Vedic English
Singing Words=FOR

Singing words ‘for’ Part-1 to remember easily for ever

S…words….in alphabetical order

For saving the people, the life, the crop,

for saying the truth, it, against him

 for shouldering responsibility,

for shouting loudly, for help

for shying nature,

for  speaking the truth, slowly

 for spraying the water, perfume, medicine,

for staying in home, here, the hotel

 for stealing the money, water,

 for stopping  the enemy, people, him,

for smoking habit,

 for securing success,

for soothing effect,

for serving sincerely, faithfully, for the country,

for settling  the case, issue, problem,

for solving the problem,  mystery, question,

for selling the goods, mango,

for sending the troops, force, police, letter, money,  for sharing the sorrow and joy of life, 

for stunning victory, achievement, display,

 for shattering the  house, things,

 for shattering experience,  evidence, truth,

 for shifting the house, house hold goods,

for smashing the rebels, enemy, revolution,

for startling revelation, manifestation ,evidence, truth, facts,

for shunning the bad habit,  the house, violence, riot,

 for shooting the tiger, film,

 for saluting the national flag, martyr, jawan,

for roaming charge,

for scathing attack,

for scolding severely,

 for scorching  sun, summer season,

for scrapping the agreement, tie,

 for striving for success,

 for struggling hard, for success, to survive,  

 for smuggling gold, the drug,

for sparking light, beauty,



For tackling the problem, terrorist, crime

for taking interest, the charge, the chance,  the opportunity,

for talking slow, tough, diplomatically, friendly, cunningly, loudly,

for tampering the letter, address

 for tapping the water, resources, talent,

for targeting the enemy, enemy position, enemy territory,

For teaching the students, in the class, 

for terrifying the people,

for thinking well, positively, correctly,

 for threatening  words, call, me, him

for thrilling victory, joy, success

for throwing the ball, water,

 for  training purpose,  training programme,

 for transcending all barriers, the land, sky,

 for transmitting the power,

 for treating well, warmly, the guests

for trespassing the house, country,

for troubling me, us, the  people,

 for trusting him,

for trying for the best, for  the victory, for the success, for typing error, work.


    For example ,   ‘for rewarding future, career, effort, work, prospect,

Please read as under to remember easily.

for rewarding future, for rewarding career, for rewarding effort, for rewarding work, for rewarding prospect,

For raging the war, conflict,

 for raiding the house, temple, enemy area

 for raising the issue, problem, question,

For rallying for support, vote,

for ransacking the house, fort, temple,

for ravaging flood, cyclone, fire, earthquake

For reacting sharply, violently, vehemently,

 for reasoning power, sense, ability,

 for rebelling act, activity,

for  receiving the minister, letter, relief

for recognizing him, the theft, culprit,  accused,

for recommending his name for award,

for recording the song, speech,

for recovering the money, the dues,

for rectifying the error, mistake,

 for reducing water table, flood water

 for referring his case, the patient,

for reflecting the light,

for refraining from the war,

for refusing to obey, the order,

 for refuting the charges, allegation

for regaining  the strength, power, health

for registering  the case, name,

for regulating the law, rules,

for  rejecting the request, application, plea, order, agreement,

for relaying on him, electricity, nature,

 for releasing the prisoner, water, money, pay,

for relieving me from  the trouble, pain,

 for remaining days, months, works, there, in the house,

for remembering him, his great service, his great deeds,

 for removing the huddles, obstacles, dirt, soil,

for rendering service, social service

for renouncing violence, smoking,

for renovating the temple, house,

for repairing the cycle, house,

 for replacing the parts,

 for repeating the mistake,

 for replying the question, query, observation,

for representing the people, country,

for requesting help, justice, relief, money,

for requiring money, arms, it urgently,

for resenting me, us, the guest,

for residing in the house, in the city,

for resolving the problem, issue,

for respecting the law, agreement, contract, the custom, tradition, law of the land,

for responding quickly,  in time,

for restoring peace, law and order, the water supply, power supply,

for restricting the entry, movement,

for  resuming the work, programme, training

for retaining the power,  lost glory,

 for retiring from service, from work,

 for returning home, safely, in time,

for revamping the agreement, contract

for revealing the truth, fact,

 for reviewing the order, judgement, ACR, decision, for  revising the order, mark sheet

 for reviving the agreement, glory,

for revoking the  agreement, punishment

for rewarding effort, work, prospect, future, career,

for ringing the bell, alarm,

 for  rising cost, price, water table, level,

for roaming facility,

for ruling the country,

 for running the school, hotel,


For pacifying the people, students, the mob

For packing tightly, material, the goods, food

For painting  the house, door, picture

For paralysing the city, life, movement,

For pardoning him, the crime,  the mistake, me

For parking area,  the vehicle,

For participating  in the game, in election, in function, in the meeting, fair, war, training,

