Vedic English


When we moved.

When we had advanced half-way

when we began to live there

when we were all ready to start

When we had eaten

when we heard a cry of distress

when we re-joined the others

when we began to grow anxious about their return

when we had finished

When we came near to him

When we came to examine it,

When we returned home

when we arrived

when we made a discover

When we all exclaimed with admiration and surprise

When we were all exhausted with the  hard work

When we had refreshed ourselves

when we began we found we liked the place so much that

when we opened the doors.

when we used the opportunity

when we approached

when we heard strange noises

When we were ready to go home

when we did so,

When we had put everything

When we reached

When we arrived at the bay

When we arrived within a certain distance of the shore

When we were leaving

When we arrived somewhat late

when we heard the firing of a gun

when we had finished,

when we have loaded it with all the things we mean to take away

when we had finished

When we had decided this,

when we have so many things of

greater importance to arrange

When we had gone about four miles

when we caught a glimpse of the birds,

when we all attacked him

When we had walked about a hundred paces,

 when we descended the hill we made our way

When we were about half way

When we came in sight of

when we distinctly heard

When we at last set off

When we drew near to the ship

When we had finished our supper I told

when we had made up our minds,


just when we please.

we had had a fortunate day

when we arrived at the farm

when he had released them

When he returned

when he suddenly appeared

when he was satisfied,

When she was ready 

when he had finished

whenever he called

When he reached the river bank

when he found

When he returned we found

When he had finished

when he saw me looking,

when he suddenly saw the dead animal

When she saw them all inside,

when he liked

When all this was finished, we found

When all was ready

When all this was finished, we found

When all our stores were thus disposed of

When all was calm

when all others had failed.

when the meal was ready

when I tasted it, proved to be very sweet,

when I told it to him.

when I told them to stop

 When I was at the top

when I suddenly heard their voices

when I mentioned this

 when I heard his voice calling out

when you go again

When I did,

When I was very near to him

when 1 gave it food,

When I examined these I began to suspect that

when I threw it into the water

When I arrived I found

When I thought of what

When I returned

when I stopped him.

When I saw you

We heard a loud noise behind us,

when I pointed out

when they had stepped upon the deck

When they arrived

when they saw us.

when they were tired.

when they returned home

when they perceived us they spoke to

when they were tired.

when they came I spoke to them

when they went too near the animal he made a noise

When they arrived they examined the interior of the fort

 When the first burst of happiness at meeting had subsided

when the work was finished

When the excitement of our arrival had subsided

When the land was all cleared

when the winter set in we were all prepared for it.

when exposed to the air and heat

When every one was equipped

When everything was fixed

singing an evening hymn which seemed to come

from the clouds,

when it should be ready

when it was exhausted

When it was arranged,

When this was done

When this work was finished

When this was accomplished

When this preparatory arrangement was concluded

when any of us went near it

when suddenly we heard a flapping of wings

when our work was done

when our weary journey was finished

When at last it was complete,

when night was approaching

When evening came on

when a salute greeted our ears.

May God ever be with them