Vedic English
Word Bank-III


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Word Bank


Of Noun Words


Aum Hari Saranam.


Shree GuruGovindGaani Saranam. Pranam. Pranam






sacrifice- great, life, for the country, friend, nation, of his interest, for this great cause, without sacrifice, everything, supreme,


safe- mode, button, house, all are, I am, heaven, area, locality, very safe, No one is safe


safety- match, standard, reason, cause, point, for life safety, our , my, his,


sabotage- act, act of,


sacrament- religious ceremony


saffron- colour, flag,


sage- great, like,


sailor-  of the sea, ship,


saint- like,   look, great,


sake- for our sake, for his, for my, for the sake of nation, prestige, honour, self –esteem, family interest, selfish interest, sports,                        


salad- vegetable, tomato is a fruit but not vegetable so do not mix it in fruit salad.


salary-  your, my, gross, monthly, account,


sales- man, person, increased, decreased ,


salute- paying , to the national flag, commander, army general, minister


salvation- of soul


sample- question, answer, study, case,


sanction- amount, accorded, ex-post-facto sanction, received, order,  no , anticipated, Govt. , loan sanctioned, facing sanction of the society, countries,  legal sanction, needs no sanction,


sanctity- of the temple, place, body, church,


sanctuary-bird, lion, tiger,


sand- storm, stone, sands,


sandal- wood, paste, powder, scent, incense,


sanitation- programme, awareness


sanity- (good mental health-)


insanity- (not good mental health-)person,


sapling- of the teak tree, sal tree,pine tree


sardine-(small fish)


Satan – (evil spirit)


satellite- lunch, moon the satellite of earth, town,


satiety- (satisfaction-)


satire- book,


satisfaction- pleasing, satiety,) self, my, up to his, our,


sauce- tomato, chili, soya,


saving- money, life, property, country, honour, account,


saw-  saw dust, saw-mill, see-saw,


scale- plastic, as per , wooden,


scamp-( bad man)


scandal-  coal, mining, whitegate, memo,


scarcity- (shortage)  scarcity of food, goods, money, medicine, parts, spares, manpower, worker, due to scarcity,


scarf-  white, orange,


scene-beautiful, romantic,  love, lovely, amazing,  scenic beauty,


scenery- natural, pastoral, rural, beautiful, of the nature, clouds, sea, rainbow,   forest, valley, procession,                   


scent-  sweet, rose, sandalwood,


schedule-  as per, following, of the meeting, programme, the visit,


scheme- different, development,


scholar- great, -ship,


ship- flag, black, shipment  of coal, iron,


school- our, my, great, old, environment, education, study, teacher, inspector, headmaster, boys, girls, school going students, matter, compound, lab,  function, Govt, private, recognized,  nodal, primary, high, development,  building, garden,


science-  student, study, exhibition, research, express, museum, lab, book, teacher, class,   period, life, space, nuclear, chemical,  


scientist- great, famous,


scope- of the work, for development, no scope for it, for escape,  telescope, microscope,


score- board, big,  in football


scorn- (hate), scornful


scoundrel-  (black ship, bad man)


scout- boy, camp, dress, and guide,


scrap- (argument, fight, tussle,)


scratch - big, the paper, floor, body, car,


screen - beautiful , big, small, large, silver, printing, black, white, dark, pulling screen, behind the screen


screw- (driver), iron,


script- writer’s,  of the drama, film, writer,


scripture- spiritual, holy,


scroll- paper


scrub- dense grass


scrutiny-  proper, due, of the case, application, papers, files, books, minute scrutiny of the case, proposal, after critical scrutiny,  scientific scrutiny of the case,


scull- (small boat)


sculpture- art of making statue, beautiful, artistic, ancient, modern,

scurvy-(blood disease)


sea- level, shore, port, fish, food, product, view, boat, route, breeze, sickness, sailor, diver, lover, voyage, wave, deep sea fishing, pirate, mediterrian, Arabian, black, Caspian, south china sea, red, yellow, dead,

sea of knowledge, sea of beauty, sea of joy, sea of sorrow,  sea  of tears, sea of help, sea of people,


