Vedic English
Singing Words=AFTER

Singing words  After ‘ING’- Part-I to remember easily

For example: After serving at best, sincerely, faithfully, for the country, family, in national interest,


Please write and read as After serving at best, After serving  sincerely, After serving faithfully, After serving  for the country, After serving for family, nation

After saving life, property, people, crop,

 After saying truth, 

After searching for the truth,  here and there, 

After seeing him, the nature, sun,

After shouting loudly,  for help ,to save,

After showing the certificate,

After speaking truth,  After spelling correctly,

After spraying water, perfume,

After staying there, here,

After stitching the cloths, After stopping  him,

After studying  the case, book, the proposal

After submitting the application, certificate,

After suffering silently, a lot, severely, from fever

After surpassing all, past records,

After surveying  the area, hill, village, land

after surviving all odds, After sitting arrangement

 After securing success, position, good rank,

After showering the flowers, petals, water, blessing,

After seeking justice, peace, relief, help,

After serving at best, sincerely, faithfully,

After serving food, cloth, many days, me, him

After settling the problem, case, issue,

After solving the problem,

After selling the goods, mango,

After sending troops, force, police, the letter, money,

After sensing the trouble, doubt, fear, danger ahead,

After smelling bad, doubt, rot, sweet,

After speculating danger, difficulty, threat, future,

After separating the circle, triangle, mixture,

After shaking well,

After sharing the room, food,

After sharpening  the pencil, tool, knife

After removing the stumbling block,

After stunning victory, achievement, display,

After shattering the goods, house, things,

After shattering experience,  evidence, truth,

After shifting the goods, house,

After smashing the glass, the enemy

After startling revelation, manifestation ,

After shocking news, truth, revelation, result, 

After silencing all, the critic, people,

After solemnizing the marriage,

After shunning violence, riot, home, bad habit, smoking

After shooting the tiger, film,

After shipping iron ore, coal , cement,

After saluting national flag, the martyr, jawan,

After sanctioning money,

After saturating point,

After scaling high,the mountain,

After scanning the brain,

After scathing attack, remark, words,

After scolding severely,

After scoring high, mark,

After scrapping the tie, agreement, contract

After scratching  the letter,

After stressing hard,

After struggling hard, for success, to survive,

After smuggling gold, goods

After sowing seed,

After growing crop ,

After screwing tightly, properly

After sealing the shop, secret letter,

After sinking their differences, enmity,

After soaking water, air,

 After sparking at night


After tackling problem, violence, mob, riot, terror,

After taking interest, charge, chance, opportunity,

After talking loudly, tough, sweetly,  friendly,

After tampering  the proof, letter,  seal,

After tapping  the water, resources,

After targeting him, enemy, enemy position,

After tasking the work, task,

After teaching in the class,

 After tearing  me in sorrow

After tendering resignation from his post,

After terrifying people, us,him

After testing   the tool, blood, stool

After thinking well then speak, write

 After threatening  words, calls, voice, me, us

After thrilling victory, joy,

 After throwing  the ball, water,

After thundering sound, rain,

After writing a touching letter, a moving story,

 After training programme, completed, period, tenure

After transcending all barriers, land, sky,

After transmitting power, 

After treating well, warmly,

After travelling at light speed,

After trekking  the mountain,

After trembling in fear,

After trespassing  the house, country,

After troubling time, tough time, me,us,

After trusting him,

After trying for good, best, our best, to complete, to finish, to help

After twinkling of an eye, After typing work,


After raging war,

After raiding house,

After raising the issue, problem,

After rallying for support, vote,

After ransacking house,

After ravaging flood, cyclone,

After reaching goal, destination, home,

After reacting sharply, silently, violently, vehemently,

After reading book, in class V

After rebelling act, activity,

After rebuilding the nation, country, temple,

After receiving cordially, warmly, the guest,

After reciting the poem,

After reclaiming property, goods,

After recognizing him, fact, theft, culprit,  accused,

After recommending award, name,

After recording song, speech,

After recovering speedily, well,

After rectifying error, mistake,

After reducing slowly, rapidly,

After reeling under hot sun, pain,

After referring his case,

After reflecting light,

After refraining from war,

After refreshing in the room

After refusing to obey,  the order,

After refuting the charges,

After regaining his strength,

After registering case, name,

After regretting for him, for his work,

After regulating law, rules,

After rejecting plea, order, agreement, request,

After relating it to this case,

After relaxing well,

After relaying on him, nature,

After releasing prisoner, water, money, pay,

After relieving me from  trouble,pain,

After remaining free, there, in house, forest,jail

After remembering him, his great service, deeds,

After reminding in time,

After removing huddles, obstacles,

After rendering service,

 After renewing interest, effort,

After renouncing terror, violence, smoking,

After renovating temple, house, work,

