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‘Noun’ Words



Aum Hari Saranam.

Shree GuruGovindGaani Saranam. Pranam Pranam.



Tip – Truly Vedic English ‘Word Bank’ is a finger tip dictionary to help you always like the lifetime helpline to improve your knowledge and talent in English. It will enhance your rewarding personal strength i.e devotion to God, love for motherland and mankind, optimistic life. It will enhance your knowledge and talent, empower your intellect and intuition, good sense and reason, creativity and vision.



Use of dictionary is not to search the meaning of the difficult word occasionally but to read it regularly to know all the easy words for its better understanding and proper use. It is very important to remember the easy words very easily and to remind it immediately at the time of writing or speaking. In class VI and class X, you should complete this word bank and the Pocket Dictionary/ small dictionary.

But no one try to complete the dictionary during High school days so they become weak in English in future.  The intelligent boys and girls read the easy words regularly for better writing and speaking.

Tip -  For difficult word please right click on that word and see the meaning in synonyms.






Read word bank as per the following letter  to  remember easily and improve quickly.






1.  O, P,Q , R



2.  K, L, M,N



3.  G.H.I.J
4.  S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z
5.  F,E,D,C,B,A












oak- tree, wood, forest


oasis- oasis of desert, of nature,


oath-  day, taking,  oath taking ceremony,


obeisance- (welcome)




object- many, all, hard, soft, liquid, solid, gaseous, atomic, nuclear, hot, cold,


objection- raising , raised, no objection, no objection certificate, (NOC), overruled, minor, serious, mass objection, public, students, teachers, employees, staff, Govt.,


oblation- offer


obligation- to teacher, to him,


oblivion-(memory loss)-in a state of oblivion


obloquy- (blame, castigation)


observance-  under, under strict,  proper, day time, night, space, sky, sea, observance and surveillance


observation- for , purpose, place, tools, necessary, requires, proper, strict, post, tower,


observatory- built, made, installed, commissioned, space,


obstacle- (hurdle)- full of , no , life of , without , with, all,


obstruction- keeping, putting, cleared, and hindrance and hurdle,  on the way,


occasion- solemn, auspicious, holy, grand, great,  on this,  of marriage day, birth day,


occupant- person, forces, Indian forces,


occupation-(profession) my, his,


occurrence- (happening)


ocean- floor, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic,


octroi-  gate, staff,


odds- (difficulty)- all, full of , odd time,






offence- serious, minor, heavy,


office- staff, building, personnel, requirement, rooms, hour, our, security,  head of office,


officer- Gazetted, strong, capable, senior, junior, cadre,




ogre- (demon0


oil-  edible, refine, sunflower, coconut, mustard, til, castrol, pam, olive, field, well, refinenary, tanker,


ointment- neosprine, boroline,


olive- oil, tree, branch,


Olympic- game, village, light,


omen-(bad sign)


omission- (mistake)- omission and commission, of rules, of law,


omnipotence- endless power


omniscience- endless knowledge


onion- price, rate, production,


onlooker- visitor


onset- of summer, of rainy season, of winter




onslaught- (heavy attack)-


onus- (responsibility)-


opacity-(not capable)-


opening- day, ceremony, to-day, for all, door, window, market, box, house, lock,


opera- house,


operation-theatre, ongoing, army, air, naval, joint, of heart, of hand, of brain, rare,


operator-  machine,


opinion- public, readers, students, my, positive, negative, general, genuine, reasonable, legal,




opponent-(opposite party)


opportunity- beautiful, rare, lifetime,


opposition- party, leader, strong,


oppression- his,


optimism- note, spirit, voice, poet of, life of,


optimist- people, poet, leader, ruler, always


option- no, to exercise option, as your option, pay option,


oracle-divine voice)


orange- fruit, colour, squash, price, tree, flavor, drink, sky, petal, cloth, beauty, size


oratory- (art of speaking)


orb- (object of sky)


orbit- earth’s, solar,


orchard- (fruit garden)


orchestra- (music party)


ordeal- (hard exam)


order- office, Govt., by, valid, legal, obeying, disobeying, respecting, your,


ordinance- Govt. , on terror, passed,


ordnance- factory, product, section,


ore – iron. bauxite,


organ- human, failure,


organization- social, terrorist, democratic, women, students, political, religious, powerful, strong, helpful, activity, works, members,


orgy-( wild celebration)




origin- its, his, of universe, matter,


originality-  checked, confirmed


orison- (prayer)


ornament- gold, silver, design, artistic, valuable, elegant, beautiful, dazzling,


orphan – boy, girl,


orthopedics- doctor


outburst-  powerful, spontaneous, of joy, of anger, of laugh, of passion, of love, of compassion, of kindness, of truth, of tears,


outcome- (result)


outfit – terrorist, anti-national,


outflow- water,




outlaw- organization, activity


outlay – of house, of construction


outlet-  of house


outline- of  project,  plan, budget,


outlook – his, my, your, public, decent,


outpost-  security, observation,


output- work,


outrage- work of outrage


outset-  at the outset,


outside- house, home, school,  building, area, incident, happening, our area,


outsider- restricted, banned, not allowed,


outskirts- border, boundary




oversight-  due to , mistake,


overtime- work, duty, wage,




ovum- (egg)


owl- bird’s name,  owl’s eye,


owner- ship, house, property, land,




oxygen- cylinder, gas, taking, breathing,

















Pace- slow, big , long, medium, short, fast, small,


Pack- hard , soft,




Packing-material, objects, things


Pact- peace pact


Page- wise, torn page,


Pain-killer, severe pain, serious pain, chest pain, body pain


Paint- black, red, silver, blue, yellow, green


Palace- beautiful, elegant


Pane- glass pane,


Panel- control,


Pang- pain and pang


Panic- creating, pain and panic


Panorama- of nature, sea shore


Paper, - white, red, yellow, weight. Blotting paper


Paradise- nature’s, of nature,


Parallel- lines, angles,


Partition- wooden,


Partner-room, bed, business,


Pass- valid, bus, train,  pass out student, pared


Path-way, right path, wrong path,


Patriot- people, fighter, man,


Pattern – question,


Peace- meal, treaty, time, feeling, disturbing, period, 


Pebble- small, hard, smooth


Peep- peeping boy (looking secretly)


Pen- dot, fountain, gel, ink ,pen friend


Penalty- heavy ,light


Peninsula- Indian


Pension-paper ,amount, due, family


People-good ,bad ,common ,rich ,poor ,independent ,democratic ,civilized, suffering ,elected ,affected, generous