seal-  brass, the lock, the door, packet, letter, under sign and seal, working  under your  pristine sign and seal,


scam- mega, fodder, bank, loan,


search- light, warrant, proper, after, critical, without    search mission, in search of truth and conquest of falsehood, in search of peace, of life, of joy, water, wealth, fish, tiger, missing person, searching the village, house, locality, forest, valley, hill,

season-  spring, rainy, summer, winter, cold, hot, warm,     seasonal flowers, fruits, beauty, beauty of seven seasons,


seat- cycle, bus, cover, plastic, poly-thin, filled in,  blank , few, reserved,  booking,  many, your ,my, arrangement, seat and back of the chair,


second-  few, many, within a , without waiting for a second, boy, girl, in class,


secrecy- of the result, vote, election, case, judgment,


secretary-  personal, post, additional, deputy, to manager, minister, of the club, organization, defense, sports, commerce, foreign, railways,


secretariat- Odisha, building, office, staff,


sect- religious, different, Buddhist sect,


section-  accounts, establishment, different, A, B, many, in this section,  in my section, officer, of the people, students, wise


sector- A,B, sector wise, different, industry, mining, coal, business


security- personal, national, social, family, self, office, bank, vehicle, proper,life, public, tight,

security-personnel, officer, staff, guard, ring, cordon, arrangement, clearance, alert, conscious, rules, pass, check, matter, reason, cause, purpose, lapse, breech, hampered, with security , without security, amid security, no security, environment, atmosphere, to ensure security,  sense of security, security of life and property, house and building, nation and institution, V.I.P and minister, no compromise with the security at any case, at any circumstances. In view of security, no sense of security, lack of security, deployment of security personnel.


seed-  time of the life, vegetable, fruit


Seer- (prophet)- saints and seers of India


segment- in industry, education,




seizure- list, items, goods,


selection- list, of members, process,  criteria, after, before,


self- help, interest, respect, esteem, fish, starter,


semblance-(resemblance- similar)


semester- 3rd,  6th , system,


seminar- science, history, held,


senate- American, British


sensation- creating, causing, feeling,


sense-five, sixth, common, less, good, bad,


sensibility-  his, her, plants,


sentence-short, long,  life, awarding life sentence


sentiment- of the people, students, staff, religious,               


sentry- guard, post,  


separation- family, marriage, of a land, house, shop, of mixed items, of         mixture,  of twin,




sequence- of the dialogue,  story,


serf- (slave)


sergeant- rank


sericulture- of silkworm


series- new, of bomb blast, science,   


sermon-  religious,

servant- my, your, public , govt, quarter


service-  staff, book, matter, charge, center, rules, hotel service  facility, new vehicle servicing, at your service, for service of the nation, country, family, to  provide service,




session- parliament, annual, during, after, before,   judge,


set-  of tools, sofa,  set square,   sun set,  moon set, setting sun,   moon,


settlement- land, case, amicable, peaceful, legal, rule,  after retirement, new,                                                                     


sewage- line, system, facility, existing, block, repair,                                               


shackle-  to free from the shackle of British Rule.


shade- branch


shadow- dark, under,


shaft-  iron, machine


shame- act of , national, personal, no, ful,  less, act, feeling,


shape- funnel, ball, tree,  actual, proper, and size,


share- market, my, your,  property, due, legal,


shark- fish, attack, dangerous,       


shawl- woolen, Kashmir,


shed- tin, roof,


sheep- a black


sheet- metal, tin, plastic, polythen, of paper,


shelf- book, concrete, coral,


shell- bomb,


shelter-  house, point,                


shepherd-boy, people,


shield- heat, properly,


shift- policy, big, A, B, C shift duty,


shingle- (pebble, small stone)


shingles- (skin disease)


ship- war, black, yard, modern, route, ment of goods,


shirt- cotton, and paint, blue, white


shiver- (thrilling)- shivering cold


shocker- (heat novel)


shoe- black, brown, leather, rubber, stand, shop, factory, size, new, school,




shop- grocery, cloth, vegetable, fruit, shopping, our, your,


shore- sea,


shortage- money, food, spares, of goods, Items, parts, of critical spares, form, medicine,


