Vedic English
Singing Words ING-III
Singing words  ‘ING’ to remember easily for ever

For example: Smiling sweetly, beautifully, face, flower,

Please write and read as Smiling sweetly, Smiling beautifully, Smiling face, Smiling flower,


Calculating math, machine, calibrating telephone set, calling again and again, camouflaging tanks, troops, vehicles, campaigning for vote, support, meeting, cancelling programme, visit, tender, canvassing information, capsizing boat, captivating beauty, nature, scenery, performance, display, capturing thief, culprit, caring well, tiger, enemy, caring well, always, sincerely, with love and affection, carrying rice, fruits, man to moon, carving wood, casting vote, castigating him, his work, bad work, anti-social work, catering party, team, causing trouble, tension, difficulty, fear, pain, sorrow, joy, death, hardship,  problem, a lot of problem, suffering, a lot of suffering, damage, so much damage, so much pain , provocation, immediate provocation, unnecessary tension, the key to success, agreement, the seed of conflict, cautioning me, us, people, danger, danger ahead, to proceed, to move, to follow, well in advance, celebrating beauty, love, nature, victory, success, birth day, I-day, marriage, marriage ceremony, the function, censuring film, song, book, centralizing power, certifying me, him, his identity, chaining dog, cow, enemy, chairing person, guest, chalking out plan, strategy, ways to tackle, challenging task, work, problem, career, me, us, opponent, enemy, to do it, changing season, scenario, scene,attitude, mind, heart, thought, mood, decision, views, plan, project, strategy, route, profession, shirt, slowly, rapidly, soon, parts , vehicle, successfully, charging me as suspect, Govt, for inaction, him for mistake, battery, charming beauty, personality, nature, sight, smile, chasing case, tiger, thief, successfully, sincerely, well, bravely,   cheating me, us, act, checking people, prisoner, vehicle, movement, answer paper, ticket, letter, squared, leakage , water leakage, successfully, completely, cheering success, girl, boys, smile, victory, success, a loud, loudly, all the way, and clapping, shouting, song, dance, chilling cold, biting cold, bone biting cold, chilling milk, choking neck, death, supply, flow, choosing best, first, correctly, one, him, me, member, subject, circling earth, moon, house, circulating order, instruction, notes , citing example, civilizing nation, people, country, clarifying point, observation, doubt, action, position, stand, decision, issues, clashing each other, cleaning dust, smoke, house, premises, well, neatly, perfectly, material, climbing tree, rock, mountain, clinching evidence, witness, proof, the victory, the success, closing hour, house, shop, business, bank, door, window, all option, date, clouding sky, coaching center, facility, coating nickel, colour, co-existing in nature, harmoniously,

Collaborating effort, collapsing tower, house, power supply, city life, collecting effort, endeavour, responsibility, firewood, goods, ration, fruits, combing operation, the forest, area, combating force, enemy, terrorist, disease, combining effort, attempt, rooms, coming soon , successfully, safely, in time, usually, regularly, days, season, year, future, near, close, slowly, speedily, dangerously, fast, first, late, very late, at times, frequently, occasionally, commanding spirit, personality, order, troops, commemorating function, R-day, joyously, the occasion, victory day, marriage day, commencing journey, function, well, examination, meeting, speech, war, commissioning project, factory, communalising issue, communicating well, effectively, successfully, reciprocally, us, me, all, each other, order, circular, message, greeting, good wishes, problem, difficulty, comparing letter, draft, compelling reason, ground, fact, situation, factor, complaining always, frequently, without any cause, teacher, police, completing work, task, project, war, it, successfully, perfectly, soon, effectively, complicating problem, issue, case, fact, to understand, complying order, composing poem, comprehending well, correctly , truth, story, film, computing very fast, concealing truth, fact, reality, conceiving well, truth, fact, concerning violence, concerting effort, concluding day, session, meeting, programme, enquiry, visit, condemning his act, view, condoning death, conducing atmosphere, environment, conducting well, examination, operation, test, surprise check, enquiry, confining area, house, confirming truth, fact, death, return, presence, confiscating money, property, conflicting news, view, confusing me, us, people, students, letter, statement, congratulating him, success, victory, performance, each other, warmly, lovingly, leader, captain, minister, connecting link, factor, rail, road, people, conquering will, land, enemy territory, space, consecrating place, temple complex, consenting to come, to visit, lawyer, doctor, physician, considering your case, request, application, permission, transfer, it, all angles, all facts, genuinely, sincerely, consisting of wood, iron, sand, plastic, consoling him, her, me, us, people, fire victims, consolidating position, conspiring to kill, harm, defeat, murder, constituting committee, board, enquiry, constructing house, temple, dam, road, bridge, construing story, fact, incident, correctly, consulting me, us, doctor, lawyer,