After repairing cycle, house, ,

 After replacing old one ,him,

After repeating again, the mistake,

After replying  the question,

After representing the people, country,

After requesting  for help, justice, relief, money

 After requiring money, arms, it urgently,

After resenting me, us, the guest,

After residing in house, in city,

After resolving problem, issue,

After respecting elders,  agreement, law,

After resting comfortably, peacefully,

After restoring peace, law and order, water supply,

After restricting entry, movement, visit

After resuming duty, work,

After retaining power, glory,

 After retaliating enemy,

After retiring day, from service, from work,

After returning home, safely, in time,

After revamping tie, agreement, contract

After revealing truth, fact,

After reviewing order, judgement, condition,

After revising mark, order,

After reviving glory,

After revoking ties, agreement, contract

After rewarding career, works done, achievement, effort, work,           After ringing the bell,

After roaring sound,

After rowing boat, rapidly,

After ruining future, career,

After ruling the country,

After running fast,


After  Ing words in alphabetical order

After Pacifying people, him, students, public, the mob

After Packing  goods, food, material, tightly,

After paining  me, him,

After painting the house, door, art,

After pardoning him, the crime,  the mistake, me

After parking  the vehicle,

After parting  us, him

After participating well, in game, in election, in function, meeting, fair, war, training,

After passing well, time,

After patrolling the city, the campus,

After patronising him, me,

After paying money, school fee, in time , house rent,

After pelting stone,

After penetrating well, deeply, slowly, the wall,

After perceiving the story, fact, the incident,

 After performing well, work,

 After persisting effort,

After persuading him, people, voters, students,

After perusing well, study,

After pervading darkness, sorrow,

After placating tension, violence,

After placing order, in its right place, under suspension, arrest,

After planning well, properly, in advance, wisely, for future, for development,

After playing football, cricket,

After pleading guilty, for justice, 

After pleasing us, me,  guest,

After pledging ceremony, oath taking ceremony,

After plotting conspiracy, to kill,

After plucking flower, fruit,

 After plundering wealth, treasure,

 After plying the vehicle on road,

 After poaching the tiger, elephant

 After poising threat,

After polishing diamond, floor, stone,

After polling day,

After polluting atmosphere, air, water,

After posing threat to nation, security,

After posting the letter, order,

After postponing meeting, visit, exam, function,

After powering people, engine,

 After praising him, teacher, good works,

After praying God, fervently, for peace, good health, After preaching  religion,

After preceding day, night,

After predicting future, prospects, cyclone, weather, After prescribing medicine,

After preserving food, fruit, monuments,

After presiding meeting, session, officer,

After pressing hard, us, for sanction,

After agreement, loan,

After presuming danger, accident, quarrel, difficulty, After pretending lie,

After prioritising visit, loan, relief,

After privatising economy, industry,

After probing the case, incident,

After proceeding slowly, cautiously, rapidly, on leave,

After processing application, fee, material, the case,

After proclaiming order, ordinance, truth,

After procuring goods , books,

After producing car, computer, rice,

After programming computer, training,

After progressing slowly, speedily, fast, in science, After promising future, result,

After promoting business, film,

After promulgating order, his views,

After projecting plan, expense,

After propagating peace, love, violence, religion, After proposing marriage, agreement,

 After protecting country, life, people, property,

After proving correct, false, true, wrong,

After providing opportunity, assistance, aid, help, arms, money, material, details of the case, incident,

After provoking act,

 After publishing news, book, article,

After pulling door, with force,

 After punishing thief, culprit,

After purifying water, air, temple, body,

After pursuing education, the case, the course,

After putting in right place, in order, me trouble,


Ing words in alphabetical order

After qualifying exam, test,

After quarreling without cause, sense, unnecessarily,

After quenching thirst,

After questing for truth, peace, joy,

After quashing the order, judgement,

After quickening effort, supply,

After quitting cinema hall, home, smoking,

After questioning the authority, success, students,

After quoting his words, line,


Ing words in alphabetical order

After mailing the letter,

 After maligning fame, reputation, name,

After manning the house, out post, border,

 After managing  the function, school, well, successfully,

After manifesting the truth, views,

After manipulating the story,

 After marching fast, bravely, courageously,

After marking correctly, land, area,

After matching reply, response, colour,

 After measuring correctly,

After meeting place,  him,

After minimizing risk, damage, programme,

After misbehaving me, us, guest, people,

After misguiding student, nation, people,

After mishandling machine,

After misunderstanding arises, cleared,

After misusing power, money,

After mitigating sorrow, pain, trouble, difficulty, suffering, misery,

After mobilising forces, army, resources, money,

 After motivating him,  for the project, work, skill, students, voters, people, members,