shorts – and trousers,


shot- single,


shoulder- frozen, broken, point,  to shoulder the responsibility, the family burden, the additional charge


show- big, light, film, flower, opera, time,


shower- water, hot water, rain, monsoon, spring, bath,


shrine- holy,  temple,


shrub- grass type,


shuffle- cabinet, reshuffle of ministry


shutter-  shop, iron,

shuttle- space,


sickness- self, my, your, his, sea,  feeling sick, certificate,


side- right, left, by side, give me side, side line of the meeting, conference, wrong,  my side, to support his side,       


siege-  of the house, building, fort, palace, area, land, shop,


sight- at first, good, seeing seat, in, fore, clear, beautiful, ugly,


sign- good, bad, warning,  blue, red, positive sign, recovery sign, my , your, put your sign and date,  no sign, no sign  of panic, fear,


signal- light, red, blue, giving,


signatory- of the agreement, treaty,


signature-  my, your, his, ink, without, and date, specimen, short, full,


significance –its, his , my,


silence- zone, area, remain, song of , enjoy, be,


silk- saree, cloth,


silver- medal, ornament, metal, coin, cup, price, glittering, dazzling,


similitude- (similarity)


simpleton- (illiterate)


sin- of the thief, criminal


sincerity- his, my,


sister- my, your, in-law,


site-  select, land, site visit,  website,


sitting- arrangement, boys, girl, people, purpose, be, first, second,


situation-  good, bad, serious, grave, violent, vacant, war, war like, state,  political, in this situation,


size- shape and size, log, table, live life kingsize.


skating- sports, playing, field, on snow,


skeleton- human, male, female,


sketch- full, portion, area, map, pen, according to ,


skill- test, typing, art, painting,


skin-disease, cancer, lotion,


skipper- (captain)




sky- blue,  orange,  yellowish, high, sky high joy, sky high smoke column, line,  sky clouds, clear, sunny, cloud free,  view  hotel,


slab- cement, size, concrete, stone,


slack- shirt,


slag -lava


slain- person, -


slang- language, behaviour, dealing,


slant- surface, stone, portion, seeing,


slate- for writing,


slaughter- house, of animal,


slave-  system, people, slavery


sledge-  vehicle at Norway, Iceland, Antarctica,


sleep- well, disturbed, good, beautiful, deep,  rising from sleep,  sleeping bag, pill,


sleeve- shirt


slice-  mango, of bread


slim- looking slim and beautiful


slip- (tongue)- word slipped,


slipper-  shoe,


slogan- beautiful, good,  giving, for mother’s day, girl child, education, peace,


slope- mountain, rock,


slum- area, colony, child, boy


slumber-deep-  conscious from slumber, rising from slumber,


smell- sweet, bad, rose, sandal, incense, rot, ripe fruit, smell of conspiracy, smell of lie,


smile-  beautiful, sweet, always, smiling face, flower, nature, boy,




smoke- column, sky high smoke column, white, smoke and fire, no smoke no fire,  detection, cover, bomb, like ,


snack-  breakfast with snacks,

snail- pace,


snatch- chain snatcher,


snow- fall, view hotel, peak, mountain, scooter,


soap-  keeper, grocery , bath, washing, price,


sobriety- gentleman


socialism- I believe in socialism,


society-  our,  modern, ancient, election, member, rules, democratic, co-operative, women,


sociology-lecture, book, department, subject,


sock-  shoe and sock, black, grey, woolen, cotton, price,


socket-  plug socket,


sodium- vapor, chloride,


sofa- set, wooden, price,


soil – test, conservation, erosion, sample, red, black, alluvial, fertile,  porous, son of the soil,


solace- peace and solace, feeling,


soldier- brave, march,


solemnity- of the place, temple, marriage,


solicitor-  general


solidarity- of the nation, country,


solitude- of the place, island,


solution- beautiful, amiable, amicable, legal, mutual, business,


song- sweet, beautiful, modern, of the singer, bird, mountain, breeze, nature,


sorrow- my, her, your, our, ful, filled heart, face of sorrow, life of sorrow, feeling sorrow


