Vedic English
Word Bank - Adjective II


each- each boy, girl, other, man,


 each and every man, each type, each now and then, We are suffering each now and then.


eager – and keen, and enthusiastic, passionate, impatient, and desirous, strong desire, ardent desire, avid, eager to know, learn, to go, to  quit, eager and curious,



early- and soon, and before hand, betimes, and shortly, 


early - morning, days, times, rising early, coming early going late, early to awake and rise makes us healthy, wealthy and wise. Early to rise and early to bed.


earnest –and serious, determined, zealous, ardent, sincere,


earnest- appeal, attempt, effort, endeavour, desire,


earthly-  and worldly, mortal, mundane, terrestrial, temporal


earthly – life, love, thing, entity, thing, environment,


eastern – horizon, sky, bay, countries, culture, western countries, culture, Eastern Times(news paper),

eccentric – and  peculiar, odd, unusual, weird, abnormal


weird -weird creature, situation, thing, type, behaviour, question,


economic – and financial, monetary, fiscal, profitable, cost effective, gainful,


economic – class air ticket, production, rate, situation,


economical- be economical, be careful in spending money,

edible- oil, goods, things,


editorial- of news paper educational- institute , fee, facility, 


effective- rule, treatment, administration , medicine, law, order , way,  visit, from to day , with effect from, plan, for people,


effeminate – and cowardly, womanish,  effeminate person, 

efficacious-  and effective, efficient , successful
 efficient- and able, capable, competent,


efficient – person, leader, teacher, doctor,

elastic – and flexible


elastic– quality, rubber , band , tape,  property, thing,


elder – person, boy, age,                                  


elective- and not compulsory, elective- member, subject


 electric- current, shock, wire, transformer, eel(fish), 

 electrical – goods, appliance,  instrument,


elementary-  school ,  education,


eligible-  boy, player, candidate, to apply, for the post,


eligible and qualified , suitable,  worthy,  desirable,  fit, capable,


elusive-  culprit, criminal, thief, person, and untraceable, unseen

embattled- ready for war


 eminent- scholar, person, lecture, scientist, artist, poet, player,


eminent -and noted, prominent, exalted, distinguished, elevated, remarkable, 


empty – vessel, bottle, stomach, tank, pond, place, empty vessel sounds much. Space seems to be empty but not empty at all. It is filled in God particles and dark matters.


endless –   joy, sky, space, blue, beauty, journey, life,

endurable-  and bearable, sustainable, acceptable,


enthusiastic- and excited, fervent, ardent, keen, avid, eager,


enthusiastic- student, person, boy


 entire  - and whole, complete, total,  


entire – area, house, road, population, operation, village, thing, nature,


enviable- result, position, record

 epic- story, character, hero,


equal –height, weight, strength, right, opportunity, pay,


erotic- picture, expression, poem, beauty, picture, erotic and sensuous


 errant-  staff, servant, boy, person

 erratic- and irregular behavior,


essential – thing, goods, parts, tool,


eternal –truth ,beauty ,love ,joy ,peace ,spring, entity, manifestation


eternal –and everlasting, undying ,never-ending ,perpetual ,endless ceaseless ,timeless

evasive – and elusive


even –numbers 4,6,8, odd number 1,3,5

 ever –ready, prepared,
 evergreen –forest , love, nature,
 ever lasting –happiness ,
evident  - and obvious,


evil –man ,plan ,idea ,person ,story ,character


excellent –beauty ,result, condition, expression, display, achievement, performance ,boy ,idea ,looking,

  exclamatory- sentence,


 exclusive –show room, tax, parts, ornament, 

 executive –body, agency, head, cadre,


 exemplary- and very good, commendable, excellent,

exemplary-  work, performance, worker


 exhaustive – complete, comprehensive, extensive, thorough, in-depth,

exhaustive- note, fact, story,


 exorbitant – and excessive, very high, very expensive


expansive –and open and liberal, expansive -research ,survey

 expectant- and eager and hopeful
 expedient-  and means and method and device


expeditious – and speedy, quick, hasty, swift and prompt,


expeditious- result, work, outcome, decision


expensive –cosmetics ,dress ,toy ,object ,goods ,broche ,necklace 

experimental – and trial,


explanatory- and descriptive, illustrative, illuminating,


 explicable – and understandable and reasonable,


explicit – and open, clear, plain,


explicit- expression, idea, plan,

explosive-  goods, item, packet, box, bomb,


expressive-  and open,  communicative,


 exquisite – and beautiful, fine, lovely, delicate, wonderful


exquisite – nature, rainbow, landscape, expression,

 extempore- and unplanned,  with out preparation
 extensive –search, research, survey,
exterior – and external