After mounting sorrow, pressure,

After moving sky ward, fast, slowly, rapidly, very fast, here and there,


Ing words in alphabetical order

After nabbing the thief, culprit,

After nailing him, mistake, culprit,

After narrating story, incident, poem, case, facts,

After narrowing differences, views, gap,

After navigating system, aircraft,

After nearing truth, fact, to the point,

After needing urgently, it, medicine, food, arms, money, shelter,

 After neglecting her, family, self, national interest, duty, work,  repair, future,

After negotiating peace, agreement, talk,

After normalizing situation,

After noticing it, issuing notice to come, to join, to surrender,

After nursing training,


Gani Devi Temple of Vedic English

Singing words  after ‘ING’ Part-II  to remember easily

For example: After landing smoothly, safely,

Please write and read  as After landing smoothly, After landing safely,

After landing smoothly, safely,

After languishing in jail, prison,

After lapsing date, period,

After lasting joy, peace, happiness, pain, suffering,

After lauding victory,

After launching war, attack, rocket,

After leading nation,

After leaking news, secret, question paper, result,

After leasing land, property,

 After leaving house, country,

After lending money,

After leveling ground, site, area, machine,

After liaising work,

After lighting house, village,  road, park,

After limiting power, supply,

After listening carefully,

After loading truck, vehicle, goods, coal,

After locking door, properly, motor cycle,

After lodging F.I.R, complain,

After loosing hope, faith, belief,

After looting bank, office, people,

After losing hope, war, money, house, life and property,

After loving me, motherland, country, sincerely, tenderly, with care,

After lowering height,  dam,

After luring people, women, me, us,



After kicking foot ball,

 After kidnapping the  boy,

After knocking the door,

After knowing the truth, him, fact, earlier, later, before, nothing, After everything,


After obeying the order, instruction, law, elders,

After objecting it, false allegation,

After observing situation, people, land, sky, space, weather, movement, activity,

After obstructing entry, movement, enemy,

After obtaining permission, pass,

After occupying place, home, land, territory, space,

After offering flower, prayer, seat, assistance,

After off loading truck, goods,

After opening day, ceremony, door, window, market, carefully, slowly, cautiously, the lock, gate, secret,

 After operating carefully, well, the engine, machine,

After opposing humbly, gently, straight, vehemently, him, me, us, students, people,

After optimizing result,

After orbiting moon, earth,

After ordering work, task, duty, it, to go,

After outlining the plan, project, operation,

After out sourcing the business,

After out spreading violence, rumour, cholera, disease,

After out standing work ,achievement, performance, display, victory,

After over coming difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow, trouble, obstacle, defeat, danger, all odds,

After overhauling engine, air craft, truck, work,

After over looking it, mistake, truth, fact, preparation, After over powering enemy, us, our vehicle,

After over taking us , our bus,

After over throwing Government, from power,

After over writing on it, certificate,


After Jeopardizing interest, security, public safety,

 After joining duty, to-day, army, with us, time, letter,

After jubilating party, marriage, parade, march past, goal, victory, students, people, guests,

After jumping first, last, fire, from aircraft, from sky, bravely, horse, sport,

After justifying request, plea, position, action, order, After juxtaposing each other, joy and sorrow,


After gaining power, strength,

After gardening,

After garlanding teacher, leader, God, bride, guests, After generating power, electricity,

After gesturing good will,

After getting done, cold, hot, money, truth,

After gifting gold, cow, car,

After giving property,  order, instruction, clear cut direction, work order, opportunity, warning, advise, hope, assistance, aid, relief, joy, pain , trouble, sorrow,  pleasure, power, water, milk, cloth, food, shelter, medicine, arm, ammunition, judgment, comment, reward, award, punishment, capital punishment, details, list, names, answer, reply,

After glorifying country, nation, people, victory, act, success, achievement, death, sacrifice, the noble cause, noble deed, noble act, our school, our college, poet, artist, freedom fighter,

After going slowly, smoothly, speedily, well, in right direction, in slow pace,

 After going to the school, college, cinema, war, church, forest, ground, play ground,

After coming, late, in time, by cycle, by bus, car, After governing body, council, our country,

After gracing peace, bliss, joy, love,

After grasping truth, fact, correctly,

After greening city, house, garden,

After greeting card, him, leader, minister, teacher, warmly,

After lovingly each other, people , students,

 After grabbing land, power, opportunity,

After gripping tightly, firmly,

 After growing tree, tension, violence, terror activity, theft, well, plant, threat, danger,

