Vedic English
Word Bank - Adjective

 Word Bank

For you and all  to enjoy the English word power. Truly must read bank of your life.
Read once remember for ever. Act of remember is automatically,  a wonderful teaching experience.
Aum Hari saranam
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pranam pranam.

Word Bank  of adjectives
Read the words as per alphabet below to increase your word power in writing and  speaking easily and comfortably,  no doubt.

All words of  a, e, i, o, u,


        Words of   ba, be, bi, bo, bu

For example:

                 Please read as  beautiful life,  beautiful nature, beautiful picture, beautiful flower, bird,clouds, beautiful sea, beautiful landscape, rainbow, thing, looking, girl, lady, princess, poem, story, novel, art, palace, building, valley, house,


sacred- and holy, holy and religious, sacred life, place, temple, book, epic. sacred and sublime,  

sad- and sorrowful, sad and unhappy,  

sad day, man, face, news, moment, life, sad feeling, looking sad, very  sad,  

safe- and sure, safe and certain, safe and danger free,  

safe- place, house, life, temple, area, village, town, return, operation, work, safe haven for terrorists,  feeling safe and sound, reaching house safe, giving safe passage to the army, safe guard our life and property, safe to handle, safe to use, think of safe side, not safe, feeling safe ,secure, 

sagacious- and intelligent, clever sagacious boy, person, scholar, teacher, very sagacious 

Saintly person, man, woman, character, 

salient- and vital, and important, and prominent, and conspicuous 

salient features of the constitution, agenda, election manifesto,  

saline- and saltish, and salty, 

saline water, taste, bottle, land, area, coast 

same- and constant, same and exactly, same and alike, same and unchanged 

same boy, girl, person, ticket, thing, idea, thinking, story, bus, place, mark, rule, law, formula, teacher, lawyer, looking one and same, completed at the same time  

sandy- soil,  area,  

sane- and sound, and healthy 

sane and wise, intelligent, sane and sound person, healthy mind, sane person, man, judge, teacher,  

sanguinary- and bloody, blood thirsty, sanguinary villain, enemy, passion, act, attitude, attack, 

sanguine- and hopeful, and ardent, sanguine- life, living, temperament, atmosphere, spirit, zeal, 
attitude, feeling sanguine,  

sanitary- and clean, and dust free and dirt free, sanitary inspector, inspection, condition, area, enough,  

sardonic- and condemnation, disgracing, sardonic-statement,  words, attitude,  

satiable- and satisfied, pleased,  

satiable- dinner, food,  

satirical – and mocking, criticizing,  

satirical – statement, story, words, play, novel, expression,  

satisfactory- and satisfying, visit, arrangement, meeting, travel, result, situation, election, management, security,  

savage- and wild, wild and uncivilized, savage and cruel, cruel and fierce 

savage- people, tribe, act, behavior, tradition, killing, attack,  

scant-and scarce, and hardly enough, scanty 

scanty- rainfall, water, food, goods, items,  

scarce- and rare, scarce and insufficient,  

scarce- food, medicine, goods, parts, things, books, arms, spares, blood, 

scathing- and severe, scathing and harsh, harsh and severe 

scathing – attack, condemnation, criticize, words, attitude, behavior, punishment, act,  in a scathing attack on him,  

scattered- and spreading around, falling here and there, and wide apart, 

scattered – goods, glass, parts, tools, books, news papers, things,  

scientific- and reasonable, practical, proven, tested, trusted, something related to science,  

scientific – attitude, temperament, mind, test, experiment, book, document, lab, laboratory, center, result, truth, experience, 

scorched- and burning part, body, hen, hand, leg, portion  

scornful- and hateful, disdainful,  

scornful- words, letter, expression, attitude, behavior, attack, criticize,  

scrupulous- mind, eyes, person,writing, material, 

sear- and dried up, dry area, 

seasonable- and happening at right time 

seasonal- beauty, flower, fruit, crop, sport, fair, disease, snowfall, rain 

Seasoned - artist, worker, wood, timber 
secant- and cutting, secant tool, instrument 

second- place, position, class, floor, hand, second hand cycle, boy, person, mille- second,  fraction of a second, second to none, coming second, within second disappeared, within fraction of a second it happened, treating as second class citizen,  

secondary- school, education, section, primary and secondary, 

secret- and mystery, hidden, unknown, not known, obscure,  

secret- information, message, place, store, letter, note, file, agent, killing, service, organization, mission, meeting, exchange, negotiation, voting, official secret, secret act, remain a secret, secret to all, a great secret, keeping it secret, top secret, secret supply of arms, revealing secret to the enemy, secret documents, There is no secret, keep it secret, access to secret information, secret code, sign, symbol, secret of success, 

secular- and worldly affair, secular state,  

secure- place, area, village, future, life, property, money, investment, vehicle, secure and safe, safe and certain, 
sedate-  and serene, sedate and composed, calm and composed 

sedate-  nature, natural setting, looking sedate, looking serene 

sedimentary- rock,  

seditious- and revolutionary, seditious people, staff, army,  

seductive and alluring, fascinating, seductive  offer, gift, ornament, thing, item, jewelry,  

sedulous- and hard working, industrious, preserving,  

sedulous- person, staff, servant, boy , worker 

seedless- banana, fruit, vegetable,  

seedy –fruit, vegetable,  

seemly- correct, alike, resemblance,  
select-  dress, shop, person, member, players, team members, book, film, winners, select not elect, difficult to select, power to select, select and choose better one, carefully choose,  

selective- and power to select, process 

self-centred- highly selfish person, 

selfish- and thinking of his own interest, caring himself always 

selfish-boy, girl, person, selfish nature, motive, interest, attitude, act, Man is very selfish, Do n’t be so selfish, very selfish, selfish and greedy,  

selfless- character, work, service, help, act, 
senior- citizen, student, person, member, teacher, player, staff, employee, senior position, very senior, senior to me, respect to senior, obey your seniors, senior and junior, no senior, no junior all equal,  

senseless- and unconscious, foolish, mad, 

senseless- murder, killing, attack, act, revenge, person, boy, child,  

sensible- and reasonable, aware, awake, 

sensible – person, guard, plant, bird, very sensible,  

sensible person, lady, plant, facts, points,  

sensational  news, murder, speech, 
sensitive- and reactive,  

sensitive- information, news, message, incident, affair, event, result, speech, meeting, area, locality, place, work, operation, community, religion, be sensitive,  do not be so sensitive,  
sensual-  pleasure, image, symbol, poem, picture, art, painting, poet, 

sensuous- beauty, art, expression, poem, theme, feeling, poet, expression,  

sentimental and emotional, mood 

sentimental – person, girl, lady, boy, very sentimental, issue, problem, fact, reaction 

separate- and keeping apart, and divide 

separate- house, state, room, block, building, complex, compartment, question, problem, issue, rule, law, identity, situation, incident, event, judgement, order, file, noting, separate sitting arrangement, keep it separate, separate and different 

septic- wound, tank,  

sequent-  and traditional 

serene- and calm, tranquil, 

serene-  temple, place, beauty, atmosphere, nature, natural setting, looking serene, serene and sublime 

serial and in row, in series,  

serial- number, killing, murder, agenda, point, out of serial, come in serial, t.v serial, story serial,  

serious- and dangerous, grave, uncontrolled, threatening,  

serious- situation, condition, issue, problem, state, person, patient, very serious, threat, case, looking serious, Do n’t be so serious. serious study, very serious and sincere in study,  in work, serious patient in serious condition, serious threat to life, be serious or you will  suffer. serious story, speech 