exterior- wall, portion, measurement,


external – nature, beauty, thing, activity, wall,

extinct – and dead, destroyed,


extra – work, amount, time, bag, item, labour, food, part, tax, charge,


extraneous – and unrelated, irrelevant, not pertinent


extra-ordinary- situation, achievement, victory, operation,


 extravagant – and wasteful and excessive, living extravagant life

daily – and every day,


daily- chore , work, class, open, labour, worker, wage, market,


dainty ; and pretty, neat and clean, delicate, elegant, graceful


damnable ; and hateful, very bad,

damp - and wet,  moist, humid


dangerous- and fearful, risky, unsafe, hazardous, treacherous, perilous,

 daring –and brave, bold, courageous,  fearless, heroic, audacious


daring – boy, person, lady,


dark –and black, gloomy, dim, shady,

dark –  night, cave, blue, space,


dauntless- and determined, fearless, bold, resolute, confident


dauntless – courage, act, attitude, leader, person


dead – and not alive, lifeless, departed, deceased, dull


dead – man, boy, animal, sea, condition, state, found dead, brought to the hospital dead,

deadly – and fatal, lethal,


deadly – weapon, blow, attack, consequence,

deaf –and dumb
deaf – person, boy, man


dear – and lovely, friendly, valued ,treasured ,beloved, precious


deathless- and immortal, live

deathless – soul, God,


 debatable- and controversial, arguable, not decided, dubious,


debatable – issue, matter, fact


 deceitful-  and dishonest, deceiving, cunning, fraudulent, not trustworthy,


deceitful – person, character, man


 decent- and honest, polite, well-mannered, civilized,


decent- person, boy, behavior, attitude, looking decent,


deceptive- and deceiving, cunning, misleading,


deceptive- person, boy, behavior, attitude, criminal, businessman

decimal – system, number,


decisive – and crucial, vital, important, critical


decisive – act, action, judgement, battle, war, attack,


decorative- and ornamental, attractive,


decorative- temple, architecture, design, pillar, house


 deep – valley, sea, river, water, space, thought, love, pain, massage, penetration


defamatory – and insulting, offensive, humiliating, derogatory


defamatory –  words, work, language, remark, act, writing, letter, leaflet, book, article, news


defective – and faulty , flawed,  snagged, having defect

defective –  parts, portion, machine, equipment,


defensive- lawyer, position, attitude, attack,


 defiant – and bold, rebellious, disobedient, insolent,


defiant- person, commander, boy, worker, leader, attitude, very defiant,


deficient- and short, scarce,


deficient- rainfall, water, food, parts, stores, found deficient, deficient and surplus(more)


 definite – and specific, explicit, exact, clear-cut, crystal -clear, firm and clear


definite – answer, views, order, information, proof, evidence, improvement, possibility, very definite about him, He will come here definite. We will reach there definite.


deft – and skillful, clever, smart


deft- boy, servant, worker, person


deliberate–and intentional, purposeful ,willful, conscious, deliberately and knowingly

deliberate–  attack, war, act,


delicate – and fragile, weak,


delicate – beauty, monument, art, part, looking,


delicious- and tasty, luscious,


delicious- food, sweet, taste, dish,

delinquent – and criminal


delinquent – record, attitude, activity


delirious – and restless, confused


delirious – person, boy, man,


deluxe –and luxurious, superior,

deluxe – bus, coach,


democratic – right, rule, law, institution, way, idea, opinion, election,


demonstrative-and warm, affectionate, loving, friendly


 demonstrative- attitude, behavior, expression, gesture


dense – and dark, deep, dense, intense, thick, opaque, unclear


dense – forest, hair, area, jungle,


dental – hospital, problem, surgeon,


deplorable- and shocking, appalling, dreadful, awful, terrible, horrible


deplorable- condition, scene, sight, looking, fact, death, murder, case, incident, accident,


descriptive- and expressive,  eloquent, vivid, graphic, evocative,

descriptive-  letter, draft, paragraph, writing


deserving – and worthy, admirable, praise-worthy


deserving – candidate, member, student, player, minister,


 desirable – and wanted, pleasing, popular, enviable, attractive,


desirable – success, result, win, victory, thing, consequence,

 desolate – and deserted, isolated, aloof,


desolate – place, cave, palace, area, looking, person,


desperate- and distressed, worried, anxious,


desperate- look, position, life, attack, condition, person,


destitute – and poor, penniless

destitute – person, lady,


destructive-and harmful, harsh, vicious


 destructive- war, cyclone, flood, forces, earthquake, fire, tsunami,


detrimental – and injurious, harmful, damaging


detrimental – act, action, deed, order,  work, judgement

devoid –and empty


devoid- of truth, of beauty, of knowledge


dexterous- and skillful, agile, deft, handy,

 dexterous-work, design, architecture,


didactic- and teaching, educational, informative, instructive


didactic- story, film, article


different- and diverse, dissimilar, unlike


 different-  place, people, parts, situation, looking, way, opinion, attitude, idea, plan, project, law, rule, application, result, choice, very different,


difficult – and hard, complex, critical,


difficult- state, stage, situation, position, question, problem,


difficult to - win, get, achieve, reach, say, convict , justify, escape, trace, convince, enter , survive,

dilapidated   - and decaying, deteriorating,   waste,     
dilapidated   - state, stage, condition, position,  building, palace, sofa, table, furniture,