soul-  my, your, our, mate, supreme, eternal, soul of our life, family,


sound-  box, music, sleep, speed, no, high, low, test, health, mind, unsound mind,


soup- tomato, chicken, fish,


source- my, your, our, secret, credible, news , foreign, source of information, news, message, supply, natural source, and natural resource,  unknown source, known,


south-  wind, direction, north-south, states, to north,


souvenir- of the school, college,


space-  room, hall, center, shuttle, walk, station, research, lab, programme, suit, food, adventure, tourism,


span- short span of life, long span of life,


spark- light, of violence, of anger,


sparrow- (little bird)


speaker-  good, powerful, radio, of the meeting, parliament, of the mike, radio, t,v, computer, price,


spear-  (valla)


spices-  nature’s, different,


specimen- signature, question,


spectacle-  beautiful, sweet, magnificent , natural, rare,


spectator- on lookers,


speech-  good, bad, powerful, national , political, religious, therapy, problem,


speed-  light, good, of the vehicle, rocket, earth, car, high, low, terrific, powerful, dangerous, breaker, speedo-meter,


spell- bound visitors, scientists, audience, guests,


sphere-  hemi, southern, northern, atmosphere, stratosphere,


spice- different, Indian, market, export,


spider-  man, dress, net,




spine- cord, pain,


spite-  in spite of ,


splendor- of the nature, mountain, forest, fountain, sea,  beauty and spendour


splinter-  bomb,


spoke- cycle,


spoon- ful sugar, honey,


sports –man, manship,  competition, day, minister, various,  village, complex, events,


spot-  dark, beautiful, shinning, silver, suitable, natural, on the spot,  death on the spot, spot inspection, verification, checking, clearance,  hot spot, spot light, beauty spot,


spouse- his, her,


spray-  medicine, chemical,


spring- sweet, season, flower, mountain, melody of spring, flowers of spring, eternal  spring, seasonal spring, iron, small, big,


spy-  department, person,


squad-  sports, army, police, hit, death,


squadron-  air-force,


stability- of the country, nation, family, economy, rule, democracy, peace and stability, stability and tranquility,


stable-  case, patient, looking,


stadium- sports, national, indoor, outdoor, complex


staff-  security, office, our, police, quarter, officer, payment, meeting, car, common,


stage- meeting, wooden, bamboo,


stair- case,




stamina- of the   people, students, person,


stamp- paper, postal, vender, stamp pad,


stampede- death due to stampede


stand- by, bus, cycle, motor, scooter,  why I stand for,


standard- good, medium, below,   poor, rich, international ,  national, social, book,     maintaining, upto standard, time, minimum


standing- person, people, students, boys


stanza- poem’s,


staple-  food, main food that is rice, wheat,                           


star- night, shinning, twinkling, evening, morning, red star, film,  five star hotel,


starch-  of the food,


stare- looking at constantly


state-  my, your, big, small, good, bad, affair, deteriorating state, critical, library, museum, legislative assembly, it is to state that, it is apt to state that,  I humbly state that,


statesman- of our country,


station- railway, space, halt,


stationery- items, goods,


statistics- economic, industry,


status- your, my, our, social, office, star status,


statue-   leaders, patriots , Gandhi, Nehru,


stealth- aircraft,  technology,


steam- bath, water,    


steel- iron, factory,  made of,                                                      strong,


stem- cell


step- son, mother


sterility- of woman, land,


stern-  action, warning,


stick- bamboo,


sticker- vehicle pass, plastic,


stiff- resistance, opposition


stigma of the society





table- wooden, chair and , cloth, glass, top, tennis, folding, price, study,          


tackle-  the situation, crisis, the opposition, the problem


tactful- (clever), dealing,  speaking, way,


tactic- (clever way)-   his, her, using, different,


tail- animal, cow, head and tail


tailor- machine, shop, person, made,


tent- house, under tent, tarpaulin tent,


tale- beautiful, tell me a tale,


talent-  haunt, student’s, knowledge and talent, talent and wisdom, wisdom and erudite, erudite and intuition, intuition and intellect, intellect and intuition, creativity  and vision.


