Vedic English
Words- I Had

I had

I had thought

I had learnt to carry out the orders of elders

I had secured my father's permission

I had not to write this chapter

I had yet to learn that all happiness and pleasure should be sacrificed in devoted service to my parents.

. I had absolutely no reason to suspect

I had the right to impose restrictions

I had to make good

I had not any high regard

I had no watch

I had lost one year

I had learnt then,

I had calculated wrongly

I had not yet heard

I had no money to pay for this

I had no knowledge where he found it

I had thought that he would be angry

I had nothing but admiration for it

I had to pass through many ordeals before I could overcome it.

. I had more faith in her

I had not much belief in it

I had heard it in my childhood

I had learnt to be tolerant to other religions

I had great regard

I had made elaborate preparations to meet him

I had the utmost faith

I had written out a few words of thanks

I had brought with me

I had been advised to collect

I had taken the vow

I had all along abstained from meat

in the interests of truth and of the vow I had taken,

I had not lived there

I had created

I had a desire to travel

I had discovered

I had to do

I had already begun

I had only five months at my disposal

I had selected it

I had got from home

I had no business

I had to give up

I had to go through

I had gone there

I had mustered up courage to speak

I had not the courage to speak

I had comfort in the thought

I had ascertained that

I had to face strange audiences

I had thought of making a humorous speech

. I had heard of him as a writer

I had heard a lot about you

I had read about its

I had read a lot about the fashions


I had read the laws

I had read with interest

I had not the slightest idea of Hindu

I had learnt nothing at all

I had serious misgivings

I had no right to trouble such a great man

I had decided that

I had made her thoroughly miserable

I had my brother's support

Time I had enough

I had not the courage to conduct a case

I had courage enough to conduct them

I had simply made a virtue of necessity

I had not sufficient knowledge to learn much

I had to compromise

I had no right to approach him

I had no option

I had no desire

I had some work there

I had simply to instruct the counsel

I had gained some knowledge

I had become great friends by this time

I had unlimited patience

I had refused to enter I had better bid good-bye to

I had raised a protest

I had gone through

I had, of course, no intention of proceeding against the man

I had particularly promised

I had arrived on a Sunday

I had my own doubts

I had expected the waiter to come

I had better do so after having seen you.

I had little time for reflection

I had my lunch

I had already made arrangements.

I had fully understood

I had a letter of introduction

I had no idea

I had thought of returning home by the end of the year,

I had to experience the effect

I had wanted one

I had already forgiven him.

I had opportunities of learning public work

I had not fully realized this paramount importance of facts.

I had learnt the true practice of law

I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's hearts.

I had no hesitation in giving him this assurance,

I had no reason for staying in Pretoria

I had made up my mind not to stay at public expense

I had to keep my clerk engaged all day

I had devoted considerable labour

I had resisted the order

I had an aptitude for it

I had heard about the

I had a nice little house

I had a friend as companion and help

I had a fair amount of success

I had been unjust to him,

I had chosen a bad means for a good end

I had been three years in South Africa

I had established a fairly good practice

I had hoped to continue these studies I had missed the train

I had collected.

I had an occa

I had had an opportunity to nurse him

I had never dreamt of writing out my speech.

I had been on friendly terms with him

I had never met him

I had not approached for help

I had overcalculated the demand. It was the English- speaking public to which my speech had been addressed, and in Madras

that I had spared neither

I had to leave Calcutta so abruptly

I had little fear of the storm

I had had experience of similar ones.

I had specially brought

had ample evidence in support of all tha I had said.

I had never liked the idea

injuries I had sustained

I had made exaggerated statements

I had made my decision

I had not yet left the police station

I had been able to refute everyone of the charges

I had given the interviewer

I had wanted to give them

I had not the heart to dismiss him

that I had with him.

I had to give up the house I had so carefully furnished.

I had had no faith in myself, no faith in the grace of God,

I had not shared my thoughts with my wife

I had great difficulty

I had not the necessary strength

I had been open to being overcome by temptation at any moment

I had nothing more to do.

