Vedic English
Word Bank-V

baby- new born, beautiful, food, care, dress, hood

bachelor- person, remaining, of Arts,

back- foot, track, showing, bite, paper, strong, date, stabbing at
the back, ward class,

bad-(adj) boy, girl, people, student, character, intension, words,
work, time, weather, climate, condition, behavior, situation,
very, good and bad,

bag- jute, plastic, big,

baggage- bag and baggage, my, your, our

bail- bond, amount, no, getting bail in court, coming on bail,
bail is the wooden piece over the cricket stump

bait- goat bait for tiger, good bait to trap the leopard

balance- sheet, weighing, no, bank,

balcony- of the house,

ball- foot, hand, tennis, base, snow, cricket, no, eye-ball,
dance, throw, tampering, and bat, ball in his court, and
bearing, rolling, fire ball, keep the ball rolling- to keep on

ballad- simple poem,

ballet- dance of Russia,

balloon- gas, air, shape,

ballot- paper, system , box, believe in ballot not in bullet,

bamboo – house, hut, made, tree, forest,

banana- ripe, raw, price, sweet,

band-rubber, hair, yellow, red, black, party,

bandage- cloth,

bandit- queen, leader,

bangle- glass bangle business

banyan- tree, like a banyan tree,

bank- state bank, Eco, Indian, facility, timing, closed, hour,
customer, examination, river bank, canal bank, at the bank,

banner- under the film, long, for health programme,

banquet- sweet feast, tasty meal,

bar- room, shop, chocolate, boy, hotel bar, girl, no bar, iron

barbarism- act of , people, tribe,

bargain- no, good, after , before, art, without, do not bargain

bark- tree, neem, of the plant,

barley- food, water,

barometer- instrument to measure the pressure of the

barrack- army, police, area,

barrage- system, dam, river, big, construction,

barrel- gun, rifle, bullet for barrel,

barricade- wooden, bamboo, constructed, strong, to control

barrier- wooden, iron, no, caste, social

base- glass, river, sea, what is its base, no base, without base,
strong, concrete, base and foundation, cement,

basin- wash, river,

basis- and foundation,

basket- ball, wooden,

bastard- boy, person, behaving like a bastard,

bat- and ball, cricket, my, imported, strong, striking,

batch- my, our, student, wise,

bath- water, good, river, canal, shower, room, steam, tub,

battalion- police, army, head quarters, reserve,

battery- charging, 12 volt battery, radio, car, truck, price

battle- field, zone, area , hero, started, ended, continuing,
of Haldighat, of Palasy, of Panipath, of Kalinga, of waterloo,
winning the battle, defeated in the battle,

bauxite- ore, mining, deposit, for aluminium

bay-sea bay, keeping him at the bay, bay area for parking
aircraft, , bay of Bengal,

bayonet- attack, fighting with the , rifle bayonet

bazaar- arms, jute, fruit, vegetable,

beach- sea, area, town, hotel, park, police, light, shore and

beacon- light , of the new age, of truth,

beam- sun, solar, light, of the roof, concrete,

bear- wild, jungle, animal,

bearer- office bearer, house bearer, hotel bearer

bearing- ball and bearing, endurance and tolerance

beast- wild, domestic, like behavior

beauty- loveliness and fineness, queen, contest, cream,
natural, artificial, flowering, seasonal, sweet, romantic, classic,
soap, A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Rural, pastoral, hill
side, of the flower, valley, sea, rainbow, princess, touch of
beauty, beauty and elegance, look, facial beauty, Truth is
beauty. Truth beauty, full of beauty, beauty and ugliness.

bed- flower, bed of roses, sheet, seed, nursery bed, hospital
bed, sea bed, room, partner, retired to the bed at night. Bed
and pillow, cover, mattress, soft, hard, river bed

bee- honey, fly, Italian bee, making a beeline,

beer- drinking, glass, bottle, cost, parlor,

beggar- person, boy,

behavior- good, bad, rough, rude, gentle man’s, objectionable,
mischief, child like, mad like, humble, simple, sweet, heart

behest- at his behest, command, order,

belief- my, your, his, strong, no, without belief, public, trust and
confidence, faith and trust,

bell- ringing, ring the, brass bell, big, timing, bell the cat, fire
bell, cycle bell, alarm,

belle- beautiful girl , women

belly- abdomen

belt- rubber, plastic, strong, leather, moving,

bench- wooden, mark, of judges,

bend- position, at the bend, river bend, canal bend

benediction –blessing

benefaction- doing the good

benefit- profit and advantage, for our benefit, my, your,
without benefit, for his benefit, taking,