servile- and slavish, mean, trivial,  

servile- thing, act, activity 

settled- and fixed, final, settled in law, in principle, in rule, settled case,  

several-and different, separate, many, various 

several- factor, reason, people, students, things, case,  

severe- and acute, grave, serious, violent, rigorous, strict 

severe- punishment, penalty, fine, situation, condition, state, act, warning, 

shabby- looking shabby, looking poor, 

shady- trees, place, area,  

shaky- and unreliable, unbelievable, fickle minded, tottering attitude 

shaky- statement, person, witness,  

shallow- water, river, shallow and trivial, trivial- and not serious 

sharp- tool, instrument, knife, object, thing, weapon, mind, argument, reaction, opinion, difference, shooting, looking sharp, very sharp,  

sheer- and complete, absolute,  

sheer- truth, judgment,  

sheltering -place, house, tree, building, cave 

shinning- beauty, palace, dress, object, diamond, glass, stars, surface, stone, example, victory, shinning and glittering, twinkling, 

 short- and brief, concise, few, not long, not tall, deficit 

short-  story, notice, speech, interaction, argument, meeting, stay, temper, short hand/stenography,  short stay home, within short time , within short period, short cut method, short cut way, long and short, very long very short, very tall, very short,  2 inch short, For success there is no short cut way only hard labour and firm belief. Follow the short cut road. Surplus is better than short. To cut short visit, meeting, travel, speech, with short notice,  

shrewd- and intelligent , 

 shrewd - boy, girl, person, character, attitude, very shrewd  person,  
shrill –and sharp, piercing, shrill sound, cry, shout, 

shy- nature, face, look, looking shy, very shy, feeling shy, shy boy, girl, person. Do n’t be shy be straight. shy and bashful 

smart - boy, girl, lady, leader, person, member, 
smooth  surface, floor, very smooth, and polished, 
sick- and ill, and unwell, not well, not feeling well,  

sick- person, boy, lady, bed, certificate, leave, very sick, feeling sick, falling sick,  

significant- and important, vital, crucial 

significant - work, object, meeting, agreement, study, research, development, success, election, help, very significant,  

silent- and quiet, no disturbance, peaceful, 

silent- place, nature, boy, valley, be silent, silent sorrow, silent zone, looking silent,  

silly- and foolish, silly question, idea, boy,  

similar-and likely, alike, resemblance 

similar- situation, event, thing, tool, object, case, object, face, problem, looking similar, very similar,  

simple-and plain, not complex, not obscure 

simple- boy, girl, heart, interest, life, art, meaning, language, beauty, truth, way, fact, thing, object, very simple, simple question, simple answer, be simple but straight, simple living high thinking, simplicity is the best policy. 

simultaneous- at a time,  

simultaneous- attack, work, meeting, event,  

sincere and straight forward, honest, serious,  

sincere- person, worker, servant, attempt, endeavor, help, practice, devotion, prayer, work, study, research, service, employee, very sincere, simple hut sincere, be sincere in life, be serious in work, success is yours. 

sinful- act, wrong act, deed, life,  

single-and alone, unmarried 

single- living single, boy, girl, person, man, act, incident, event, object, eye, stay, bed, room, player, fighting single handedly, working single mindedly,  single and double, single and married, killing at a single stroke, at a single point of time, working single minded, single set, single sort, bullet,  

singular- and unique, peculiar 

singular- movement, devotion, study, research, attention, 

situated- and located, there, in the village, 

skillful- and expert,  

skillful -art, handling , work, painting, worker, attempt, display, operation, act, design, 

skilled- and able, skilled labour, worker, 

slack and loose- 

 slack tie, dress, very slack 

slanting- and not straight,  

slanting-surface, stone, area, portion, wood, beam, rod 

sleek and smooth,  

sleek stone, surface, looking sleek and smooth 

slender and long and thin, slender object, person, man, boy 

slick and smooth, stone, surface,  

slight- injury,  damage,  broken, bending, slight and minor, not very important,  

slim-and slender, poor, thin 

slim- health, boy, girl, slim beauty, sweet slim, looking slim, very slim, slim and thin, slim profit, gain, margin, 

slimy and flattering 

slippery- smooth and polishing 

slippy- smart and active, slippy boy, child 

slow- motion, progress, development, recovery, flow, movement, walking, very slow, Slow but steady wins the race, slow sign of improvement, slow poison, slow shower, slow rain, wind, snowfall, speed, slow- and sluggish movement 

sluggish- and slow movement 

sly- and cunning, deceitful 

sly- person, man, boy, lady, very , attitude, 

small –boy ,girl ,work ,thing, letter, pox, house, box, table, very, and big,  

smart and clever, skillful, intelligent,  

smart –boy ,girl ,student , card, and intelligent, very, looking smart and bright, be smart, do n’t be lazy. 

smooth –skin ,surface , face, wall, beauty, stone, and polished, very,  smooth execution of work, running smooth, working smoothly, machine functioning smoothly, 

smug- and pleased, self-satisfied, feeling smug, smug place, house,  

soapy-and  soft and smooth  

sniffy and scorn- sniffy words, statement, act,  

snowy pick, mountain,  

snug- and warm and comfortable, better 

feeling snug, snug feeling, very snug 

soaring-  height, new height, rocket, 

sober –attitude ,response ,reaction ,expression ,behavior, very, sober and nice, sober and calm 

sociable friendly, amiable, mixing nature,   

social –work ,worker ,relation ,function, responsibility, duty, system, custom, harmony, behavior, tradition,  get-together, person, problem, issue, network, disturbance, outcry, unrest, peace, violence, revolution, change, setting, set up, situation, temper , tempo, negligence, development, enrichment, up-liftmen, science, social and anti-social, victim of social neglect, be social and civilize, Man is a social being, 

sociable- leader, person, man, lady, 
soft –surface ,soil ,body, tissue, tongue, bed, cloth, soil,  heart, corner for him, very , soft and hard, soft and sweet word, going soft is not good for his mistake. Soft hearted and kind 

solar light, energy, radiation ,flame ,eclipse ,storm ,panel , system,  

sole- and one,   only, single 

sole – heir, owner, property, right,  

solemn- and grave, serious, earnest 

solemn- marriage, ceremony, function, solemn and sublime, solemn temple 

solicitous- and anxious, worried 

solicitous – face, feeling, mind 

solid -thing, object, matter, idea, information, fuel, state, form, solid and strong, heavy, solid and liquid,  
solitary- and lonely, alone, 

solitary- girl, farmer, reaper, feeling, place, cave, mountain, experience, 

some thing, case, animal, people ,protesters ,boys , times, area,  village, town, country,  

sonorous- sound, ringing sound, 

soothing- and feeling calm, better 

soothing- effect, medicine, touch, smile,  

sophisticated-  arms, weapon, tool, machine, instrument, aircraft, 
sophisticated- and complex, polished, refined, novel 

sordid- and mean, low, filthy 

sordid- act, feeling, words, deed,  

sore- and painful 

sorrowful- experience, news, words, tears, expression, story, life, and remorseful,  

sorry-and feeling sorrow, regret,  

sorry- sir, madam, please, for this, feeling ,  

sound – mind,  condition, very, health, heart, test,      speed, wave, proof, body, judgment, person, box, system, no sound zone,     sweet, soft, stormy, no, big, terrible, crying,  

sour and bad temper, bitter taste,  

sovereign- state, rule, kingdom,  power, authority ,country 

spacious –room ,hall ,auditorium , place, house, hotel,  

spare- part, time, no spare, shortage,  

sparking – plug, tool, stone, 

sparkling- light, star, beauty, 

special- and particular, and peculiar, important,  

special attention, offer, invitation, gift, care, person, guest, news, thing, order, arrangement, hospital, treatment, ward, food, room, facility, reason, provision,  

specific- and distinct, explicit, precise, exclusive, 

specific- reasons, causes, case, purpose, item, be specific,  

specious- seems to be good, or right, may be beautiful 

spacious-  room, house, place, 

spectacular- success, achievement, victory, nature 

spell bound- fascinated, attraction 

spellbound – audience, people, boys, performance, victory,  

spinal –cord, nerve,  

spineless- and cowardly  act, attitude, person, officer, 

spiral –binding, moving, cutting, way, route, spiral and coiled 
spirited-player, person, poet,  
spiritual –work ,experience ,speech, thing, subject, experience, master, life, enlightenment, book, meeting ,topic ,development  
splendid- and grand, magnificent,  