dilatory- and slow, slack, lazy, lagging, tardy


diligent –  and careful, attentive, through, intelligent, hardworking, industrious, assiduous , meticulous

diligent –  boy, worker, servant, person, lady, student,
 dim- and faint, not bright, weak,
dim- light, looking, very dim,
 diplomatic – and tactful, political


diplomatic- talk, relation, way, war, attitude, word, war, confrontation, solution,


dire – and terrible, horrible, dreadful, awful,


dire – to say, to attack, consequence,

direct – and straight,


direct - tax, attack, relation, talk, link, communication, direct and indirect,

dirty-  and unclean, foul, filthy, polluted,


filthy-  word, talk, language, letter, picture, film, thing, place, dress, looking,


 discreet – and cautious, careful, tactful, diplomatic,


discreet- enquiry, talk, survey,


discrete – and separate, isolated, distinct,


disharmonious and not in harmony


dishonest – and lying, unfair, false, untruthful, corrupt,


dishonest – person, boy, worker, servant, lady, businessman,


disinterested -person, boy, worker

disloyal -person, boy, worker


dismal – and dull, dreary, bleak, miserable, gloomy

dismal - performance, display,


disobedient -person, boy, worker


dispassionate – interest, relation, judgement, attitude, always


 dispensable – and not needed, not essential, not necessary


dispensable – goods, items, articles, stores , things


disputable – and debatable, questionable, arguable,


disputable – land, property, area, building, boundary, wall, house


dissimilar – and unlike, unalike, different,


dissimilar - things, face, temple,


dissolute – and immoral, degenerate, polluted


dissolute – person, character, lady


distant –and far, far-away, far-off, far-flung, remote, outlying, isolated, aloof


distant – place, relation, star, mountain, area, land


distinct – and separate, different, diverse

 distinct– talk, opinion,     


diverse – and different, dissimilar, unlike, varied, various, miscellaneous,


diverse - work, work experience, colour, ways, link,


divine – godly, heavenly, celestial,

divine - life, truth, beauty,


 divisible – and dividable, detachable, separable,

 divisible – number, house, land,  dizzy – and faint, woozy,
dizzy- sound, rapture


docile – and passive, submissive, quiet, tame, meek, obedient

docile – student, person, lady,


dogged – and determined, resolute, steadfast, persistent, strong- willed, strong- minded, single-minded,  

dogged – person, lady, member,
dogmatic – people,   person, lady,


doleful- and unhappy, woeful, sorrowful, miserable, mournful


 doleful- state, condition, people, lady, person,


domestic – and familial, conjugal, marital, home, house, house hold,


domestic – servant, help, animal, violence,  problem, cause, quarrel,            


dominant – and main, foremost, principal, central, governing, prevailing, leading,


dominant – role, factor, character, member, issue, problem,

dormant –  and sleeping, resting, inactive, latent,


dormant - condition, stage, state, agent, spy, member


double –  and dual, twin, twice, two- times, two- fold,


double - game, stage, benefit, standard, return,


doubtful – unsure, uncertain, suspicious, cynical, distrustful, disbelieving,


doubtful - act, murder, work, behaviour, character, attitude, talk, person, lady, looking doubtful,

downtrodden – and poor,  oppressed, exploited


downtrodden –class, people, society , family


 dramatic – and sudden, striking, remarkable, impressive, spectacular,


dramatic -- action, scene, situation, death, end, climax,  conclusion


 drastic –­­­­ dire, strong, severe, harsh, extreme, radical, sweeping, far-reaching,

drastic -- step, action, order


dreadful – and terrible,  horrible, frightful, awful, alarming, shocking, appalling,


 dreadful – scene, situation, sight, dream, desert, place, building, looking , dreadful and dreary as desert,

dreamy – eyes,


dreary –  and dull, boring, tedious, monotonous, lifeless,


dreary – life, looking dreary as desert


droll – and amusing, entertaining, comical, funny, witty, humorous


droll – programme, play, situation


drowsy – eyes, looking, condition, and sleepy,

drunken – condition,


dry – leaf, food, fruit, place, area, land, desert, looking


dual – use technology, dual facility, benefit,

due – course, time, amount
dull – boy, child, student,
dumb - boy, child, student,
 duplex – building,


 duplicate –  letter, image, face, durable – part, machine, thing,


dusty- air, sky, atmosphere, thing

 duteous – servant, police,
dutiful – worker, boy, employee


dynamic- and active, energetic, vibrant, forceful, lively


dynamic – leader, person, minister, life



Calculable -sum, distance, attack, damage, area,


callous – and cruel, cold, heartless, coldhearted, insensitive, unsympathetic,  callous – person, king, lady, attitude, temperament, behavior, He is callous towards our suffering, callous to listen our problem.