After guarding border, post, day and night, round the clock, national interest, security of the country,

After guiding students, people, children, properly, lovingly, carefully, sincerely,

After gunning down , at blank point, 


After hallucinating experience,

After hampering relation, interest,

 After handling carefully, successfully, properly,

After happening every month,

After hardening the stand, law, issue, case,

 After harming people, students, child, us, in a great way, our interest, relation,  a lot,

After harnessing power, electricity,

After harvesting crop,

After haunting experience, tiger,

After heading enquiry, team members, board of officers, delegation, the group, people, difficulty, trouble, pain, bravely, calmly, successfully,

 After healing touch, smile, therapy, well,

After hearing sound, roaring sound, quarrel, music, radio, argument, plea, problem,

After heating iron, water, milk, argument, talks,

After heeding people, problem,

After helping always, poor, happily,  money, book, country, enquiry, negotiation, to reach an agreement,  each other,  at odd hour, at wee hour, sincerely, in time,  at all cost, at the risk of life, in face of grave threat, danger, flood victims, cyclone victims, fire victims, generously, kindly, sympathetically, at the time of need, honestly, smilingly,   against all odds, in a hostile situation, greatly,

After heralding national flag,

 After hesitating to go, to work, to bring, to take,

After hiding truth, fact, cycle, book,

After hijacking air craft,

After highlighting success, works done, important lines, news,

After hitting squad, each other,

After hoisting national flag, flag hoisting ceremony,

After holding tightly, firmly, ground,

After hoping well, success, victory, against hope, good result, help,  best,

After horrifying experience,

After housing complex, project,

After humiliating experience, dealing, us, people,

After hurting self, life, honour,


After fabricating truth,

After facilitating entry, visit,

After fading image, colour, beauty,

 After failing student,

After falling ball,

After farming land,

After fascinating  display, performance, victory, show,

After favouring me, him, students,

After fearing danger, violence, quarrel, death, people, me , him,  ghost, enemy,

After feeding child, the milk, food,

 After felicitating him, me, words, comment, inspiration,

After filing case,

After filling gap, blank,

 After filming cinema,  river,

After finalising programme, plan, agenda,

 After finding truth, fact, ball,

After finishing touch, art, project, work,

After firing training,

After fitting tightly, properly, reply, response, answer,

After fixing pole, photograph, responsibility,

After flaming fire, high, sky high,

After fleeing the country, town, city, village, area,

 After fleeting(brief) reply, answer,

After flying test, programme, time, hour, sky high, over audience, over us,

After focusing light, dark area, on it,

After following event, accident, incident, day, night, para, lines, fact, me, us, thief, police, act, activity, meeting,

After forcing us, me, death, to work, to do,

After forecasting weather, rainfall, snowfall, cyclone,

After foregoing payment, promotion, dues,

After foreseeing future, future prospects, success, danger, difficulty,

 After forging relation, tie,

 After forgetting me, school, story, you, all,

After forgiving me, us, students, culprit, thief,

After fortifying town, area, border,

After fostering relation, tie, friendship,

After founding stone, pillar,

After framing charge sheet, him in this case, falsely, intentionally,

After freeing country, prison, parrots, 

After freezing fish, vegetable, fruit,

After frightening condition, in fear,

 After frisking properly, visitor, passenger, thief, in airport, people,

 After frustrating experience, result,

After fueling tension, violence, air craft, station,

After fulfilling promise, dream, words,

 After funding organisation, terrorist,

After furling national flag,

 After furnishing fact, detail,


After earning money, name and fame, good name, bad reputation, purpose,

After eating sugar, sweet, fruit, fish, away, and drinking,

After echoing call, voice, sound,

After editing news paper,

After educating women, mass, people,

After effective from Monday, Sunday, 12.2.10,date,

After elaborating story, incident, case, fact, truth,

After electing member, president, office bearer,

 elevating beauty, landscape,  nature, sky,

 After eliciting information, truth, fact,

After eliminating enemy, foe, opponent, all who opposed, completely,

After eluding factor,

 After emaciating patient,

After emancipating prisoners, people,

After embarrassing situation, experience, guest, VIP, behaviour, us, him , me, and humiliating,

After embellishing ornament,

After embracing her, guest, warmly, lovingly, with all her heart,

After emerging situation, issue, problem,

After emigrating office, official, officer,

 After emitting smoke,

After emphasizing  on it, problem, point,

After employing people, students, in factory,

After empowering women, country, nation,

After emptying house, bottle,


After enabling us, me, to act,

After enchanting beauty, nature, picture, experience,

After encircling house,

After enclosing form, draft, certificate copy, document, letter,

After encountering thief, enemy, terrorist, naxal,

After encouraging him, me, us, people, students,  children, women,

After encroaching land,  forest, power,

After ending well, enmity, hostility, violence, terror, the programme, meeting, session,