Consuming medicine, poison, milk, contacting police, lawyer containing lead, iron, contaminating water, air, disease, contemplating truth, fact, story, contesting election, continuing violence, terrorism, supply, water supply, power supply, to-day, course, study, contradicting fact, witness, statement, views, findings, each other, contrasting each other, fact, contributing in a great way, largely, humbly, sincerely, genuinely, for a great cause, his life, controlling authority, people, area, town, successfully, effectively, remotely, violence, riot, crime, students, staff, business, children, converting religion, mechanical power, conveying news, message, sorrow, joy, truth, position, good wishes, love, good will, convicting him , accused, convincing him , me, us, people, students, well, cooking house, food, gas, oil, cooling temperature, machine, fast, co-operating us, people, enquiry, me, nature, always, co-coordinating us, always, meeting , copping us, correcting draft, mistake, note, letter, action, wrong, corresponding agency, corroborating fact, truth, costing life, very much, heavily, counseling hall, place, students, patients, counting notes, goods, correctly, machine, started, votes, covering it, place, me, table, bed, crashing site, spot, creating chair, cot, story, criticizing him, his act, view, action, Govt, crossing limit, point, river, mountain pass, crowding place, city, area, fair, very crowding, crumbling values, building, day by day, crying child, loudly, for help, justice, liberty, toy, money, cultivating land, curbing terror, violence, crime, curling hair, cursing me, him, guilty, crime, bad deed, cutting well, tool, point, tree, fruit, edge technology, cycling race,


Dancing girl, toy, waves, sea, daring attack, darkening circle, dawning beauty, inspiration, joy, spirit, enthusiasm, dazzling beauty, face, nature, sun, sky, clouds, debarring entry, election, him, movement, decaying body, chair, building, deceiving me, us, cunningly, enemy, tactfully, tiger, cleverly, decentralizing power, deciding factor, his fate, application, journey, marriage, study, to do, to give, to work, to take, to finish, to achieve, declaring independence, winner, victory, election, war, peace, declining slowly, fast, decoding secret, message, decorating house, temple, beautifully, decreasing day by day, water table, water level, ground water, production, dedicating himself, for the country, life, service, deepening relation, de-escalating tension, war, violence, defacing wall, defeating manner, badly, well, manner, in the battle, way, defending well, cause, action, honour, freedom, country, national interest, deferring decision, hearing, defusing tension, delighting visit, nature, rain, scenery, dance, festival, victory, us, me, students, cinema, greatly, delivering justice, goods, demanding justice, food, money, more, less, always, action, relief, demarcating land, area, demolishing structure, temple, squad, denying truth, fact, incident, involvement, it, departing soul, hour, us, time, sorrow, pain, for ever, depending on us, him, water, air, food, medicine, rainfall, river, in a great way, always, depicting well, picture, deploring sorrow , death, condition, deploying force, police, depositing money, soil, wheat, key, fee, cash, depriving dues, right, derogating word, comment, speech, letter, descending order, describing story, incident, his case, beautifully, deserting me, us, deserving well, issue, reward, appreciation, prize, person, candidate, designing beautifully, artistically, skill, air craft, space craft, desiring good health, good wishes, well, happiness, to work, to surrender, to study, to retire, to write, to meet, to finish , to fight, to die, to live, to serve, destroying house, camp, enemy post, life and property, forest, detaining suspect, thief, me, him, detecting timely, bomb, it, deteriorating condition, day by day, determining to do, to finish, to work, to complete, devastating flood, fire, cyclone, village, developing country, nation, well, fast, deviating fact, truth, devising method, plan, devoting life, money, for nation, society, diagnosing disease, in time, dialing telephone, facility, dictating note, draft, order, terms, me, dying peacefully, dying natural death, diffusing tension, digging soil, truth, dignifying way, manner, diluting water, dinning table, hall, room, chair, directing me, us, people, students, to do, to go, to work, disappearing immediately, disappointing me, us, result, disarming enemy, thief, people, disbelieving factor, disbursing money, discarding fact, reality, truth, findings, discharging duty, disclosing truth, fact, wealth, discontinuing study, work, aid, discouraging work, me, us, players, discovering truth, him, it, discriminating issue, discussing problem, issue, disobeying order, instruction, displaying brilliantly, stunningly, perfectly, magnificently, enchantingly, bravely, disregarding me, elder, senior, disrupting work, distinguishing well, me, him, distorting fact, distributing money, relief, goods, land, books, distrusting us, me, you, disturbing always, factor, reason, very disturbing, diverting fund, river, attention, dividing country, house, divulging plan, doing well, it, easily, very difficult, work, donating blood, money, doubling effort, downloading data, downplaying issue, it, fact, drafting letter, well, beautifully, skill, draining water, dreaming future, success, dressing table, mirror, room, elegantly, drilling machine, drinking water, milk, driving vehicle, license, well, dropping zone,