Percentage- fail, pass ,gain ,loss ,


Perception- wrong ,right, correct, his ,your ,mine ,


Perfection-of ,at


Performance –my ,his, your ,excellent, beautiful


,good ,bad ,poor ,rich ,best


Peril-of flood ,fire ,cyclone ,tornado ,hurricane ,tsunami ,landslide ,volcano ,


Period-peace, trouble, hard, difficult, critical, normal, science, math, game, Mughal, British


Periphery- boundary, of village, land, garden


Permission- valid, work, your, my, his,


Permit- bus, car, valid, pass and permit


Person- good, bad, reliable, unreliable, helpful, generous, kind, kind-hearted, correct, amiable, honest, cruel,


Personality- his, profound, good,


Personnel- police, bank, school,


Perspective- correct, wrong,


Pessimist- poet of , man of,


Pest- tooth, chemical


Pet – animal, bird, dog, cow


Petal- rose, lotus




Petrol- car, bus, pump, rate, fuel, petrol and diesel


Petroleum- product,


Phase- wise, first, second,


Phenomenon- natural




Philosophy-book, Hindu, Buddhist


Phobia- (fear)- water, ghost,


Photograph- beautiful, true, colour, black and white


Physician- family,


Physique- good, beautiful


Pickle- mango, lemon,


Picnic- spot, area, park, place


Picture- new, old, colour, beautiful,


Piece- of   land, of cloth, of paper,


Piety- (devotion)-




Pillar- iron, stone, strong


Pillow- cover, cotton, white,  yellow


Pilot- training, post, project, jeep,


Pin- drawing, iron, safety, sharp,  pinhole camera,


Pine- tree, forest, wood, log


Pink- colour, cloth,


Pinnacle- of fame, of power


Pioneer- of science, of life, of new age,




Pipe- plastic, iron, fitting, welding, gun, water,


Pirate- sea,


Pit-  mud,


Pitfall (dark well)


Pity- kind


Place- good, bad, right, correct, beautiful, suitable, hidden, dark,


Plague- disease


Plain- life, living, surface,




Plan- good, workable, suitable, project, his,


Plane- areo,


Planet- red, green, blue,


Plant- different, particular, money, water


Plaster- of Paris,


Plate- plastic, silver,


Plateau- mountain


Platform- good, wooden, public


Play-  boy, field, ground, replay


Player- football, hockey, tennis




Pleasure-  moment, trip, feeling, stay, life, full of, peace and pleasure,


Plebiscite- of kashmir


Pledge- taking ceremony, taking


Plentitude- of food, wheat,


Plenty- of food, goods, medicine, tools,


Plight-sorrow) , his, my, her, your,


Plot- suitable, my, your, area,


Plough-field, purpose,


Plug- two pin, three pin,


Pocket- pick, shirt, paint,  pocket-money, dictionary


Poem- beautiful, good, writing,


Poet- nature, social, romantic, classic,


Poetry- his, romantic, of nature, of earth, of love,


Point- zero, score, point blank range,


Poison- food, water, stay away from poison,


Pole- north, south, earth, magnet


Police- person, training, jeep, station, presence,


Policy-  economic, social, national,


Polio- person, disease, drop, vaccine


Politics- nasty


Poll- duty, election, percentage,


Pomp- richness


Pond- water,


Pool- of blood,


Popularity- his,


Population- country


Port- sea, dry, area, land, office, authority, officer,


Portion- land, wood,


Portrait- picture-  self-portrait,


Position-  good, better, first, second, critical, his


Possibility- future, project, job, of work, success, war,


Post-  guard,  post office, man, bag, good post, high


Poster- boy, girl, big, small,


Post-mortem- report, body, room,


Posture- body, accurate,


Pot- mud, silver, aluminum,


Poverty- line, acute, severe,


Power- house, station, point, line, loom, production, supply, distribution, powerful, less,  political, hungry,


Practice- law, better, good, serious, routine,


Prayer-  humble, sincere, divine, my, his,  for justice, service, redress of grievance,


Preamble- of constitution,


Precaution- safety, security, taking, Precaution is better than cure.  Precautionary measure/step,


Precept-(advice, )


Predicament- serious situation


Preface- of the book, of the constitution


Preference- giving


Prefix- leave


Preoccupation- with violence, anger, love, of mind, of thought before doing it


Preparation- well, good, serious ,daily ,month long.


Perquisite- (required)-information, documents, certificate, pass


Prerogative- and privilege – of the officer, manager, minister, president


Prescription- doctor’s,


Presence- his, my, your, staff, students, of mind


Present- boys, teacher, strength, situation, position


Presentation- good, well, profound, critical


Preservation- food, seed, plant, animal, tiger, bird,


President- of the country, 6th president, of India


Press- conference, trust of India(PTI), photographer


Pressure-air, water, gas, cooker, undue, putting


Prestige- my, your, his, of the school, family, home




Pretension- right, due


Pretext- in pretext of meeting, giving, study,


Prevention- is better than cure, fire,


Prey- of tiger, of conspiracy, of violence,


Price- list, control, book, fair, actual,


Pride- moment, act, work, to bring pride, a matter of pride, I feel pride. Pride and glory,


Priest- of nature, of love, of religion,


Principle- strict, follow, of school, of college, institution


Priority-to give, to accord, to attend on, on top priority


Prison- cell, central, state,


Privacy- my, your, his, to disturb, to maintain


Privilege- his, my, officer’s,   minister’s


Prize-first, second, for football, badminton, money,


Probability-(possibility)-of success, of work, of project


Probation- period,


Probe-  under, to be examined,


Problem- big, peoples, students, my, his, critical, serious, sensitive, solving, creating, doing, giving,


Procedure- following, rule, due, correct, existing,


Proceed- carefully,


Proceeding-assembly, of court case, meeting,


Process- in due, proper, to process the case


Procession- political, religious, banning,


Prodigy- (extra-ordinary talented) student, boy, girl,


Producer- of the film, film, food,


Product-  sea, fish, wheat,


Production- quality, quantity, of the year, of goods, of mango, wheat, rice, fruit, car, cycle, machine,




Profession- teaching, health, legal, noble,


Professor- of English, of history, of economics,


Profile- my, your, his, high , low,


Profit- of the business, and loss, percentage, earning


Proforma - of the application,


Programme - music, meeting, school, exam, election,


Progress-  making, steady, smooth, achieving, sea of , high, tremendous, profound, all-round, and prosperity,


Prohibition- act, order,


Project- water, dam, electricity, atomic,     


Projection- of case, of problem, of fact,


Prologue- of the book,


Promise- taking, keeping, me,


Promotion- of post, to higher post, post, criteria, prospect, due, case, in time promotion


Pronunciation- of words, of letters, correct, proper


Proof- reader, checked, of mistake, of doing it, full proof  house, box,


Propaganda- religious, anti, enemy, inimical, political


Property- paternal, my, your, his, right, acquired, ceased, sell, registration, litigation free property, Govt. , private , personal, national, natural,


