Vedic English
Word Bank-IV

Aum Hari saranam
Shree GuruGovindaGaani Saranam.

cabin  crew, small, big,
cabinet minister, meeting, colleague,
cable operator, telephone,  data,
cadet- NCC , crops, volunteer,
cadre – executive, ministerial, review, our ,
cafe – cyber,
cage – lion’s, tiger’s, bird, iron, in the cage
cake – birth day,  calamity- natural,
calcium – quantity, deficit, powder, calculation – correct, wrong, after, before,  of the measurement
calculator- solar, to calculate
calendar – annual, month, date in,
caliber – (quality, ability, capacity, talent)-  his, my, your, of the mechanic, technician,
call- nature’s, panic, trunk , details, telephone, emergency, call received,       attended, time, no, I am always at his call and back, call him to come, strike call, protest call,
calm-  morning,  hour, place, area, looking, calm and quite,
calorie – in food,

camera- photo, light, on, battery, imported, costly, handling,
camouflage -  tank, vehicle,
camp – NCC, forest, medical, fire, life, office, staying in,
campaign- for vote, for victory, for support, door to door , election,
campus -  activity, our, school, college, hostel, area, life, security, safety,  quarter, inmates, students, beautiful, lush green, peaceful, entry, gate,  in our,
canal – bridge, water,
cancellation- ticket, booking, pass, permit, of order, of programme,  of election,   of journey, meeting, visit,
cancer – patient, treatment, cell, check up, detecting, centre, corruption spreads every where like cancer,
candidate – election, interview, for the post, our, good, competent,
candle  - light, light march, light lunch, stand, packer, burning, It is better to light a candle in stead of cursing the darkness around.
cannon – fire ,
cantonment – army, area,
cap- woolen, cotton, beautiful, fur, fixing, pen,  cap and hat, capsize boat,
capability- his, your, beyond doubt, to handle the case, to repair the machine, his capability to under take the task.
cape -  of good hope
capital –money, interest on,    amount,  punishment, state, of the state, national,
capitation-  fee in college
capitulation- (self surrender)
capsule –course, medicine, space,
captain – army, NCC, navy, our, post,
car – petro, diesel, electric, mechanic, price, sell, new, old, dealer, workshop, company, servicing, driver, registered number, personal, office, private, car festival of lord Jagannath, new model,
carat – 22 carat, 18 carat,
carbohydrate- food as rice and wheat
carbon – material, black, paper, copy,
carcasses- of animal, buffalo, dear,
card – playing, ATM, credit, debit, reader, board, greeting,    his promotion is on the  card. Pussing card, printed card,   post card, placard,
career-  his, my, our, the question of our, prospects, service, bright, started, end of , in politics, aviation, sports, teaching line,
careless- man ,person, worker, student, very, ,boy ,girl ,woman
caress- (love, affection)
cargo – plane, shipping cargo
carrier- public, transport, goods,
cascade- (waterfall )
case –old ,new ,beautiful , winning, his, my, pending, court, civil, criminal, critical, theft case, murder, history of the patient, show case, jewelry case,
cash –  crop, box, payment, shortage, required, for   food,  
caste-  your, my, backward caste, certificate, higher caste, lower,  no caste and colour,
causality- ward, department, doctor,
catalogue – of books, library,
catch –the thief ,smuggler ,terrorists etc  , good, fish, no catch, eye catch,                                                                               
category – different,
casual – approach, very, work, worker, staff, employee,
cause –  serious, this, that, our, security, no cause, family, sickness,   for trouble ,disturbance ,problem, reasonable, unavoidable problem, political, religious,
cave –of a lion ,tiger ,tribe
cow –big ,white ,black
ceiling- fan,
celebration  -of religious festivals ,birthday, freedom, independence day, joyous, warm, cheerful, glorious, nationwide celebration, college annual day celebration, victory,
cell –   phone, living in cell in jail, in locked ,membrane ,red blood ,white blood  cell
censure – of film, writing, news,
census – population,
Centre –of the earth ,universe ,black hole  circle, point, lock,  coaching centre, etc
century –19 th, 20th ,  100 run in cricket,
ceremony –marriage , birth day, public,
certain –  difficulty ,problem ,work ,things, issue, people,
certificate – birth ,of participation ,marriage , death, doctor, fitness, unfit, clearance, valid, caste, issued, checked, verified, school, college,
chain –iron , pulling in train, gold, silver, chain reaction in nuclear plant,
chair –wooden ,plastic ,  modular, executive, seat and back of the , easy, and table, broken, repaired,
chalk –white ,blue ,red ,pink ,etc,  chalk out the strategy,
challenge –  to me, us, him, difficult ,hard  to  fight , in sports, game,
chamber – close, open, doctor’s, lawyer’s
champion – sports, college, of the tournament ,of the game ,in judo ,karate ,taekwondo ,etc, champion of the causes of the poor, depressed class in society,
chance – good, better, no, this, golden, lucky, chance happening,  chance missed,  of a lifetime ,to win ,just a ,game of
change –the mind ,shape ,idea ,world , wind, the ball, climate, weather, season, staff, guard, rule, law, order, dress, code, new change, foreseeing change,
channel – come through proper channel , application through proper channel,  
chaos – darkness-  full of chaos.
chap— fellow, boy
chapter –first ,second ,
charge- office, hotel, in- charge,   current charge, charge electricity, light,  torch  charging, mobile recharge ,what is the charge for the  it.
