Vedic English
Spoken English: V

Beautiful  word ‘To


to promote Unity in Diversity, peace, friendship, business,

to eliminate misunderstandings, enmity,

to augment friendliness and harmony, among the fellow people,

to  increase awareness,

 to meet the exigencies, challenge,

to achieve  new heights.

To strengthen  the bonds/ties /relationship between the people, wise men of India,

to perform a civic duty

To its illustrious author,

to demonstrate the truth ,

to renounce all,

to fully grasp and express

to ridicule me,

to feel anger or animosity

to render him a personal service

to render grateful service

to greet the visitor

to accord with diversity

to disturb the calmness

to welcome you

to invite you

to the general public.

to hasten the embrace of lovers

to overcome human limitations.

to make great contributions

to the pursuit of truth

 to possess the joy of creative service.

contribute to lessening of human suffering

. to remind him of more urgent business

to do justice to his benignity

to various problems

. to reawaken my interest


Beautiful word “LY “


greatly enhanced, dearly loved , worldly success, worldly quests,  saintly nature, conciliatory remarks, happily dismissed , spontaneously accorded , vividly recall,  Muscularly  firm,  deeply indebted,  resentfully conscious, gradually accustomed,  extremely rare, early years,  simply wished, Sadly walking , worldly success. vanished mysteriously , instantly recovered ,  reasonably expected , widely discussed.  lovingly desire , bodily temple,, hardly suggest, Completely oblivious, fully awake, silvery beams ,murmuring clouds.  early recollection , joyously supervising,  scarcely believed ,wedding preparations. truly elaborate ,worldly hopes, inexplicably thrilled , melancholy morning ,worldly ambitions, finally vanished , deeply unhappy ,sweet serenity, jovially clasping, harmoniously attuned,, apparently present, mentally stalwart ,vastly different, fairly strong ,immensely strong ,listened respectfully, Grimly silent ,relaxing quietly .scarcely believe .successfully resist . raptly mute. Mutually ensanguined. audaciously forced .fell violently. worldly ambitions. a life truly cyclonic, spoke impressively, holy festivals, vastly entertained ,Worldly people, firmly upright, bathing daily,, humbly worship, gazed ardently, great family wealth, humbly knelt, scientifically investigate ,obligingly explained, exploit  commercially, politely thanked , ,It evidently pained him ,ghastly wound ,unceremoniously made ,deeply mortified to see ,materially poor, touchingly requested me ,lovingly hatched a plot, lively curiosity ,faithfully served ,surely bring luster ,diffidently approached greeted me graciously, approaches awkwardly, Gratefully I accepted ,apparently contradictory facts, clearly perceptible, growing very slowly, held me more raptly, violently agitated, smiled happily ,The more deeply we perceive, seriously harmed, closely guarded secrets ,virtually unrepresented ,properly trained ,generally considered ,,brilliantly expounded ,properly translated ,Silently I had entered ,fairly dazzled, sympathetically distressed. Shamelessly gripping his feet, suddenly lit ,tenderly smiling,

stood irresolutely ,repeatedly refusing ,finally smiled consent, I thought fondly, effortlessly harmonized ,silently criticizing, violently reciting ,equally uninteresting, gently slapped, friendly gaze, laughed heartily, utterly unprepared for the finals, kindly outlined the solution, Fervently I reminded ,greeted me cordially, politely concealed, laughed merrily, easily forgotten, worldly ambitions ,subtly with gentleness, said affectionately,  exquisitely blended ,with, humbly rest in our family nest, obstinately silent, easily penetrated my difficulty, Bowing reverently, hospitably arranged, poke slowly and seriously, painfully at an awkward ,evidently known, elderly woman of dignified bearing, politely declined ,only accidental ,gladly consented, smiled pleadingly, spoke  humbly,  spoke genuinely, Gratefully I accept ,reverently vibrant, Silently I bowed, unceremoniously sharing,  plainly furnished ashram flowed smoothly, listen respectfully, openly ignore. approached him cautiously, inconveniently arranged, ,deadly cobra, charmingly situated ,absolutely quiet, exclaimed exultingly, looked at me affectionately, glanced at him apologetically, freely expressive Silently  approaching, laugh jovially, ingeniously devised ,worldly custom , apparently satisfied ,concern himself strenuously, worldly ears, deeply revered, Instantly grasped ,silently loving, notably demonstrated, Remarkably intelligent, spoke venomously ,deeply hurt, Laughing sarcastically, unpleasantly apparent, serenely glowing . broken heartedly discussed ,controlled  quickly, blindly sought ,used constructively or destructively, rightly guided ,answered caustically, apparently unsuccessful,, inwardly humble and outwardly unbendable. worldly ties , inexplicably failed ,slowly assimilated, worldly position, ceremoniously acknowledged, remotely related to him, laughed heartily, respectfully offered ,listened politely, utterly different, thoughtfully emerge, intricately