Prophecy- (telling future)


Prophet- Mohammad


Proportion- of mixture, of goods, items,  land,


Proposal- good, sending , project, budget, meeting, marriage, negotiation, peace, rejecting, considering,


Prose- piece, style, poetic prose, beautiful prose,


Prosecution- of the thief


Prospect- good, bright, future, right, dim,  bleak,


Prospectus-  form and prospectus


Prosperity-  national, family, state, of the country, people, nation,


Protection- giving, national, policy,  to  people, refugee, business, minority, from enemy, sunlight, rain


Protein- food, powder, quantity, product,


Protest- strong, vehement, silent, public, raising, registering, lodging, staging, peaceful, violent, non-violent, nation wide, state wide, world wide,  political, religious,  protest march, act of protest,


Provision- as per, as per existing provision,


Provocation-  act of , work of , words of , writing of ,


prowess-(heroic)- deed, work, victory,


proxy- war, attendance,


psychology- subject, department, lecture, books, test


publication- book, letter, news paper, notice, order, work, expense, price,


publicity- wide, political, religious, intentional ,  no,


puddle- (pond)


pull-  the door, push and pull, 


pump- house, water, cycle,


puncture-  tube,


pupil- of the school


puppet- in his hand, in her hand, beautiful


purpose- true, actual,  general,  political,  fundamental,  economic, his, my, your, public,  of law, order, education, politics, war,




purview- of administration, of law, of rule, of department, under your purview, /jurisdiction/ control/ authority/capacity,


puzzle- question, like a,


pyre- (funeral fire)








qualification-  educational, my, your, higher, required, for service, for promotion, for post




quality- product, test, checked,  mango, medicine, of goods, /parts/gold/writing,/ book, /art/ painting,/




quality- of leader,/teacher, / speaker, /good quality, bad quality, admirable, praise worthy quality, quality and standard,




quantity-  correct, right, checked, of matter, of sugar




quarter- my, your, his, of the year, allotment, surrender, retention, cancellation, occupation, vacation, clean, furnished, semi-furnished, fully furnished, damaged , locked, repaired,




queen- beautiful, of England,




quest-  of water, oil, of peace, of love, of truth, conquest of falsehood,




question- general, subject, hard, simple, paper, answer, leak, set, no question,   no question of allegation/ violation of rule arise, The question of allegation/ violation of rule does not arise.








queue- students, p eople, standing on, come in,




quinine-  medicine,




quintal – five, six, one, two,




quire- one, two,  of register,




quiz-  competition, test




quorum- of members




quota- backward, my, our, ration, minority, service, promotion,



quotation-  of the poem, call, letter,




Race- competition, motor race, cycle race, car race, racing cycle,
Rack- wooden, iron, steel rack,
Racket- sex
Radar- station, image, facility, fitting,
Radio- station, price, cost, centre,
Radish- vegetable
Radious- area, of the circle,

rage- and anger
rail – way, station, wagon, fare, ticket, route,
rain- water, drop, forest, rainy season, day, night, rain-bow, rain-coat,
rally- political, students, peoples, organizing rally
rancor- acute enmity,
range- mountain , Himalayan , beyond, within, shooting  range,
rank- high , low, officer,
ransom money,
rapture- state of , mind,
rascal- boy, man,
rat –animal, trap, hole, meat,

rate- market, mango, car, wheat, reduced rate, concession rate, offer rate, high, highest, low, lowest
ratio- boys girls , rainfall,  of numbers,
ration-card, goods, store,
ray- sun, moon, ray of hope, x-ray, gama ray,
razor – blade, sharp
reaction- strong, serious,  immediate,  public, medicine, strange, in-time,  time, anticipating, of the people, students,
reactor- nuclear, atomic
reader- good, voracious, news, passionate,
readiness- our, army, police, country’s,
reality- true, hardcore, picture, case, its reality
rear-(back) seat, mirror, glass,

reason- good, right, religious, peace, law-order, enough, many, this, that, trivial,  common, reason and common sense, good sense and reason,  for silly reason, minor reason, no reason, for the reason best known to him.  For what good reason,

rebate- 5%, 12%,  on cloth, shirt, gold ornament
rebel – people, army, soldier, boys,
rebellion- French, army,
receipt- money, bill, cash , certificate,
receiver- telephone,
reception- day, celebration, marriage, card
recess- period, bell, time,

recognition- due, true, high, social, an honour of
recommendation- due, his, my, minister’s, officer’s, principal’s, teacher’s

record- time, tape, world, national, period,
recover- data, speedy, health,
recruitment- drive, rally, army,

rectitude –act of
reduction- cost, price, strength, force, post,
reel-film, cotton,
reference- letter, case

reflection- image, picture, perfect, true,
refresh- feeling, air, looking, refreshment room
regard- due, high, well, my regards and well wishes
regiment- Punjab, Gurkha, army, Martha
region- our, draught, food,
register- marriage, store, attendance,
regulation- rule and regulation, as per
reign- foreign, British, Mughal ,
rejoice(joy)- incident to rejoice, victory to rejoice
reliance- (faith and confidence),  company, people,
relief- flood, cyclone, draught, Gov., public,  some relief, relief from pain, suffering, difficulty,
religion- Hindu, Muslim, Christian,
remains- body, food, animal, goat,
remedy- correct, in time, as a remedy, remedial measure, action, step,
remission- (excuse), for any omission and remission,
remorse(Sorrow, penance)

rent- house,
renunciation- Leave- family renunciation, power,
repetition- word, news, mistake, sentence

reply- correct, in-time, befitting, perfect, genuine, humble,
reprisal- (remedy)
republic- day, Indian,
reputation-(honour) my, his, her, school, country,
request- kind, sincere,  in time, help, aid, on, his,
requirement- our, your, my, college, public, students,
requirement of foods, goods, money, medicine, tools,
rescue- operation, drill, in a rescue bid, attempt, deal
                 He came to my rescue.
research- lab, scientific, food, atomic, centre for ,
resemblance- similarity) his, her,
reservation- hotel ,room, place, ticket,
reserve- police, force, army, water, seat, bus, car
reservoir- water,
residence- my, his, your,
resignation- letter, from the post,

resistance- peaceful, arms, violent, stiff, strong, active, passive, non-violent, profound, public, act of resistance, / power