Identifying me, him, it, truth, thief, illustrating story, beautifully, imbibing spirit, good education, immigrating office, staff, policy, immolating bid, attempt, immortalizing name, fame, impacting well, imparting quality education, impeaching president, impending danger, importing sugar, rice, coal, imposing sanction, tax, improving day to day, daily, situation, condition, health, inaugurating function, school, office, inciting violence, terror, people, speech, us, me, including all, it, me, increasing price, cost, indicating good sign, recovery, indulging in war, violence, quarrel, influencing people,, voter, us, informing people, us, students, inhaling fresh air, oxygen, initiating action, journeywork, study, case, proceeding, injecting power, medicine, new spirit, injuring me, self, inking pen, agreement, deal, innovating idea, design, plan, inquiring spirit, eyes, fact, truth, about, inserting line, word, it, inspecting school, office, visiting place, people, house, installing factory, chimney , instructing students, staff, to do, insulting word, action, me, us, intensifying effort, war, violence, riot, interacting each other, well, peacefully, friendly, intercepting message, letter, interesting news, story, very interesting, interlinking rivers, sea, ocean, intoxicating medicine, introducing well, first time, product ,me, guest, investing money, inventing cycle, investigating police, agency, fact, truth, theft, murder, inviting guest, me, invoking agreement, order, involving me, people, students, irking me, irrigating project, facility, irritating and embarrassing, and humiliating, irrupting violence, lava, isolating patient, prisoner, him, issuing order,


Backing him, support, power supply, banning entry, movement, banking facility, barring entry, bargaining art, barking dog, loudly, battling life, bravely, case, beaming face, beauty, nature, landscape, eyes, bearing pain, responsibility, burden, load, expense, befitting manner, reply, victory, response, way, bending rod, bestowing blessing, bidding farewell, binding tightly, crop, biting cold, bone biting cold, blacklisting company, contractor, blackmailing her, blaming him, me , blazing sun, bleeding profusely, ground, blood, blessing me, blocking road, entry, blooming flower, face, beautifully, and beaming , blossoming flower, season, blotting paper, blowing breeze, air , boarding train, facility, boating experience, skill, boiling temperature, booking ticket, house, plot, booming economy, boosting tie, , relation, business, boarding nation, countries, village, forest, borrowing money, book, braving cold, hot, heat, danger, difficulty, all odds, brainstorming session, meeting, breaking law, table, breathing exercise, breeding ground, bridging gap, differences, briefing room, everything, brightening hope, future, bringing nearer, close, it, budding talent, children, burning issue, problem, train, bus, house, paper , question,