tally- the answer,


tank- battle, troupe, cement tank, tank water, big, small,


tape- record, song, cost,    repair, for    measurement, black, plastic, adhesive,


taper- surface,    


target- soft, deadly, hard,  oriented, our, my, given, enemy, target audience,


tariff- rate, road, bridge,                            


task- hard, our, entrusted on me,  to us, difficult, school,  without, home, additional task, routine,  task force,


taste- good, bad,  sweet, mango,


tax-  sales, service,  


tea- shop, price, drinking, leaf,


tear- tearful, filled eyes, drop,


technology- science and , critical, electronic, modern, ancient, atomic, advance,  space,


teens- age,  teen age  reaction,


teeth- under my, his, your , good,



telephone- set, mobile, land, wire, exchange, tower,  bill, seat, cost,


telegraph- office,






television- set, colour, black and white,




 telegram- urgent , express, ordinary, message, text, office,


temporary- office, house, stay, repair,   life is temporary,


temper- my, your, social,


temperature- hot, cold,   air, body, patient, room, day, night,  reading, high, low,         


tempest – (storm)


temple- Jagannath, Konark, style, ancient, structure, site, area, compound, stone, brick,


tempo- social,   


tenant- of the house,


tender- call, letter, quotation, opening , paper,




tennis- ball, court, player, playing, table, long,


tense- situation, feeling, people, condition, situation,  tense and  intense,


tension- my, your, public, students,  free, feeling,


tenure-  service, posting, after completion of his tenure,


term- as per, according to , our , your, company,  term and condition, agreeable,  acceptable, term of the treatment,  negotiation, agreement, 


terminal- bus, truck,


termination- service,  from service,        


terminology- o f the word


termite- spray, treatment,


terrace- area,   building,


territory- our, your, country, trespassing our territory, enemy,


terror- creating, showing,act, activity, and horror,




test- fire, range, missile, acid, annual, monthly, half yearly, no ,  paper,


testimonial- of the   document, certificate


text- book, message, secret,   confidential, coded, decoded, out of text question,


textile- industry, factory, technology,




thank- you, you sir, you madam, with thanks,   many thanks, many many,  thankful to   your, 


theatre- modern, ancient, operation, public,  war theatre,


theft- case, lodging theft case, report,


thin- paper, thick and thin, looking, body,


theory- as per, math, science,   bigbang, modern,  new,


therapy- (treatment)- water, soil, natural,


thesis- my, his, on literature, science,  


thief- arrested, stolen by the , cycle,      


thing- good, bad,  a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. New,  nothing,


thirst- feeling, water,


thorn- bush, full of , life is not a bed of roses but a throne of thorns,


thoroughfare- highway, road


thread- cotton, silk,  moving on the tread,   a thread can be jointed but not the head.  


threat- a great, hidden, perception,  to life, new, giving, murder, to harm, murder, public, country, nation, no threat, big,  a security threat,


threshold- of war, work, bridge, of city,  town,


thrill- feeling, sensation, excitement and ,


throat- disease, cut competition,


throw- ball, a big , the ball


throne- king’s, life is a throne of thorns, not a bed of roses.


throng- public, people throng into the function, meeting


thumb-  impression, left, right,


thunder- storm, light, sound, like the


ticket-  collector,  booking, booked, counter,   checking,  without , with, valid, train, bus, air,  party,      


tight- screw, shoe, position, very,


tie- result, vote,                                     


tick- mark, sign,


tide- sea, low, high,  time and tide wait for none, to tide over the situation, the crisis, the difficulty


tiffin-  box,  carrier,


tiger- skin, bone, killed, pugmark, royal Bengal,   black, population, white,


tile- beautiful , roof, Italian, 

timber-  wood, log, factory, dust,

time- piece, actual, right, wrong, good, bad, suitable,  perfect, train, air,                   bus, my, our, office,  war, peace,                             out of,  time out,  no, evening, morning,  noon,  afternoon,  meeting,  launch,  party, business, time to farewell, time to goodbye, die,  departure,                                              wake up, to alert,  ti is right time  to protest,  to speak, to sleep,  to attack,  what is the time please.  within no time, no    time was given,  sleeping, exam, dark, precious, valuable, killing my time, crucial,  within three days time,  a month time, given time,