I had started on a life of ease and comfort

I had furnished the house with care,

I had to learn that too

I had been endeavouring to clear

I had some bitter experiences

I had a sleepless night

I had no costly ornaments in the house

I had to speak to him about conditions

I had made up my mind to offer my services

I had done with it in no time

I had already met Gokhale

I had prepared myself fairly well

I had cultivated the habit of self-help,

I had such a great regard for Gokhale

I had seen him in a coat

I had an invitation to dinner

I had attended some of the meetings

I had no occasion to stay any longer

I had saved one.

I had no fear about the appeals

I had been thinking of staying on in

I had settled down

I had expected

I had not yet succeeded

as I had intended

I had an idea

I had the greatest success in guiding

as I had my differences

I had become convinced that God, who created my wife and children as well as myself, would take care of them.

I had given him all

I had been observing that

I had complaints like this

I had no unchallengeable evidence against them

I had not the slightest doubt.

I had nothing against them personally

I had no definite plan before me

I had some bitter experiences

I had scarcely any reason to find fault with her work

I had the privilege to give her

I had to bear the brunt of the work

I had no desire to make money

I had worked hard for these cases

I had not the heart to expose him to the risk

I had informed him that,

I had withheld my co-operation,

I had simply accepted

I had begun it.

I had very little time for

the important changes I had made

had now given up all hope of returning to India in the near future. I had promised

I had better celebrate

I had made no other arrangement

I had often very heated discussions

I had settled down in Johannesburg

I had doubts about the

Fortunately I had made all the necessary arrangements

I had her full consent to this decision

I had occasion to talk

I had not realized

I had not then fully realized the magnitude and immensity of the task I undertook. The difficulties are even today staring me in the face.

I had yet to achieve complete mastery over thought

I had been observing willynilly since I had failed to develop restraint

I had adequately realized my shortcomings

I made great efforts to get rid of them, and thanks to this endeavour

I had several companions

I had left

I had long realized that

I had been keeping daily

I had a mind to find out by experience

I had always given the first place to the culture of the heart or the building of character

I had neither the resources nor

I had not the time

I had undertaken to teach

I had to carry on

I had to teach them

I had simply to stimulate in them an interest in reading

I had very little to teach them

, I had ignored her caution

I had also sufficient strength to discuss and advise in all urgent matters

I had begun travelling third class

I had not regained my normal strength

I had discussed the question

I had hoped to improve status

I had argued the whole thing

I had believed

I had received

I had to decide for myself

I feel I had better face it.

I had pledged myself not to take milk

I had thought

I had said all that was necessary

I had no intention of earning either position or money by lying.

I had expected nothing less from him

had no doubt about the soundness of my advice

I had enough material in support of my explanation

had not admitted the error

I had kept back nothing.

I had acquainted myself with the

I had a frank talk with them

I had adhered to the same style

I had slight fever

I had an occasion to meet

I had replied

I had intended to stay

I had simply to obey his wish

I had to put up with the hardships

I had not gone to Hardvar

I had long discussions with

I had no objection to the

I had scarcely expected.

I had never expected

I had told my companions that

I had been faced with such a trial

I had never expected this help

I had met him only once

I had a satisfactory talk with

I had not expected anything like it

I had nothing to conceal,

I had to change trains.

I had to reach Calcutta

. I had almost given up hope of getting in.

I had no illusions left concerning him

I had met in Lucknow

. I had thought that

I had every right to inquire

I had finished all my work during the night

I had seen that

I had made up my mind not to accept anything

I had no intention of leaving

I had not the confidence

I had hoped that

I had wished

I had taken it for granted that

I had expected.

I had also been urged to attend the conference.

. I had met them

I had discussions with

I had fully intended to submit

I had a prolonged discussion

I had no speech to make

I had to fulfil

I had no objection

I had to justify my standpoint

which I had the honour of serving,

I had to go back

I had no longer to worry myself

I had no desire to live at the cost of them.

I had come to know that

I had hardly begun to feel

why I had decided to disobey the order

I had witnessed

I had served

I had expected

I had committed a grave error

I had even announced my decision to that effect

I had already learnt from my experience

I had known intimately before

I had known him even before

I had to explain

I had a glimpse of the simplicity of his life

I had acquired by long practice

I had handed over the draft

. I had therefore to make the necessary correction

that I had presented