charger –mobile, torch,
charm – of life, adventure, beauty and charm, of nature, sunset, of rainbow
charter – bus,
chastity – her, of the girl
chat – in computer,
check – it, properly,   water flow, identity, up, health, pass, license, money, goods,  post,  security, eye, heart, certificate,                                                                                        squad,  inflation, price rise, tyre pressure, mail, address, house,  without check, due to lack of check,                                                                                                  
cheek – rosy, your,
cheer – ful, feeling, day of, party of , up,
chemist – house,  modern,
cheque – bank,
cherry –fruit, price,
chess- board, player, men,
chest – pain, wide, my,  x-ray, iron-chest to keep money,
chicken – meat, price, firm, tandoori, roasted, chilly, boiled, fried, curry, biriyani, pox, ware,
child – my, your, care, education, psychology, new born.  orphan, home,
children – our, my, your, childrens day, playing, park,
chimney – tower, smoke, factory, height,
choice – my, your, our, no, make a , what a, good, beautiful, leader, member, person, everyones, s
choke – heart, pipe, drain,
cholera – disease, epidemic,
chronology- of events,
church – Christian’s, catholic,
cigarette- packet, price, cigarette smoking is injurious to health,
cinema- hall, ticket, new, old, hero,
circle – draw a, radius of the , periphery of the, diameter of the,   area of the, life circle, food circle/ chain, crop circle, circle jail,      
circuit – electronic, defect, tested , types of
circulation-news paper, water, food, money,
circumstance- present, certain, in which,
circus – party, famous, animal,
citizen – Indian, foreign, by birth,
city – big, small, population, mayor,
civilian – people, worker, problem,
claim- our, my, his, due, property, goods, money,  no claim, claim compensation, death, accident claim, denied, legitimate claim, rightful claim, any, without any,
clan – Arya, Dravida, tribe,
clap – big,
clarification- given, sought, required, of the observation, of the points raised, of doubt, of rule position, needed, without , awaited,
classification – of material, metals, goods, plants, animals,
clause – as per this clause, there is no clause,
clay – pot, toy,
clearance- sell, security, passport, airport, flying , road,  house, of all dues, of pending letters, p ending works,  of bank cheque,
clemency-(mercy, mildness)
clerk – staff, post,
client -  my, your, his, to provide service to our client,
climax – of power, fame, glory, reaching at the climax,  anti-climax
clime-(climate-)  in all clime, in all time and clime, in all times and climes
clinic – dental, eye, heart,
clock -  house, alarm, wall, big, room at railway station to keep   luggage.
close- very, to me, the door, windows, the shop, time, factory, house, combat, coming very close, close contact,  friendship, relationship, friend, relation,  intimacy,
closeness – due  to his, my, your,
conclusion – reach at the ,  of the case, coming to the, at the conclusion,
closure-  property, shop, factory, action invites closure of the factory,
clot -  blood,
clothe-  cotton,
clothing – issue, warm, items,
cloud-  black, rain, snow, full of clouds, cloudy weather,  cloud free sky, no cloud
club- village, city, our, boxing, football
clue- no, found,
cluster – clouds, stars, bomb
coach – hockey, football, railways , number,
coalition – government, rule, parties,
coast-  sea, guard, coastal area, people, forest, map, district,  
coat- rain, warm, woolen,  leather, coat and tie, black,
coal – black, mine, export, import, supply, production, burning, deposit,
cobra – black, poisonous, snake,
code – secret,    language, message, number, decode the coded message,
co-education-  in school, college, facility,
coffee -  house, plant, bean, price, export, import, supply, factory, production, quality, serving,  chocolate, colour, the cash crop,
coffin- for dead man, It is like the last nail in the coffin of his rule,
coin – gold, silver, copper,
coincidence -
coir – carpet,
cold – wave, water, climate, days, heart, very cold, cream, cold like ice, touch, as cold as snow,   feeling,  cold reaction,   cough and cold, take care of cold, due to extreme cold weather,  
collaboration – due to our, their,                    your, technical, foreign,
collation- light meal
colleague – my, school, good,
collection- of books, magazines,           stamps, notes, coins, of painting, arts,  of fees, school feel, during collection, tax, fine, at the time of,
collector-  district, tax,
college -  our, my , famous, Govt. private, students, boy, girl,, lecture, campus, principal, common room, compound, dues, fees, admission, result, hostel, library, lab,  meeting, time, dress,  vocational, arts, science,  career, facility,                                                          
collision – course, of vehicles, of objects,
colony -  labour, British, our, area,  quarters,       
colour – many, red, white, blue, pink, flower, paper, tile, pencil, ink, pen, sketch pen, picture, paint, painting, body, primary colour( red, yellow, blue), secondary(green violet, orange), colourful  festival, function,  colourless water, discrimination, race and colour,
column – smoke, army, troupe,  match column A with B
coma – give, coma and full stop
comb- plastic, horn, price,
combat – vehicle, readiness, close, force,
combination- good, colour, beautiful,
comedy- writer, famous,
comer- new comer in college
comfort – feeling,  journey, travel, seat, stay, of the guest, no comfort, very comfortable,
comma- stage, state, in , out of ,
command – good, over English, over people, army, staff, worker, employees,  under his command and control, working under his pristine command and control, command and control system of the space station,
commander –air, army, naval,  meeting, of the      airbase, air force, wing,
commando – training, operation, sea,
commemoration of victory day, of independence day, of rule,
comment – good, bad, recent, offering comment, no comment  on this point,  of the opponent, of the people, students, clear, critical, beautiful ,  worthy, suitable,
commentary- cricket, football, live, radio, t.v
commission-S.C,  law, backward , riot, police commissioner, The plant has been commissioned today.
