Vedic English
Singing Words- BY

Singing word ‘BY’

by that time

by nature

performed by a certain dramatic company

journey by two days

by way of punishment for my desire for pleasures

By nature she was simple, independent, persevering

by my example

learnt by heart

followed by a strong desire

haunted by the fear of thieves, ghosts

sleeping by my side

saved by the skin of my teeth

by acting on his information

by my example

We got it by heart

by which time

by my friends

by the good nurse

by regular reading

become a vegetarian by choice

impressed by it

by no means soft

by a certain amount of self-introspection

by any means

patronized by fairly well-to-do people

by this plea

pledge by the party administering it

read by someone else

by your kindness and solicitude

affected by this incident

baffled by his ignorance

by this worship

attracted by toys

by reading notes on the subject

address by him

by his living contact

by the caste

by heart

the cost of printing to be borne by him

profited by it,

by way of consolation

going by this boat

become great friends by this time

by means of a rope

sin by a false sense of shame

Only now could I see clearly how thoroughly I had been beguiled by this evil genius.

by educating public opinion and creating more interest in the Indians

could do by way of reading

by organizing meetings,

awed by his presence

surrounded by a circle of friends and followers

we would benefit by this meeting

by asking me to speak

by dedicating themselves to  work

by his reputation

by most of the friends

hemmed by difficulties

by rendering justice

by bringing my family with me

by your principle of non-violence

Escorted by the police

not by threats

escaped by the gate of the shop

amused by singing

by making an appeal

by their very nature

I have not done my duty by them

by his experiments with truth

whose actions were governed by

the view-point suggested by me

by temptation

by limited effort

to attain by mere human effort.

by no means noted for his punctuality

my washing was by no means inferior to

honourd by the Indians

in the end, by tears

I know you by this time

service rendered by you is as good as rendered by me

years have gone by

by committing nuisance

a debt of obligation by entrusting me with this work

passed by the Congress

benefited by the interview

addressed by him

taken aback by the splendour

by their bad habits

facilities allowed by Government

I was deeply pained by what I saw there.

by its absence

lying by his side.

by diverting him

given you by mistake

by means of which I tried

used to call me by the loving name

by means of a well-regulated diet, water

I have seen by experience

I was bound by a vow

the theory propounded by me

advised by experienced physicians

cleaned by a servant

used by one

I caught her by the hand

caused by their own neglect

the money paid by them

insulted me by calling

entrusted to me by his father

by dint of self-help

by special train

by ability, sacrifice and devotion

to be done by hand

which could be worked by hand

by manual work

living by manual labour

By his sociability he won the hearts of all

by her industry and her buoyant, cheerful nature.

willingly done by the children

selected by me

shot at by the soldiers by mistake.

The brute by nature knows no self-restraint

by no means an easy affair

by the next available train

by the incident,

We met quite by accident

greatly benefited by it both physically and morally

true education could be imparted only by the parents

done by the inmates

by argument, convince them

by his way of living

prompted by anger and a desire to punish

Day by day it became increasingly clear to me

convert them by love

it was our duty to win their help by standing by them in their hour of need

appointed by the Commanding Officer

by any means a mean contribution

felt very much better by the time

'The case will be tried by a jury

by this transitory contrition

by a sudden illness

by a majority vote

I was by no means eager to attend the fair

surrounded by people

to abide by the rules

controlled by the owner

nothing was done by that date

by sheer force

The meeting was attended by several Englishmen

bound by law

fairly treated by the

taken by surprise

it by giving it

by keeping it

by no means requiring expert help

by accepting

by recognizing that

abolished by law

the schools closed down one by one

by some kind of labour

commemorated the event by distributing sweets

Satyagraha could not be conducted simply by means of money

by making them realize that

by way of a settlement

by itself no small achievement

the situation created by the war

sending it by post

to send it by any messenger

the letter was by no means private

by this very act

guided by principles

by the inmates of the Ashram

disliked by some of its members

deeply moved by it

fully realized by all concerned.

disobeyed by the masses

proscribed by it

held by the Gove

asked by the police

'The people are not by nature violent but p

By preventing me they gave the people unnecessary provocation

I was thus confronted by a serious dilemma

to be done by me

felt by everybody

manufactured by our own hands

by no means insignificant

by the demand for it

by stimulating the demand for it.

raised by the opposition

marked by its keenness

by an overwhelming majority

surrounded by me companions

conquest of the world by the force of arms.