Abetting terror, violence, abiding by law, rule, order, abolishing act, sati system, absconding long, after leave, absorbing water, well, abstaining from voting , from answering, from enquiry, from meeting, accelerating effort, speed, endeavour, attempt, accounting money, accepting gift, goods, prize, reward, acclaiming him, teacher, accommodating room, me, him, guest, accompanying VIP, me, accomplishing work, task, in time, well, according to law, rule, him, order, accumulating wealth, property, money, accusing him, me, achieving success, target, victory, result, easily, acknowledging receipt, acquiring knowledge, skill, training, land, acquitting him, all charges, activating computer, mobile, adding more sugar, salt, adjourning meeting, session, adjusting guest, administering city, town, capacity, capability, skill, knowledge, administrating building, admiring him, poet, leader, teacher, admitting crime, mistake, admonishing letter, him, earlier, to improve, to be careful, adopting policy, advancing slowly, rapidly, cautiously, advertising agency, product, advising us, me, to study, to read, advocating truth, his view, affecting us, society, nature, village, affixing photo, affording money, fund, food, shelter, arms, vehicle, agitating mob, people, students, me, him, cause, remark, comment, letter, words, fact, all, all of us, agonizing for mistake, fact, death, departure, incident, very much, tears, experience, agreeing to him, to the point, aiding him, flood victim, aiming at success, correctly, at the bull, at the bird, target, future, allowing us, me, him, to take, to stay, to go, amassing wealth, property, gold, coal, amazing beauty, nature, mountain, waterfall, ameliorating pain, amending plan, letter, draft, amusing us, me, students, all, and enchanting, analysing scientifically, it, anguishing in jail, in prison, there, animating nature, beauty, annexing land, territory, annihilating city, announcing result, prize, date, fine date, holiday, judgement, annoying me, him, guest, teacher, anticipating it, earlier, the event, apoloising me, mistake, him, teacher, appalling fact, appearing soon, in court, sky, applauding success, leader, applying it, mind, presence of mind, successfully, rule, for the post, house, loan, appointing day, appraising fact, truth, everything, him, me, Govt. , appreciating him, me, teacher, good work, deed, performance, display, achievement, letter, judgment, speech, beauty, art, craft, attempt, noble cause, courage, boy, apprehending danger ahead, approaching me, us, him, law, court, doctor, authority, for help, for assistance, approving plan, it, project, expense, file, work done, action taken, arguing well, unnecessarily, with me, us, arranging meeting, function, party, arresting thief, arriving early, timely, in time, asking question, assembling parts, people, students, prohibited, asserting to violence, assessing the spot, market, ground reality, assigning task, work, responsibility, assimilating truth, fact, story, assisting me, him, enquiry, board, assuming charge, duty, assuring safety, shelter, success, result, astonishing me, us, fact, all, scientists, result, attaching property, me, him, it, attacking on him, on enemy, attaining 60 year, meeting, attracting figurel, face, youth, us, show, authorising power, me, him, availing opportunity, facility, vehicle, leave, resource, avoiding quarrel, smoking, me, enquiry, arrest, court, awaiting patiently, his turn, awarding punishment, capital punishment, certificate, gift, him, poet, student,


Undergoing operation, change, sea change, underlying its importance, true fact, understanding well, correctly, poem, story, truth, me,him, reality, law, law of nature, undertaking certificate, unearthing truth, fact, unfurling national flag, unifying force, uniting people, students, unloading task, truck, unlocking room, gate, unmanning post, updating information, news, book, upgrading system, machine, computer, upheaving sign, upholding honour, self esteem, uprooting tree, house, urging to act immediately, to Govt,  to people, to students, using power, water, air, vehicle, always, no more, every day, effectively, utilizing properly, land, money, resources, uttering name, truth,


Vacating room, house, quarter, seat, post, vanishing soon, verifying fact, truth, documents, certificate, vesting interest, vibrating machine, spirit, viewing seriously, vindicating truth, it, violating order, law, principle, visiting teacher, lecture, room, place, doctor, vitiating from the agreement, voicing for justice, for action, against corruption, against injustice, volunteering to work, to do note, voting right, machine, time, vowing to do, to finish,


Waging war, attack, waiting room, patiently, there, unnecessary, in bus stop, for doctor, bus, walking slowly, fast, away, wanting very much, him dearly, wandering here and there, aimlessly, cloud, warming body, water, warning letter, him, washing cloth, machine, soap, powder, well, motor cycle, away crop, house, wasting time, power, money,watching people, him, house, watering plants, garden, trees, waving fee, weakening stand, position, argument, wedding ceremony, dress, ornament, day, night, weeding out old record, weeping eyes, love, weighing machine, welding machine, widening gap, relation, winding wire, project, wishing happiness, love, joy, success, good health, see you soon, happy return, long life, happy old age, withdrawing power, facility, supply, support, working hour, place, time, day, well, effectively, round the clock, sincerely, honestly, boy, girl, worrying me, us , factor, worsening situation, day to day, worshiping God, teacher, nature, sun, moon, idol, wounding me, seriously, and injuring, writing well, words, sentence, letter, story, poem, novel, drama, draft,

 Yielding result,

Zeroing suspect, culprit, zesting for life, zooming picture, letter,