committee- school, election, parents, members, village, meeting,
commodity – (goods,)- price,
common- people, problem, issue, fact, sense, life, thing, object, room, very,  use
commotion – sound, feeling,
communication- problem, facility, good, better, easy, reliable, radio, wireless,  fast, very fast,  in time, mobile, telephone, sending communication, no communication , lack of communication, problem, snapped, established, restored, age of , without, set, system, people to people communication, received from him, satellite, space, road,  
communism - ideology
communist – countries, party,
community – centre, service, problem, our, minority, backward, tribal
commutation -of pension money
compact – sound, box,
companion – your, my, our, in train, bus, good, co- operative, for your companion and co -operation, bad,
company – giving, give company to him, enjoying your company, our, business, staff, vehicle, East India Company, share, product, T.V, radio, foreign, investment, collaboration
comparison- of notes, para, typed letter, amount, calculation, done, no, without , after  
compartment – railways, train, our, goods, second class compartment, keeping us like water tight compartments,(DIVIDES)
compass – magnetic,
compassion – ground, his, my, feeling of , kindness and compassion,  compassion towards the poor and backward, weak and neglected, oppressed and downtrodden,
compensation – giving, claiming, money, due, for damage, destruction, case, claimed, no compensation given,
competence – his, for his, technical competence,
competition – sports, good, healthy, spirit, zeal, in work, life, service, age of ,
complacence- self satisfaction
complainant- (legal plaintiff)
complaint-  received, lodged, his, electrical, register, book,
complement -
completion – of the project, plant, of work, bridge, house, building, school, after, before, certificate,
complex – market, issue, problem, very complex and critical, case, looking complex not simple,
complication- developed complication after operation, due to its,
compliance – report , to the observation, raised, of the department, prepared, no compliance received
compound – school, hospital, interest,  
compress-  air,
compromise -  peaceful , friendly, amiable, deed, without, no,
compulsion- political, social,
computer-  hardware, software, course,
concentration-  army, police, troupe concept-  clear, democratic, real,
concern –public,  security, our, your,
concert- musical
concession- fee, amount, period,
conclusion – no, come to,  
concordance -  
condition- suitable, developed, our, your, health, actual, critical, serious, pitiable, pathetic, traumatic, suspicious, peaceful, stable, air-condition, no condition for talk,
conduct- good, bad, certificate, doubtful, ambigious,
conference- political, annual, party,
confession-  statement, words,
confidant-  very, boy, child,
confidence-  your,  my, winning, losing, great, building, speaking with confidence
confirmation- reply, statement, received, no, conveyed, without, seeking,
confiscate –property, account,
conflict – arms, political, family, border,
conformation -  news,   receipt,
confrontation- political, social, moral, with public,

confusion- political, historic, causing, creating, chaos and confusion, raised, due to, no, without, prevailed,

congratulation –letter, message, for success, victory,  
congress – party, meeting, annual, science,  
connection-political, ancestral, terror, religious, electricity, pipe,
conquest-   bloody, peaceful, of  country, fort,  
conscience –my, compelling, your,  
consensus- political, social, reached
consciousness – full of , lack of,   without
consequence – tragic, fruitful, war,
conservation –religion,
consideration –due, proper, after, before, without,
consolation –prize, award, given, gift, no,
consolidation-  position,  army, force,  of the case
conspiracy – angle, case, due to, seems an act of conspiracy, without,
constitution – Indian, written, solemn, holy, democratic, secular,
construction-building, bridge, house, materials, company, design, permitted, delayed, deviated, authorized, legal,
consultant – legal, health, tax, fee,
consumer – court, interest, act,  
consumption – of liquor, wine, milk, oil, petrol, monthly,  annual, daily,
contact – period, time, marriage, me, him,
contamination- water, land, food,
contemplation – your, my, poet’s
content- of the poem, book, letter,
context   - in this, political, religious,
contingency -plan
continuation – of aid, of project,
continuity – of project,
contract –personal, my, chemical, local, police, foreign,
contrast- colour, picture, fact,
contribution –social,  political, grand, his, for the great cause,
control- rate,  card, water, public, without, situation under ,
copy- plain, ruled, book , carbon, in exam,
cordon- police,
core- group, meeting
corner-stone, shop
correct- action, step, view,  comment, it, the mistake
correction- it needs, which needs, without, after, before,  of draft, letter,
corruption- case, practice,
cost- high, low,  effective, rising, saving,
count- down, head,
counter, counterattack, counter-balance, counterfeit, counter-foil
country- people, side, situation, foreign, our
coupon –milk, issued,
courage-  for his, my, moral,  without,
course- political, of action, legal, in due course, education, fee, medical, treatment
court – high, supreme, lower, order, verdict,  decision, premises, complex, area, case, paper, judgment,
courtesy –call, visit,
cover –design, book, dress, seat,, smoke, under cover, cover work,
coverage – news, media,
covert- operation,
coward- boy, man
crack – wall, hair line crack in bone, foot, developed, noticed
cradle- of nature
craft- air,
crash- air, severe, leading to, course, fire crash tender,
crater- moon, stone,
craving- for peace,  bliss
cream –milk, colour, content, without
creation- his, beautiful,  divine, God’s
credit –card, facility, no,
crew –air, member, cabin,