respect- due, humble ,high, tremendous ,profound,  pay, paid, respectful, ly,

respite-(relief) some,
response-  weak, strong,
responsibility- my, your, our, collective, his, her, social, national, public
rest- little, good, place of , eternal, take rest,
restoration- power, electricity,
result- good, bad, poor, fine, tremendous, unexpected, fair, unfair, expected, exam,
resumption – meeting, dialogue, talk
retaliation- act, act of, army, enemy,
retention- quarter, retention of quarter
return- money, interest,
revaluation- case, result, property,
revenue – state, central, - stamp,
reverence- in his reverence, honour
revival of life, case,
revolution- act of , armed, violent, a revolution in the field of science,

reward-money, gold, car,
rhyme verse,
rhythm – in perfect rhythm
ribbon- red, yellow, black
ride-  horse ride,
ridicule- satire
riot- people, police, area,
ripple- small wave
rise- sun, moon, rising sun, early,
risk- life, health, service, vehicle, taking risk, time,
rite- religious rite,

ritual-     rival-   river-

road- good, bad,  rough, rocky, mountain, treacherous road, pucca ,concrete, road map for development,  no road, road repair/carpeting, road-worthy vehicle

rock- lime, granite,
rocket- spacecraft, engine, fuel, design, speed,
rod- iron,
role-  his, her, my, our, students, teachers, collective
romance- love and romance,
roof- concrete, bamboo, tin, house roof
room- office, store , refreshment, guest, , room-wise, room-mate,
rope- cotton,
rose- flower, beautiful, red,
route- en-route, correct, wrong,
ruin- in a state of ruin, life ruin

rule- British rule, foreign rule, Mughal rule
rumour- don’t believe in rumour.
Rust- iron,










keeper- house, store



ken – (knowledge area)



kerosene- oil, tanker, stock, price,



key – key to lock, to success, to victory, to defeat, to failure, key point, key bunch, key witness, key person, key note address in the meeting,



kick- big , football,



kid –



kidney- healthy, affected, damage, operation , failure



kindergarten-  play school



king- dom, of the country,



kingdom- of king



kinship- blood relation



kit – computer, science, electrical ,



kitchen- Italian, beautiful, room, area, floor,



kite- festival,



kitten –(cat child)



knee- injury,  pain, operation,



knife- sharp, broken, steel, big, small



knight- of England, a award for bravery



knock- the door, the window, with force, again and again,



knot – marriage knot,



knowledge- store house of , bank,







label- ISI label, ISO label, company,



laboratory- science, computer, school , research, space, technical, famous



labour- law, act, cheap, costly, shortage, available, strike, party, colony, commission, skilled labour, semi-skilled labour,



less – mark, money, goods, food, thing, heartless, thoughtless, lifeless, powerless,



lacuna – shortcoming,  to find the lacuna, to point out the lacuna.



lad- beautiful, good looking lad,



ladder- bamboo, aluminum,



lady- great, kind, learned, teacher, lecture, worker, virtuous, magnanimous,



lagoon- blue, (water body)



lair- of stone, soil, rock,



lake- water, salt, Dal, Chilika, back water lake,



lamp-  table, safety, solar, dim, fog lamp



land- high, low, water, lease, our, land of sunrise(Japan), land of sunset(Norway)



land- area, lord, line(telephone), reform, slide, scam, encroachment, acquisition, settlement, patta, registration, for sell,



landscape- nature’s,  view, beautiful, colourful, sweet beauty of the landscape,



lane- walking on  lane, name of a small road,  Sabita lane,



 language – different, many, known, foreign, Chinese, Hindi, Odia, English,



lap-  laptop, lap of nature, of mother, of luxury, of peace,



 lapse- serious, great, minor, no lapse,



 latitude – and longitude,



lava - molten, rock,



law- book, firm, court, course, college, qualification, as per law, as per the law of the land.



 lawn – green, lush green, soft, beautiful,



lawyer – criminal, civil,



lead- to the case, to the conclusion, to the truth,



 leader – of the nation, a great,



leap – a great leap, a giant leap,



leak – boat, tube, small, big, patch,



lease –land, house, property, agreement,



leather –shoe, jacket, bag, purse,



lecture- English, History, Chemistry,



 leg -  broken, injured, operation,



legacy -



legend -



legislature – assembly, member,



leisure-  hour, time, period,



 lemon – juice, fruit, squash, grass,



length- at length, and breadth, size,



 lens-of spectacle,






 liar -



liberty- personal, your liberty, our,



 library- of books,



 life- life support system, life saving kit, life saving medicine, life style disease, life time achievement,



life -insurance, life force, jacket, life style, livelihood, life long, long life,



life- long life, great, valuable, transitory, earthly, mortal, peaceful, blissful, joyous , luxurious, sorrowful, city, busy, horrible, monotonous, rural, pastoral, cursed, blessed, routine, loss of life, peace of life, bliss of  life, sorrow of life, sorrowful life, mundane life,  tragedy of life, romantic life, for the sake of life,  our,  your, my, common man’s life, art of life, beauty of life, mystery of life, philosophy of life, possibility of life, existence of life,  problems of life, prospects of life, experience of, struggle for life, to get a new life, to get a new lease of life, joy of life,






light- house, food, weight, flash, head, torch, focus, street, fog, red, green, dim, lime light, bright, red light area, lighter, light out at the time of war.



limb- body parts,

line- supply, electric , body,  life line express, dead line, line clear, damaged, track, length and line of the ball, come on line please. straight, curb, parallel, vertical, horizontal, red, green, help, phone,  life line  in hand, headline, heart, fateline, train, bus, tram, talk in proper line, proper way, please say few lines about you, on this topic.  Date line, airlines, no line, no railway line, come to the line. Poverty line, below poverty line. Line of control, line of actual control.



 link-  road, failure, express,



 lion- safari, big, Asiatic, African,



 liquid- form, state,



 liquor- under the influence of liquor,



 list – selection, merit, correct, voter, passenger, interview, of names, of candidates, of books, of goods, of parts,



literacy – rate, movement, of women, of people,



liver- cord liver oil, problem,



 loaf (bread) –



 lobby- for vote, for support,



 lock-  and key, price, the door,






 lodge- for staying,



 log- wood,






 logic-  book, subject, lecture, it lacks logic, no logic,  There is no reason no logic  for reconsideration of your  of case.



 loom- hand loom,



loon (illiterate)-



loss – of life, of property, loss of life and  property, of freedom, of health, of money, of property, of jewelry, of hope, of peace, a great loss,  a national loss, colossal loss due to severe earthquake.