After endangering life, tiger, wild animal,

After endeavouring success, at best, all, to complete, comply, finish, execute,

After enduring(lasting , durable, stable) spirit, courage, patience, peace, war, violence, talk, meeting, friendship, relation,

After energizing people, women, weaker section of  the society,

After enforcing order, curfew, law, agency,

After engaging in war, violence, fight, day and night,

After engineering marvel, work, course, book,

After enhancing power, fee, cost, price,

After enjoying beauty, nature, dance, film,

After enriching culture, experience, nations, civilization, feeling, expression,

After entering border, home, safely, fearlessly, agreement, conclusion,

After enticing beauty, nature,

After ensuring victory, success, meeting, safety, security, power supply, relief, arrangement,

After entrusting him, task, work, responsibility,

After envisaging incident, danger, it, death,

After eradicating poverty,  illiteracy, disease,

After erecting house, building,

After erupting volcano, violence,

After escalating violence, tension, war, fighting,

After escaping death, danger, enemy attack,

After eschewing violence, bad habit, smoking, drinking,

After escorting guest, VIP, him, safely,

 After establishing order, factor, law, authority, school, college, factory ,

After estimating cost, expense, plan, project,

 After eulogising him, poet, 

evacuating people, lower line, flood area, sea shore,

After evaporating water,

evading arrest,

After evaluating answer sheet, performance,

After evening sky, hour, time, star,

 After evicting quarter, 

After evoking response, equal response,  immediate reply,

After evolving him,

After exalting mind, heart, state,

After examining properly, well, him, candidates,

After excavating site, area, work,

After exceeding limit,  power, control,

 After excelling in all fields, in science, in all sphere,

exchanging views, ideas, notes, books, parts,

After exciting offer, opportunity, beauty, nature, mind, in joy,  anger, argument, talk,

After excluding him, me, it,

After excusing me, him, sir, for mistake, this time,

After executing agency, body, meeting , director, staff, order,

exemplifying fee,  tuition fee, school fee,

After exercising power, authority, control,

After exhausting feeling, body, all resources,

After exhibiting well,

After exhilarating experience, nature, expression,

 After exhorting (advising) me, us, students,  people,

After existing problem, sanction, order,

After exonerating mistake,

After expanding day to day,

After expecting well recovery, good result,  good rain fall ,  bumper crop, peace and prosperity, happy return, you to do it, to achieve it, to accomplish it, to execute it, so much, no more, nothing ,

After expediting reply,

After experiencing cold, hot, snowfall, space journey, truth, Divine,

After expiring date, medicine,

After explaining fact, incident, position, action,

everything, correctly, in detail, well, the reason, the circumstances,

After exploiting women, child, facility,

After exploring new horizon, possibilities, opportunity, area of mutual interest,

After exporting rice, wheat, coal, terror,

After exposing him, me, agent, fact, truth, false one, cover,

After extinguishing fire,  well, completely,

After extracting juice, truth,


29.6.11   In a defeating manner, In a critical situation


Singing words  ‘ING’ to remember easily for ever

For example:


Please write and read


After calculating math,

After calibrating telephone set, Walkie Talkie Set

After calling again and again,

After camouflaging tanks, troops, vehicles,

 After campaigning for vote, support, meeting,

After cancelling the programme, visit, tender,

After captivating performance, display,

After capturing thief, culprit,

After carrying rice, fruits, man to moon,

 After carving wood,  After casting vote,

After castigating him, his work, bad work, anti-social work,

After causing trouble, tension, difficulty, fear, pain, sorrow, joy, death, hardship,  problem, a lot of problem, suffering, a lot of suffering, damage, so much damage, so much pain , provocation, immediate provocation, unnecessary tension,

After cautioning me, us, people, danger, danger ahead,  to proceed, to move, to follow, well in advance,

After celebrating victory, success, birth day, I-day, marriage, marriage ceremony, the function,

After censuring film, song, book,

After centralizing power,

After certifying me, him, his identity,

After chaining the dog, cow, enemy,

After chalking out the plan, strategy, ways to tackle,

After challenging task, work, problem, career, me, us, opponent, enemy, to do it,

After changing season, scenario, scene, attitude, mind, heart, thought, mood, decision, views, plan, project, strategy, profession, shirt, parts , vehicle, successfully,