calm – and cool, quiet, composed, tranquil, peaceful, serene, still,


calm- nature, beauty, mountain, place, atmosphere, looking calm, staying calm, remained calm, feeling calm and quiet,

candid -


capable – and able, competent, talented, skilled,


capable – person, officer, king, boy, minister, leader,
capacious- and large, huge, big, spacious and roomy


capacious – house, room, area, building, stadium, auditorium, planetarium


Capital -punishment, letter, crime, of the state
 capricious – and changeable, variable, unreliable, unpredictable, fickle


capricious – person, student, servant, lady

captious –
captive –
cardiac –


Captivating -  beauty, nature, landscape, sky, fountain,
cardinal- chief, important, prime, basic, fundamental,


cardinal – interest, principle, factor, thing


careful – and cautious, suspicious,  watchful, alert, vigilant


careful – and cautious, cautious and suspicious, suspicious and watchful, watchful and alert, alert and vigilant


careful-  person, student, teacher, mother, always ,study, survey, research, examination, analysis, testing, observation, plan,


Carefree- life, man, person, always,
careless -  and casual , hasty


careless – person, boy, student, work, talk, speaking, action, driving,

carnal -


casual – and careless, informal, not serious, not attentive, not careful,


casual – talk,  manner, way, approach, study, work, worker, labour very casual, taking it casual,


categorical –  and clear-cut, definite, unconditional, unqualified, uncompromising


categorical – rejection, denial, refutation, words, action, order, instruction


catholic – and broad, varied, all –embracing, wide- ranging, wide-reaching, extensive


catholic – idea, religion, church, act,

cattish –
causal –


caustic – and sarcastic, scathing,


caustic – letter, words, attack, language


 cautious – and guarded, vigilant, precautious, alert


cautious – action, approach, entry, observation,


Celebrated -  poet, leader, scholar, player,
celestial – and heavenly, space


celestial – body, object, star, moon, entity

censorious –


central – and vital, essential, fundamental, 


central – theme, thing, character, idea, government, university,


 ceramic- and clay, pottery, terracotta, earthwork

ceramic – tile, work, art,


cerebral -  and logical, analytical, rational, intellectual, brainy,


cerebral – report, action, report, of brain


ceremonial – and formal, official, ritual, traditional,


ceremonial – function, practice, way

ceremonious –


certain – and sure, definite, positive, firm, confident, assured


certain –   thing, object, future, life, return, coming, fact, very certain


Changeable - programme, plan, meeting, member, climate, weather, wind, condition
changeless – and unchanging, everlasting, ageless, eternal, enduring, undying,


changeless – time, soul, God,


chargeable – and taxable, punishable, declarable


chargeable – goods, store, item,  income, person, criminal,  battery,


Charismatic - leader, minister, person,
charitable – and generous, benevolent, helpful,


charitable – organisation, trust, fund, act, aid,
 work, contribution,


Charming -  beauty, nature, moon, experience, look, face, lady,
chary- and wary, cautious, suspicious


chary – person, lady, guard, police


chaste – and innocent, faithful, virtuous, pure, uncorrupted, unblemished


chaste – girl, lady, character, person


cheap – and economical, and shameful


cheap – mango, goods, cheap character/lady


cheerful  - and smiling,  happy, joyful, jovial, cherry, merry, mirthful, gleeful


cheerful – life, love, stay, experience, always, person, lady, girl, hero, face, looking, flower, lotus, blooming, clapping, shouting, slogan, voice, ending, marriage, film, function, picnic, travel, journey, flying, sea, waves, nature, clouds, birds, , day, morning, sunshine,  sunrise, melody, song


cheerless – and unhappy, sad, miserable, gloomy, dismal, depressing,


cheerless – girl, lady, face, looking, desert, heart,  life, person, speech, voice, living, condition, looking cheerless and dry, hard, heartless, sorrowful, gloomy, cheerless meeting, sitting cheerless


cheery – and merry, cheerful, joyful, jolly, jovial,  optimistic, positive

cheery – life, person, looking, thinking


cherry – tree, fruit, colour, pink, red,


chemical -  weapon, test, lab, composition, property, reaction, action,


Cherished -  desire, long cherished desire, leader,
chief – and head, ruler, leader, principal, main, central, vital, crucial

chief -  person, thing, factor,


Childlike - act, behaviour, play, talk,
chipper – and cheery, cheerful, happy


chronological – and in-order, in –sequence


chronological – order, incidents, history


circular – and round, spherical,


circular – movement, moving, path,  general, issued,

civic  - society, body, people,
Civil – law, society,  rule, , act,
Civilian –


Civilized - life, person, society, country


clandestine – and undercover, underground, secret, hidden, covert, concealed, stealth,


clandestine – work, operation, activity, observation, information, office


classic – and traditional, typical, common,


classic – music, song, dance, beauty,

classical –


Clean - air, water, house, view, sky, picture, view, future, goal, aim, keep clean and green,
Clear-  sky, view, road, picture, case, order,
very clear, point, reason, cause, weather,
clement –