For patrolling duty, the city, the campus,

For patronising him, me, attitude,

For pelting the stone,

For penetrating well, deeply, insight, slowly, the wall,

For perceiving the truth, story, fact, incident,

 For performing well, beautifully, flawlessly, brilliantly

For persisting act, effort, endeavour

For persuading him, the people, voters, students,

For perusing well, study,

For placing order, in its right place, him under suspension, arrest,

For planning well, properly, in advance, wisely, for future, for development,

For playing the football, cricket,

For pleading guilty, for justice, for peace, for freedom,

For pleasing us, me, his personality,

For pledging ceremony,  for oath taking ceremony, for award giving ceremony

For plotting the conspiracy, to kill,

For plucking the flower, fruit,

For  plundering the wealth, treasure,

 For plying on road, the vehicle,

 For poaching the tiger, elephant

 For polishing the diamond, floor, stone,

For polluting the air, water, atmosphere,

For posing the threat to the country, security,

For postponding the meeting, visit, exam, function,

For praising him, the teacher,

For praying God, fervently, sincerely, relentlessly,

for praying for peace, good health, justice,

for preaching the  religion,

for predicting the future, prospects, cyclone, weather, for prescribing the medicine,

for preserving food, fruit, the monuments,

for presiding over the meeting, 

for pressing  for sanction, agreement, money, loan,

on prevailing situation, scenario,

for printing press, works, material,

for probing the case, incident,

before proceeding  on leave,

for processing the application, the case,

for proclaiming the order, ordinance, judgement

for procuring the goods , books,

for producing the car, computer, 

for progressing in science, education,

for promising future, result,

for promoting business, film,

for projecting the  plan, expenditure,

for propagating  peace, love, religion,

for protecting the nation, country, life, people,

for proving correct, true, wrong,

for providing opportunity, shelter, assistance, aid, help, arms, money, material,

 for providing the details of the case, incident,

for provoking act, action

 for publishing  the book,  article,

for punishing the thief, culprit,

for purifying the water, air,

for pursuing education, the case, the course,

 for putting in right place, in order, me in trouble,


For qualifying exam, test,

For quarreling attitude, without cause, unnecessarily, For quenching thirst,

questing for truth, peace, questing for joy,

For quashing the order, judgement,

For quickening the effort, supply,

For quitting the cinema hall, home, smoking,

For questioning his authority, success, the members, students,

For quoting his words, line,


 For mailing address, the letter,

For maligning his fame, reputation, name,

For manning the space station, out post, border,

 For managing skill, well, successfully,

 For managing the hotel, function, business, school,

For manifesting the truth, his views,

For manipulating the story,

For marching fast, bravely, courageously,

For marking pen , correctly, the land, area,

For matching reply, response, colour, face,

 For measuring correctly, tape, the area

For meeting place, the tiger, him,

For migrating bird , people,

For mining area, zone, activity,

For mingling and mixing, with sorrow, joy,

For minimizing the risk, damage, programme,

For misbehaving me, us, the guest, people,

For misguiding the students, nation, people,

For mishandling the machine, engine, case

For missing person, certificate, miraculously,

for misunderstanding reason,

For misusing the power, money, authority

For mitigating the sorrow, pain, trouble, difficulty, the suffering, misery,

For mobilising the force, army, resources, money,

For motivating him, the students, voters, people,

For motivating for the project, work, war

For mounting sorrow, pressure,

For moving sky ward, fast, slowly, rapidly, very fast,

For mountaineering school, skill, training,


For nabbing the thief, culprit,

For nailing him, the mistake, culprit,

For narrating the story, incident, poem, case, facts,

For narrowing their differences, views, the gap,

For navigating system, the aircraft,

For nearing truth, the  fact, to the point,

For needing it immediately, urgently, it, the medicine, food, arms, money, shelter,

