

all fear had fled

Well-camouflaged, well covered,

A deep elation possessed our hearts.

 we shouted his name

met an illumined saint;

 our earnest search had ended

the father moaned, / bemoaned./sorrowed.

sacred books

Such perceptions eluded me.

Two years elapsed,

dismissed the ornate dignity

Time has validated Vedic worth

and embraced eternity.

The next day dawned

 we arrived at the right house.

a curious crowd followed me on the streets.

 story approached a climax,

A woeful period followed.

they delighted,

Indeed it is true!

expounded various points

composed many ecstatic songs

engaged in scientific discussion.

demonstrated by experiments.

The work already carried out

the unexpected revelations

please be seated.

produced the most violent effect

saint desired privacy.

must not be dismayed

Father was distressed as I stood before him for final blessing.

With double zest I awaited the following midday.
Eloquence flower
A quarter-century elapsed

persuaded me to go

Grateful memories flashed

No further conversation ensued;

Silenced as we

Sharp words followed;

approached at rapid pace.

Night descended

my brother turned sober, then solemn.

My gloom departed.

never dismayed by unexpected visitors

As midnight approached

 exclaimed exultingly,

My patience was exhausted.

All creation is governed by law,

balanced in every way,