Vedic English
Beautiful Word :WITH

Singing word ‘With’

 with love, with joy, with care, with smile,

with heart, with thanks, with enthusiasm,

 with satisfaction, with pain, with fatigue,

 with the agility, with tears, with cheers,

 with good wishes, with success, with failure,

with heart beats,

with heart brake,

 with tearful pain,

with tearful joy,

with heavy heart,

 with great sorrow,

with great disappointment,

with constraints,

with restrictions,

with usual restriction,

 with evidence,

with witness,

 with new joy,

 with renewed interest,

 with patience and determined will,

with power and force,

with intention,

 with tension,

with affection,

with adoration,

with gratefulness,

with such realism

With provocation

with little regard

with this fertile land,

with redoubled intensity

with worldly responsibilities

with every step

with a dish of delicacies

with my fellows

with my own eyes

with your presence

with my final exit

with his tranquil eyes

with his soul's simplicity

With calmness and insight ,

 With astonishment as well as gratitude,

with unseasoned erudition

with inauspicious rain

with great hope

with great awe and gratitude

with this disclosure

with unusual coldness

with unseasoned erudition

with leisurely gait,

with herculean strength

with subdued voice

with pitiful fear

with calm assurance

with such amazing force

with curiosity.

with this invariable tribute

with unseasoned erudition

within me like a suffocation

with childlike trust.
with undoubting confidence,


with patience,

with leaves, flowers, fruits,

with great speed,

with great rapidity,

with curiosity,

with excitement, 

with a good opportunity,

with lock,

with a fovourable order, opportunity ,

with inexpressible joy,

with unutterable joy,

with gratifying success.

with unending struggle

with an unerring accuracy

with gnawing vigour

with gratifying success,

with an appalling story

with stunning aim

with loving respect.

With sparkling of an eye,

with twinkling of an eye I ran to the spot,

 Singing word ‘with all’

with all the honour,

with all the dignity,

with all the warmth,

with all the love,

with all our strength

with all the things we mean to take away

with all we had yet to do

with all my might

with all his might

with all the signs of fatigue

with all my force

with all its difficulties

with all his might

with all our family

with all the honour,

with all the dignity,

with all the warmth,

with all the love,

With so much

: with so much joy,

with so much pain,

with so much difficulty,

with so much zeal,

 with so much love,

with so much happiness,

 with so much enthusiasm,

with so much inspiration,

with so much pleasure,

with so much influence,

 with so much effort,

 with so much trouble,

with so much relief,

with so much aid,

with so much support,

with so much supply,


With utmost :

with utmost joy,

with utmost pain,

with utmost regret,

with utmost suffering,

 with utmost sorrow ,

 with utmost surprise,

with utmost satisfaction,

with utmost belief,

with utmost disbelief,

with utmost delight,

with utmost care,

 with utmost comfort,

with utmost astonishment,

with utmost satisfaction,

with utmost safety,

with the universal structure

with the bliss of singing

with the help of the police

with the urgency of fright ,

With all the fervor of my heart.

with the urgency of fright

with the authenticity of wisdom

with the artistry

within the past few years

with the edgeless, honeyed beauty

with the rest of us

with the last ray of the hope

with the help of the boys

with the noise

 with the rapidity

with the exception

with the contents

with the help of his mother with the barking of the dogs.

with the horrible discord

with the utmost care and precaution,

with the utmost violence

with the protection

with the necessary house-hold duties.

with the exception of such ornaments

with the greatest care,

with the help of the boys

with great joy

with great gravity,

with great eagerness

with an amount of joy,

with an amount of pain,

with an amount of grief,

 with an amount of sorrow,

 with an amount of violence,

 with an amount of agitation

 with an intension of pleasing him,

with an intension of amusing him,

with an intension of hurting her

 with an intension of, her honour,

with an intension of constructing a house,

with an intension of killing,   

with a yogi's powers of will and of visualization

with a dish of delicacies

with an irresistible force

with an adamant determination

with a gesture

With an impressive gesture ,

with a disclosure

with a message

with an impatient gesture

with a sadistic smile.

with an ecstatic smile

with an infinite patience

with a wondrous vision

with an innate humility.
with a message to the mother

 with an almost incredible rapidity

with a courage and coolness

with a strength and rapidity

with an admirable instinct

with an ample supply of food


noticed with surprise

with difficulty

ready with an idea

greeted us with every demonstration of joy

killed it with a single blow

with our exploration

with very little trouble to himself

with very little trouble

with pleasure to be so much praised

with every sign of pleasure

with another shot

with some difficulty

with so much sense

with such violence

with such rapidity that

 with such evident pleasure

with such rapidity as to leave no time to answer them.

with her usual anxiety

with infinite triumph,  joy

with loud shouts

with which he was delighted.

with little deviation,

with some difficulty,

with bow and arrows,

with inconceivable rapidity

with fresh water

within eyesight

with their enemies.

with praises for her good cookery.