For neglecting her, family, self, duty, work, attitude, the repair, future, the national interest,

For negotiating  peace, agreement,

For neighbouring countries, houses, people, area

For normalizing the situation, people

For nursing sister, training,

Ok 30.6.11


      Singing words  ‘ING’ Part-II  to remember easily

For example: lasting joy, peace, happiness, pain,

Please write and read as for lasting joy, for lasting peace, for lasting happiness, 


For landing facility, smoothly, safely, the aircraft,

For languishing in jail, prison,

For lasting joy, peace, happiness,

For lauding victory,

For launching the war, attack, rocket, facility,

For leading role, the people, students, nation,

For leaking the news, secret, question paper, result, For learning easily, the foreign language, interest,

For leasing the land, property,

 For leaving the house, country,

For lending money,

For leveling the ground, site, area,

For liaising work,

For lighting the house,village, bulb, road, park,

For liking the students, people,

For lingering the case, issue, work,

For listing the price, names, materials, household goods, articles, seizure items,

For listening carefully, power, the radio, music,

For living animal,

For loading truck, work

For locking the door, motor cycle, properly,

For lodging  the complain, F.I.R,

For longing for peace,

For loosing temper, hope, faith, belief,

For looting the bank, office, people,

For losing the money, house, hope,

For loving mother, father, me, us, heartily,

For lowering the height, honour,

For luring the people, women,

For lurking the truth, fact, meaning,


Ok 30,6.11 


For kidnapping the boy,

 For knocking the door,

For knowing the truth, fact, earlier, later, before, nothing, everything, him,


For obeying the order, instruction, law, elders,

For objecting it, the nuisance, false allegation,

For obliging him ,

For observing the situation, people, land, sky, space, weather, movement, activity,

For obstructing the entry, movement, enemy, army,

For obtaining the permission, pass,

For occupying the place, home, land, territory,

For operating the engine, machine,

For opposing him, me, us, students, people,

For orbiting the moon,

For organizing the meeting, function, examination,

For out spreading the violence, rumour, disease,

For out standing work ,achievement, performance, display, art, victory,

For over looking it, the mistake, truth, fact, preparation,

For over throwing the Government, from power,

For over writing on it, the certificate,


For joining duty,  army, with us, time, letter,

For justifying the request, plea, position, action, order,

For gaining power, strength,

For gardening hobby, interest,

For generating power, electricity,

For getting done, cold, hot, money, 

For giving property, life , supreme sacrifice, order, instruction, clear cut direction, work order, opportunity, warning, advise, hope, assistance, aid, relief, joy, pain , trouble, sorrow, victory, success, goal, pleasure, power, water, milk, cloth, food, shelter, medicine, arm, ammunition, judgment, comment, reward, award, punishment, capital punishment, details, list, names, answer, reply,

For gleaming beauty,

For glorifying the country, victory, success, achievement, martyr, sacrifice, the noble cause, noble deed, noble act, our school, our college, the poet, artist, freedom fighter,

For going to the school, college, cinema, war, church, forest, play ground,

For coming late, in time, by cycle, bus, car,

For governing body, council, our country,

For gracing peace, bliss, joy, love,

For grasping the truth, fact, correctly,

For greeting card, him, the leader, minister, teacher, guest,  people , students, warmly, lovingly, each other,

 For grabbing  the land, power, opportunity,

For gripping tightly, firmly, 

For growing tree, tension, violence, terror activity, theft, threat, danger, darkness, calmness,

For guarding the border, post, day and night, round the clock, in all weather, the security of the country, national interest,

For guiding the  students, children, properly, carefully,

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 1.7.11


For handling carefully, properly,

For hardening the stand, law, issue, case,

 For harming the people, students, child, in a great way, our interest, relation

For harmonising effect, living,

For harnessing the power, electricity,

For harvesting the crop, 

For haunting experience, the tiger,

having knowledge, power, talent,  money, wealth, vehicle, courage, security, diverse experience, experience, work experience, expertise, patience,

For heading the team , board of officers, delegation, the people, 

For hearing the sound, roaring sound, quarrel, music, radio, argument, plea, people, problem,