benevolence- act of , work, wish to do good to others

berry- fruit, straw berry, black berry,

berth- sleeping, railway,

betterment- improvement, for the betterment of health,
economy, condition,

Bible- book, holy,

bid- price, document, paper

bigot- person, people,

bill- amount, cash, credit, pay, arrear, hotel, hand bill, law bill,

billion- dollar, people, rupees

bin- dust

biography- auto, of the leader,

bird- water, flying, singing, sea, river, forest, domestic

birth- day, certificate, control, anniversary, giving birth,

biscuit- salt, sweet, coconut, cake and biscuit

bishop- church,

bit- of salt, neem leaf,

bite- snake, ant,

bladder- foot ball,

blade- steel, sharp, fan,

blanket- woolen, cotton, warm, price, sale, covering,

blast- bomb, powerful, site, chemical, mining, huse, timing

blaze- fire, light

blemish- person, moral defect person, un-blemish character,
stainless character

bliss- state of , full of peace and bliss, condition, ful living, life,
natural, seeking his bliss, in the lap of nature’s bliss,

blitz- rapid and violent attack

blizzard- heavy snow storm

bloc- coal, office,

block- wooden, iron, water block, blood,

blockade- police, students, army

blood- colour, red, relation, donation, sample, test, condition,
sugar, bank, change, cold blooded murder, injecting new blood,

blood money, vassel, cell, poison, pure, supply, blockage,
clotting, pressure,

bloom- flower,

blossom- flower

blot- paper, (fault and disgrace)

blouse- cotton, size, stitching

blow- elbow, strong, hard, water, air,

blush- red face

board- black, hard, card, soft, examination, meeting, of officers,

boast- ful word, of self praise

boat- man, small, house, club, floating, capsize boat

body- colour, smell, strong, weak, water body, truck body
repair, on the body of the letter, no body claimed, come out
for him, guard, builder, bare body, black, parts, private body
parts, somebody to tell, anybody can come, car body cover,
annual body meeting of the club,

boiler- factory, plant

bomb- time, atom, chemical, blast,

bond- paper, marriage, office, bank,

bondage- slavery, people

book- fair, sell, story, school, cover, science

booklet- political, printed, college, school,

boon- blessing, a boon from the blue

booth- polling, centre, area,

booty- wealth of the rubbers

border- road, colour, black, country, dispute, conflict, area,
town, post, guard, line, crossing, fencing, enemy; outpost,

bosom- friend,

bottle- plastic, glass, neck, shape, water,

bottom- glass, river, sea, wood

bough- under the bough/ branch of the tree, shady bough

bound- limit, no bound, my joy knows no bounds.

boundless sky, by leaps and bounds, you are bound to do it.

boundary- line, area, of the house, field,

bounty- donate generously, kindness to give

bouquet- flower,

bow- bow and arrow, bowing branch, bowing before his holy

box- iron, wooden, locked, office, painting, match box,

boy- good, bad, strong , weak, honest, simple, friend, boy
hood days,

brain- power, cell, operation, drain,

brake-cycle, system, without, giving, no,

branch- tree, flower, office branch, branch office, canal, road,

brand- mark, ISI brand, sign, without brand, popular,

brass- article, items, made of brass, seal,

bravo- well done, excellent

brawl- quarrel and noisy, scene

breach- of trust, of faith,

bread- and butter, fresh,

break- after the lunch break, without a break, give me a
break in your film

breakage- items, charge,

breast- beautiful, healthy, size,

breeze- sea, mountain , smooth, cool, cold, spring,

brevity- shortness, in brief

bribe- case, giving, taking,

brick- cement, mud, raw, kiln, stone, size

bridal- beauty, dressing, make up,

bride- beautiful, sweet looking,

bridge- wooden, concrete, long, to bridge the gap

brief- summery of the story, case, stating all in a brief

brigade- army,

brim- edge

brook- small stream

brother- my, his, your,

brow- eye,

bruise- injuries,

brunt- to bear the brunt

brush- painting, color, small, washing ,

brute- force, act,

bucket- water, stand,

bud- flower, beautiful, budding state , beauty, talent

budget- office, amount, passed, session , annual, expense,

bulk- of water, supply of medicine, quantity

bullet- wound, injury, rifle, train, proof jacket, speed

bullock- cart

bumper- crop, production, very rich harvest, abundant crop

bus- stop, facility, stand, service, route, timing, reserved,
school, luxury,

ABC - of life, of law, rule
abdication - of thorn, demand,
abeyance- to keep the order in abeyance, to delay,
ability- his, my, ability to do, to perform, to execute, ability   and capability, and    capacity, ability and dexterity