time bomb, tragic, show , film, school,   college, before, news,


tin- roof, plate, sheet,      box,


tip-  of iceberg, finger, information tip,


tire- cycle, bus, car, company, cost,    tubeless, puncture, repair, patch, resoling, size, nylon, rubber, condition,


tireless- effort, endeavor,    work, attempt,


title-  of the     poem, story, good, beautiful, no, suitable,  royal,      


toe- standing on, dancing,


toilet- room, facility,


token- of love, affection, pass,


toll- gate, tax, area,


tomato- plant, fruit,  sauce, soup,






tone-  sweet, good, my, your,




tonic- good,  for good health,


tool- kit, steel, without, box, trunk,


tooth- paste,


top-  position,  tree top,  top of the tower,


torch- light, bearer,  rechargeable, 2 cell,


torment- sorrow,


torn- shirt, cloth, condition,


torture-  physical, mental, sign, severe, police, death due to torture,


touch- of joy, artist, sweet, soft, loving, last, finishing,  royal, artistic, beauty, don’t touch me, untouchable,  touching moment, heart, me,          


tour- office, duty, programme, on tour, report,


tournament- sports, football, cricket,


towel- big, small, cotton, duster towel

tower- watch,  Eiffel tower, construction,


town- big, small, people, area, developed, ship, rural town, temple town Bhubaneswar, bus,


toy-  train, plastic,


trace- no trace of crime, him , vehicle, movement,


track- mountain, truck,  on the track,




traction-  giving traction,


tractor-  vehicle, price,


trade- center, and commerce, oil, gas,


tradition- our, Indian, social, tribal, as per our, traditional values, glorious, culture and tradition,


traffic- police, post, rule,


tragedy- man-made, natural, averted, full of tragedy.  Drama, tragedy in life,                           


trail-  trail of blood,


train-  station, fare, ticket, driver, route, line, stoppage, goods, passenger, express, superfast,






transaction-  money, goods, bank , office,


transfer-  his, my,  post,  policy, T.A, order,


transistor-(radio) new, old, rate,


transit- point, permit, permission,


transition- period, time,


transmission- system, news, message,


transport-  facility, truck,


travel -book- guide,


tray- plastic, big, steel,


treason- act of , due to    ,


treasure- house, nature’s, Love is the life’s treasure which has no earthly measure.


treaty- peace, of peace,


tree-  mango, pine, trunk, branch,


trek-  mountain trek, trekking experience,


tremor-  mild, high, region, time,


trench- border, digging, mountain,


trend-  modern, scientific, fashion,


trial- stage, time,  spot, during trial of the case,


tribe-  ancient, Indian, culture, people,


tribulation-(crisis,)-  at the time of,


tribunal- water, land,


tributary- of river,


tribute-  paying, paying floral tribute, flowery tribute, tearful tribute,


trick-  good, knowing, his, my,


tricolor- national flag,


trifle-(common, trivial) – trifle matter, money,  thing,


trigger-  rifle, pressing, point,


trigonometry-  math,


trinity- God,


trip- pleasure, travel, our trip, sports, army, bus, tractor,  price per trip, Himalayan, trip to Europe,


triumph-  of victory,


trolley- facility,


troop- movement, deployment,


trophy- sports, football, cricket, golden,


trouble- shooter, finding, without , no, free, time, at the time of , facing, creating, causing,


truant- member, people, students,


truce- possible, making, agreed for,


truck- heavy, price, vehicle, servicing,


trunk- tree, hallow, tin,  open, closed, box,


trust- him, me, no , for management, deficit, building,


trustee- of the trust,


truth- speaking, truth always triumphs, lover of truth and non-violence. Truth is God.