cricket- match, tournament, run, award,
crime- record, committing, graph, branch,
crisis –political, social, economic, at the time, is over,
crossing- zebra, the road, point, river
crowd- control, heavy, no, place, area,
crown-  and flower,
crusade- religious,
crystal- clear,
culture- Indian, western, our, tradition and
cunning- people, way, talk,
current- affair, practice, situation, price,
custody- under police, under army, under my, safe custody certificate
custom- traditional, religious, our, tribal,
customer- care, friendly, rush, genuine,
cycle- race, stand, seasonal, life, crop,
cyclone –super, affected, impact, damage, warning, devastating,
daffodil –flower ,yellow
dairy –old ,new , register, maintained,
damage –serious ,excess ,  control , estimate, due to damage, found, charge, claim, no, detected,  repaired,
dance –festival ,competition ,programme , item, modern, Odishy dance, western dance,
danger –sign,  area, zone, alert, of war, violence,
dark –very ,night , matter, area, looking, complexion, skin, seeing in dark,
dash –board ,
darling –my, of my heart,
data –enormous ,big ,small ,low , processing, card, analysis, input, collection, compiled, computer,
date – due, on, before , after, line, final, meeting, sports, election,
daughter –,my ,only,  in law
day –long ,short ,big ,time ,mid ,good ,bad ,before yesterday ,after tomorrow ,sport’s ,annual ,mother’s ,father’s ,children’s ,teacher’s ,republic ,independence ,marriage ,birth , martyr’s , memorable, historic day, sun ,Monday , summer day, winter day, rainy day, cloudy day, sunny day,  one day, day of present,    of absent,
day- light –broad day light, it is my day, all the day, coming days, past days, before day dawn,  to-day, yesterday, last day, day after tomorrow, day after yesterday,
deal  -good ,bad ,  made, finalized, suspicion of any deal
dealer –sugar ,car ,bike ,cycle ,etc
dealing  - assistant, clerk, person, with fire, arms, medicine, carefully, well,
dearth –(scarcity)
diary -  milk, product, firm,
death –time ,anniversary , certificate, declaration, at the time of, his, her, after, before, warrant, squad, hang to death order, report,  enquiry,  due to accident, disease, heart attack, natural, accidental, fear for, escape from, death blow, sure,
debate –competition ,champion , healthy, serious, current, public,
debit –card ,facility, amount,
debt –in ,trap ,falling in,
decade – in this decade, after     two decades,
decease -  person, man,
deceit-  act of deceit, ful act,
December –month ,  cold,
decency – maintained, without, learned,  begins at home like charity.
deception – victim of , his,
decision –good ,bad ,big , vital, crucial, important, legal, our , your, his, in the meeting, office, court, right, correct, wrong, without, no, given,  delayed, file, in favour, making body, making  capacity, taking strong, immediate, urgent,
deck -  on the, cadet, naval,
declaration –of peace ,independent ,new ,
decline – trend,  standard ,
decorate –the house ,school ,office ,
decoration –house ,school ,flower ,beautiful
decorum -  should be maintained, of the office, court, school , mess,
decree-  religious, social, issued,
deduction –  amount, from pay bill,
detective- part, item, store, computer, report, found,
deed –good ,bad , heroic, courageous, brave,
dear –friend ,father ,mother ,                                              
deer -   park,       
default –loan,  person,
defect – in the machine ,   found, noticed, no, serious, parts, spares, machine, without, checking,    
defense –barrier ,  self-defense, minister, stores, items, expenditure, budget, preparedness                                                                                                           
difference – arise, of views, opinions, comments, ideas, between people ,things ,solids and metals
defiance – show of,
deficiency – of vitamins, food, of goods, stores, found no,  noticed, noted,  
diseases- many, different, curable,
deficit-  money, trust, of amount, of goods
definition –of  science, politics, literature,
degree – course, certificate, engineering, temperature, 360 degree, 90 degree,
dehydration –death due to ,weakness due to ,control ,check, ORS for checking ,
delight – feeling,  a matter of,
delivery – system, of goods, of stores, of child, condition, time, proper,
delta – of river
delusion –of life,
demand –note ,money ,goods, as per, our, no, fulfilled, without ,  heavy,
demerit – of film, of science, of war,
democracy  -of a country ,rules of
democrat – country, people, rule,
demon –monsters ,
demonstration –science ,art ,lab ,
demonstrator – good, our, science, lab,
den –of a lion ,tiger ,leopard
denial- of crime, charges, allegation, of receipt,
density – of water,
denunciation -
department –sports ,finance ,home , our,
deposit –money ,goods ,letters ,amount, key,
depression – air, due to , treatment, no,
depth –of the sea ,of knowledge , of love,  in depth knowledge
deputy –director , collector,
design – artistic, beautiful, dress, designer
desk – bench and desk, officer, on the,
desire- for marriage, education, money, food, success, victory, prize, promotion, high, no, desire is the root cause of  sorrow,
desert- life, area, forest,  people, weather, climate,
destiny -  maker, my, your, our, our tryst with destiny,
destruction -  huge, war time, due to, of house, country, vehicle, of life and property,  large scale destruction due to flood, earthquake, war, natural calamity,
detail -  duty, budget, of case, of incident, of story, of application,
detection – of mistake, flaw, fault, snag, in time,
detective- novel, personnel,
detergent – powder, cake, shop,
development – under, process, due to , of the country, people, economic,  no sign,  of school, road, hospital,
device- computer, mechanical, new,
devil- man,
devotee – of God ,
devotion  - to duty, my, to God,
diagnosis – correct, doctor’s,  of disease
diabetic – disease, control, check up.