lot- my, your, our, lot of things, goods, there is a lot to say, lot to do, lot of works, problems, difficulty,



lottery – ticket, money, date,



lotus – flower,  bud, beautiful, blooming,



love-  song, poem, story, film, joy, feeling, sweet,    poet of love, passion of love, love and romance,                     



lubber -



luck- good, bad,



luggage – room, heavy, more ,



lullaby (song)- at the time of child sleeping



 lumber -



 wood – teak, oak, pine, furniture, art, works, soft, hard, log,



 lung – body part,



lust- passion for sensuousness



 lute (veena) –music instrument



 luxury –life, hotel, living,







machine- tool, part, heavy, big, cutting, printing,



magic- touch, showing, method, formula, way, means, like,



magnate-  industry, media, business



magnitude-  of violence, of attack, of speed,



maid- servant,



mail- box, post, bag,



maintenance- of tools, goods, household goods, of house, of vehicle, of factory, of garden, of car, giving maintenance as per court order,



majority- of demands, of  party members, people, students,



maker-  king, prime-minister, car,



making- good, parts, tools, things,



malady-(sorrow)  his, her,



malice- attitude, gesture, feeling,



malnutrition- of food



malpractice-  in exam



man-  good, bad, gentle, humble, strong, brave, honest, civilized, cultured, educated



management- business, hotel, hospital, office, stores, vehicle, works, finance,  effective, successful, critical, proper, smooth, training, trainee, institute, course, ,



manager- post, works, responsibility, general, assistant, executive,



mandate-  poll, election, party,






mango-  ripe, raw, fruit, beautiful, sweet, yellowish, green, juice, squash, pickle,



manhood- childhood, boyhood, manhood,



manifesto-  party, meeting, election



mankind- welfare of, wellbeing of, security of, development of, benefit of , unification of, greater interest of the,



manner-  good, bad, gentle, proper,



manure- cow- dung,  green, uria,



manuscript-  old, religious, literature, science,



map- Of India, china, Odisha,



marathon-  race,



marble- stone, fitting, tile, colour,



march-  month,



margin- paper, left, right,



marigold – flower, beauty, colour,



marine- soldier,



mark- sheet, scoring, upto the mark, black,



marker- pen, pencil, tool,



market-  daily, area, size,



marriage- day, anniversary, solemnized, celebration,






martyr- of freedom movement



marvel- nature’s,



mask- paper,



mass- demand, suffering, appeal, protest,  leader,



massacre- Jaliwanbag massacre,



massage-body, oil, foot, hand, head, slowly



mast- of the boat



master-  my, your, of school,



mat-  plastic, straw,



match- football, cricket, volleyball,



mate- class, room,



materialism- age of , era of, life of,



maternity- leave, care,



mathematics- teacher, subject,



matinée- show,



matric- exam, certificate, qualification,



matrimony-  center, advertisement,



matron- of hostel,



matter-  Do n’t matter, no matter, What is the matter? All matter,



mattress- soft, hard,



maximum- pressure, temperature, mark, elasticity, bend,  hot, cold, capacity,



may-month, flower, may-day- may day,



meadow-  (valley)- beautiful, flowery, green, lush green, picturesque,



meal-  heavy, light, meat, veg, non-veg,



means-  by means of, any means, any way



mechanic- T.V, computer, electric, pump,



medal- gold, silver, bronze,



media- house, people,



medicine- cost, costly, life-saving Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic,



mediterrian- sea, countries, climate



medium-  of expression,  of exchange,



meeting- party,  political, committee, society, general body, monthly, annual, crucial, important, 



meeting- day, time, place, chief guest of the meeting.  Meetings and partings are the go of the world. The meeting held in a friendly atmosphere, in a congenial environment,



meeting -the goal, the target, the agent,  with the people, the students, the victims.



melancholy- (sorrow)- note, heart, music,  



melody- party,



member- party, committee, political, active, senior, experienced, wise, honorable, esteemed,



memo- serving, issuing, giving,



memorandum- of understanding(MOU)



memorial-  park, award, monument,



memory- good, loss, sharp,



menace- (threat, danger)- tiger menace, elephant menace, leopard menace



mentality- strong, hard, critical, his, terrorist



merchant-(business man)-



mercury- planet,



mercy- petition, begging mercy,



merit- list, card, rank, The case has no merit.



mesh- all in mesh,



mesmerism- act, act of,



mess- officers, garden, bar, room, boy,



message-  goodwill, strong, holy, peace, love, coding, decoding, heartbreaking, good, bad, true, false, death, victory,



metal- sheet, object,



meteor- light,



meter- speedo meter, five meter, meter gauge railway line,



method-  easy, difficult, correct, proper,



metro- city, rail, project,  



mettle- (courage)-



mickle- (more, plenty)



micro- phone-scope-wave



mid- day, night,stream, summer, wife,  land



midst- of joy  and sorrow,



might-  Might is right.  People,  



migrant-  people, life,



mileage-  of the vehicle, good,



military- training, march, rank,



milk- man, powder, cow, goat, synthetic,



mill-  cotton, rice, wheat,

millennium- (1000 years)



million- people, rupees, pound



mind- power, ful, unmindful, Do n’t mind  please.



mineral- water, quantity, sand,



miniature- painting, picture, portrait,



minimum- pressure, temperature, mark, elasticity, bend,  hot, cold, capacity, required, needed, quantity,



mining- area, locality, hill



minister- defense, finance, home, prime, cabinet, chief, senior, of state,



ministry- home,  defense, health,



minority- people, issue, reservation



ministerial- staff, cadre,



minute-  of the meeting,



miracle- act, like, no,



mirage- fighter aircraft,



mirror- glass, rear, front,



mirth- (joy), feeling, in  a state of,



misapprehend- v- me, us,



misappropriate-v-  Govt. money



misbehave- v, me, us,



miscarriage-n-  of justice, of woman



miscellaneous- adj-



mischief- act of , deed, boy, eye






misconduct- act of , due to his,









miscreant-act of , attack,,



misdeed- act of, repent for,



miser- man, people,



misery- condition,



misrule- due to , for his,



miss- a miss, a loss,



missile- test, technology, man, lunching, lunch pad, shield, anti-missile



mission- life’s, of the army, of the operation, success, failure, space, story,



missionary- zeal, spirit, service, works, organization,



mist- (morning dews)-  morning mist,



mistake-  no, simple, serious, grave, severe, knowing, oversight, minor,



mister – Sahoo, panda,



mistress- Pattanaik,  Das,



misuse- of power, money, Govt. fund, property, pass, of tools, of vehicles



mixture – machine, of items, of elements, of cement and sand,






mob- students mob,



mockery- of system,



mode-  of test, of enquiry, of appeal, of exam,



model- role, film, beauty, machine, project, temple, car,



molten- lava, stone, ore,



moment- of victory, of success, of glory, of defeat, of failure, of joy, of sorrow, of departure, tearful , farewell,  in a moment, memorable moment,



momentum- of speed, of work



monarch – of Nepal, of Japan,



money- laundering, order, transaction, return, money back policy, required, without, big, money purse



monger- (business man)-



monitor-  class, project,



monk- Buddhist, Religious, Hindu,



monkey- menace, movement,



monopoly- of officer, of member, of king, of minister, rule, in admn,



monsoon- season, rain, clouds, sky, at the outset of monsoon, during monsoon days,






month-  wise, end, twelve, long,



monument-beautiful, ancient, artistic, elegant, majestic, profound,



mood-  good, bad, public, general, students, villagers, members, romantic, love, mood of nature, of sea, of wind, of mountain,  of sky,



moon- beautiful, sweet, light, honey-moon, loving moon, full moon,  full moon night, silvery moon, dazzling moon,



morale- high, low, of the student, of the people, of the staff,



morality- his, high, students, down,



morning- beauty, nature, freshness, song, music, prayer, birds, hour,  time, mist, sun, sun rise, silence, shower, bath, prayer, air, breeze, Morning shows the day.



