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This site is dedicated to all the school children across the globe, who face difficulties in speaking and writing in English. 

Chief Patron and Visionary Dreamer -
                       RAJ KISHORE SAHOO
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We appeal to your august erudite kind heart to co-operate for the unification of my mother land (India, Bangaladesh, and Pakistan) to build UNITED STATES OF INDIA like U.S.A. which is very essential for the harmonious existence of religions and for peaceful co-existence of mankind. Your generous donation will be utilized for the greatest good of man and mankind under the aura of Vedic Indian Civilization. Pranam.

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 1.  It will help you to remember and  remind  1000 words  in 10 days  very easily. 

pranam to God for His grace and 
to my beloved Gurudev for his bless.
Vedic way of learning English is innovative
and prestine. To give everyone a feeling of natural 

ease and spontaneous feeling 
to learn easily using six senses, 
to remember like a rhyme at short time ,
to empower ones creative knowledge and talent 

to speak and write fluently, firmly, 
fearlessly, politely, poetically without 
any haste and rest, at any times and climes

to achieve excellence in education and


our world wide endeavour through 
this website is not to teach English
but to preach English to reach at
your doorstep, I hope you will 
acclaim and appreciate and 
donate generously to help always.(See contact section).