tryst- secret meeting- tryst with destiny,  future, my fate


tube- rubber, puncture, cycle, tubeless tyre,


tubercollis- disease,




tuition- math, science, center, master, teacher, time, school,  college, without,


tumbler-  glass, big,


Tumult- (up roar,  turmoil)


tune- dancing on his tune,


tunnel-  rock, mountain,


turban- cap for religion


turbine- blade, machine, moving, water,


turmoil-  in a state of , political, economic


turn- my, your, our, taking the turn, waiting our turn,


Turpitude- immoral people, person,


turtle- meat, walk,


tusk- elephant


tussle- tussle between them


tutor- my, our, college,


twain-(two)- coconut,


twin- city, born, 


twilight- hour, zone,


twit- (fool), person,


type-  test, paper, writer, ribbon, many type,  typist,


typhoon- storm


tyranny- full of , act of,


tyre-  vehicle, rubber, cycle, price,





ulcer- in mouth, peptic,


ultimatum-  giving, issued, fulfilled,


umbrella- folding, price, black,


umpire- cricket,


uncle- my,your


unconcern- people, person,


undergraduate- course,


underproduction- stage,


undertaking- submitted, given,


union- of India, territory, labour, office, leader,


unit-  per unit, electricity rate per unit,


unity- of the people, students, country,


university- campus, Utkal, Havard, 


unknown- person, fear, area, locality, tree, to me,


upbringing- children


uproar- public, students, in house, 


uranium- mine, metal


urine- test, sample


use- ing, ful, less, me, no use, misuse, proper,

usher- a new era,


utensil- list, price,

utility- his, its, of the goods,






vacancy- position, list, of the post, filling up the ,  no vacancy, transfer against clear vacancy of the post,


vacation- summer, winter, x-mass, college, period, after vacation,


vaccine- polio,


vacuum- tube,




valentine- day, gift,


valley- of flowers, of death, mountain, beautiful,


valour-  of the person, his,


valuation- correct, right, of the property, under valuation of the property


value- its, of the goods, of money, value added tax, value and principle, moral value, value of the property, valuable service, parts, things,


van- luggage,


vanity- bag,


vapour- water,


variation – of result, little, compass,


variety- of goods, mangoes, of foods, vegetables, fruits,


vegetable- different, many, rate, production, eating, fruits and vegetables,


vehement- protest, opposition,


vehicle-  road worthy; checking, servicing,  testing, driving, four wheel , price,


vain- attempt, all in,


veil- under the veil,


velocity- of speed,


velvet- colour, beauty


vengeance- revenge,- act of, work of,


venom- snake,


venture-  in business, new ,


venue- menu and venue, of the meeting,


verb-   verb adverb,


verdict- his, my, of the case,

verge- of collapse, death, decay, destruction


vermicide- killing white ants,


vernacular- language,


verse- of decay, death,


version- his, her, my, correct,


vertex- of   tower,


verve- (joy)


very- important, critical, polite, good, fine,


vessel- in a vessel, big, hole in,




veteran- leader, member,


veto- power,


via media- coming through,


vibration- mode, feeling, machine,


vice- versa, vice of the person,


viceroy- of India,


vicinity- staying in the , vicinity village, in our vicinity,


victim- of violence, riot, injustice,


victor- scale,

victory- day, war, joy of, celebration of,


view- sea, mountain, clear, his, my, our, of the people, writer, in view of the above facts, above enumerated facts, views and comments,  democratic view, fundamental view,  religious view, opponents view,  viewed it seriously,


vigil-keeping, strict, proper, night, on him,


vigilance- department, officer, raid,


vigour- healthy and vigour,


villa- his, my,


village- boy, girl, area, people, staying in, living in, road,


villain- role, act of ,

vim-powerful- washing powder, bar


violence- public, family, domestic, large scale violence, communal violence, spread, controlled, prone area, curbed,   meeting without violence, full of bloodshed and violence, violence and non-violence, truth and non-violence,  working amid violence,


violet- colour, paper, petal, looking


violin- instrument, music, test,


viper- poisonous snake,- cobra viper


virgin- lady, girl, test,


virtual- picture, image,


virus- anti-virus, computer virus,


visa-    application, form, valid, fraud,


visage- (face)


vision- loss of, of the eyes,


vista- of nature, ,mountain,


vitality- youthful and vitality


vitamin- for body,


vocabulary- test,


vocation- training, programme,


voice- vote, sweet, my, our, peoples, of the people, for right, no voice of minority;


volcano- eruption of, lava, live, dead,


volley- ball, of fire,


volt- high, 440 volt, low,


volume- of paper,


votary- priest- of truth, nature,


vote- majority, our , my, paper, counting of, casting , for me, vote for victory, voice vote,