splendid –expression ,temple ,architecture ,mountain ,valley, beauty,  look, picture, nature, landscape, tower, palace,  

spontaneous- joy,  feeling, emotion, outflow , outburst, expression, manifestation, speech, protest, revolt, help, contribution, participation, act, reaction , sorrow,  

sporadic and scattered,  

sporadic- event ,incident 

sporting- activity, complex,  
spot –death , light, hot spot, on the spot,  

spurious –letter ,envelope ,packet 

square –shape ,garden ,park ,route, mile, meter, four, set square 

stable –case ,patient ,politics  

stable-  mind, thing,  object, case, patient, 
stagnantnot flowing, and dull,  

stagnant -water , promotion line, economy,  

staid- character, peaceful person, 

stale- dull, not interesting, not fresh 

stale- boy, person, student 

stalwarthuge and great , 

stalwart –leader , personality 

stark –control ,difference ,reaction ,protest ,opposition ,argument ,response ,reply, opinion ,reality ,under stark control, stark and strict 

staticand stationary, stagnant 

static- position, state, electricity ,  

stationary- sun, house, mountain, object 

stationery –item , shop,  

staunch firm and steadfast 

staunch- belief ,faith, supporter 

steady –and firmly fixed, Slow and  steady wins the race. 

steep –valley ,mountain , rock, hill,  

sterile- barren, unproductive, unfruitful 

sterile- operation, life, 

stern- and severe, rigid, strict, 

stern- action, warning, words, step 

sterling- display, performance, victory,          

still –photo ,water ,stand still,  

stimulating - energy, medicine, power,   
stingy- and miserly, 

stoical-impassive and indifference 

stoical- silence,  

stony – person, eyes, statue, position, 

stormy –day , winds ,night, weather,  condition 

stout-strong and lasting , strong and stout 

strategic-plan, place, partner, dialogue, interest, point of view, importance,  

strenuous –effort, endeavor, labour 

strict –teacher ,parents ,man ,person , action, warning, law, rule, very,  

striking - beauty, manifestation, expression, example,  
striving- hard,   for success,   

stringent- action, warning, law, rule 

strong - desire, will , will power, mind, object, boy, very strong, enough, iron , metal, leader, wind, wave, feeling,  decision,  reaction, protest, register strong protest,  current, strong room to keep money in bank,  

strong – and hard, solid, vigorous, healthy,    
stubborn self-willed,  stubborn act, work , 

studious - boy, girl,  

studious- and industrious, diligent, hardworking ,  
stunning - performance, victory,  display,   
stupendous – task, act, achievement, work, project, structure, and huge size 

stupid -boy ,girl ,man ,work , and foolish 

sturdy- strong and robust 

sturdy – act, feeling, health,  

suave- soothing and polite 

suave- effect, feeling,  

sub-conscious- state, mind, stage 

subjective-  poem, poetry, story in which man or any person is the main theme, subjective and objective 

sublime- nature, beauty, sky, looking, hope 
sublime - and grandness, highness 

submerged- ship, condition, object, state 

subsequent-  incident, happening,  

subsidiary- alliance, treaty, 

subsonic-  speed, cruise missile, 

substandard-  work, goods, part, thing, 

subtle- fine and delicate 

subtle- art, very, nature, beauty,  

subversive- act, activity,  

successful - boy, girl, life, love, player, film, war, treaty, person, meeting, deal,  negotiation, participation, operation, mission, story, business, programme, training, launching, war, diplomacy, Govt. , tenure, ruler, plan, project, examination, festival, election, campaigning, voting, protest,  
successive-  Government, ruler, king, owner 

sudden attack, rain, snowfall, happening, entry, exit, meeting, change , death , heart attack , disappearance, war, raid, sickness, 

sufficient –food ,money ,people ,workers, aid, force, police, goods, water,  

suitable –work ,man ,good ,shoe, time, boy, match, circumstance, environment,  

sullen – and gloomy 

sullen- atmosphere, face, feeling,  

sultry- and threatening,  

sultry act, words, gesture 

summary- execution, trial, of the poem, 

sumptuous- and costly, and grand,  

sumptuous- gift, food, article,  

sundry- and various, and several 

sundry- occasion, things, factor, reasons,  

sunny - day, morning, atmosphere,  beauty, 
superb beauty, result, work ,performance ,design ,art ,skill, craftsmanship 

super- star, fine, quality,   
superficial-  work, structure, object, 

superfluous-  work,  

superfine – rice, part, art, stone,  

superior –work , strength, to him,  

supernatural –power , object,  

 supersonic –speed ,rocket ,aircraft, 

supple- and flexible 

supple- rule, law, wood 

supplementary –book ,reader , 

supportive- document, certificate, rules,  
sure success, victory, defeat, death, result, return  
sure – success, meeting, gain, loss,  

surly coming, defeated, won,  

surprising incident, accident, ability, development, moment , return, success 

susceptible – and to be influenced by anything 

suspicious –man ,person ,act ,look ,nature 

 sustaining -idea, spirit, power,   

Sweet - beauty, dream, girl, smile, taste, look, touch, smell, spring, memory, recollections, experience, nature, sunset, sunrise, landscape, sweet sights and sounds of nature, to taste, love, life,  boy , 

 swift –movement , action, step,   

sympathetic- act, action, attitude ,behavior consideration, case, person, officer, enough synthetic- cloth ,strand ,wire ,material ,food  



Tacit – and silent, for tacit interest 

Tabular - 

tactful and clever, intelligent  

tactful boy, worker, word ,behavior ,idea , talking, dealing, conversation, negotiation, tactless –  person and tactful 

talented –boy ,girl ,student ,teacher 

tall –boy , tree , temple , tower, building , tall and short,  

tame and domesticate,  

tame- cat ,dog ,animal , looking tame,  

tame less – and violent, wild 

tangible and clear and definite, able to touch 

tangible- work , success,  

tart and doubtful character of woman 

tasty –cake ,curry ,food , biscuit 

tattered – and badly torn,  

tattered- shirt, paint, cloth, condition 

tearful –tribute ,farewell ,death ,departure, embrace, story, face, eyes,  

technical –weapon ,machine ,degree , course, college ,institute , qualification ,problem ,defect ,snag , error, service,  point, gadget, excellence, superiority, aid, assistance, knowledge, know-how, advancement,  

tedious- and tiresome, wearying, exhausted,  feeling tired,  

tedious –work ,game ,feeling ,period ,day , 

teetotal-  and not  touching liquor,  person 

telling lies ,truth ,story , frankly, honestly,  

tempered temper of a man, good or bad 

temperamental – and moody 

temperate climate, weather, not very hot or cold climate 

grassland ,evergreen forest ,deciduous forest ,zone ,humidity ,rainfall 

tempestuous and stormy, wind ,weather , 

temporal-and temporary, earthly, short-lived ,  not permanent 

temporal – life, love,  things, building ,bridge ,teacher , world,  

temporary –building ,bridge ,teacher , service, post, shifting, arrangement, life, earth,  

tenth –class ,position , 

tenable-  and capable to defend 

tenacious and stubborn, -quality 

tendentious- and biased and prejudiced 

tenderheart ,feeling, love, paper, notice, amount, process, to tender resignation, to tender excuse, to tender unconditional apology,  fire tender,  

tender-hearted boy ,person, lady 

tense –situation ,atmosphere ,public ,mob ,students , feeling tense, chart,  

tentative –program ,meeting , date,  

tepid –water ,body , tepid and warm 

terminable –order ,post ,staff, service, agreement, treaty,  

terrestrial –animal , life, and earthly 

terrible –thought ,dream ,feeling ,incident ,accident ,act ,  murder, war, experience, life, story, torture,    