Completely oblivious, fully awake, silvery beams , murmuring clouds.  early recollection , joyously supervising,  scarcely believed ,wedding preparations. truly elaborate ,worldly hopes, inexplicably thrilled , melancholy morning ,worldly ambitions, finally vanished , deeply unhappy ,sweet serenity. feebly extenuating circumstance ,slowly and simply, readily accepted ,aptly significant ,,I touchingly explained ,  I thought sadly, I prayed deeply,   at leisurely pace, I hardly dared ,abruptly put, fairly uncomfortable time, agreed wholeheartedly, instantly refreshed in the scorching field, compassionately soft. ,I silently agreed,  sternly reminding ,Single heartedly seeking God ,spoke tenderly, looked at me steadfastly,  entrained happily ,spoke eloquently ,obstinately silent.,  spoke  comfortingly,  He struck gently ,,fully alive. narrowly confined, moving gently ,violently agitated, gently luminous, indescribably subtle, passionately sought, spoke calmly, serenely dissolve into unity, earthly pleasures, smiled gratefully , I spoke despairingly.

laughed merrily , acutely perfect, instantly caused ,joyously sang ,smiled affectionately,, addressed me apologetically, realizing fully ,,rightly grasped ,,bravely endure,, twinkling happily ,laughed scornfully,, deeply symbolic,, heavenly joy



Beautiful word ING   


most revealing, Shunning all luxuries, outstanding mathematician, piercing eyes, solacing direction. murmuring  clouds. Inspiring words. striving for worldly success , feeding the poor, Loving him dearly , welcoming relatives, solacing black eyes ,trifling tragedies ,stunning  mystery, roaming about India, ensuing eloquence ,Mingling tears, Assuming the difficult role of Father ,fatal tidings, challenging riddle ,shattering experience, enjoying the discussion. deafening demands ,With a sweeping gesture, passing to and fro, bidding farewell ,jovially clasping , gleaming eyes, gesture of blessing, charming fragrance, memorable morning, Searching in all directions, unknown surrounding, weeping like a child, obliging enough ,smiled encouragingly,, spoke soothingly, enjoying the familial warmth, singular and instant response, charming observation,, feeling of satisfaction, touchingly requested , lovingly hatched a plot,, Ever gentle and loving

After much vain hunting, Feeling the silent rebuke, bulging eyes, expressing our admiration ,,quite willing to believe ,with gratifying success, words of warning, understanding the past dilemma, relaxing quietly, scorching sunlight,, mounting astonishment,, insulting question, daring to challenge ,Amidst piercing sound,, bone-cracking blow,, yawning deathtrap, wise warning,, thrilling mastery ,amazing force ,,defying the law ,like a leaping frog,, sparkling with curiosity,,, found embarrassing, no unpleasing sign, discovering India, striking parables ,respectful offering, concluding words ,Overhearing this provocative remark, obligingly explained, emerging, between, evolving mystery, unending struggle,,, living tradition, acquiring nothing, utilizing knowledge ,concluding words, day of opening, ,living cells, ,more deeply we perceive, the more striking, unerring accuracy ,astounding unanimity, ,lessening of human suffering,, sobbing in sorrow, tenderly smiling, ,following morning ,welcoming hand, full of understanding, past bearing,, Perceiving my hurt, silently criticizing ,ignoring my question, Glancing back ,A transforming silence ensued, unwilling ears, crying with poor words to do justice, passing months, fast approaching., Bursting with unseasoned erudition, assimilating my new knowledge my stumbling


Beautiful word “ing”

morning hours, following midday, devastating news, ,gnawing vigor.. Impending doom, ,alarming counsel ,sobbing pleas, striking power mingled subtly with gentleness, transfixing touch of pure love, living reality of your presence, miraculous meeting ,Overhearing this remark, A plot is brewing, trifling embarrassments, taking a surprising interest, dignified bearing, appetizing words, smiled pleadingly ,silent understanding,

appalling story, during the following day., living presence, evening calm, striking similarity, evening hours, bewildering expressions, startling references,  Silently  approaching, stunning aim, penetrating sunshine of his wisdom,   humbling incident, glowing face, treating all as his children,  trying to convince ,trifling incident,  charming cordiality,  uffered an invigorating shock, growing impatience ,A feebly extenuating circumstance ,his towering stature