with inconceivable rapidity

with his beautiful tail

with applause

with which she had amused herself

wild with joy

with pleasure and eagerness

with joy we saw it.

with plenty of cocoa-nuts

 without any accident

with not a drop of water near

with great energy,

the earth shined with his glory

to move with the velocity of light,

play havoc with time and space.

came with the personal visions

womanly tenderness with the delightful spontaneity of a child

tie with the cords of harmony.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

in accordance with the educational ideals of the rishis

recharged with energy

spoke with unusual force

merges with the Cosmic Spirit;

Take me with you

to accord with diversity

jubilant with gain

intimate with truth

romance with the Beloved

every joy with a grief

It surprised us with its suddenness

spoke with determination.

concerned with a world of shadows

observed with twinkling eyes

filled with the dead and dying

agreed with his observation

overwhelmed with joy

said with solemnity

gazed at me with fathomless eyes. ‘

cremated with solemn householder rites

listened with delight

blessed with saintly nature

greeted him with affectionate relief

looked at him with curiosity

Filled with awe

touched with an ecstatic smile

charmed with the artistry

harmonized with his soul's simplicity.

comforted with peace

mingled subtly with gentleness.
allowed him to come with us.

struggled with much violence

filled me with alarm

covered  with flowers

rushed out with a great noise

climbed with considerable trouble

watched me with interest

fixed with the greatest ease

listened  with pleasure

regarded with joyful surprise

ornamented with flowers

delighted with the idea

received with acclamation

enclosed within four walls,

approached the creature with cautious steps

Pleased with the operations of the week,

clothed  luxuriantly with grass, shrubs, and plants

mingled with the wind and the rain

delighted with this new invention

 armed with terrible arms,

accomplished the first part of the journey without incident

 tormented him and harassed him without ceasing

 received us with an astonishment

mingled with our domestic occupations

covered with a carpet of vivid green

 covered with the rich vegetation

seasoned with salt, pepper

received with pleasure,

 looked at him with envy,

addressed their new companion with such vivacity as to embarrass him

smiled without answering.

 bombarded us with questions

received us with that frankness and cordiality

 to proceed with caution

to come with me

to play with it

to complete the work without any very great diffi- culty,

to return with them

We took with us 

We saw with pleasure

 We took nothing with us

We  noticed with surprise

We were greeted with the delight

we were all thoroughly tired with the hard work

we all feasted on with delight.

we carried him with considerable trouble

we managed without any trouble

we arrived within a certain distance

We ate them without hesitation

We ate them with much enjoyment.

we saw with astonishment

We viewed with delighted curiosity this strange sight

 we were all exhausted with the  hard work

 we all exclaimed with admiration and surprise.

We were never tired of admiring our warm and well-arranged apartments,

We looked with pity at the magnificent bird

We remained some time dumb with astonishment.

We were worn out with fatigue

we felt seized with sudden terror

 We arrived at house without accident

We saw with pleasure

 we were filled with extraordinary emotions

I shall be ever with you

I saw him with my own eyes

I sighed with relief

 I was pleased with his behaviour.

I woke with a violent start

I was so tired with all 1 had done that I fell asleep almost instantly,

I am never happy with it

I cut them off with care

I emerged with caution

I cried, with a hearty laugh

I met with by chance

I  made with some difficulty

I held out with energy and skill

 I exclaimed with astonishment

I looked at them with thankfulness

I had brought with me

I went with them

He cried out in a voice filled with fear

 He answered  with tears in his eyes,

she was delighted with all she saw.

she inspired everybody with such zeal

she awarded the prizes with her usual graciousness

 They were delighted with the idea,

she was delighted with,

they fight with wild beasts

 barking with the same violence

examining with interest

buzzing with fury

 not- withstanding this precaution

finally ate with pleasure.

They soon appeared without any accident

busy with throughout the day

quite familiar with us

The day passed peacefully without accident of any kind.

The boys looked on with astonishment, and soon exclaimed

My wife exclaimed with pleasure at this

made with so little trouble

grows with astonishing rapidity

it will be my turn to go with you

heartily pleased with it

though driven with violence, remained upright

Suddenly it came with such violence

to come back with me

welcome with astonishment and joy.

he followed me without resistance

the sky was often darkened with clouds, the stormy

winds were heard.

The most beautiful and magnificent spectacle

 comforts and conveniences with which.

 well secured with doors

The horizon became covered with thick clouds

Walking with a few friends

living without error

communicating with each other

sparkling with curiosity

regarding me with astonishment,

watching me with astonishment

the sky became dark with storm clouds

 the approach of winter delighted with it.

 alone remained with his mother

My eyes filled with tears at his words, but the swami smiled tranquilly

he was ever with me

This we did without any mishap.

 a strong and vigorous man

brought them back with the greatest difficulty.

 A majestic river flowed into the bay,

 languages we were familiar with.

 in a voice brimming over with excitement

 mad with joy

took with us all the defensive arms

 on seeing a ship

 May God ever be with us. Pranam.