terrific –performance ,display ,joy , programme 

territorial –dispute ,integrity ,claim ,right  

testy-and peevish- irritant person, character, man 

thick hair, forest, metal, body ,object , 

thin –cloth ,paper ,boy ,girl, glass, looking, 

thorough –check ,investigation ,survey , research, checking,  

throbbing –heart ,pulse 

thorough complete and entire 

thorough- knowledge,  

tidal wave ,power ,force , coast, 

tidy –and in order, arranged correctly, neatly 

tidy- meeting, pendal 

tightsecurity, control, corner, cover, watch, vigil, cap ,box ,position, situation ,rule ,very, rope, knot , door, window, lipped, my hands are tight,  

timid and nervous and fearful, frightened, 

timid- boy ,feeling, experience, thought , 

tiny –boy , bird, flower, object , dwarf 

top –post, place, agenda, position, score, programme, very top life in army, hill- top, tree- top, house top,  

torrential rain, 

torrid –and very hot, iron, rod, stone, object 

total and whole, complete, entire,  

total –strength ,amount ,power ,people ,pages, items, property, weight, cost, sum, result, measurement, area, citizens ,product ,output ,failure ,success, solution, result, expense, budget, expenditure, body, loan , grand total,  

tough and strong, firm, hard,  

tough- work ,problem ,question ,task , 

toxic and poisonous ,metal , material ,liquid , 

tractableand easily controlled, computer 

 traditional-custom, festival, value, law, rule, 

traitorous- and treacherous,  person, staff, enemy, officer, worker, 

tranquil- calm and peaceful 

tranquil –morning ,nature, beauty, water, pond, temple ,place ,atmosphere ,house , 

transcendent- and surpassing all object, light,  

transferable –amount ,money ,goods ,items ,documents ,job ,service 

transient –world ,matter ,object ,life ,world, 

transitive –verb , 

transitory-life, house, object, world, thing 

transitory- and fleeting, short lived, not permanent, 

transparent- light, glass, water, air, life,  

trashy and valueless, worthless 

trashy- life, object, thing, 

treacherous- and betraying, unreliable, disloyal, 

treacherous land, terrain, forest, mountain, enemy ,monster,  person,  

tremendous- and extraordinary, huge, very great,  

tremendous –victory, success , power, work, achievement ,glory ,  

tremulous- and trembling, nervous,  

tremulous – boy, condition, state 

trenchant-and cutting, sharp 

trepid-  and trembling, nervous, thrilling 

trepid – person, thief, boy 

tribal –people ,tradition ,festival ,culture, welfare, leader,  

trim –neat and clean, neat and tidy, in good order, well done, well arranged 

triumphant –victory ,success ,joy , and victorious,  

trivial –things ,fact ,matter ,quarrel , 

 trivial and common, petty, 

tropical- forest, land , area, climate 

troublesome- start, life, work, research, travel, survey, stay, living, operation 

trueman, feelings ,words, statement, witness, friends ,certificate knowledge , worship, father, purpose, friendship, nature, copy, fact, story, incident, found true, proving true, true to my heart, true to speak, to write, 

truly –correct ,happening ,yours ,seen ,found, faithful, loyal, sincere, honest, reliable, helpful,   

trustworthy people ,boy ,servant ,citizens ,friendship ,relationship ,  

tuneful- and harmonious, melodious,  

turbulent-and violent, disorder,  

turbulent- life, society, town, locality, area 

tuneful- existence, living, life, living,  

typical –question ,example ,situation ,case,  typical and symbolical 

tyrannical-  people, villain, monster, act 



Gallant boy, army, gallant and brave, brave and courageous.
Gay and gaiety, gay and joy, gay and cheerful
Generous person, lady, father, leader, generous and kind, generous and graceful, liberal
Genial and pleasant, amiable, friendly,, cheerful, hospitable
Gentle and mild, kind, moderate, honest, gentle touch, gentle man, person,
Genuine and reasonable, genuine feeling, reaction, thinking, grounds , cause, case, problem,
Gifted voice, god gifted, gifted one, talent,
Glad and cheerful, gleeful, looking glad and sweet,
Gleeful  and joyous, rapturous, looking gleeful and glistening
Glistening and glazing, glittering, shinning, polished,
Glorious and celebrated, magnificent, glorious days, past, history, life, love, victory,

Glowing  beauty, floor, light, sunshine, moonlight,
Godly  father, nature, and saintly , godly and noble
Golden colour, light, days, past, era,
Good and noble, kind, sincere, good days, life, person, things, boy, girl, child, father, good reasons, good always, time, doing good, good work,  leaving  the country for good, for ever. , Goodhearted  and very kind, generous,  Good-looking, Good-natured,
Gorgeous  and beautiful, splendid, attractive, elegant, stunning, striking,


Hale and hearty,
Handsome and beautiful, and beaming, boy, girl, looking,
Handy work, ,
Happening today, anytime, to anyone, ,
Happy man, life, always, happy and lucky,
Hard-working  person, worker,
Harmless insect,
Harmonious  living, co-existence, society, religion,
Healing breeze, medicine,
Healthy  life, living, practice, boy, condition, looking,  
Hearty joy, love, congratulation
Heavenly body, Joy, object , peace,
Helpful boy, always,
Heralded a new era, the flag, a new epoch,
Heroic deed, work , victory, march, achievement,
High  aim, ambition, spirit, tide, time, hill, Caliber, High-minded, High-spirited,
Hilarious  poet, situation , get-together,
Holy place, temple, life, church, and heavenly,
Honest  work, deed, attempt, always, and truthful,
Honorable life, person, leader,
Hopeful and happy, life, always, boy,
Hospitable feeling , and affectionate, environment,
Humane feeling , approach, treatment, attitude, expression,
Humanitarian ground, appeal, issue
Humble appeal, consideration, approach, and kind, and gracious, and affectionate,
Humorous musician, poet, writer, person,
Hygienic condition, food, living, case, room
Hypnotic  beauty, smile, look, play, display, music, song, and enigmatic, . 


Ideal life, work, person, teaching,
identical and similar, identical twin, boys, picture.
idle person, boy, student
ignominious- bad, ignominious character, person, lady
illegal work, entry, order, thing, way

illegible handwriting, noting, text, draft,
illegitimate child, work,
illicit work, information,
illogical -unreasonable,

Illuminated  beauty, face, pendal, sky, tree,
Illuminating sky, building, procession, face, life,
Illustrious  person, writer, novelist, leader,
Imaginative poet, child, expression, and childlike, mind, and curious,
Immaculate and spotless, flawless, faultless, stainless, perfect,  clean , character, expression,
Immune system, condition,
Impartial judgment, act, behaviour, treatment,
Impeccable and spotless, flawless, faultless, stainless, perfect,  clean , character, expression,,
Important work, task, life, person, leader, meeting, and crucial, vital, ,
Impressive talk, lecture, looking , dance, display, flying, and striking, and brilliant,
Improved condition, situation, a lot, daily,
Improving slowly, speedily, a lot, condition, situation,
Improvisational  method, ,
Incisive  and penetrating,  sharp, keen, ,