Observing a complete fast, ,I touchingly explained ,bringing me to near-collapse, pair of piercing dark eyes, in the scorching field, enlightening words, flashes of lightning; dazzling radiance, ,rushing like a mighty flood through the gates of my eyes, spoke  comfortingly, moving gently ,,swelling glory within me, endeavoring to convey , lasting joy, unerring counsel, meaningless gestures, With twinkling eyes, ,I spoke despairingly. lifelong blessing, welcoming voice ,,realizing fully ,men of profound understanding. excruciating pain,, twinkling happily



,most revealing, Shunning all luxuries, outstanding mathematician,. piercing eyes, solacing direction. murmuring clouds. Inspiring words. striving for worldly success , feeding the poor, Loving him dearly , welcoming relatives, solacing black eyes ,trifling tragedies ,stunning  mystery, roaming about India, ensuing eloquence ,Mingling tears, Assuming the difficult role of Father ,fatal tidings, burning Goal sight-seeing trip. touching his feet reverently , Searching in all directions, enjoying the familial warmth flowing from his calm eyes


during the annual festivities of Durgapuja

assumes a striking similarity

bewildering expressions

rhythmical clapping of hands

trying to convince her

trifling incident

trifling embarrassments

cunnings of diplomacy

doing his rightful duty

surprising interest

longing for my

looking after His own

charming fragrance of rose

starving millions

Feeling the silent rebuke

With bulging eyes

expressing our admiration

gratifying success

understanding the past dilemma

scorching sunlight

I thought in mounting astonishment

daring to challenge

Amidst piercing sound

Thrilling  mastery

amazing force

found embarrassing

unpleasing signs of age

discovering India anew

abandoning one's wife

concluding words

obligingly explained

unending struggle

regarding gain and loss

a continuous living tradition,

discarding the immediate

acquiring nothing

nothing to renounce

The burning Indian imagination,

concluding words

day of opening

resuming the eloquent rhythms

shown astounding unanimity in result

lessening of human suffering

being excited

unfolding petals

sobbing in sorrow

welcoming hand

full of understanding

tears welled from a bliss, and not a pain,

past bearing

refusing the honor

Perceiving my hurt

A transforming silence ensued

passing months

fast approaching

Bursting with unseasoned erudition

stumbling interpretation

grieving brothers and sisters.

following midday.
devastating news

gesture of welcome

appetizing aroma

gnawing vigor

Impending doom

alarming counsel

sobbing pleas

striking power

the transfixing touch of pure love

The living reality

predicting my return

Bowing reverently

Overhearing this remark

interpretation, grieving brothers


Beautiful word “with”

with a message

with calm assurance

with curiosity

with such amazing force

I sighed with relief,

with leisurely gait,

with herculean strength.

with gratifying success.

with a disclosure

with an impatient gesture

with subdued voice

with a sadistic smile.

with pitiful fear

with my final exit


with an ecstatic smile

with his tranquil eyes

 intimate with truth

with the artistry

Filled with awe

with great hope

with unending struggle

with an infinite patience

with an unerring accuracy

within the past few years

with a wondrous vision

romance with the Beloved

with his soul's simplicity

with this invariable tribute

comforted with peace

without injury

with unseasoned erudition

with the edgeless, honeyed beauty

with gnawing vigor

within me like a suffocation

without response

mingled subtly with gentleness.
with childlike trust.
with an innate humility.
every joy with a grief

spoke with determination.


With calmness and insight , with the Beloved
respect for law and order,  vital search for God ,with the urgency of fright , With astonishment as well as gratitude, I smiled happily at this decisive message. With all the fervor of my heart crazy about saints!. "Without , concluded with a pious ejaculation, With an impressive gesture ,without worldly experiences


Beautiful word “able””   

Reasonable limit, favorable turn of events. memorable day ,her immeasurable faith ,more tender, more approachable. Into  inscrutable silence. inexplicable presence , A boyish enthusiasm over such remarkable feats was strong within me.

indomitable persistency in thoughts, striking parables, incalculable vistas, not explicable on the mechanical grounds, it is lamentable ,indescribable torture ,immeasurable privilege, unfathomable tenderness, of ineffable bliss, suitable occasion,, helpful and admirable, undesirable companions, formidable opposition,, a hospitable welcome. uncomfortable time, ineffable auras, disappointment almost unbearable, in unspeakable rapture.