voucher- bill, receipt,


vow- to do it, taking,


vowel- five, a e i o u


voyage- sea, space,


vulture-  big bird eating meat






wage- labour,




walk- morning, slow, pace,


wall-plaster, cement


want- of food, money, due to


war- time, zone, situation, broke out,


warden- hostel


ware- house,


warmth- of your love, affection


warrant- of the machine,


warrior- race, people,


watch- tower, man, proper, on him,dog, no,


wastage- material, goods, food, huge,


watt- 40 watts bulb, tube light,


wave- sea, big, high, low,


wax- sealing wax,


way- no way, way out, best way,  way of the world, no way to escape, if there is a will there is a way.


wealth- no , health is wealth,


weapon- modern, system, chemical, atomic, conventional, Non-violence is the weapon of the self-defense,  no use of weapon,


weather-good, bad, stormy, cold, hot,


web- site, web based design


wedding- day, couple,


wedlock- ring,


deadlock – political, election,


weed- sea,


week- of seven days, end of the week, this, end, last,


weight- heavy, light,


well- feeling, very, done, finished,                                                                                                health, being, fare, welcome, all well, all is not well, well to do,


west- direction, east and , wind, western culture, country, civilization, western horizon,


wheat- production, price, mill, harvest


wheel- Iron, palace on wheel, four wheeler, inner wheel island


whim-  his,  work of whim


whip- party, issued ,


whisky-drinking ,bottle,


whistle  - blow the, blower, sound,


wholesale- market, price,


wicket keeper, stump,


widow- marriage,                          


width- of the plate, 


wife- beautiful, loving, first, second,


will- power, self, our, your , my, paper, power, peoples, If  there is a will there is a way.     As per will,                   


wind- strong, slow, mill, power,


window- repair, fitting, of the world,


wing- head, air-wing, commander, fixed wing aircraft,   


wine- country,  foreign,


winter- season, month, cold, dress, cloth,


wire- hard, soft, house, steel, copper, electrical,


wireless- mouse, computer,


wisdom- man of wisdom, lack of,


wit- lack of wit and humour


witch-craft, haunt,


witness- of the case, strong, weak, no ,


wizard- computer,


woe- no end of woe, a tale of woe, woeful


woman- player, college, 


wonder- world, nature, ful , a thing of wonder, boy, act of,


wood- log, teak,


wool- shawl, Kashmir


word- sweet,   loving, no,


work- hard, load, proper, doing, denying, hour, no, maximum, minimum, urgent, time, place, under progress, completed, finished, left, to be do ne, attended, without, any, paper work, file, work is worship, no work no pay, domestic, office, my, your,  time bound, attitude, honest work, rewarding work, work allotted, entrusted, additional works, extra works, his,  pending works, work delayed, work experience, diverse work experience,  work culture, hazardous work, new, old, wood, steel, cement, work place, order, quality, labour, digging, individual, collective, social, religious, work estimate, electrical work, civil work, work hour,  site, supervisor, his work style,  his way of work, artistic work, painting, admn works, accounts work, store work, technical work,  details of work, work details,   


worm- silk,


worship- temple, place of ,


worth- rupees,


wound- big, critical, deep, curable


wrath- of the enemy


wreck- ship


wrinkle- skin,


wrist- watch,


writ- petition,


writer-  story, news, book,








x-ray- film, photo, report, machine,









yard- five, house yard, dock yard, Scotland yard police


year- first , second, new, end of the year, year end, year long festival,


yellow- colour, dress, cloth, paper,


yes- saying, and no,  yes I know,  answer.


yesterday- night, evening, happening,


yoke-  free from the foreign yoke


yolk- egg


youngster- of the society


youth-  of the country, festival,





zeal-  joy and zeal, your ,my , our, spirit and zeal, no zeal, full of, new zeal and interest,


zebra- crossing, animal,


zenith- of success, of fame,


zero- hour, point, point, mark,


zest- for life,


zinc- metal, pot,


zip- paint’s, of chain


zone- silence, war, peace, eco-zone,


zoo-  animal,