Vedic English
Spoken Eng.Word VI

   Spoken Engllish words very powerful and easy. Read and remember


unusual experience

wandered along aimlessly

graceful means,  

intense devotion to God,

 trespass into the territory of another

appropriate responses

scientist approaches

dedicatory services

continuous toil and persistence

apparently contradictory facts, remarks,

Tears stood in my eyes

glad to be in his company

enigmatic smile

united devotions, full expression

 inward gaze.

astounded lamentations ,  material profit, highest esteem. good will,  dramatic transition ,   inner tenderness.  distant life, emotional life , persistent core.   sage counsel, instant logic. remember , strict disciplinarian, civic duty , material profit ,close friends , definite interest ,  fatal disease.  precious possessions ,  pregnant comment . inward gaze. gently entered, ,relentless observance, stark and shattering experience, enjoying the discussion. apparently possessed, stalwart kinship, stands revealed , deafening demands, , ornate dignity,  material profit, highest esteem inward gaze , fellow people,  civic duty, due appreciation, keen interest,  sincere desire,  bad habits , greatest desire , excellent health., explicit words:, strong sentiment , beloved form of my mother. . astounded lamentations material needs .material age Precautions were necessary, After his polite exit, who was credulous and obliging enough to , Ample reward, , emphatic reply, , unconventional behavior ,treacherous companion, callous departure ,deep elation ,city crowds,


assume responsibility ,more receptive ,ancient wisdom, Unity in Diversity, neither jubilant with gain nor depressed by loss ,

neither jubilant with gain nor depressed by loss

bewilderment of my thoughts,

honest introspection,

painful approach

       found puzzling, remote

      Gratefully I accept

on intimate terms

vague search

I glanced about me

peerless master

unceremoniously sharing

spacious ground-floor

In early manhood, I undertook the responsibilities

with an appalling story

expressed my disappointment

it will cease to trouble you.

To my relief, to my belief

rich with the authenticity of wisdom.

careful task

poverty or illiteracy

openly ignore

never dismayed

scanty food

He was economical

remained absolutely quiet

fervent prayers

my sunken eyes and emaciated appearance

My despair reached an occasional zenith

exclaimed exultingly

feel much better today.'

Your malady has been quite serious

My patience was exhausted

addressed him with great awe and gratitude

with this disclosure

My tone was a protest

by the vast Pacific

reluctant to discuss

loved and revered their guru

health was excellent

never saw him unwell

Pain and pleasure are transitory

remarked on suitable occasion.

worldly duties

easy of assimilation

hard to endure

with stunning aim

wisdom was so penetrating that,

heedless of remarks,

may be poles apart

painful to worldly ears

deeply revered him

I daresay been so candid and so censorious

some words in my praise

patience and forbearance

tone was apologetic.

of his wisdom

felt a serious responsibility

pleased over my enthusiastic arrival

very lenient

Exalted to leadership

a worthy leader

desire to serve, and not to dominate

I felt no dismay

without reason; I was deeply hurt.

repeated my remark

with unusual coldness. I escaped without castigation

Kumar's departure brought me no elation

rightly guided

proved very troublesome to his peace of mind

answered caustically

a woman of very decided opinions

enemy to the happiness of man

He was apparently unsuccessful,

great respect

inwardly humble and outwardly unbendable

worldly ties ,

age-old custom.

anticipated nothing

gentle and affable to guests

a frigid indifference or a formidable opposition: ice or iron

inexplicably failed

received a similar jolt. With ostentatious zeal,

tone was inquiring,

futility of mere book learning

slowly assimilated

results in vanity

at once simple and difficult

gave a brief comment

grasp such erudition

high worldly position

cautioned him about the despotic possibilities.

l discussion ensued. 

remotely related to

After a , the visitor made a formal request,

Unscrupulous persons on various occasions,

outwitted every opponent.

underwent these painful experiences

breathe the honest air

get excited over nothing

respectfully offered a word of apology

stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake.

listened politely,

utterly different

exigencies of the moment

hospitably arranged for our comfort.

A plot is brewing

tangible world

decisive message

maintained a lugubrious silence

glimpse of the sacred wonders

deep joy

devotional temperament

evidently known

woman of dignified bearing

deep regrets

appetizing words

disastrous effect

looked at him with curiosity

never before tasted such delicacies.

gracious lady

good fortune!

approached at rapid pace

politely declined

accept my humble services

gladly consented

smiled pleadingly

spoke thoughtfully

my highest good

sat awhile in silent understanding

affectionate farewell

Midnight was approaching

spoke with a spiritual enthusiasm never before noticeable

vulgar accumulations of the world

dazzling in the sun

a vision of pure symmetry.

glossy lawn, and tranquil lagoon

interior is exquisite

changed my mind

great surprise

With polite thanks

ludicrous bafflement

a gala occasion

found it delicious

temporary phenomena

among his fellow men,

eternal principle in nature

magical power

boyish enthusiasm

such remarkable feats

vain hunting

stood speechless

mentally stalwart

natural ferocity

herculean strength

immensely strong

appeared incredible

resentment against you

past dilemma

stoic silence

belligerent son

savage activities

The picturesque territory

a curious crowd

 in a state of excitement

obscure reason

I felt sharp regret

sadistic smile.

desperately torn.

in hearty appreciation

dramatic moment

fell violently

humbly made this confession

enthusiastic smile

spoke impressively

keen interest

holy festivals

known for his tender heart.

intense devotion

panorama of the world's ado,

firmly upright

tranquil eyes

ecstatic songs

humbly worship

Grateful friends

petty pleasures

paradoxical view

foremost ancient exponent of yoga

scientifically investigate

politely thanked

emotional life. Love, hate, joy, fear, pleasure, pain,

Taking every precaution for success

clear realization

deep concentration

new situation

lifelong devotion

accept ministrations

note of resignation

blaze of illumination

appeared incredible

reached a zenith

entered my room in pensive mood.

speculated awhile on the prospect

I was bewildered

apprized me

approached a climax

laughed in hearty appreciation

honored and garlanded

eyes twinkled

touched with an ecstatic smile

expounded various philosophical points

composed many ecstatic songs

admired him from a respectful distance

greeted me graciously.

exhibited intense interest i

dedicatory services

charmed with the artistry

my fascinated eyes.

looked around

unreserved gratitude

pursued extensive researches

addressed the following lines

brilliantly expounded

constrained to silence

seemed shattered into a thousand pieces.

harmonized with his soul's simplicity.

comforted with peace

laughed heartily

honeyed beauty

Revered Father

greeted me cordially.

impressed me favorably

politely concealed my doubt

laughed merrily.
mingled subtly with gentleness.
dismayed me

remained obstinately silent

penetrated my difficulty.