Clerical –
 Clever-  boy, teacher, man,
Clement –
clinical –


close – and near, shut, seal, lock, close up,


close – friend, relation, person, to me, to her, very , circuit, door, close-door  meeting, coming close, living close

clumsy –
coarse – and crude, raw
coarse – rice, product,
cock-sure –
cognet –


cold – and icy, chill, freezing, frosty, frozen,


cold – climate, atmosphere, ice-cream, space, temperature, room, attitude, behavior,  relation, feeling, touching, touch, cold hearted, coffee, drink, fever, climate, weather, wind, region, countries,


collateral –and guarantee , security


collateral –arrangement, return of money,


collective – and combined, co-operative,  communal, group, joint


collective – action, reaction, responsibility, work, effort, endeavour,

colloquial –


colonial – rule, law, influence,


colossal –  and oversize, enormous, huge, immense, vast, massive, gigantic,


colossal –  mountain, structure, monument, building, fort, palace


Colorful -  light, display, dress, painting, nature, landscape, dance, life, romance, love


comely – and looking pleasant, pleasant to look at


comfortable – and happy, easy, calm,  relaxed, enjoying,


comfortable - life, work, journey, feeling, working, living, room, house, stay, hotel, position, condition, time, experience, place,, enough, very comfortable
comic – and wit, humorous


comic - story, film, attitude, talk, action

comical –


commensurable –


commensurate –

commercial –


commanding  - spirit, general, officer,
Commendable - work, achievement, research,          
commodious –
 common – and general, regular, universal, familiar, ordinary, simple


common - man, thing, life, suffering, feeling, room, bath,  very common, idea, class, it is common,

communal – and common, public,


communal - feeling, interest, quarrel, forces, riot, violence, atrocity, terror,

communicable –  and transmissible, contagious


communicable -  link, road, net work, rail, disease, places, easily, distance,

communicative -  and open,


 Communicative -  disease,  road, locality,
commutable- pension

 comparable – and similar, like,  equal , equivalent,


comparable -  letter, statement, beauty, art, design, poem, building,


comparative  -  and proportionate, relative


comparative – statement, letter, writing, work,  design


Compassionate - ground, reason, cause, and kind,
compatible – and like minded, friendly, well matched, well suited, attuned, well temperament, good spirit


compatible – person, behavior, nature, personality, to me, to us, to share, to stay


Compelling ground, situation, factor, case,
competent – and able, capable, knowledgeable, skilled,  expert, experienced


competent -  leader, worker, king, minister, member, doctor, lady, person, student, very, to do, to accomplish, to execute, to teach


competitive – examinations, magazine,


complacent – and satisfied, self satisfied, content, contented


complacent – report, enquiry, study, work, achievement, result,

complete –  and full, entire, whole, total


complete -  case, work, power, authority, project, period,
house, building, structure,


complex – and difficult, intricate, compound, composite


complex -  problem, question, case, matter, fact, very, to solve, to work, not simple, not easy, very hard, very critical, seeming complex, complicate office complex, court complex, school complex,

complicated –  and complex, difficult, obscure, confused


complicated  -  thing, matter, case, design, question, very, and complex, do not make it complicate,

complementary –


composite –  and combined, merged, fused, many, multiple, complex, compound, mixed

compound - interest
composite - matter, material,
comprehensible - nderstanding


comprehensive –  and all-inclusive, full, entire, complete, broad, wide - ranging


comprehensive – report, question,  treatment,

compulsory –
concentric –


concise – dictionary, expression,
Conclusive evidence, argument, point, decision,
Congenial -atmosphere, climate, environment,

Conscious - person, people, always, mind, act,
Considerable  period, delay,
concordant –


concrete – and definite, positive, solid, strong, real, actual, material


concrete – action, plan, structure, building, expression, decision, agreement,

concurrent –


conditional – and provisional, restricted, uncertain


conditional – application, surrender, talk, meeting, agreement,


confident –and certain, sure, definite, positive, faithful, having faith


confident – person, army, student, to do, to win, to get, to achieve, very, to pass, enough,


congenial – and friendly, amiable, pleasant, genial, hospitable, agreeable, suitable,


congenial – climate, atmosphere, environment, situation, meeting was held in a congenial atmosphere, election was conducted in a congenial situation,


congruent – and suitable, matching, similar, fitting, harmonious


congruent – person, lady, dress, post, reply, action, reaction, looking congruent


congruous – and proper, appropriate, fitting, agreeable


congruous – action, treatment, reply, decision, meeting, time, agreement

conjugal – and wedded,  married, marital, matrimonial


conjugal – life, love, experience,

conscientious -  and careful, thorough, meticulous, reliable


conscientious – decision, plan, work, servant, worker, person,

conscious -  and aware, alert, mindful, cognizant,


conscious – person, people, man, mind, state, citizen,  always, act, very, to our problem, difficulty,  suffering, he was conscious before death, after operation, at that time

consecutive –  and following, repeated, successive,


consecutive – day, year, ruler, collector, Government, transfer,


consequent – and resulting, resultant


conservative – traditional, conventional, old fashioned,


conservative – family, person,  party,

Considerable  -  period, delay, time, opportunity


consistent – and regular, unfailing, constant,


consistent – effort, endeavour,

consonant -  and harmonious
consonant – music, voice,


conspicuous –  and clear, obvious, eye-catching, noticeable, remarkable, striking, prominent