diagram – of the plan,
dialect -  tribal,
dialogue-  healthy, mutual, through, process, no,
diameter – of the circle,
diamond – ring, cutter, mine, polish, costly, jubilee,
detector – of the country, rule,
difference-  of opinion, views, arises, cultural, traditional ,  no difference, of pay and perk, of dues, of arrear,
diesel – price, tank, engine, pump, car,
diet-  heavy, light, healthy , proper, control,
digestion – fluid, system, food, indigestion
dignity – and honour, to  live with,
dimension – three, two, of the object,
dip- water, wound, valley, mine,
diploma – course, certificate, in civil, mechanical, electrical, institute, student
dipper – light,
direction – in this , opposite, north, south, giving direction, proper guide and direction, needs direction, without direction, under his direction
dirt –mark, shirt,
disability – person,
disadvantage- of travel, of weather,
disappointment-cause of, invite my, due to ,
disaster – management, preparedness, meeting the, natural, atomic,chemical, gas, due to flood, earthquake, at the time of
discharge – of duty, of water, of power,
discipline- student, people, strict, maintain, without,  a man  of, disciplinary action
discount – sell, given, period, no
discovery –channel, of the    country,
discussion- held, in the meeting, healthy, good, on the issue, through discussion, without discussion, after, before, at the time of,
disease- malaria, heart, eye,
disguise – living in, working in,
dish – sweet, flying, silver, dish antenna,
dishonor – to me, him , the guest, feeling,
disobedient – worker, servant, employee,   student, son,
disorder- due to,
disparity – of pay, due to ,
displacement –water, people,
display – board, screen,
disposition – at my disposition
dispute-  family, legal, arises, cause of , settlement of ,  no ,our, land, factory,
dissolution – of parliament,
distance- far, short, from the house, increased, road,
distemper – wall, white,
distinction – honours and distinction,
distraction –attraction and ,
distribution – system, policy, relief, food, goods, money, fruit,
district -  many, our, new, demand for , magistrate, collector,
disturbance – wind, noise, created, caused, due to ,  area, locality, no,
diversity –  of plant, animal, nature, society, culture, tradition, unit in diversity, diversity of experience, diverse works experience,
dividers – road,
dividend –bond, paid, share, returned amount,
division – of the country, family, first, second, army, infantry,
divorce – lawful, agreement, mutual, agreed, compensation, case,
dock- yard, sea,
doctor – eye, heart, title,  available,
doctrine –political, communist ,
document – vital , crucial, important, checked, verified, seized, destroyed,
dollar – American ,
doom- feeling, state, and despair,
door – and  window, opened, closed,, broken, wooden, repaired, pull the, entry door, exit door, open door meeting, close door meeting,  hearing ,    door to hell,
dot – mark, matrix  printer, pen , sea dot, dot line,
doubt-  no, beyond, my, your, on him, on me, ful behavior, work, act, raising doubt,
dog – food, care, bite, stray, domestic,
down – town, up and down, down to hill, dress down him , downfall , down spirit
dowry – demand, death, torture, items,
draft – bank, amount, pay draft, overdraft,
drag – to drag him , the opportunity
dragon-  symbol of Chinese tradition and culture
drain – system,   facility, repair, construction, drainage
dress-  new, old, good, beautiful  , dressing room, the fish, meat,  and painting, well,
drill-  security, routine, army, drilling machine, holes,
drinking – water, condition, facility,
drive- the vehicle, well, the nation, car, train,
draught – area, period, severe, condition, relief, affected district, due to ,
drug – inspector, supply, business, license,
drum – sound, big, kerosene,
duck – yard, bird
dudgeon- (anger , resentment, )        
due – payment, money,
dummy – of car, missile,
dump – yard,  the waste
dung -  manure  ,  
cow – dung, milk, holy,
duplicity- of spares, parts,
duration- of leave, of working, long, short,
dust – sea, iron, coal, buxite, wood,
dusk – dawn to dusk, dusk hour, during ,
duty- place, time, hour, bound , on to death, absent from, willful absent from duty, to attend duty, to join duty, dutiful,
dye – hair dye, colour
dynamite- blast, powerful
dynamo  - for producing electricity, fitted in cycle

eagle- eye , point ,  bird ,
ear-  to hear, phone, problem, pain, operation, keep open your eyes and ear,
earnest – ( serious, solemn, grave, sober,) people , attempt
earth – planet, atmosphere, environment, protection of,  quake ,hour , blue ,  under earth, earthling wire,
east – direction, ward, towards east , Sun rises in the east, eastern horizon, culture, east and west, east is east , west is west, they can never meet.
echo – of the poet, people, mountain spring, voice,
eclipse – solar , lunar (moon) ,
economy – of the country, state,
ecstasy – love and ecstasy,
edge –of the mountain ,roof ,a square
edifice- (structure,)-
edition-  of the book, 2nd edition,
education – in schools ,in college ,system ,higher , primary, high school, his, my, minister, department, expense, without, facility, rural, moral, woman, opportunity of education, Education is light.
