Vedic English
Beautiful Word: WITHOUT

Singing word ‘without’


without my loving permission

without worldly experiences

without reason

without castigation

without injury

without response

 with out peace,

with out love,

with out liberty,

with out freedom ,

with out justice,

with out reason , approval, authority, sanction,

with out consideration, order, confirmation, agreement

with out good sense, reason, fact, truth,

 with out smile,

with out joy, choice,

with out help,

with out assistance,

with out pain,

with out trouble,

with out much trouble,

with out much pain,

with out much suffering,

with out difficulty,

 with out mishap,

with out accident,

with out rest or haste,

with out any hesitation,

with out any ambiguity,

 with out any injury,

with out any failure,

with out any doubt,

with out any desire,

with out any default,

with out any crime,

with out any mistake,

with out any use,

without any result,

without any loss of time,

without any effect

without any sort of protection

with out delay,

with out further delay,

without  further thought,

with out waiting,

with out food,

with out water,

with out cloth,

with out shelter,

with out safety,

with out praise,

 with out reward,

with out agreement,

with out facility,

with out payment,

with out hard work ,

with out plan,

without effort,

without much effort,

without much labour,

without much pain,

with out test, rest,

with out your consent,

with out knowledge,

with out approval,

with out sanction,

 with out satisfaction,

without war,

without violence,

 without injury,

without wound,

with out evidence,

with out witness,

without delay,

without much delay,

without much risk,

without much difficulty

without a minute,

without second I attended, I set out for help.

without hope,

without a prospect of hope

without further regret from anyone

without delay

without my permission

without difficulty

within their reach

without thinking for a moment

 without hearing

without being hurt

without being starved

without holding it

without breaking it

without saying a word to anybody,

without losing time,

without undoing it

without telling anyone

without hurting their feeling

without awaking the others

without disturbing the others

with- out wishing to capture

without striking at us

without turning his body

without seeing them

with- out difficulty.

with their wide-spreading branches,

without necessity

without adventure

without further regret from anyone