Incredible  information, person, friend , boy,
Independent day, life, living, attitude, always, entity, society,
Indispensable and vital, crucial, very important, essential, requisite, necessary, obligatory,  ,
Indispensable  project, plan, information, victory
Indomitable will,  will power, and strong, unconquerable, resolute, , determined, tough , stubborn, spirited ,
Industrious  person, boy, servant , and active, hardworking, diligent. ,
Influential  person,  leader, speaker, power,
Informed  him, me, you, in time , to press,,
Ingenious  work, art, research, and creative, resourceful,  inventive, original,  
Innocent  boy, girl, look, life, very innocent,  
Innovative   and new, novel ,  modern, path-breaking, inventive,  original, pioneering,
Innovative   work, research, thinking,  technology, way,  ,
Inquisitive  and curious, questioning, interested, enquiring,   
Inquisitive  attitude, mind, child, boy ,
Inspired  life, living , love, beauty, always, ,
Inspiring life, living , love, beauty, always, life-style, poet, leader, work, deed, victory, and memorable,
Instinctive and natural, innate , inherent, ,
Instrumental  to his fall, victory, to success, music, and mechanical,
Integrated  part  of me, of India, of nature, of our family,
Interconnected  roads, rail-link, ,
Intellectual property, mind, expression,  
Intellectual and logical, rational, scholarly
Intelligent  boy, person, servant, animal, very intelligent, and hardworking,
Intense  joy, sorrow, feeling, love,
Intense and acute, severe, strong, powerful, forceful,  deep, passionate, ,
Intent and plan, aim, goal, objective, target, meaning, purpose, ,
Interested to listen music, song, to read, to travel,
Interesting story, novel, poem, to listen, see, watch,
Intertwined  and entangled, knitted, ,
Intimate  feeling, love, very intimate,
Intimate and affectionate, close, near, dear, friendly,  
Inventive  and creative, imaginative, ingenious, original ,
Invincible  will, will power to live, to exist, to survive
Invincible and unconquerable, indomitable, unbeatable , unshakable, ,
Inviting  threat, action, cost escalation, danger, war, guest, him, me, people, ,
Irresistible and  appealing, tempting, alluring,enticing


jealous- boy, girl,. teacher, person, very, feeling resentment
jiggered - and amazed, and confounded

Jocular - mood, talk, way, story, thing,  and humorous , funny, joking, jovial,  playful,
jocund- merry and     cheerful
joint - pain, and combined,  force, army, strength, joint staff of army, place
Jolly - mood, boy, girl, experience, feeling, person,looking, jolly and joyful, and gay

Jolly and happy, cheerful , glad, ,
Jovial  and happy, cheerful , glad, ,
Joyful   days, marriage, love, life, mood
Joyful and  pleasant, pleasurable, wonderful, blissful, enjoyable,  
Joyous  and jolly, festive, blissful, happy,merry, cheerful,
Jubilant and proud, triumphant, thrilled, ecstatic,  delighted, glad, jubilant and rejoicing, and exultant
judicial - enquiry, probe, officr, matter,
judicial and critical, and impartial

Judicious-  decision,  action, judgement,
Judicious  and careful, cautious, and reasonable,  thoughtful, sensible,
jumbo- jet, elephant, animal, structure
junior- college, staff, person, to me, very junior, classmate, younger and lower
Just - and fair, just and proper, immediate, very soon. 
a minutes ago, a moments ago, just imagination, demand,

Keen  interest in study, sports, research, computer,
keen and sharp, keen and deep feelings,
Key - to success, victory, defeat, to failure, key instrument, key cause, to unlock,
Kind - person, hearted, and loving , and gracious, and graceful,  kind and unkind, ,
Kind and variety, category, means, various kinds and means, different kind, ways
Knowledgeable-  person, leader, man, lady teacher. 


laborious-  student, boy, person, very, laborious and diligent and hard working
lame- boy, girl, govt.
languid- lacks vigour and vitality, boy, person,  work,
large- and big, building, mountain, area,  looking,
 very, heart, large and liberal and generous person,
last- boy, man, person, time, year, month, day, hour, meeting, speech, election, class, room, rites performed, at last, first and last, seen,  coming last, last and final
longlasting and permanent,
late- coming, always, hour, night,   fine, fee, permitted, no, very, Late is better than never late.
lateral - entry, admission , course,
latter- come latter,  and recent
Laudable success, victory, achievement, goan, win, ,
Law-abiding citizen, people, person, man,  
Lavish - food, expense,
lax- and negligent,
lazy- boy, person, man, very,

Leading - people, students, boy,  man, general,
leal - and loyal, and faithful, and honest, person, servant, boy, worker, staff,
lean- and thin,  boy, man, looking, body,

Learned man, scholar, boy,
least - concerned, last but not the least,  at least,
left - hand, leg, side, corner,
legal - action, procedure, step, legal and lawful,
legible- and readable- handwriting, draft, letter,
Legitimate - due, right, function, purchase, sale, child, (lawful and genuine)

Legendary poet, leader, person, character,
Leisurely - activities, tim, works,
Lenient - view, action,  (merciful and mild), gentle and kind
less - very, quantity, food, money, things, goods, less and insufficient,less and small quantity
lethal- weapon, blow, lethal and fatal, causing death
level - water, land, sea, land,
lewd - person, girl, lady, lewd and lustful
liable - and bound, for action, legally liable,
Liberal - act, rule, attitude,  concession, view, action, liberal and generous, and kind,

Liberated people, country,  
licit - and lawful, and permittd, drug, liquor, wine, business, transaction,
liege - and loyal, person, general, commander
Light- colour, food, weight, sun, moon, star,  speed, touch, taking it lightly, (light and soft, and gentle)
lightsome - graceful and cheerful
Light-hearted person, lady,
like -minded people, person, wise, me, him, this, like and similar
likely  - and probable,  apparently suitable,
likewise and like manner
Likable music, song, dance,  
limber- and flexible,  easily bending
limp- lacking strength, person, boy, child,
limpid - and clear, and transparent- view, case, thing
literacy - movement
Literate person, boy,
little- boy, thing, very, water, milk, short and young
Live- photo, telecast, vision, picture,  live-long period, suffering, struggle, fight, case, war,
Lively -looking, acting,   full of life and spirit , stirring and exciting,
living - and alive-  thing, creature, animal,
loath - and unwilling, person, boy, to do this work
loathsome and hateful-  speech, work, deed, action,
local - people, area, network, police, problem, voice, boys, village
logical- conclusion, reason, point, very, argument,way
lone - and solitary, girl, boy, looking, place
lonely - place, area, mountain, forest, island, feeling,
lonesome - feeling lonely and sad
long - life, time, very, service, period, month long, past, future, lasting, day, night, tape, neck, leg, jump, tail, hair,
loose - talk, toung, fitting, nut, very, loose and free, free and not firm,
lorn - lonely and desolate, feeling lorn
loud - voice, speaker, very, noise, talk,
Lovable-  teacher, mother, students, lady,  parent, worthy of love and affection,
 Lovely -   and beautiful, and pleasant, picture, nature, things, idea, sights, vision,  
Loving- mother,  child, boy, and affectionate, very
low- flying, height, very, spirit, flowing, voltage, keeping the case at low, low profile, morale, courage, land, mind, person,  behaviour, looking, area, speaking, voice, going low and  down, valley,

lowly - and humble, humble and simple,  lowly submit my application
loyal -very, true and faithful, king, minister, staff, servant, boy, remain loyal,
lucid - clear and easy to understand,
Lucid- green, beauty, nature, and lush green,
Lucky - person, lady, boy,
Luminous- stars, sky, city,  writting, expression,beauty
luminous - bright and shinning, and radiant, and lustrous,
lustrous- and luminous- sky, face, night, stars,
Lush green grass, valley,
lusty-  boy, child, healthy and strong
Luxuriant- beauty, nature, marriage, ( abundant and plentiful)
luxurious - life, living, style, beauty, nature, and very comfortable
lyric - beauty, poetry, voice,
lyrical  voice, music, full of music and mirth


macabre- horrible and deadly, incident, murder, in a state of macabre, condition,
mad - boy, people, man, and insane, mentally ill, like mad man, like
Magical -beauty, win, goal, ,
Magnanimous- and generous,  person, teacher, leader,
Magnetic- beauty, personality,attraction, power, touch
Magnificent-beauty, nature, building, tower, mountain, structure, magnificent and splendid
main - player, artist, leader, culprit, thing, case, role, point, problem, land, member, chief and important
Managerial- skill, act, ability,
Majestic-  nature, look, majestic and royal
Major - port, portion, thing, case, crime, punishment,
male - and masculine, male and female, person, child
malign - injurious and inimical, harmful,  statement, words, speech,
malignant-  unfortunate talk, words, action, deed
mammoth - huge and immense, animal, elephant
mandatory - voter card,  it is mandatory to  mention the PAN card number, Licens number,
manifest - very clear and obvious )our election manifest
manifold - interest, subject, - various and numerous
manlike- animal, guerrilla,
manly - and dignified, manly life of Mahatma Gandhi
manual-  work, power,
many - and numerous - people, students, problem, thing, case, school, countries, works, attempt, point, meeting, election, voter,
marine- life, plant, product, industry, export, survey, relating to sea.
marital - problem, love, (marriage affair)
maritime - zone, sea area, line,  border, interest,
married - life, love, problem, couple, person, recently, in court, in temple,
martial - act,  law, training,