abode -of snow, of peace, abode and house, and dwelling

abortion- and miscarriage,

absence- from duty, till date, in my absence, on his

abundance- joy, peace, food,  relief, and plenty,
abuse- He abused me, wrong use,
academy- school for higher learning
access- no access to the   locality, it is in everyones access, access to the house,       access and approach,     easy access, difficult to access, critical access, critical approach,
accessable - within reach,
accessory- computer accessory,
acclamation- earning high acclamation, act of , applause of welcome
accomplice- co-accused in crime
accord- at his own accord, willingly, agreed, matching, in accordance with law,    rule, procedure,
account- bank, my, his,    saving ,
accurate- very, free from error,
accuracy-for his accuracy
ache- tooth, body, feeling, severe, ache and pain,
acid - rain, test, bottle,
acquaintance- familiarity- roll,
acquisition- land, property
acrobat- a dancer of rope
act- good, bad, evil, civil, criminal,
acting- at his behest, properly, beautifully, like a king, in play,      drama,  acting prime minister, president,
action-  correct, strict, taken, initiated,  no action, severe, army, police, speedy, in time, delayed , taking action,
activity- public, legal, students, criminal,theft, terrorist, enemy, rioting, peace,
addition- in addition to   it, paper,      work, thing,
address- public, national , to the      country people,    during his,  of the letter, no, proper, postal, permanent , temporary, residential, correct, office, home,
admiral- of navy,
admiration-  great admiration, for his, feeling ofpleasure,    satisfaction, praise,
admission- school,   test, form, in class, time, fees, no,
admission and confession, and acknowledgement,
ado-much ado  for it,   much ado about nothing,  fuss and excitement, trouble
adoration- for his adoration, worship and adoration, praise and veneration,
adulteration- of food,  water, medicine, goods,
advance- money, state, country, people, very , in science and technology, planning in advance, advance and progress
advantage- taking advantage of his    absence, something useful,
adventure- course, work,  to do it
adversary-  effect, enemy and opponent,
adversity- time,     trouble time, period,  at the time  of    adversity
advice- and counsel, wise, intime, my, his, taking advice, need no advice, correct , wrong, legal, at his advice, advice of the elders,
advocate- in court, general,
aerial- view, access, survey, picture, attack, bombardment,
aersodrome - field, area,
aeroplane- airship,
affair, - friendly, love, public, political, no,  concern and business
affection- his, my, teachers, parents, and love, loving, dear and    fond
affidavit- court, written statement, oath,
affinity- same looking, close connection, resemblance, for his affinity with her,
affliction- sorrow and suffering, suffering and distress,  in  a state of affliction, for his, at the time of
age- modern, computer, science, atomic, new, old, my, his , correct,
agency- government, police, private,
agenda- point,       of the meeting, discussion, election,
agent- police, my, enemy,  working as a agent, double agent,           
spy work,           
aggregate- mark, total mark,
agitation-public, violent, outside disturbance, movement,
agony- sorrow, suffering, pain,
for his agony, my, your, our,  no one helps at the time of agony,          
agreement- peace, land, court, for 5 years, paper, held,
agriculture- product, income, purpose,
aim- my, your, our, good, pursue your     aim, correct aim,  aiming high,    the  sky, no aim, aimless,
air- show, temperature, attack, borne, worthiness, air worthy certificate, fare, ticket, air craft, lines, port, mail,
alarm- clock, warning singal, danger call,
alertness- public, villagers, students, for our,
alien- foreign, feeling, object, thing, life,
Allah- God, Ishwar, Almighty
allegation- severe, crime, resigned for public allegation,
alliance- friendly, peace, ( treaty, association)
allowance- pay and  allowance, ration, hardship, transport,
alloy - of metals,
allurement - for his , temptetion
almond - oil,
alms- giving cloth, food to poor
alphabet- Hindi , Sanskrit, English,
altar -  of worship
alteration- change, of plan, of work, no ,
altitude- high,
aluminium- pot, goods, plate
amalgamation-  mixing of   goods, objects, items,
ambassador- of India, cultural, car,
ambiguity- of law, no, in mind,
ambition- my, your, high, in life,
ambulance - facility, serv ice,
ambush- enemy ambush,
amenity- of the      campus,
amiability-  friendliness,  for his,
amity- and friendship, amity and good will, friendly relation
ammunition- arms and ammunition, factory,
amnesty- general,  general pardon
amusement-  joy and amusement
analysis - critical, scientific, in-depth study, deep investigation, of the facts, case, crime,      report, text, letter,
anarchy- in a state of , condition,
anatomy - of body parts
ancestor- our,  my, your,  house, property,
angle-  acute, right,
anger- for his, my,
anguish - in a state of anguish, talk, gesture,  face,
animal - world, domestic, wild, pet, state,
annals- in the  annals of history