effect –  on me, it, him, people, good, positive, political, religious, side ,no l
effigy- (image) – to burn the effigy of the minister in protest of public suffering,
effort – your, our, my, collective, individual, hard, wise effort, sincere, due to his, without, no, lack of ,
egg –  hen, dock, yolk ,boiled ,price, amlet,
ego – for his, clash,
election – process ,commissioner ,candidates, date, time, through, of members, assembly, party, loksabha,
electricity –  supply, produced,
electron – proton and electron
elegy-  (sad song)
element – earth, hydrogen ,oxygen etc
elephant –big, white, menace,
elevation – front side, drawing,
eloquence –of his speech, writing,
emancipation – from slavery, foreign rule, poverty, sorrow,
embankment-(bandh)-river embankment
embassy –British , Indian, staff
emblem –national ,of peace ,of Google  
emerald -stone
emergency – call ,vehicle ,condition ,war ,operation,  to meet the, staff, doctor,  period, declared, there is no emergency,
eminence- fame, reputation, ) his
emission- of smoke, factory, standard , test,
emolument – his, total,
emotion- love and , due to , feeling of , full of emotion  and passion,
emphasis – due, proper, critical, on it,
empire-  his, British,
employment-  opportunity, facility, problem, news, in office, factory, effective
emporium-  art,
emulation- (imitation)
enclave- science,
enclosure- with , without, not found, all,
encyclopedia- book
end – at the, of life, quarrel, enmity, war, struggle, battle,  no end of universe,
endeavor –our, our collective ,    effort and endeavor, our endeavor to achieve it,
endurance- his struggle and endurance,
enemy-  our, my, of the country, nation, society,  of the crop, in disguise,  act, no
energy-  natural, bio, source of, supply of, source, solar, wind, water, heat, field, atomic,
enforcement-  of  law, order, ordinance, department,
engagement – function, marriage, legal,
engine- parts, spares, diesel, petrol, car, aircraft, overhauling, repaired, fitted,
engineer-  civil, mechanical, electrical,
engineering - course, study, college, art, marvel, excellence,
English- language
enhancement – of fee, amount,
enjoyment – of nature, rainbow, valley, seashore, garden, park, life, marriage, function, party, victory, success,
enmity-  end of, due to, his enmity, due to anger and enmity,
enrichment-  artistic, life, cultural, social, traditional, our
enrolment-  in school, college,
enterprise – business,
entertainment- facility, lack of, no, of the guests, programme, is essential
enthusiasm  - full of joy and, spirit and ,  zeal and ,     
entity- human, our,
entrance-  door, examination, test, of the house, no,
entry- into house,  room, compound,  complex, point, at the time of, stage, of the spacecraft, re-entry stage, no,  banned, restricted, prohibited, forceful, illegal, unlawful,
envelope- size, sealed,
environment- natural, good, suitable, conducive, of earth,
envoy- of the country, foreigh,
envy – feeling,
epidemic – of disease. Bird flu
episode- science, of the story,
epitome- his
epoch-  making incident, making era,
equator- line on earth
equilibrium- to maintain, to achieve, equilibrium and symmetry, balance
equivalent- to him, to me,
era-  golden, modern, computer,
erosion- soil, process, no, forest, due to , checked, controlled,
eruption-  of lava, molten lava, of smoke, fire of volcano,
escape-  no, route, to life,
escort-  proper, lack of, without , provided, no, vehicle,
espionage- act , act of, involved in,
essay –writing, and letter, on science, cricket, nature, flood, style, in English
essence- of the poem, story, novel, film,
establishment- section, staff, of institution, college,
estate- officer, cell, rule,
estimate- budget, details, of the project, work, amount, without,
eternity- of soul, God,
ether- through, earth and ether,
ethic- moral, clinical,
evacuation- of the people, in time, order, due to flood, earth quake, fire,
evaluation- of answer sheet, process,
evaporation-  of water, due to, process,
evasion- tax,
eve – on the eve of Republic Day , of departure, of meeting, annual function, Adam and Eve of the garden of Eden
evening – hour, time, show, star, approaching, due to ,  last, morning and evening,
event- tragic, in this, colourful, eventful life,
evergreen -  forest, trees, valley,
eviction-  notice, period, of quarter, house, by force, police, forceful, legal,
evidence – found, collected, no, due to lack of evidence, without,  to prove,
evolution – theory, process, natural,
exaggeration- no, of descriptions
examination- programme, date, time, result, annual, monthly, critical, scientific, clinical, of this case, matter, blood, stool, urine,
example – beautiful, right, giving, through, difficult to understand without example,
exasperation- (anger)-
excavation- site, team , of the temple,
excellence – achieved, artistic, for our excellence in the field of science, in preparation, to maintain the standard, to achieve excellence, winning award for our excellence
excess- of anything is bad, committed, work, time, effort, endeavor,  water, talking, use, bleeding,
exchange- of goods, money, mutual, friendly, at the time of, no ,  please,
excise- duty, rule, minister
excitement- joy and, feeling,  at the height of, no, a lot of joy and ,
exclamation- mark, sign,
exclusion- of     papers, project, plan, expenditure,
excursion- party, progamme, local ,                                  during , school
excuse- him, please, me, for the lapse, mistake, crime, hurting you, blaming you, putting you on trouble, no excuse,
execution- of work, order, plan, programme, project, execution and accomplishment  of work, and implementation,
exemption- of fees, fine, dues, no,
exercise- note book, war, army, daily, routine, regular, without , joint army exercise, army, naval, air, at the time of, during, body, physical, morning, night,
exertion – (hard effort, hard work)- tired due to, exhausted due to exertion,
exhaustion- feeling, due to , of resources, of spares, stores, goods, gas,
exhibition- science, art, center, ground,
exhilaration- full of mirth and exhilaration, celebrated the ceremony with  exhilaration,