 After charging Govt, for inaction,  me as suspect, him for mistake,  battery,

After chasing the  tiger, thief, successfully, bravely, 

After cheating me, us, act,

After checking people, prisoner, vehicle, movement, answer paper, ticket, letter, leakage , water leakage, successfully, completely,

After cheering success,  victory, and clapping,

shouting, song, dance,

After choking supply, flow,

After choosing best, first, correctly, one, him, me, the member,  subject,

 After circling earth, moon, house,

After circulating order, instruction, notes ,

After citing example,

After clarifying observation, doubt, action, position, stand, decision, issues,

After clashing each other,

After cleaning dust, smoke, house, premises, well, neatly, perfectly, material,

After climbing tree, rock, mountain,

 After clinching evidence, witness, proof, victory,

After closing hour, house, shop, door, window, date,

After coating nickel, colour,

After collaborating effort,

After collapsing tower, house, power supply, city life,

After collecting effort, endeavour,

After collecting firewood, goods, ration, fruits,

 After combing operation, the forest, area,

After combating the enemy, terrorist, disease,

After combining effort, attempt,

After coming safely, in time, regularly, near, close, slowly,  speedily, dangerously, first, late, very late, After commanding troops,

After commemorating the function, R-day, joyously, the occasion, victory day, marriage day, 

After commencing journey, function, well, examination, meeting, speech, war,

After commissioning the project, factory,

 After communalizing the issue,

After communicating well, effectively, successfully, reciprocally, us, me, all, each other, order, circular, message, greeting, good wishes, problem, difficulty,

After comparing letter, draft,

On compelling reason, ground, fact, situation, factor,

After complaining always, frequently, without any cause, teacher, police,

After completing work, task, project, it, successfully, perfectly, effectively,

After complicating the issue, case, fact,

After complying the order,

After composing the poem,

After comprehending well, correctly , truth, the story, After computing very fast,

After concealing the fact, truth, reality,

After conceiving well, truth, the fact,

After concerting effort,

After concluding session, meeting, programme, enquiry, visit,

 After condemning his act, view,

After condoning death,

in  a conducing atmosphere, environment,

After conducting examination, operation, test, surprise check, enquiry,

After confirming the fact, death, his return, presence,

After confiscating money, property,

After conflicting news, view,

After confusing me, us, people, students, statement,

After congratulating him, each other, warmly, lovingly, the leader,  captain, minister,

After congratulating him, his success, victory, performance,

 After connecting link, rail, road,

After conquering land, enemy territory, space,

After consecrating place, temple complex,

After consenting to come, to visit,

After considering your case, request, application, permission, transfer, it, all angles, all facts,

After consoling him, her, me, us, people, fire victims,

After consolidating position,

 After conspiring to kill, harm, defeat, murder,

After constituting committee, board, enquiry,

After constructing house, temple, dam, road, bridge,

After consulting me, us, doctor, lawyer,

After consuming medicine, poison, milk,

 After contacting police, lawyer

After contaminating water, air,

After contemplating truth, the fact, story,

After contesting the election,

After continuing violence, terrorism, supply, water supply, power supply

Due to contradicting fact, witness, statement, views, findings,

Because of  contradicting fact, witness, statement, views, findings,

After contrasting each other, facts,

 After contributing in a great way, largely,  for a great cause, his life, profoundly, generously, a lot

After controlling the people, students, staff, children, area, town, the violence, riot, crime, business, successfully, effectively,

 After converting mechanical power,

After conveying the news, message, sorrow, joy, position, good wishes, love, good will,

After convicting him , the accused,

 After convincing him , me, us, people, students, well, After cooking food,

After cooling the machine,

After co-operating us, people, enquiry, me,

After co-coordinating us,

After copping us,

After correcting draft, mistake, note, letter, action, After corroborating fact, truth,

After counseling students, patients,

After counting notes, goods, correctly, started, votes,

After covering it, place, table, bed,

After creating the universe

After criticizing him, his act, view, action, the Govt,

After crossing the limit, point, river, mountain pass,

Due to crowding place, city, area, fair,

Due to crumbling values,

After crying loudly, for help, justice, liberty, money,

After cultivating land,

After curbing terror, violence, crime,

After cursing me, him, guilty, crime, bad deed,

After cutting well, tree, fruit, 

After cycling race,


After daring attack,

After debarring entry, him, movement,

After deceiving me, us, cunningly, enemy, tactfully, tiger, cleverly,

 After decentralizing power,

After deciding his fate, application, to do, to give, to work, to take, to finish, to achieve,