Marvelous- nature, beauty, building, thing, tower, mountain,
Masculine -spirit, ,
massive - force, strength, attack,  heart attack,  large and heavy,
Masterly- art, crafted, done, executed, ,
matchless - and unique, beauty, decoration, art, design,
material - life, view, thinking, achievement,gain, goal, prosperity, object, material and worldly, unreal

Maternal- uncle,  father, mother, property,
matrimonial - advertisement, business, talk,
Meaningful-talk, meeting, dialogue, agreement, story
meagre- and thin, scanty and insufficient, - goods, things, parts,tools, relief,
mean - and inferior, and poor, mean minded, people,  at the mean time he reached.
mechanical - fault, problem, engineering,
medical - course, treatment, check up, training, certificate, advice, expense, bill, allowance, compound,  para medical , bulletin, report, officer,
medicinal - plant, goods, objects,
medieval - age, time, history, literature, people
meek - humbly patient- people
meet - and right , proper, just, and fitting,
melancholy - and low spirited
Meditative saint, sage, nature,
Mellow-  ripe fruit,  ,
Melodious -music, song, bird, night, function, celebration, nature, sweet sounding, sweet music ,
memorable- incident, marriage, function, address, work,  victory,   love, story, deed,  worthy to remember,

mental - problem, illness, power, treatment, ward,
merciful - person, leader, man, and kind, noble, generous, benevolent, gracious, graceful,
merciless and cruel - enemy, man, neighbour,   act, murder, behaviour,
Meritorious - student, worker, scholar,  worthy of reward, deserving prize,   reward, award

Merry - and cheerful, making, boy, girl, feeling, looking,
mesmeric - and hypnotic, look, words, beauty,look, nature,
messy -  and darty- picture, story
Mesmerizing- beauty, nature, face, look, mountain,
Metaphysical- happening, beauty, story, theme, poetry, poet,  entity, existence,

meticulous - plan, work, project, conspiracy, way, and very careful with minute details,
Meticulously - planned, projected, executed, done, performed
mid - of the day or noon, mid day,   mid night,
middle- man, person,
mighty- and powerful, huge and massive,  enormous,
Mighty - sea, wave, lion, nature, wind,  king, mountain, fort,  almighty God,
migratory -and wandering, birds, people, tribe
mild- temperature, touch, word, voice, expression, (soft and gentle)
militant - activity, people , vigorously aggressive
military - person, officer, court, dress, rule,
milky- sky, colour,  milky way,
mimic - and imitating- act, behaviour

Mindful-act, action, boy, and alert, careful and attentive
mindless - act,deed, murder, violence, careless and negligent
minimum - food, work, wage, pay, mark,  age, fee, qualification, production, price, standard,
Ministerial- cadre, staff, employee,
minor- and smaller, boy, child, case, thing, port, class
incident, and less important,
minus - temperature, marking,
minute- detail, very small detail, description, expression,
miraculous -wonderful and amazing  incident,
Miraculous- escape, victory, win, defeat, happening ,
Mirthful - and joyful, cheerful, mirthful and merry, mirthful- nature, sea,  day,  experience, feeling,  celebration,  marriage, union, party, meeting, picnic
miscellaneous - duties, works, subject,  problems,
Mischievous-   and mischief- act, person, boy,
miserable- condition, state, people,  and pitiable, poor and miserable,
mixed - vegetable, rice, goods,
mobile- phone, van, party, connection, battery,

moderate - rainfall, temperature, climate,

Modern -time, era, people, life,  history, science, age,
momentary-  life, flower, joy,
momentous-  love, victory, function, history, independence, freedom, judgement,  very grand and important

monetary- benefit, gain, achievement, problem, cause
monotonous- and dull, lifeless, spiritless, joyless,  life, living, state
Moral- value, act, principle, thing, issue, spirit, courage, character , ( good and virtuous character) ,
morbid- society, life, ( pale and gloomy life)
more- power, pleasure, thing, words, no more
mortal- life, thing, flower,  mortal and fatal
motive- true, his, my, motive and intension,  aim and cause,  motive behind the murder, the case
Motivated act, action, conspiracy, murder, ,
Motivating people, students, boys,

movable- object, fan, blade, thing, part

multiple- injury, bleeding, stitching,
multitude- mass, crowd,
mundane- and common, ordinary, worldly,) thing,  reality, case, problem,
muscular- force,
musical- party, night, evening, words,
mutual - interest, gain, development, trust, benefit, fund,  transfer,
mysterious-  object, thing, act, work, person, agent,

14.10.12  O.K


naked - truth, beauty, man, looking,  
nasty- and darty, unpleasant, thing, object,
national - flag, anthem, party,  congress, issue, problem,

Natural -beauty, setting, look, thing, flower, act, dance,
naughty - boy, girl, child, act, unruly and  disobedient
naval - ship, war,
near- future, very, come near, to me, to river,

Neat- cloth, shirt, place, floor, bed, and clean,
Necessary - things, tool, medicine, money, food, goods,
needful - thing,  goods, medicine,
needless- to say, to think, to worry
nefarious - design,  conspiracy, work,
negative- current, attitude, factor, thing, thought
negligent - careless and inattentive, project, work,
negotiable- issue, point, fact, thing, case,
nervous-  state,looking, condition, patient, person,very
net- profit,  gain, loss, business, internet,
new - life, spirit, joy, thing, looking, product,

next - boy, girl, room, house,
nice- pleasant and delightful- scene, picture, story, poem, thing,
Neighbourly- house, village, people,
Nice-  thing, dream, flower, nature, look, ,
Noble -man, officer, leader, teacher, life,
Notable- achievement, act, victory, ,
Noteworthy- act, project, action, plan,



Race- competition, motor race, cycle race, car race, racing cycle,
Radar- station, image, facility, fitting,
Radio- station, price, cost, centre,
Radish- vegetable
Radius- area, of the circle,
rage- and anger,  nature,s rage and fury
rail – way, station, wagon, fare, ticket, route,
rain- water, drop, forest, rainy season, day, night, rain-bow, rain-coat,
rally- political, students, peoples, organizing rally
rancor- acute enmity,
range- mountain , Himalayan , beyond, within, shooting  range,
rank- high , low, officer,
ransom- money,
rapture- state of , mind,
rascal- boy, man,
rat –animal, trap, hole, meat,

rate- market, mango, car, wheat, reduced rate, concession rate, offer rate, high, highest, low, lowest
ratio- boys girls , rainfall,  of numbers,
ration-card, goods, store,
ray- sun, moon, ray of hope, x-ray, gama ray,
razor – blade, sharp
reaction- strong, serious,  immediate,  public, medicine, strange, in-time,  time, anticipating, of the people, students,
reactor- nuclear, atomic
reader- good, voracious, news, passionate,
readiness- our, army, police, country’s,
reality- true, hardcore, picture, case, its reality
rear-(back) seat, mirror, glass,

reason- good, right, religious, peace, law-order, enough, many, this, that, trivial,  common, reason and common sense, good sense and reason,  for silly reason, minor reason, no reason, for the reason best known to him.  For what good reason,