conspicuous – matter, case, judgement, rule, law, order, instruction,


constant – and stable, steady, regular, continuous, unceasing, firm, faithful


constant – position, looking, price, follow up action,  watch, observation,


constituent – and voter, citizen, part, component

constituent -  assembly, member, area,
constitutional –  and lawful, legal, legitimate,


constitutional – right, duty, authority, guarantee, amendment,


constructive – and practical, positive, productive, helpful, useful, beneficial, not destructive


constructive – suggestion, plan, project, decision , outcome,  result, talk, meeting, dialogue, agreement, friendship, relation, activity, outlook,  work,


 contagious –  and communicable, transmittable, infectious

contagious – disease, problem


contemplative -  thoughtful, reflective, meditative, introspective

contemplative -  person, boy , poet, poem,


contemporary –  and current, up- date, modern, belong to same time, same period


contemporary –poet, writer, leader, society, religion, politics, literature, education, science, ruler, king, actor, artist, art, architecture, painting

contemptible -  and shameful, loathsome,  disgraceful, disrespectful, distasteful,
contemptible -  work, writing, lady,  language, speech,


contemptuous – sneering, scornful, disdainful, disapproving, not admiring,

continental –
continual –
continuous   -
contrary  -
contributory –
controversial –


convenient -date, place, work,

conventional –


cool - feeling, cool cool feeling, experience, breeze, temper, looking,  


Cooperative- society, always, person,



Coordinated - act, effort, achievement,   goal,
copious –


cordial- atmosphere, meeting, gesture, love, affection,

corporal –
corporate –
corpulent –


correct – action, expression, thinking, decision, view, thing, letter, position, location, order, the mistake

cosmetic –
cosmopolitan –
costly –
cosy –
counterfeit –
countless –


courageous - people, boy, man, soldier,


courteous –



coy –


crazy –


Creative-  mind, artist, person,  poet, spirit, zeal, thinking, work, literature,

Credible - information, person, source,  news, institution, certificate,
creditable –

Credulous –


Criminal –


Crimson –


Crisp –


Critical –


Crooked –


Crucial –



cruel –


crusted –


cubic –


cubical –


cultivable –


cultural –


Cultured- people, society, students,
cumbersome –

cumbrous –


cumulative – courageous  people, boy, man, soldier,
Credible  information, person, source,  news, institution, certificate,
cunning –

Curious- looking, thing, feeling ,
curly -   
current –
cursed –
customary –




Obedient- student, staff,  boy, always, obedient and dutiful,


Objective- poem, theme, picture, fact, description,


Subjective- related to life, living person


Objectionable – picture, film, painting, speech, statement, behavior,


Obligatory- duty,   responsibility to take care of children


Oblique- way, surface,


Oblivious and forgetful- mind, character, person,


Obnoxious- and hateful and offensive-


Obnoxious- picture, painting, statement,


Obscure- picture, theme, mind,


obscure - secret, complex and hidden,


obscene- picture, film, story, writing,


obscene – and indecent, ugly, filthy,


observable and observant- to observe easily, observing  minutely,


obsolescent- coin, note,


obsolete-  and outdated, - goods, items, articles, things,


obstinate- and obdurate- hard hearted, stubborn, and unyielding-


obstinate- person, character, lady


obvious- clear and plain


obvious- fact, thing, picture, case, it is obvious, it is clear .it is convincing, it is established,


occasional- incident, happening, view, and accidental, rare,


occult- and secret, mysterious-


occult- practice, thing, 


ocular-   visual-


odd-  and outdated, strange and peculiar, odd- thing, number, time, hour,  looking odd, odd and ugly, very odd,


odious- and hateful and heinous- crime, picture, words, act,


off – time, hour, compensatory off, days, switch off, off road vehicle, off and on, off side,


offensive-  act, war, attack, activity, statement, very,


offensive and aggressive, and insulting, and repulsive,


official – business, transaction, time, duty, visit, meeting, tour, way, procedure,


oily- paper, surface, things, area,


okay- and all right, fine,


old- old is gold, old and experienced, old and ancient, old and wise,


old – days, time, man, age, very,


Omnipresent- God,


Omniscient- knowing every thing,


Omnipotent– all powerful, all mighty, omni


Oncoming-  summer, winter, rain, days,


Onerous- and burdensome, painful, aching, onerous- experience, act, feeling, work, job