For heating the rod, iron, water, milk, argument, talks,

For heeding the people, problem,

For helping nature, the poor, money, book, country, enquiry, negotiation, to reach an agreement,  each other,  at odd hour, at wee hour, sincerely, in time,  at the risk of life, in face of grave threat, danger, the flood victims, cyclone victims, fire victims, generously, kindly, sympathetically, at the time of need, honestly,  against all odds, in a hostile situation, greatly,

For heralding the national flag, truth,

For hesitating to go, to work, to bring, to take,

For hiding the truth, fact, cycle, book,

For hijacking the air craft,

For highlighting the success, works done, important lines, news,

For hoisting the national flag, for flag hoisting ceremony,

For holding tightly, firmly,

hoping well, success, victory, judgment, against hope, good result, help, unseen help,  best,

For horrifying experience, tales, story, situation,

For housing complex, project,

For humiliating experience, dealing, us, the  people,

For hurting self,the life, honour,


For fabricating the truth,

For facilitating entry, visit,

For fading image, colour, beauty,

For fascinating beauty, experience,  display, performance, victory, show,

For favouring me, him, the students, order, decision,

For fearing the ghost, enemy,

For feeding the child, milk, food,

 For felicitating him, me, words, comment, inspiration, For filing the case,

For finalising the programme, plan, agenda,

For finding the truth, fact, ball,

For finishing touch, art, the project, work,

For fitting tightly, properly, reply, response, answer,

For fixing the pole, photograph, responsibility,

For flaming high, sky high,

 For fleeing the country, town, city, village,

 For fleeting reply, response, answer,

 For flying test, safety,

For focusing the  light, dark area, on it,

following event, accident, incident, day, night, para, lines, fact, me, us, thief, police, act, activity, meeting,

For forcing us, me, death, to work, to do,

 For forecasting the weather, rainfall, snowfall, cyclone,

For foreseeing the future, future prospects, success, danger, difficulty,

For forging the relation, tie,

 For forgetting me, the school, story, you, all,

For forgiving me, us, students, the culprit, thief,

For fortifying the town, area, border,

For fostering the relation, tie, friendship,

For founding father, stone, pillar,

For framing charge sheet, him in this case, falsely, intentionally,

For freezing the  fish, vegetable, fruit,

For frisking properly, the visitor, passenger, thief, in airport, people,

 For frustrating experience, result,

For fueling tension, violence, the air craft,

For fulfilling the promise, dream, words,

For funding the organisation, terrorist,

For unfurling the national flag,

 For furnishing the fact, detail,

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm         1.7.11


For Earning money, name and fame, good name, bad reputation, purpose,

For eating sugar, sweet, fruit, fish, away, and drinking,

For editing news paper,

For educating women, mass, people,

For electing member, president, office bearer,

For elevating beauty, landscape,  nature, sky,

For eliciting information, truth, fact,

For eliminating enemy, foe, opponent, all who opposed, completely,

For eluding factor,

 For emaciating patient,

For emancipating prisoners, people,

For embarrassing situation, experience, guest, VIP, behaviour, us, him , me, and humiliating,

For emerging situation, issue, problem,

For emigrating office, official, officer,

 For emitting smoke,

For emphasizing  on it, problem, point,

For employing people, students, in factory,

For empowering women, country, nation,

For emptying house, bottle,


For enabling us, me, to act,

For enchanting beauty, nature, picture, experience,

For encouraging him, me, us, people, students,  children, women,

For encroaching land,  forest, power,

For ending well, enmity, hostility, violence, terror, the programme, meeting, session,

For endangering life, tiger, wild animal,

For endeavouring success, at best, all, to complete, comply, finish, execute,

For enduring(lasting , durable, stable) spirit, courage, patience, peace, war, violence, talk, meeting, friendship, relation,

For energizing people, women, weaker section of  the society,

For enforcing order, curfew, law, agency,

For engaging in war, violence, fight, day and night,

For engineering marvel, work, course, book,

For enhancing power, fee, cost, price,

For enjoying beauty, nature, dance, film,

For enriching culture, experience, nations, civilization, feeling, expression,

For entering border, home, safely, fearlessly, agreement, conclusion,

For enticing beauty, nature,

For ensuring victory, success, meeting, safety, security, power supply, relief, arrangement,