rebate- 5%, 12%,  on cloth, shirt, gold ornament
rebel – people, army, soldier, boys,
rebellion- French, army,
receipt- money, bill, cash , certificate,
receiver- telephone,
reception- day, celebration, marriage, card
recess- period, bell, time,

recognition- due, true, high, social, an honour of
recommendation- due, his, my, minister’s, officer’s, principal’s, teacher’s

record- time, tape, world, national, period,
recover- data, speedy, health,
recruitment- drive, rally, army,

rectitude –act of
reduction- cost, price, strength, force, post,
reel-film, cotton,
reference- letter, case

reflection- image, picture, perfect, true,
refresh- feeling, air, looking, refreshment room
regard- due, high, well, my regards and well wishes
regiment- Punjab, Gurkha, army, Martha
region- our, draught, food,
register- marriage, store, attendance,
regulation- rule and regulation, as per
reign- foreign, British, Mughal ,
rejoice(joy)- incident to rejoice, victory to rejoice
reliance- (faith and confidence),  company, people,
relief- flood, cyclone, draught, Gov., public,  some relief, relief from pain, suffering, difficulty,
religion- Hindu, Muslim, Christian,
remains- body, food, animal, goat,
remedy- correct, in time, as a remedy, remedial measure, action, step,
remission- (excuse), for any omission and remission,
remorse(Sorrow, penance)

rent- house,
renunciation- Leave- family renunciation, power,
repetition- word, news, mistake, sentence

reply- correct, in-time, befitting, perfect, genuine, humble,
reprisal- (remedy)
republic- day, Indian,
reputation-(honour) my, his, her, school, country,
request- kind, sincere,  in time, help, aid, on, his,
requirement- our, your, my, college, public, students,
requirement of foods, goods, money, medicine, tools,
rescue- operation, drill, in a rescue bid, attempt, deal,           He came to my rescue.
research- lab, scientific, food, atomic, centre for ,
resemblance- similarity) his, her,
reservation- hotel ,room, place, ticket,
reserve- police, force, army, water, seat, bus, car
reservoir- water,
residence- my, his, your,
resignation- letter, from the post,

resistance- peaceful, arms, violent, stiff, strong, active, passive, non-violent, profound, public, act of resistance, / power

respect- due, humble ,high, tremendous ,profound,  pay, paid, respectful, ly,

respite-(relief) some,
response-  weak, strong,
responsibility- my, your, our, collective, his, her, social, national, public
rest- little, good, place of , eternal, take rest,
restoration- power, electricity,
result- good, bad, poor, fine, tremendous, unexpected, fair, unfair, expected, exam,
resumption – meeting, dialogue, talk
retaliation- act, act of, army, enemy,
retention- quarter, retention of quarter
return- money, interest,
revaluation- case, result, property,
revenue – state, central, - stamp,
reverence- in his reverence, honour
revival of life, case,
revolution- act of , armed, violent, a revolution in the field of science,

reward-money, gold, car,
rhyme verse,
rhythm – in perfect rhythm
ribbon- red, yellow, black
ride-  horse ride,
ridicule- satire
riot- people, police, area,
ripple- small wave
rise- sun, moon, rising sun, early,
risk- life, health, service, vehicle, taking risk, time,
rite- religious rite,

ritual- rival-   river-

road- good, bad,  rough, rocky, mountain, treacherous road, pucca ,concrete, road map for development,  no road, road repair/carpeting, road-worthy vehicle

rock- lime, granite,
rocket- spacecraft, engine, fuel, design, speed,
rod- iron,
role-  his, her, my, our, students, teachers, collective
romance- love and romance,
roof- concrete, bamboo, tin, house roof
room- office, store , refreshment, guest, , room-wise, room-mate,
rope- cotton,
rose- flower, beautiful, red,
route- en-route, correct, wrong,
ruin- in a state of ruin, life ruin

rule- British rule, foreign rule, Mughal rule
rumour- don’t believe in rumour.
rust- iron,


Calm nature, beauty, looking, mountain, place
capable  person, officer, minister, leader,
Capital punishment, letter, crime, of the state
Captivating  beauty, nature, landscape, sky, fountain,
Carefree life, man, person, always,
Careful person, student, teacher, mother, always,
Casual worker, approach, labour, way, very casual,
Celebrated  poet, leader, scholar, player,
Celestial body, object,
Certain  thing, object, future, life,
Changeable  programme, plan, meeting, member, climate, weather, wind, condition
Charismatic leader, minister, person,
Charitable  organisation, trust, fund, act, aid,
Charming  beauty, nature, moon, experience, look, face, lady,
Cheerful life, love, stay, experience, always, person,

Cherished desire, long cherished desire, leader,
Childlike  act, behaviour, play, talk,

Civil  society, act, rule, law,
Civilized life, person, society, country
Clean  air, water, house, view, sky, picture, view, future, goal, aim, keep clean and green,

Clear  sky, view, road, picture, case, order,
very clear, point, reason, cause, weather,

 Clever boy, teacher, man,

Colorful  light, display, dress, painting, nature, landscape, dance, life, romance, love
Comfortable  feeling, stay, experience, living, place, room, hotel, enough, very comfortable

commanding  spirit, general, officer,
Commendable work, achievement, research,          

Communicative disease,  road, locality,
Compassionate  ground, reason, cause, and kind,
Compelling ground, situation, factor, case,
Competent  leader, minister, worker, person,
Complete case, work, power, authority, project, period,
Concise dictionary, expression,
Conclusive evidence, argument, point, decision,
Confident student, person, man, enough,

Congenial atmosphere, climate, environment,

Conscious person, people, always, mind, act,
Considerable  period, delay,
Constructive talk, meeting, dialogue, agreement,
contemporary poet, writer, leader, society, religion, politics,literature, science,
convenient date, place, work,
Cool  feeling, cool cool feeling, experience, breeze, temper, looking,  
Cooperative society, always, person,
Coordinated  act, effort, achievement,   goal,
Cordial atmosphere, meeting, gesture, love, affection,
Correct  action, expression, thinking, decision, view, thing, letter, position, location, order, the mistake
courageous  people, boy, man, soldier,
Credible  information, person, source,  news, institution, certificate,
Creative  mind, artist, person,  poet, spirit, zeal, thinking, work, literature,
Cultured people, society, students,
Curious looking, thing, feeling,   


Daring  attack, person, youth,
Dazzling  beauty, stars, dress, ornament,light
Dear  sir, madam, father,    brother, friend,
Decent  dress, look, thing, behaviour,
Decisive  battle, war, agreement, action, act,
Dedicated staff, youth, person, army, life, service
Deep  joy, sorrow, pain, love, experience, water, wound, valley, colour
Defiant  person, offiecr, worker, youth, boy,
Definite  result, action, comment, reply, case

deliberate  delay,
Delighted  person, guest, boys, poet,
Delightful  experience,stay, journey, tour,    travel, meeting, talk, nature, moonlight,

Dependable  countries, people,
Deserving  case, boy, player, candidate, transfer,    prize, award,

determined  effort, endeavour, work, person, boy
Developed fully, area, country, society, town, city,
Developing  countries,  speedily, economy,
Devoted  worker,  student, teacher
Dignified  entity, existance, life, leader,,
Diplomatic  talk, behaviour, way,
Direct  tax, attack, action, order,
disciplined  staff, boys, students, life, way
Distinguished  teacher, scholar, poet, guest, lecture,
Diverse  experience, work, area,
Divine  joy, life, entity,  beauty, nature,
Durable  thing, goods, project, plan,
Dynamic  leader, student, teacher,