Only- single and sole, only thing, item, boy,


Onward- march, journey, course, and advanced,


Onymous- letter with name


Anonymous- letter with out name


Oozy- full of mud


Opaque-  object, glass, water, and transparent,


Open- heart , mind, box, field, area, house, door,


Operative – operational, part, machine,


Opportune – time, moment, day, suitable and favourable,


Opposite- face to face, contrary to,  direction, side, house, hill,


Oppressive-  rule, act, and painful,


Optic- and optical and ocular, of seeing


Optimistic-  poet, person, expression, theme, story, life, and hopeful, always,


Optimum-result, achievement, maximum good,


Optional- subject, paper, not compulsory,


Opulent-  rich and wealthy, person, man, king,


Oral- verbal and spoken, test, interview,


Ordinal- and disciplinary, in order,


Ordinary-  person, thing, matter, common  and  trivial,  extra- ordinary


Organized-  crime,


Original- text, matter, certificate, document, shape, name, entity, source,


Orthodox-  family ,  person,


out- side, door,   in and out, out put,  thinking out of box, out of text,


outdated-  cheque, note,   book,       


outdoor-  play, activity, display,


outer-  area, lane, wall,


outgoing-  member, chairman, president,


outrageous-  act, words, statement,


outright-  purchase,


outspoken- person, leader,


outstanding-  result, achievement, performance, report, person, employee


outward-  flow, journey, expression, activity,


oval – shape,    beauty, face,


over-(adj)-  all, blown, cast, due, hand, joyed, land, seas, 


over-(adv)- again, and over, over and above, board, head, leaf, night,


over- (noun)- bridge, coat, draft, lord, (over plus, surplus), over payment, sight, statement, time,


over- (verb)- act, balance, bear, bid, burden, charge, come, crowd, do,, draw, flow, haul, hear, lap, lay, leap, load, look, pay, power, rate, reach, ride, rule, run, see, shadow, shoot, sleep, state, stay, step, stock, take, tax, throw, trade, turn, whelm, work,




Over- head tank, rock, sky, fan, twenty over bowling, over and above the situation is  calm.


overall – performance, activity, preparation, situation, security


overcast- cloud,


overdue- money,


overjoyed-  poet, person, heart,  state,


overseas-  bank, countries,


overt- and open, overt and   covert


owing- due, to  be paid,


own-  property, life, child, country, house,



 My God Thy be kind enough to complete it. I am ever on Thy holy lotus feet. Pranam.

Backward – and back, behind, undeveloped, rearward, shy , hesitant, reluctant, diffident, regressive, recessive

Backward – people, tribal, area, caste, community, movement,  village, country

Bad –and evil ,wicked, corrupt, immoral, worse ,

Bad –boy ,feeling ,relation ,person ,character ,smell ,very bad ,situation ,

Balanced- life, diet, judgment,

 bald – and hairless ,plain ,blunt
bald –head ,looking ,
bankrupt –and insolvent ,ruin ,destroy
bankrupt –person ,lady ,condition ,bank
barbarian –and uncivilized ,uncultured ,
barbarian –act ,murder ,tribe ,
barbaric – tribe, people, act, attitude,
bare –and open ,
bare –foot , body ,hand ,land , truth

barren –and infertile ,sterile ,unproductive ,unfruitful ,desolate

barren –land ,area ,field ,valley , looking barren and dread,

base –and bottom ,foundation ,pedestal ,stand ,support

base –camp , strong base ,loose base , baseless – and unjustified ,unfounded ,groundless

baseless –idea ,fact ,allegation ,charge

bashful –and shy ,coy ,timid ,withdrawn ,blushing

 bashful –girl ,boy ,lady, face

basic– and essential ,vital ,crucial ,fundamental ,necessary

basic –fact ,idea ,thing ,character ,problem ,need , instinct,

bearable –and tolerable ,endurable ,acceptable ,sufferable

bearable –pain ,loss ,penalty ,sorrow , damage, expense,

Beauteous –form ,valley ,forest ,

Beauteous –and beautiful ,gorgeous ,good-looking ,attractive ,handsome

beautiful –and gorgeous ,good-looking ,attractive ,handsome

beautiful –feeling ,expression ,looking ,manifestation ,work ,art ,painting ,design ,moon ,nature ,valley ,girl ,lady ,thought ,garden ,park ,creature

belated –and delayed ,postponed ,deferred ,tardy

belated –claim ,work , bill, payment
beloved –and adored, loving

beloved –sir ,friend ,teacher ,one ,family

beneficial –and helpful ,useful ,valuable ,advantageous ,favourable

beneficial- programme, plan, tuition, course, training,


benevolent –and kind, compassionate, generous,

Benevolent - work, act, people, lady

benign –and benevolent ,kind ,caring ,gentle ,compassionate

benign - gesture, feeling,

best –and finest ,greatest ,unsurpassed ,paramount ,superlative ,preeminent ,

best –friend ,boy in the class ,defence ,magazine ,condition

better –idea ,condition ,thinking ,health ,food , result, performance, feeling better,

big –and ,large ,huge ,gigantic ,giant ,immense

big –thought ,structure ,country, idea, project, animal, bird, fish, crocodile, thing, heart, size, bang, hole, big and bold

bilateral  - relation, talk, trade, treaty,    co-operation, understanding, issue, problem