 morning- silent, tranquil, calm, quite, early, peaceful, cloudy, rainy, cold, beautiful, auspicious, orange sky morning, singing birds morning,



mortality- rate, of children, women,



mortar- shell, attack,






mosque- place of  prayer for muslim people.



mosquito- net, coil, oil,



motel- (small hotel)



mother- beloved, sweet, my , her, your, our, land, step,  mother’s day,



motion- slow, speed, picture, on move,



motive- good, bad, his, her, motive behind it, the crime, the   conspiracy, the murder, the attack,



motor- vehicle, act, driver,



motto- (motive)- his, her, students, peoples



mount- Abu,



mountain- beautiful, treacherous,  Himalayan, Hindukush, Lohit, Alps,Rocky



peak, climate, terrain,






mouse- trap, meat, pussy mouse,






mouth-full, water,



move- slow, speed, right, correct,  left, right,      



movement- his, train, army, force, truck, tank, tiger, leopard, night, day, careful,



 movie- picture, film,



mug- plastic, steel, price, small, big,



multitude- of people,



murder- mystery, crime, case,  incident,



murk- (dark)



murmur-  of trees, of mountain spring,



muscle- strength, power,






music- slow, high, sweet, instrumental, party, music and melody,






mustard- oil,



mutation- of cell, of thing,



mute – t,v,



mutiny- sepoy,



mutton- cost, price, goat, pig, dear,



myopia (shortsighted)suffering from myopia



myriad- beauty, music, sand,



mystery- a case of, murder of , unsolved, solved, tragic, still it is a mystery,
















nail –nail polish, nail cutter , beautiful



name -nick name ,good ,bad ,proud, holy, beautiful, my, your, her ,



napkin – Give me the napkin.






narcotic- test, law, enforcement, police



nark- (secret agent)



nation –communist ,democratic, our, my,



nationalism –Indian, German,



native –place ,village, land ,people, country, language,



nature –beautiful, sweet, colourful, romantic, awe some, mysterious, human,



nature loving ,natural scene , good, bad, poet, priest of nature, poet of nature,



naught- (not, empty, nothing)



navy – ship, force ,training, colour ,blue , ,captain , navy cut,



necessity-Necessity knows no laws.  Our , your, my, its,



neck – tie, long ,short , beautiful, skinny ,



nectar –



need – of the hour, of the country, of the family, of the society, ,of food ,water ,time, rest, operation, change, friendship, needy people, present need, immediate need, our,



needle – point,






negligence -  act of , to women, children, society, people,



negotiation- of deal, of tender amount, of bid amount, of conditions,



negro –black , people,

neighbor –  hood, good ,bad ,greedy ,honest ,humble ,loyal ,kind ,unkind ,



neon – light,



nephew – my, his,






nerve – nerve shattering experience, nerve feeling, nervous,



net – fishing ,hunting ,large ,small ,



nest –big ,small ,beautiful ,



neurology- doctor, department,



neutral- staying,



news –good ,bad ,disturbing , dead, heart breaking news, war,



news-paper, print, reader, channel, letter, mid-day, daily, reporter, time, radio , t.v, national, international, regional , sports,            



nick –name ,






night –good ,long ,short , nightmare, late, show, dream, dark, full-moon night, night- time, hour,






nil-  report, mistake,



ninny- fool, illiterate, noddle






noise –pollution ,of vehicles ,children shouting ,people striking ,T.V. ,animals ,



nomad- people, tribe, life,



nomenclature- of the book,



non-alignment- movement,



non-cooperation- movement,



non-stop –bus ,car ,film, rain, violence, riot, journey, watching



non-violence – peace and non-violence,



nook- corner



noon –afternoon ,good afternoon, noon time, noon tide,



norm-as per norm, follow the norm,



north –direction ,northwest ,northeast

nose –long ,small ,



nostril- nose



notary- of the court,



note –big, small ,long ,short , key note address, paper note,



nothing –to do ,say ,know ,think ,want ,play ,be happy ,sad ,angry ,cry



notice –board , issued, served, as per, given,



notion-(judgment, opinion)



not withstanding-



noun- words,



novel – famous, great, immortal, award winning,  his, widely read novel, novel way, novel style, novel idea






nozzle- of hose pipe, brass



nuisance- creating ,  of the children



number –of vehicles ,animals ,children ,people ,pages ,work , of items, of students,



number-good , lucky, new, wrong, correct, house, quarter, flat, room, bed, street, Gali, highway , train, boggy, seat, ticket, bill, case,  diary, dispatch, letter, memo, order , serial, roll, car, bus, truck, vehicle, Regd. , odd, even, serial, page, game, numerology,



nun-serving in the church                                                               



nurse- post, male,  female, service, training,



nursery- school, rhyme, plant, student,






nut- ground nut,



nutrition –in  food















gaiety- (joy ,happiness)- celebrated the party with fun and gaiety.



gain –  momentum, profit, knowledge,



gala- grand  gala occasion



galaxy – big, large, of stars,



gale- (storm) – gale wind  can damage the aircraft.



gallery – art , school ,beautiful, modern



gallon –of water ,



gallop- horse walk



gallows-  for hanging person



gang –of criminals ,thieves ,






gap –little ,big ,no ,small ,



garage –motor , room, area,



garbage -  point,



garden –beautiful ,lovely ,apple ,mango ,banana,



garland – beautiful ,of flowers



garlic –price,production ,supply ,



garment –beautiful ,old ,new ,industry



garrison –wheat ,rice ,corn ,maze



gas –L.P.G. ,hydrogen ,nitrogen ,oxygen ,



gash- (deep wound)



gate- main, entrance, exit, way of information, locked, open, gate way of Mumbai, India gate of New Delhi,



gauge- (measurement)- meter, broad,



gauze- (cloth)- used for dressing wound



gaze – gaze it, stare on the object, look constantly



gear –  box,  in full gear,  change, of vehicle,



gem –costly ,expensive , beautiful, imported, export quality



generation –of computer ,gap,  modern, new,  our, your,



generator – diesel, silent, petrol,



generosity – his, for his kindness and generosity



genius- boy ,girl ,student ,



gentle- man, touch,  very gentle, beheviour



gentry- (gentleman)-



genus- (caste,)



genre-  new genre,



geography- of world, of India,



geology- study of , subject,



geometry-  box,



germ –harmful .