Earnest appeal, approach, desire,
Earthly life, object,  thing,
Ecstatic  nature, beauty, experience,
Educated  person, family, people, and  civilize, Educational qualification, certificate, expense, expenditure, environment,   atmosphere,
Effective  deal, agreement, treatment, life, plan, project,
efficient  teacher, worker, employee, leader, minister, person, boy,
Elated person, scholar, and elevated,  looking, feeling
Electric  power, current, shock, wire, pole, meter
Elegant beauty, look, nature, expression,  
Eligible  person, worker, boy, player,
Emerging  situation, condition, threat,
Eminent  poet, scholar, player, painter, person,
Enchanting  beauty, lady, love, life, landscape, seashore, clouds, monument, building,palace,art,
Encouraging game, sports,  idea, programme,
Endearing  mother, beloved, relatives, friend,
Enduring spirit, zeal, courage,
Energetic  youth, person, teacher,
Engaging   army, people, boys, players,
Enjoyable game,dance, nature, festival, function, Enlightened  sage, saint, person,
Enthusiastic  boy, person, youth,     man,
Enticing beauty, nature,    art,
erudite  teacher, scholar, officer, lecture,
Essential  goods, food, thing, tools, medicine, money,
Esteemed  sir, madam, organisation, institution, department, college, university,
exact  location, point, place,
Excellent  condition, feeling, experience, festival, looking, work, idea, plan, project, art, beauty, nature,expression,
Exceptional  beauty, case, thing, happening,
Exciting  beauty,  nature, mountain, experience, interest, play, game,
Exclusive  case, showroom, tax,    
Executive  staff, member, committee, meeting, employees, engineer, officer,       
Exemplary ,
Expensive  treatment, study, court case, election,
Experienced staff, worker, teacher, officer, enough
Exquisite  beauty, nature, moon, stars, expression,
Extraordinary  talent, boy, happening, case,  work, achievement,


Fabulous gift, prize,
Fair beauty,   skin, complex, idea, thing, fair and lovely, looking, and unfair,
Faithful boy, servant, person, student, and honest,
Familiar to me, him, thing, object, weather,place,
Famous artist, poet, leader, scholar, teacher, place,  temple, town, person, player,
Fantastic idea, person,
Farsighted leader, project, plan,
Fascinating  details, nature, landscape, expression, experience,
Favorable tea,coffee, drink, song, cinema,leader, wind, weather, climate, condition,
Fearless boy, people, youth, army,
Felicitous child, boy
Fertile land, area, place, plain,
Festive season,  nature, sky, sea, landscape, look
fine  art, beauty, polish, thing, looking,
Fitting  reply, case, expression, idea, thing

Fleet   naval fleet, air fleet
Flexible rule, law, enough, condition,
Flourishing era, period,
Fluent English, Hindi,
Focused attention, point, light,
Forceful occupation, evacuation, entry, exit, treaty, speech, expression,
Forthcoming election, fair,meeting, visit,

Fortified palace, police station, area, village, house,
Fortunate  boy, enough,  escape,
Frank  admission, statement, expression, and open, Free life, air, person, movement ,gift, check up,
treatment,  pass, set free , freedom,
Freethinking  person, boy,
Fresh  mango, vegetable, llife, looking, beauty, dew,  Friendly relation,  talk, game, meeting,  negotiation,
Fruitful  idea, plan, project, future, study, research, Fulfilling promise, pot,
Fun talk, thing,   play,



Objective theme,  story, poem
Obliging student, people, boy,

Open sky, field, book, place, house, heart, mind, always, open-hearted, Open-minded,

Optimistic life, poet, leader, boy, people, ,
Opulent food, goods, material, ,
Organized act, crime, action, violence,,
Original  story, fact, truth, case,  matter, thing, gold, certificate,  
Outgoing  president, minister, secretary,
Outstanding work, achievement, victory,


Pacific ocean, countries, nature, looking,
Parental property, house
Particular thing, game, house, case,
Paramount interest, sacrifice, service,
Passionate  emotion, love, speech, ,
Paternal property, leave, home,

Peaceful nature, life, looking, sky, mountain, city,
perfect  case,  idea, plan, project, looking perfect,
persistent effort, endeavour, labour, follow up action,
Phenomenal  nature, escape,  
Philanthropic  act, service, aid,

Picturesque  beauty, setting, village, valley, nature,   palace, description, mountain,
Pioneering  work, research,
Pious  lady, sage, life,

Pleasant  nature, beauty, face, look, experience, stay
Poetic  beauty, text, prose, nature, expression,justice,
Poised  threat,

Polished  floor, tile, gold, stone,
Polite  person, officer, man, teacher,
Popular song, music, leader, player, teacher, actor,
Positive current, action,
Powerful leader, army, country, bomb, story,
Practical  purpose, idea, thing, test, survey, enquiry
Pragmatic  outlook, idea,  
Praiseworthy work, effort, endeavour, help, aid, achievement, victory, action,

Precious  life, time, money, gold, certificate, thing,
Precise fact, case,
Premium quality, ,

Prestigious college, institution, school,
Prevalent situation,
Prime  thing, factor, minister, ,
Princely states,

Pristine  sign, seal, beauty, nature, life,character,
Privileged class, society,  person,
Productive season, factory,     stage,
Professional skill, ability, acumen,
Profitable  business, project, ,
Profound  work, task, plan, story, building, structure,expression, idea, beauty, manifestation

Prolific writting,
Prominent poet, writer, scholar, artist,
Promising future, life, prospect, project,
Prompt action, help, decision,
Proper  care , action, plan, treatment, food,
Prosperous  life, nature, man,
Provocative action, act, word, war, decision,
Proud leader, person, boy, work,
Prudent act, work, person,
Punctual  teacher, student, always,
Pure gold, metal, thing, food, air,  
Perspicuous and  clear expression  

qualified teacher, doctor, people,
quality apple, mango, goods, table, control, test,
quick act, decision, help, aid, relief,
quiet  peace, place, nature, locality, village,

Unaffected  person, thing, condition, situation,
Unique  beauty, nature, painting, palace, building, subject, character, story,  
Unlimited  resource, power, energy, attempt,
Useful  material, information, tool, part, thing, object, . 
Valuable  thing, time, future, information, news, help, certificate, meeting, agreement,
Venerable work, victory, success, achievement,research,  
Venerated  person, poet,
Veracious  fact, ,
Versatile poet, scholar,   person,
Vibrant  design, art, painting, story, subject,
Victorious army, general, players, boys,
Vigilant  army, police, always,  
Vigorous  interest, attempt,  action,
Virtuous  boy, girl, people, place, character,
Visionary  leader, statesman,  
Vital meeting, election, information, question, problem, thing, instrument, machine, part,
Vivacious  person, boy
Vocal music, song, ,
  Veracious  person,  boy, scholar, lady

Wanted  you, him, this, seriously, honestly, immediately,  today, tomorrow, medicine, food, tool, ,
Warm  feeling, experience, love, affection, love, touch, water, climate, day, court, dress,
Warmhearted,  Wealthy  person, man, king,monarch, and healthy
Well, Well-disposed, Well-read, Well-spoken,
Whimsical  act, work,
Whole thing, community, religion, countries, universe, world,  
Wholehearted effort, endeavour, attempt,
Willful  act, action, absent, deed, present,
Willing  victory, success,    death, damage, destruction,
Winning boy, player, moment, time, ,
Winsome, lonesome,Wholesome,  blithesome, gruesome, tiresome,
Wise  act,  advice, action, decision, agreement, words, boy, person, teacher, animal, attempt,  very wise,
Wonderful nature, mountain, work, achievement, performance, display, dance, art,  picture, story,
Wondrous nature,   hill, mountain, ,
Worldly  object, joy, sorrow, life, atmosphere, suffering, achievement, pain, pleasure
Worthy  life, work, enough, officer, father, son, daughter, member, person, candidate,
feeling worthy, good,
air-worthy  aircraft, helicopter,  certificate,
life- worthy  house, certificate,
praise-worthy  effort, work, success, attempt, endeavour, help, writing, poem, film, story
Xerox machine, shop, paper. 

young boy, person,  
Zealous  person, boy, man,
Zest for life, living,

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