After declaring independence, winner, victory, election, war, peace,

After declining slowly, fast,

After decoding secret, message,

After decorating house, temple, beautifully,

After decreasing water table, water level, ground water, production,

After dedicating himself, for the country, his life, service,

After de-escalating tension, war, violence,

After defacing wall,

 After defeating badly, well, in the battle,

After defending well, his action, honour, freedom, country, national interest,

 After deferring the decision, hearing,

After defusing tension,

After delivering justice, goods,

After demanding justice, food, money, relief,

After demarcating land, area,

After demolishing structure, temple, squad,

After denying truth, fact, incident, involvement, it, After departing us,  for ever,

After depending on us, him, water, air, food, medicine, rainfall, river, 

After depicting well, picture,

After deploring the death

After deploying force, police,

After depositing money, key, fee, cash,

After depriving of his dues, right,

After derogating word, comment, speech, letter,

In a descending order,

After describing the story, incident, his case, beautifully,

After deserting me, us,

After deserving the reward, prize,

After designing air craft, space craft,

After desiring good wishes, wellness, happiness, to work, to surrender, to study, to retire, to write, to meet, to finish , to fight, to die, to live, to serve,

After destroying house, camp, enemy post, life and property, forest,

After detaining suspect, thief, me, him,

 After detecting the bomb, mistake, it,

 Due to deteriorating condition, day by day,

After determining to do, to finish, to work, to complete,

After devastating flood, fire, cyclone, village,

After developing well, fast, country, nation

After deviating the fact, truth,

After devising method, plan,

After devoting life, money, for nation, society,

After diagnosing disease, in time,

After dictating note, draft, order, terms, me,

After dying peacefully, dying natural death,

After diffusing tension,

After digging the soil, truth,

In a dignifying way, manner,

After diluting water,

After directing me, us, people, students, to do, to go, to work,

After disarming enemy, thief, people,

After disbursing money,

After discarding fact, reality, truth, findings,

After discharging duty,

 After disclosing truth, fact, wealth,

After discontinuing study, work, aid,

After discouraging me, us, players,

 After discovering truth, him, it,

After discussing problem, issue,

 After disobeying order, instruction,

After displaying brilliantly, stunningly, perfectly, magnificently, enchantingly, bravely,

After disregarding me, elder, senior,

After disrupting work,

After distinguishing  well, me, him,

Due to  distorting fact,

After distributing money, relief, goods, land, books, Due to distrusting us, me, you,