ghost – dream, film, serial, fear,



giant – (huge, massive, numerous, colossal) giant like machine, mountain, shark,



gift –beautiful , valuable, lovely ,costly, shop, item, gift of God, of my love, God gifted child, intuition, intellect,



gig- (tom tom)



ginger – powder, cost, product



giraffe – of Africa,



girl –beautiful, sweet looking, good, child



girth- (horse back)



gist – of the poem, of the subject, story



glacier-  Himalayan, mountain,



glamour – age of, life of, world



gleam – (sparkle, glitter, shinning)- floor, wall, surface, looking gleam



glimpse –( sight, vision)- glimpse of the mountain, of the valley, sea, forest, clouds



globe- earth,



glory- pride and glory, glory filled life, a thing of glory, to bring glory to our country



gloss- paint of car



glossary- of words,



glue- (bonding paste), mataerial



grace- ful, fully, his kindness and grace, grace of God, for his grace, without ,



grain – food,



groom – bride groom,



gross – salary, amount,



group – of boys, of people, meeting,



growth- good, well, of the child,



guard- security, life,  guard of honour,



guava- (pijuli, amrut),  fruit, ripe, raw, tree



guerrilla – animal, attack,



guest- my, your guest,  of the meeting, house, room,



gym – modern,



gymnasium-  for exercise,









habit-  good, bad, habit can not be changed.



habitation- (habitat, environment, surrounding)



half-  time, paint,  the way, the meal, the property, day  leave, of my share,. A good beginning completes half the way.



hair- style, colour, cutting, cut, dry, hair line crack, curly hair,



hall- big, small, cinema, science, central,



halt- sudden, big, passenger,



hammer- iron, heavy, light,



hand-craft, woven, handkerchief, hand touch, hand healing, hand ball, handsome, handful,



handcup – for thief,



handful- prize, money, rice,



handicap- feeling,



handicraft- centre, product, artist,



handkerchief- beautiful, cotton,



handle- cycle, loose, tight,



hangar-  of aircraft, helicopter, for parking



hanger- for shirt, paint, cloth,



hanky- (handkerchief)-



harbinger- of peace, of non-violence



harbor-(port, dock). Perlharbour



harm-  great, harmful, to do, causing, doing,



harmonium- (musical instrument,)



harmony- living, working, with nature,



harness- power, to harness power,



harp- (veena)



harpoon- of the fisherman






harvest-good, season, time, period, at the time of harvest,



hat- big , small, paper, colourful, beautiful



hatred- breeding, feeling, speech of , gesture of ,work of , hate and hatred,



havoc – creating havoc, causing havoc, mass destruction



hawk – eye, looking like hawk



hazard – health, public,



head – boy, master, count, ache, injury,  family head, head of the country,  to head the nation, movement, function



heading- of the story, film, writing,



health – mission, problem, check up, minister, centre, sound, good, bad, condition, health of the economy,



heart-  beat,  sweet, loving, kind hearted, pain, ache, operation, attack, problem, He is close to my heart and apple of my eyes.



heat – unbearable, high, heat of his words, heat the heater, iron,



heater- water, price,



heaven- of peace, of joy,



height – of the mountain, tree, man, tower, at its height, at great height,



helicopter – service, flying, operation, parking, parts, spares,



hell-  living, condition, hell like life, condition, jail, experience of hell,






help – a great help, nature, ful, always, attitude, gesture, hesitate to help, reluctant to help, open to help, to help me, intime help, memorable help, help in time saves nine. Help the poor and backward, help the suffering people,  no help  required,



helper – bus, truck, my, work,



helpmate- friend,



hemisphere- northern, southern,



herb – medicinal,



herd –  group – of dear, of cattle,



heritage – national , history and heritage, site,



hero – of the country, movement, school, college, looking like a hero, hero of th e war,    war  hero, hero of the hour, a great    hero,  hero of the play, story, film, battle, hero and heroine,



heroine – of the drama, play, beautiful



highness – his, your,



hill – top, area, land, terrain, stone, uphill task, way, road, foot hill, hill side,



hint – (suggestion, clue) give  hint, no hint, no hint of incident.



history – of the country, king, patient, disease, school, college, memorable, painful, subject, lecture, book, class, of science, art, literature, sheet, History never repeats.  No history, history of past glory, past deed.



hog- (pig)



holder- bulb, tubelingt



holiday-  during, started, to-day is a, Sunday is the,



homage – pay, to the leader,



home- land, less, of Aryas, beautiful, sweet, our, your, loving, pucca, thatched, home-made goods, feeling like home, home study, stay home,  home loan, home environment, homely feeling,atmosphere



homeopathy – medicine, treatment, doctor, study, college,



homonym- similar sound but meaning different- sit, seat, , bit, beat, kite, kit, let, late



honeycomb-  of bees,



honour-  a great,  in his, award in his honour,  a matter of honour, my honour, for the sake of honour, to live with dignity and honour, honour killing, national honour,



hood- livelihood, hood of the trampoline,



hook- finshing hook,



hope-  good, no, loss of, life of, live in hope, ful, less, for the best, full of hope and happiness, hope and joy, hope your well, Hope springs eternally in human breast.



horizon- looking at the horizon, sun rise in horizon, beautiful, orange coloured horizon,



horn- bus, big, no horn, give horn, horn please,



horoscope-  my, your



horror- story, tale, picture, film, creating, terror and horror,



horse- ride, race, price, back, sea horse, beautiful, Arabian,



horticulture – centre, department, staff, office






hospital-  Govt. Private,  building, facility, famous, nearby, compound, rooms,



hospitality-  good, warm, service, sector, training,



host-  host of the guest, I am the host, he is my guest.  To host the national flag, to host the national function, the host country to arrange the function



hostage- crisis, operation, keeping people



hostel- room, facility, boys, girls, warden, management, compound, complex,



hostess- air, training, salary,



hot- water, gas, air, balloon, feeling, metal, hot  sun, spring, hot water bag, hot spot, hot sell of books, magazines,



hotch-potch-( khichudi-)-



hotel- big, small, five star, star, facility, room, boy, bar, business, stay, bill , near by hotel,



hound- gray hound dog



hour- five, two, and minute , per, speed per,



house- pucca, thatched, broken, beautiful, permanent house, building, construction, repair, ful  in film, agreed  in Lok Sabha, in Parliament, inside, outside, adjacent to the house, member, insurance, damaged ,safety, store, store house of beauty,






hub-  cultural, business, commercial, fashion,



hubbub- (shouting)



hue- in all hues, hue and hymn of nature



humanity- for the cause of humanity, issue of, fate of , security of , existence of humanity, threat to humanity, humanity as a whole,



humbug- (cheating,)



humility- feeling, in a state of humility, suffering from humility, my humility,



humour- good, gentle, comic, satiric, sharp



hump- ride, concrete, big, small,



hunch- back of camel



hunger- strike, feeling,



hunk- (big piece)- of bread



hurdle- obstruction



hurricane- (storm in America)



husband- good, gentle, wife and husband,



husk- (nada-straw-)



hut –thatched, poor man’s hut,



hydrate- carbohydrate, dehydration,



hydrogen- gas, cylinder, fuel, atom.