Beautiful word “OUS”

Completely oblivious, credulous victim, a curious crowd

conscious mind, continuous living tradition , callous departure , continuous toil and persistence ,credulous and obliging enough , credulous victim,


dangerous jungle land, found it delicious

ferocious appearance,

joyous gazelle, joyously supervising

enormous iron cage

audaciously forced

victorious experience.

unceremoniously made

glorious anticipations.

dangerous jungle land

ferocious appearance

joyously supervising

dangerous jungle land,

found it delicious

joyous gazelle

enormous iron cage

audaciously forced

ferocious appearance

joyously supervising

most ferocious of jungle beasts


veracious men and women, wondrous glow, ,nebulous ecstasy, numerous relatives, ominous vision, dangerously ill, momentous message,, conscientiously finished my earthly duties ,tremendous spiritual perceptions ,inauspicious rain, glorious anticipations, callous departure ,treacherous companion,, marvelous story, dangerous jungle land, tremendous power ,ferocious appearance, vicious nature ,,obvious pride, found it delicious. credulous victim ,continuous living tradition, victorious experience. of the continuous toil and persistence ,poisonous chemical., marvelous mechanisms, lustrous eyes, wondrous vision, various problem, tremulous with joy, active and vigorous, Precious words, miraculous meeting ,inharmonious note, lugubrious silence, disastrous effect ,gracious lady ,spacious ground-floor ,dangerous encounter ,quite serious, felt a serious responsibility,, callous world ,capacious ocean, supercilious smile ,pious platitudes. ostentatious zeal, conscious of high worldly position ,ceremoniously acknowledged, Unscrupulous  persons , various occasions, previous centuries, precarious interpretation ,famous shrine. preposterous expectation

wondrous story, instantaneously healed, luminous joy, melodious voice, hilarious spectacle, humorous occurrence ,unified harmony ,  

callous departure

credulous and obliging enough

concluded with a pious ejaculation

inauspicious rain

dangerous jungle land

glorious anticipations.

unceremoniously made

marvelous story

momentous message,

treacherous companion

tremendous power

vicious nature

luminous blaze,

precious possessions ,

spontaneously accorded , vividly recall,

most ferocious of jungle beasts

oblivious of our presence.

serious injury

the treacherous animal

 the magnification is tremendous

poisonous chemical. Simultaneous with

numerous inventions

marvelous mechanisms

lustrous eyes

sisters, inauspicious rain

treacherous companion

marvelous story

tremendous power

vicious nature

luminous blaze,

precious possessions ,

momentous message,

spontaneously accorded , vividly recall,

oblivious of our presence.

serious injury

the treacherous animal

marvelous story

tremendous power

vividly recall,

victorious experience

vicious nature

luminous blaze,

precious possessions ,

poisonous chemical.

momentous message,

serious injury

spontaneously accorded ,

oblivious of our presence.

treacherous animal

 the magnification is tremendous

marvelous mechanisms

numerous inventions

lustrous eyes




expressed keen interest,   renounced worldly quests,  blessed with saintly nature, , arrived opportunely, in time, astounded lamentations ,  garnered no doubt. elated by material profit, exalted spiritual stature.  greeted me as an old friend. increased my bewilderment. experienced an awe-stricken fear.  destined to undertake. glanced at him doubtfully . opened widely.  desired to devote my whole time, paid a visit, extended his hand in a benign gesture. suffused with light, inquired the grounds .for my premature request,  exercised a vigilant eye. discussed a vital matter, determined to foil the plans ., departed quickly, arrived with inauspicious rain. doomed to failure ,reached a zenith ,faded into the dark ,explained courteously, impelled to seek freedom.  smiled encouragingly. turned pessimist ,  started a trek dangerous jungle land, greeted him with affectionate relief, spoke soothingly, prayed silently

Well-camouflaged, we hoped! A deep elation possessed our hearts


  ,welfare of the people, worthy of the veneration , praise, respect, reward,  holy city of Puri, , amidst the Himalayan snows. glimpses of the past, glimpse of the future. gesture of respect , immemorial, gesture of good will, love, gesture of respect ,day of rapture ,blaze of illumination, circumstances of my life, vibration of great peace,  keen love of travel, instead of enthusiasm, ,expression of blithe satisfaction

 bowed before him in great reverence.  thwarted in his attempts, in gala spirits,

by the dramatic transition ,