For entrusting him, task, work, responsibility,

For envisaging incident, danger, it, death,

For eradicating poverty,  illiteracy, disease,

For erecting house, building,

For erupting volcano, violence,

For escalating violence, tension, war, fighting,

For escaping death, danger, enemy attack,

For eschewing violence, bad habit, smoking, drinking,

For escorting guest, VIP, him, safely,

 For establishing order, factor, law, authority, school, college, factory ,

For estimating cost, expense, plan, project,

 For eulogising him, poet, 

For evacuating people, lower line, flood area, sea shore,

For evading arrest,

For evaluating answer sheet, performance,

For evicting quarter, 

For evolving him,

For exalting mind, heart, state,

For examining properly, well, him, candidates,

For excavating site, area, work,

For exceeding limit,  power, control,

For excelling in all fields, in science, in all sphere,

For exchanging views, ideas, notes, books, parts,

For exciting offer, opportunity, beauty, nature, mind, in joy,  anger, argument, talk,

For excluding him, me, it,

For excusing me, him, sir, for mistake, this time,

For executing agency, body, meeting , director, staff, order,

For exemplifying fee,  tuition fee, school fee,

For exercising power, authority, control,

For exhibiting well,

For exhilarating experience, nature, expression,

 For exhorting (advising) me, us, students,  people,

For existing problem, sanction, order,

For exonerating mistake,

For expanding day to day,

For expecting well recovery, good result,  good rain fall ,  bumper crop, peace and prosperity, happy return, you to do it, to achieve it, to accomplish it, to execute it, so much, no more, nothing ,

For expediting reply,

For experiencing cold, hot, snowfall, space journey, truth, Divine,

For expiring date, medicine,

For explaining fact, incident, position, action,

For everything, correctly, in detail, well, the reason, the circumstances,

For exploiting women, child, facility,

 For exploring new horizon, possibilities, opportunity, area of mutual interest,

 For exporting rice, wheat, coal, terror,

For exposing him, me, agent, fact, truth, false one, cover,

For expressing well, beautifully, humbly, correctly, brilliantly, comfortably, sincere desire, lucidly, magnificently, spontaneously, perfectly, strikingly, fascinating experience, good wishes, good will , good will gesture, seriousness for talk, peace,

For expounding well, fluently, conspicuously, clearly, order, judgment,

For extinguishing the fire,  well, completely,

For extracting juice, truth,



Singing words  ‘ING’ to remember easily for ever

For example:

Please write and read as


For calling him, the doctor

For camouflaging the tanks, troops, vehicles,

 For campaigning for vote, support, meeting,

For cancelling the programme, visit,

For canvassing the information,

 For capsizing the boat,

For captivating beauty, nature, scenery, performance, display,

For capturing the thief, culprit,

For carrying rice, fruits, man to moon,

 For carving wood,  For casting vote,

For castigating him, his work, bad work, anti-social work,  

For causing trouble, tension, difficulty, fear, pain, sorrow, joy, death, hardship,  problem, a lot of problem, suffering, a lot of suffering, damage, so much damage, so much pain , provocation, immediate provocation, unnecessary tension,

For cautioning me, us, the people, danger, danger ahead,  to proceed, to move,

For celebrating beauty, love, nature, the victory, success, the function, birth day, I-day, marriage, marriage ceremony,

For censuring the film, song, book,

For certifying his identity,

For chaining  the dog, cow,

For chalking out the plan, strategy, ways to tackle,

For challenging task, work, problem, career, me, us, the enemy, opponent, to do it,

For changing the mind, heart, thought, decision, views, plan, project, strategy, route, profession, shirt, parts , vehicle, successfully, slowly, rapidly, soon,

 For charging the Govt, for inaction,  me as suspect, him for mistake,  the battery,

For charming beauty, personality, nature, sight, smile,

For chasing the tiger, thief,  

For cheating me, us, act,

For checking the people, prisoner, vehicle, movement, answer paper, ticket, letter, water leakage, it successfully, completely,