hyena, hyena- wild animal



hygiene-  condition, health and hygiene,



hymn-  bee, sweet, of the bee, of nature,






hypnotism- mesmerism-



hypocrisy- for his , your, be aware of ,



hypothesis-( imagination)



hysteria- (state of violent mind)


















Ice –chamber , ,tray ,box , formation cream, land, water, touch, white, cold, factory,



Idea –good ,beautiful ,bad ,what a



Idealism -



Identity –card ,parade ,proved ,checked ,confirmed ,own ,his ,crisis ,photo



Idiot –



Idol –Indian ,teacher ,parent ,student



Ignorance –his ,my ,due to ,of law has no excuse



Illness –my ,your ,father’s ,mother’s



Illusion -



Imagination –beautiful ,poetic ,power of



Immigrant –people ,



Impact –good ,bad ,positive ,negative ,severe ,general ,vital ,permanent ,harmful ,inimical



impediment- obstruction



imperialism –British



impetus –to give



implement –of project ,plan ,perfect ,complete ,law ,order ,rule ,regulation



imposition -



impression –good ,bad ,perfect ,sad ,tremendous ,strong ,powerful ,positive ,negative ,creative



impulsion- inspiration



impulse -



impunity- escape punishment



inability –to walk ,think ,see ,try ,do the work ,judge



incense –smell ,fragrance



incentive –money ,food ,water ,



inception (beginning stage)–of A.R.C. ,school ,train ,airlines



incidence –good ,bad ,



incident –fatal ,crucial ,vital ,



incivility -



inclination –towards science ,politics ,literature ,math ,English ,etc



income- source, source of , good, annual, monthly, certificate, family, in a day, tax,



increase- of population, water, of product,



increment- date, due, amount, arrear, pay,



incursion- attack suddenly- army, force, police,



indemnity- bond,



independence- day, of the people, country, Independence,












indignation- hate, anger-












infant-  death,



infantry- battalion



infection-  serious, severe, of fungus, of bacteria, virus,



infinity-  of atom, God, energy’s,






inflow- water,             



influence- his, under , under influence of alcohol,



information- latest, good, no, secret, open, present, received, passed, hided, revealed, denied, accessed, knowing, knowledge of , compiled, analyzed, processing, war, political, personal, sports,  shared, collected, coded, decoded, available,            



Information- highway, technology, era, age,   technical,  legal, admn, land, in detail , minute, his, about it, her,



infraction- violation of law



ingratitude- act of ,






initiation-  giving, of mantra,



initiative- taking, good, encouraging, first,



injury-  to health, to body,  to eyes, to heart,



injustice- act of,






inkling- little knowledge-


















input- give,  of computer,



inquiry- of crime, police, official, of his conduct, of the lapse, of the loss, damage, defeat, of the quarter,



inroad- trespass









inside- the room, house, country, business,  campus, hospital, office, station, school



insight- for his,  powerful, deep,



insignia –sign of right-



inspector- school, police, drug, health,



inspiration- source, a great , man of, teacher of , leader of , his, for his,



instability- of the country, party, family, of mind,



installment- monthly, quarterly, annual,



instance-example- as a, like this,



instinct- my, his,



institution- our, technical, research, old, new, reputed, famous,



instrument- electrical, computer, musical, critical,



insurance- life, company, of life, vehicle, property, goods, cover, money,



integrity- national , of the nation, country, his integrity is beyond doubt,



intellect- his, my,



intelligence- his, my, your, test, bureau, of the man,



intention –good, bad, evil, to do harm, to defeat,  to   steal,  to take



interest- personal, selfish, national , family, business, security interest of the country, my, your, our, his, full of interest and enthusiasm, interest in science, literature, nature, study, research, life, deep interest, profound, passionate, no interest,  not interesting, very interesting,



interest-  rate, bank, of the money, 6% interest, interest guaranteed, reduced, amount, pay the capital with interest, interest on capital, loan, deposit, simple interest, compound, interest,



interim- order, stay,          






interval- time, show, film,



interview- board, members, letter, place, result,  of the minister, candidate, for the post, news, magazine, publication, personal, media, open, close-door, date , time, experience, his, my, during, question of ,



intestine-   problem, ooperation, larger, small,



introduction-beautiful, brilliant, powerful , general, of it, of the leader, of goods, of product, of t.v, camera,  computer, mobile, He needs no introduction,



intrusion- trespassing, -army, neighbor, of the force, police,   people,



intuition- my , your, his, of mind, power,



invasion- foreign, illegar, enemy, army,



inventory- maintained, register, checked, list,



iron- ore, lady, man, iron for press, made of iron, iron factory, iron product, strong iron,



irony- irony of the fate,



irruption- of lava, of anger, of  molten lava, of water



island- Andaman island,






item- many, good , beautiful, food, wood,  steel, brass, list of items,                                                                                                  



ivory- cost, ivory cost, ivory demand, art


















jar- plastic,  big, kerosene, pickle



jasmine- flower, scent, fragrance



jaundice- disease



javelin-  throw, competition



jaw- lion’s



jean-shirt, paint



jelly-fish, filled wire



jerk- big, small,



jest- comic



jet- engine, power, airline,



jewel – of the college, school ,






job- good, hard, technical , computer









journal- college, monthly, science,



journey- started, completed, long, difficult,



joy- great, sweet, joy-ride, joyful, joyous, enjoy, joy of success, of victory, of freedom, of nature, of love,



judge- court, senior,



judiciary- system, activism,



judo- play, player, competition



juggler- (magician)



jump- long, short, horse,



junk -food, car, parts, spares,  items,



jury-  of court



justice- delayed justice denied. poetic justice, divine justice, impartial, partial, injustice, justice denied, no justice,



Jute- plant, product, factory, machine, price, bag,



Juvenile- crime, act, court