exigency- during , at the time of, to meet the,  in case of,
exile- living in, punishment of exile
existence- our, of life, no, posing threat to our , found no existence of life, no trace of life,  no sign of life
exit- door, route, entry and exit, no,
expansion- plan, of the city, village, house,
expectation- high, on him, up to , no, lofty, of   high return,  all my, ambition and  expectation, aim and ambition, aim and expectation,
expedition- Himalayan, team, member,
expenditure- details of expenditure, details,
expense- total, our, monthly, annual,
experience- beautiful, sweet, romantic, painful, uneasy, travel, war, work, diverse work, scientific, spiritual, social, political, certificate,  6 years, long years of ,
mental- strength, stress, power, suffering, exploitation, harassment, torture, problem,
expert- computer, technical, legal, view, suggestion, opinion, very expert,
expiration- expiry
expiry- after expiry of th e leave period
explanation-  notice, given, satisfactory, for the lapse, loss, damage, decay, delay, death, absent,
exploitation- illegal, of emotion, emotional, physical, mental, economic,
explosion- bomb, powerful, low intensity explosion,
exponent- of truth, of romanticism,
export- quality, quantity, goods, product, items, facility, banned, restricted,
exposure- to air, water, enemy, body, of secret ooperation,
expression- beautiful, clear, obvious, sincere, correct, critical, creative, brilliant, powerful, spontaneous, profound, striking, humble, of beauty, love, nature, anger, good will, power,
expulsion- from the school, college, compulsory,
extension-  period, road, rail, time, of rubber,  allowed, denied, no,
extent-  up to the extent,
extinction-  of rare animals,
extravagance- activity
extreme- care, effort, climate, weather, heat, temperature,
extremity- end of limit-
eye- ball, brow ,lid, sight, witness, drop, doctor, specialist, operation, clinic, hospital, He is the apple of my eye. disappeared in a twinkle of an eye,  They can not see us eye to eye. They kill each other as an eye for eye. To present all  in a bird’s eye.  black and beautiful eyes, blue eyes of beauty and attraction, powerful penetrating eyes, dark delicious eyes, dreamy drowsy eyes, drunken eyes, showing us red eye. lack of eye sight, vision,
Face-book,  my, your, beautiful, south face, powder-
Facility- staying, hotel, school, exists, existing facility, banking,
Fact- true, actual, correct, wrong, fact finding mission, fact and figure, as per fact, what is the fact? Tell me the fact, do you know this fact, misleading fact,
factor – political, security, religious,
factory- product, construction , cement, motor vehicle, area,
faculty-  member,
Fag-  end of service carrier, fag end of life,
failure- is the stepping stone of success. no failure no success,  no failure no life, without failure, attempt, of the project, Govt. of treaty, agreement, of law and order, of parts, brake, system, to retrieve data of the     computer, for his , responsible for, due to his, in mission
fair –( reasonable, impartial, just, rational,)  fair -trial, justice, looking, face, beauty, very fair, very fine,
faith-ful, my, no, our, your, all my faith, in good faith, faith in God,   love, losing my faith, unfaithful, ungrateful,
fall- mountain, free , night,
Fame- my,  your, his, poet’s,  worldwide fame, nationwide, at the top of his fame, at the vertex of his fame, at the height of his fame, his literary fame,  his name and fame knows no boundaries .  his fame and glory, earning both name and fame ,  working for fame, remembered for his social fame, famous for his fame,
famine-  draught- dry time,- severe famine,
family-  matter, affair, dispute, problem, pension, court, members, peace disturbed for her, our , your, my, single, joint, affected,  suffering, for the sake of family,
Fan-   table, ceiling,  exhaust, pedestal,  blade, price, number of , fan of the cricket player, film hero, political leader, strong support of his fan,
Fancy- dress, items, glass,
Fare- train, bus, right,  without , claiming fare,
Farm- house,  area, land, farmer,
Farmer- of the country, suffering,
Fashion- design, new, old,
Fate - on the fateful day,  my, your, our, fate of our country,  tragic fate, good fate
Father- my,  your, father of the nation, god-father,
Fatigue- sign of , due to hardship and fatigue, feeling exhausted, tired and fatigue
Fault- finding mission, repair, check up, without fault, no , due to his , our, oversight fault, corrected , seeing fault in everything,
Favour- in my,  in  your,  no , to duty without fear or favour , market is in our favour, wind is blowing in our favour.
Favourite- leader, person, actor, food, dress, things,
Fax – machine, message,
Fear-  for darkness, showing fear, psychology, factor, his , my, fearless, no fear, factor, for war, death, unknown,
Feast-  enjoying,  beautiful, of natural beauties of nature.
Feather- bird’s, of the jacket,
Feature- salient features of the constitution, chief, main, vital, important,
Federation- Indian ,
Fee- school, college, tuition, amount,
Feature- main, chief, many,
Feed-  the child, me , the  patient, cowfeed,
Feeder- line for electricity, greed,
Feel- good, feel good factor, well, the warmth of love, the heat, cold,
Fellow- good, noble, citizens, members, ship, my school fellow
Felon- (criminal)
Fence-  of the garden, barbed wire fence,
Festival- Holy, traditional, national, of colours, of light,
Fiber-  food, tissue, cotton,
Fiction- writer, good, writing,
Fidelity- his, unquestionable
Field-  worker, duty, show, marshal, battle, area,
figure - amount in figure, good, beautiful, healthy, sound,
file-  cover, work, noting, binding, in file please, under process,
filigree- items, silver items,
film- new, old, song, director, actor, star, producer, flop, demand, adult, children’s, art, colour, black and white
filter- water, air, candle,
filthy- language, words,
finance- company, problem, no, arranging, for the project, financial condition,
fine-art, picture, painting, work, feeling, very fine,  fine for late coming, fine due, giving fine , fine date,
finger- right, ring, nail, tip, Don’t fingering at others  for mistake.