For cheering success, girl, boys, smile, victory, success, and clapping,

For chilling cold, biting cold, bone biting cold, chilling milk,

For choking the neck, death, supply, flow,

For choosing best, first, correctly, one, him, me, member,  subject,

 For circling earth, moon, house,

For circulating order, instruction, notes ,

For citing example,

For civilizing nation, people, country,

For clarifying point, observation, doubt, action, position, stand, decision, issues,

For clashing each other,

cleaning dust, smoke, house, premises, well, neatly, perfectly, material,

For climbing tree, rock, mountain,

For clinching evidence, witness, proof, the victory, the success,

For closing hour, house, shop, business, bank, door, window, all option, date,

For clouding sky,

For coaching center, facility,

For coating nickel, colour,

For co-existing in nature, harmoniously,

For Collaborating effort,

For collapsing tower, house, power supply, city life,

For collective effort, endeavour, responsibility,

For collecting firewood, goods, ration, fruits,

For combing operation, the forest, area,

For combating force, enemy, terrorist, disease,

For coming soon , successfully, safely, in time, usually, regularly, days, season, year, future, near, close, slowly,  speedily, dangerously, fast, first, late, very late, at times, frequently, occasionally,

For commanding spirit, personality, order, troops,

For commemorating the function, R-day, the occasion, victory day, marriage day, joyously,

For commencing the journey, function, well, examination, meeting, speech, war,

For commissioning the project, factory,

 For communalizing the issue,

For communicating well, effectively, successfully, reciprocally, us, me, all, each other, order, circular, message, greeting, good wishes, problem, difficulty,

For comparing the letter, draft,

For compelling reason, ground, fact, situation, factor,

For complaining always, frequently, without any cause, to the teacher, police,

For completing work, task, project, war, it, successfully, perfectly, soon, effectively,

For complicating the problem, issue, case, fact, to understand,

For complying the order,

For composing the poem,

For comprehending well, correctly , truth, story, film,

For computing very fast,

For concealing the truth, fact, reality,

For conceiving well, truth, fact,

For concerning violence,

For concerting effort,

For concluding session, meeting, programme, the enquiry, visit,

For condemning his act, view,

For condoning the death,

In a conducing atmosphere, environment,

For conducting well, examination, operation, test, surprise check, enquiry,

For confirming the truth, fact, death, return, presence,

 For confiscating the money, property,

For conflicting news, view,

For confusing me, us, people, students, letter, statement,

For congratulating him, each other, warmly, lovingly, the leader,  captain, minister,

 For connecting link, factor, the rail, road, people,

For conquering will, land, enemy territory, space,

For consecrating the place, temple complex,

For considering your case, request, application, permission, transfer, it, all angles, all facts, genuinely, sincerely,

For consoling him, me, us, people, the fire victims,

For consolidating the position,

 For conspiring to kill, harm, defeat, murder,

For constituting the committee, board, enquiry,

For constructing the house, temple, dam, road,

For construing the story, fact, incident, correctly,

For consulting me, the doctor, lawyer,

For consuming medicine, poison, milk,

 For contacting police, lawyer

For containing lead, iron,

For contaminating water, air, disease,

For contemplating the truth, fact, story,

For contesting election,

For continuing violence, terrorism, supply, water supply, power supply, to-day, course, study,

For contradicting facts, witness, statements, views,

For contrasting each other, facts,

For contributing in a great way, largely, sincerely, genuinely, for a great cause, his life,

For controlling the people, area, violence, crime, students, staff, business, successfully, effectively, remotely, authority,

 For converting religion, mechanical power,

For conveying the news, message, sorrow, joy, truth, position, good wishes, love, good will,

For convicting him , the accused,

 For convincing him , people, students, well,

 For cooking food, gas, oil,

For co-operating us, me, the people, enquiry, nature, For co-coordinating in the meeting ,

For correcting the draft, mistake, note, letter, action, wrong,

For corroborating the fact, truth,

For counseling hall, place, students, patients,

For counting notes, votes, goods, correctly,

For covering it, the place, table, bed,

For creating the universe

For criticizing him, his act, view, action, the Govt,

For crossing the limit, point, river, mountain pass,

For crowding place, city, area,

For crumbling values, building,

For crying child, loudly, for help, justice, money,

For cultivating the  land,

For curbing the violence, crime, terror,

For cursing me, him, the crime, bad deed,

For cutting well, tool, the tree, fruit, edge technology,