After disturbing always, factor, reason,

After diverting fund, river, attention,

After divulging plan, 

After donating blood, money,

After doubling effort,

After downloading data,

 After downplaying issue, it, fact,

After drafting the letter, well,

After draining water,

After dreaming future, success,

After drilling works, holes

After drinking water, milk, wine

After driving the vehicle, well,

On the dropping zone,


After identifying him, the thief,

 After imbibing good education,

After immolating bid, attempt,

After immortalizing his name, fame,

 After imparting quality education,

 After impeaching the president,

 Due to impending danger,

 After importing the sugar, rice, coal,

 After imposing sanction, tax, restriction

 After improving the situation, condition, health,

After inaugurating the function, school, office,

 After inciting violence, terror, speech, us, people,

After increasing price, cost,

After indicating good sign, recovery,

 After indulging in war, violence, quarrel,

 After influencing the people, voter, us,

After informing the people, us, students,

After inhaling fresh air, oxygen,

After initiating action, journey, work, study, case, proceeding, enquiry,

After injecting medicine, new spirit,

 After injuring me, self,

 After inking the agreement, deal,

After inquiring fact, truth, about it,

After inserting the line, word,

 After inspecting the school, office,

After visiting the place, people, house,

 After installing the factory, chimney ,

After instructing the students, staff, to do,

After insulting word, action, me, us,

After intensifying effort, war, violence, riot,

 After interacting each other, well, peacefully, friendly,

 After intercepting the message, letter, code words

After interesting story,

After interlinking rivers, sea, ocean,

Due to intoxicating medicine,

 After introducing well, first time, the product ,me, guest,

After investing money,

 After inventing cycle, 

After investigating the fact, truth, theft, murder,

 After inviting the guest, me,

 After invoking agreement, order,

 After involving me, people, students,

After irking me, people, students

 Due to irrigating project, facility,

 After irritating us, and embarrassing us,  and humiliating us,

After irrupting violence, lava, war

 After isolating the patient, prisoner, him,

After issuing order,



After backing him, support, power supply,

After banning entry, movement,

After battling bravely, the case, for life,

Due to beaming beauty, nature, landscape, eyes,

After bearing the pain, responsibility, burden,  expense,

In a befitting manner, reply, victory, response, way,

After bending the rod,

After bestowing blessing,

After bidding farewell,

After binding tightly, the crop,

Due to biting cold, bone biting cold,

After blaming him, me ,

Due to blazing sun,

After bleeding profusely,

After blessing me,

After blocking the road, entry,

After blowing the breeze, air ,

After boarding the train, facility,

After booking the ticket, house, plot,

After boosting the tie, relation, business, growth

After braving cold,  danger, difficulty, all odds,

After breaking the law, table,

After bridging the gap, differences,

After briefing everything, all

After bringing them nearer, close, 

After burning the  train, bus, house, paper


After abetting terror, violence,

After abolishing the act, sati system,

After absconding from the home,

After absorbing water,

After abstaining from voting , from answering, from enquiry, from meeting,

After accepting the gift, goods, prize, reward,

After acclaiming him, the teacher,

After accomplishing the work, task, in time, well,

After accumulating wealth, property, money,

After accusing him, me,

After achieving the success, target, victory, result, After acknowledging the receipt,

After acquiring the  land, knowledge, skill, training

After acquitting him, all charges,

After activating the computer, mobile,

After adding more sugar, salt,

After adjourning the meeting, session,

After admiring him, the poet, leader, teacher,

After admitting the crime, mistake,

After admonishing letter, him, him to improve, to be careful,

After adopting the policy,

After advancing slowly, rapidly, cautiously,

After advising us, me, to study, to read, 

After advocating the truth, his view,

After affording money, fund, food, shelter, vehicle,

After agitating mob, the people, students, me, him,

After agitating remark, comment, letter, words,

After agreeing with him, to the point,

After aiming at success, correctly, at the bull, at the bird, target, future,

After allowing us, me, him, to take, to stay, to go,

After amassing wealth, property, gold, coal,

After amending the plan, letter, draft,

After amusing us, me, students, all,

After analysing scientifically, it, carefully

After anguishing in jail, in prison, there,

After annexing the land, territory,

After annihilating the city, 

After announcing the result, prize, date, fine date, holiday, judgement,

After annoying me, him, the guest, teacher,

After anticipating  the event,

After apologizing me, the mistake, him, teacher,

Due to appalling fact,

After appearing in the court,  

After applauding success, victory

After applying for the post, loan,

On the appointing day,

After appraising the fact, truth, him, me, Govt.

After appreciating him, me, teacher, the good work,  performance, display, achievement,

After apprehending the danger ahead, difficulty

After approaching me, us, him, the  authority, for help, for assistance,

After approving the plan, project, expense, file, work done, action taken, it, order

After arguing unnecessarily, with me,

After arranging the meeting, function, party,

After arresting the thief,

After arriving early, timely, in time,

After assembling the parts,  students,

After asserting to violence, peace

After assigning the task, work, responsibility,

After assimilating the truth, fact, story,

After assisting me, him, in enquiry, board,

After assuming the charge, duty,

After assuring safety, shelter, success, result,

After astonishing result,

After attaching the property, it,

After attacking on him, on enemy, on opponent

After attaining 60 year, the meeting,

Due to attracting figure, face, youth, show,

After authorising power, me, him,

After availing the opportunity, facility, vehicle, leave, After avoiding  the  arrest,

After awaiting patiently, his turn,

After awarding punishment, capital punishment, the certificate, gift, him, the poet, student,


After undergoing the operation, change, sea change, After underlying its importance, the true fact,

After understanding the poem, story, truth,

After unearthing the truth, fact,

After unfurling the national flag,

After uniting the people, students,

After unloading the truck,

After unlocking the  room, gate,

After updating the information, news, book,

After upgrading the system, machine, computer,

After uprooting the tree, house,

After urging to act immediately, to Govt,  to people, to students,

 After using power, water, air, vehicle, always, no more, every day, effectively,

 After utilizing properly, land, money, resources,

After uttering the name, truth,


After vacating the room, house, quarter, 

After verifying the fact, truth, documents, certificate,

After violating the order, law, principle,

After visiting the  place, doctor,

After vitiating from the agreement,

After voicing for justice, for action, against corruption, against injustice,

After vowing to do, to finish,


After waging the war, attack,

After waiting patiently, there, unnecessary, in bus stop, for doctor, bus,

After wandering here and there, aimlessly,

After warning letter, him,

After washing the cloth, motor cycle, away crop,

After waving the fee,

After wedding ceremony, day, night,

After weeding out old record,

After welding the machine,

After wishing happiness, love, joy, success, good health, see me soon, happy return, long life, happy old age,

After withdrawing power, facility, supply, support,

After working hour, place, time, day, well, effectively, round the clock, sincerely, honestly, 

After worsening situation,

After wounding me, seriously, and injuring,

After writing the letter, story, poem, novel, drama,


 After yielding result,


After zeroing suspect, culprit,

After zooming the picture,