annex-  annex and addition
anniversary- marriage,
announcement- result, and declaration,
annoyance- for his,
annuity- annual income
answer- good, befitting, correct, wrong, no, sheet, and reply
antagonism- and active opposition, for his, animosity and antagonism
antagonist- and opponents
antenna- t.v, park, disc,
anticipation- approval, permission, sanction in anticipation,
anticlimax- and sudden fall
antipathy- and strong dislike, antipathy and hostility
anxiety-  in a state of, due to , and fear, worry and anxiety,  sign of,
apathy- and indifference,  and no sympathy
apex - court, office, post,  at the   top
apology-  and excuse, to tender apology, unconditional apology
apostle-  of non-violence, truth,

apparel- and dress, design, training,
appearance-  and look, personal appearance in court,
appreciation-  and praise, public, teachers, worthy of appreciation,
apprehension-  and understanding, correct , critical, true,  
apprehension- and fear

approval-  his face beaming with approval, given, taken, ex-post facto approval, in time , in file, no approval given, without approval, due approval, administrative approval is required,  necessary,     lawful, legal, anticipating approval,   in anticipation of his approval, of the         project, work, post,        
aptitude-  for    math, science,
arch- rival, enemy, opponent,

area- land, village,      town,municipality , flood, rural, slum,  under control, occupied area, smoking free area, vip area,
arena- war , arena and fight front
argument- strong, weak, poor, hited, hot, court, no, without , correct, of reason and logic, with me, him,
aristocracy- life, living,
aristocrat- people,
arithmetic-  science of number
arm- arm embrace, within my arm
army- post, general, national, requirement, march past, office,
armament- depot, vehicle, factory,arms and armament
arrangement-  necessary, good, in time, meeting, of goods, things,
arrears- pay arrears, due,
arrival-  in time, flight, bus, train,  time,  and departure,
arrogance- attitude of, his, gesture of ,
arrow-  mark, bow and   arrow,  
arson-  and loot, act of arson,         

art-  beautiful, cunning, famous,  of speaking, singing, very artful, art and  craft
article-  stone, brass, for magazine,  good,
artist-   film, music, dance,
aspect-  and     appearance, view point,  political, literary, critical, in this aspect, legal,
aspirant and ambitious,-  IAS aspirant, for this post,
aspiration and intense desires
assassin and murderer
assault - and violent attack, rifle, died in army assault,
assembly- hall, public, students, legislative assembly
assertion- and claim, and strong statement,
asset - of the company, firm, house hold, my, valuable, ancient, life time asset, memorable, gold,
assimilation- and absorption,
assistance-  and help, my, his, your, teachers, villagers, police, legal, without,  medical, friendly, financial,
assumption- and contemplation, anticipation, supposition,
assurance-  relief, aid and assurance, doctor,s,  his, given,  and self confidence, and promise
asylum- political,
atmosphere- peaceful, violent, tense, congenial, conducive, suitable, war,
atom- bomb,
atrocity- cruelty and atrocity,  for his atrocity and oppression,  and inhuman behaviour,

attack- army, air, enemy, violent, sudden, helicopter, heart,
attainment - of peace, bliss  
attendance- school , register,
attention- due , no ,  medical, critical,  to our sorrow
problem, difficulty , plight , predicament, suffering, to invite media attention, political, Govt. , our, special,  proper,
attire- gold , silver, traditional, tribal, attire and dress,  
attitude - of the people , party , officer, minister, his  , your, noble, arrogant , harsh, denial, defiant , cruel, inhuman, hostile, inimical, violent, criminal, hardcore,  positive, polite , generous,  kind, friendly, social,
and feeling, thinking , behaving
attraction- of beauty, sky, sea, rainbow , flower , no , towards politics, sports, science, math, art s , painting,  centre of  attraction, inviting public attraction,
auction- by public, paper, of stores , of vehicle, amount, day,       party,
audience - public , dear, our ,
audit - paper , party, remark, objection , para, without audit,

aught-  to be,  and    anything,
august- office, self,  and majestic,  month of ,
aurora- and dawn and day break, of the morning,  of the sky,
auspices-  helped and favoured under the auspices ,  under the aegis,
authority- political, Govt.  , financial, legal, competent, beyond his authority, approval/sanction/ permission of the    authority
autocrat - ruler,
automobile - shop, factory, industry, training workshop
autumn- season , beauty, fruits, flowers, sky, weather,
average-   people , mark, student, production
axiom- and true , without proof  truth,
axle- of wheel