fire –hazard ,safety ,brigade ,men ,havoc ,alarm ,heavy ,proof ,and forget missile system ,training ,safety drill ,wild ,jungle fire ,camp ,bullet ,firing range ,resistance ,protection ,proof ,under fire ,smoke and fire ,no smoke no fire ,little spark can cause big fire ,precaution ,god of ,little fire is also dangerous ,and water ,heat and ,extinguisher ,he is under fire of the opposition ,house is under ,to set fire the dry leaves ,don’t play with ,ring of ,and flame ,due to short circuit ,lightning ,zone  ,enemy ,extinguishing the fire completely ,fire spot ,anger of fire                                                             
firm –agricultural ,industrial ,house ,broiler ,
staying firm, firm belief, protest,
fish –big ,small , price ,product ,export , preservation , sea, river water, dry fish,
fission – atomic, materials, nuclear,
fixation- match, deal, result, amount,
fixture- furniture and fixture items,
flag –,national ,tricolor ,beautiful ,colorful , flag march, showing flag,  of peace ,war
flair –( talent, skill, aptitude) of writing,  painting, speaking, arguing,
flame – fire, high, blue, yellow, colorful ,hazardous ,big ,
flash- light, flood,
flat –floor ,ground ,booking ,price ,rate ,
flavor –sweet ,of my choice ,orange ,mango ,add
flaw – technical ,mechanical ,detected ,
fleet –naval ,air
flesh –  animal flesh , a piece of flesh, flesh is of the living animal,  but meat is of the dead animal. We eat meat  but tiger eats flesh of the dear.
flight – safety, time, landing, take of, allowance, special, routine, route, successful,  mission, secret,  zone,
flock -birds
flood –water ,havoc ,area, relief, victim, situation, heavy, flood of duplicate goods in market, light at city sqare
floor –square ,round ,flat, of the house, shinning, marble, voting on the floor of the house of parliament, ocean floor, cleaning,
flour –mill ,factory ,production ,company ,price
flower –beautiful ,colorful , rose, lotus, lily, show, vase, fresh, imported, dry, bud, budding, flowering season, beauty, garland of flowers, for worship, lover of, valley of flowers
flu –swine ,bird , Tamiflu tablet, precaution ,havoc, panic
flute –bamboo ,voice of
fly –house , fly ash break, fly past of aircraft, no fly zone,
foam –water ,chemical, compound
focus- light, on the topic, on the spot,
foe-  our, beware of our foes, national foe
fog- weather, light, flight cancelled due to fog, affecting visibility,
foliation- new leaf coming
folk- song, dance, art, music, traditional
folly-  (foolishness, idleness)- act of folly
food- tasty, sweet, cooked, habit, healthy, serving, security of the country, shortage, surplus, wastage of , arranging ,  no, without , food poisoning, inspector,
fool- person, boy, April,  behaving like a,
foot- bare, flat, sign, ware, problem, news paper footage,
force- use of, police, deployment , movement, personnel, withdrawal, by, forceful attack, entry, speech,
fore-father, front, head, most, see, sight, tell, cast,
forebode- (prior information,)
forest- rain, dense, cover, area, preservation, life, land, map,
form- application, admission, duly filled in, blank, correct, for application, with prospects,
formal- request, approach, invitation, information,
formation- crystal, party, of group,
formula- math, science ,my, as per ,
fort- area, compound, ancient,
fortitude- his,  and courage,
fortnight- magazine,
fortress-  building,
fortune- my, his,  good, bad, unfortunate,
forum- legal, right  to address your grievance, case,
foundation-  stone, of the house, strong,  weak,
fountain-  side, forest, mountain, natural, pen, artificial,
foul- play, work,
fox- A brown fox jumps over the.
fraction- of a second,
fracture- of the bone, leg, hand,
fragment-  of circle, of item
fragrance- of the flower, incense, petal. Sweet,  rose, sandal wood, fresh,
frame- human, steel, body, as per , frame charges against the accused.
franchise- invited, given, sole,
fraud- committed, bank,
freedom- movement, fighter, lover, loving, for the sake of, demand for, struggle for, taste of , test of,  day of , of talk, of             expression, no sacrifice no freedom, without freedom, to live with dignity and freedom, enjoying, no freedom, no privacy, freedom of the kingdom,
freight- charge, bill,
frenzy- public, mind,
frequency- radio, at a particular,
friction- due to, reducing , no,
fridge- price, frost free,
friend- good, bad, close, helpful, mixing, school, college, and friendship, A friend in need is a friend indeed.
fright-railway ,
frog- amphibious animal staying in land and water, worship for rain,
front- house, area, my, fore-, and back, tree, portion of the house, wall, side, picture,
frontier- mail, ex press, force, province, state,
frost- free, chamber,
fruit- salad, mango, tree, squash, juice, raw, ripe, seasonal, fruits and vegetables,
fuel- fire and , price, natural, bio-, pipe, tank, safety,
fugitive- person, man,
fume- (smoke, gas)
fun- paly, talk, liking,
function- social, religious, political, school, college, annual, day, beautiful, successful, no, postponed, held, finished, arranged, delayed, after, before, at the time of,
fund-  chit, society, money, enough, govt,  problem, no, without ,
funeral- pyre, fire, procession,
fungus- due to , creation of,
funnel- type, shape,
fur- coat, jacket,
furnace- blast,
furniture- wooden, plastic, steel, new, old, repaired, list, price, shop, house, used, condemned, unserviceable,
fury- nature’s , in a state of fury and angry
fuse- bulb, wire, facility, safety, no,
fusion- atomic, bomb,  of modern dance
fuss- hue and cry