bitter – truth, experience, fact, taste, relationship,                                              

bitter –and acidic ,tart ,astringent ,pungent ,harsh

black – colour, court, cover, tie, people, magic, coal, soil, shirt, day, beauty, hole, diamond, out, board, black and blue,

blank –and empty ,vacant ,bare
blank – area, pipe, hole, house,

bleak – and unwelcoming , austere ,miserable ,drab ,dreary ,depressing ,desolate ,uninviting

bleak – picture, future, prospect,
blessed-  soul, life, couple, people, saint
blind –and sightless ,unsighted

blind – person, boy, hope, follower, supported, looking blind in love,

blissful-  life, love, experience,

bloody –and gory,  wounded,

bloody –battle, war, blood- thirsty,

blooming- beauty, moon, petal, flower,


blossoming- flower, bud, season


blue – sky, colour, mountain, whale, paper, eyes, ink, cloth, shirt,

blunt –and dull ,
blunt – tool,
bogus –and fake, false, spurious, counterfeit,
bogus – letter, information,
boisterous –and energetic ,active ,rowdy ,unruly ,noisy
bold –and brave ,courageous ,daring ,audacious

bold - action, lady, view, act, word,

bonafide –and genuine, authentic ,real ,true

bonafide-  person, property, document,


bookish –and studious ,serous ,academic ,scholarly ,learned ,erudite ,pedantic

bookish – people, boy, teacher
bound –and sure, certain, guaranteed,

bound-  to say, work, protest, by law,

boundless- joy, sky, love,

bounteous - nature,

bountiful - nature,

brave –and bold ,courageous ,valiant, heroic ,daring ,fearless

brave- boy, girl, people, army, soldier, work, act,

breakable –and fragile ,delicate ,brittle ,frail
breakable – tool, goods, wood,
brief –and short ,concise ,succinct ,
brief- meeting, time, inquiry, place, very brief,
bright –and brilliant ,vivid ,intense ,dazzling

bright- light, future, prospect, student, day, sky, sun,


brilliant- and bright, shinning, dazzling, excellent, wonderful


brilliant- boy, student, teacher, scholar, poet, teacher, beauty, expression, manifestation,  display, performance, 


brisk –and fast ,quick ,rapid ,hurried brittle –and breakable ,fragile ,delicate,

brittle – thing, wood, tool,
broad –and wide ,large ,big ,extensive ,expansive
broad – gauge rail line, heart, mind, idea

broadminded- person, people, lady, leader, teacher,

brutal –and atrocious ,vicious ,wicked ,evil ,cruel ,vile

 brutal – act, murder, violence, death,

buoyant –and floating ,afloat ,cheerful ,light-hearted ,optimistic ,

buoyant - poet,   lover, nature, looking, beauty, feeling, waves, clouds,

busy –and demanding ,tiring ,eventful

busy - hour, time, market, life, always,  

by-gone –and past ,former ,previous ,departed
by-gone – days, event, rule,

------------------------ o.k --------------------   



abandoned –and deserted , discarded ,forsaken ,vacant ,dumped ,neglected

abandoned – palace, village, area, fort,
abiding –and enduring ,remaining
abject –and hopeless ,miserable ,dismal
abject – poverty, condition,
ablaze –and blazing ,burning ,

 able –and capable ,proficient ,competent

able- man, person, army,   officer, leader, minister, commander, judge,

abundant - food,    medicine,  goods, mangoes, bleeding ,labour

abnormal –and irregular ,uncharacteristic ,atypical ,unusual ,strange


abominable –and repulsive ,detestable ,offensive ,monstrous ,terrible

aboriginal –and indigenous ,original ,native
abreast –and side by side
abroad –and overseas

abrupt –and sudden ,unexpected rapid ,hasty ,immediate ,quick

absent –and missing ,gone ,lacking ,deficient
absolute –and total ,complete ,utter ,fixed
absolute –power ,truth ,authority ,alibi ,proof
abstract –and theoretical ,conceptual ,intangible

abstruse –and obscure ,perplexing ,puzzling ,complex ,profound ,mysterious

absurd –and ridiculous ,silly ,strange ,illogical ,bizarre
abundant –and plentiful ,copious ,rich

abusive –and rude ,offensive ,insulting ,foul ,obnoxious ,violent ,cruel

academic –and educational ,scholastic ,studious ,intellectual

accepting- plan, resignation,    money, letter,
accessible- area, localilty,
acclaimed- poet, scholar, writer,
accountable - for mistake, loss, defeat, destruction.
accurate -place, person, location, result,
,fault, thing, case, member,

across –the country ,world ,city

active- person, player, writer, leader, interest, always
actual - mistake
,pain saving ,truth ,expense ,fact ,case ,incident

active –and energetic ,vigorous ,dynamic
actual –and real ,definite ,genuine ,authentic
acute –and sharp ,sensitive ,keen ,severe
adamant –and obstinate obdurate unbending
additional –and extra ,supplementary ,other ,added
adept –and skillful ,skilled ,proficient ,expert
admirable –and estimable ,commendable ,venerable ,splendid
admissible –and allowable ,permeable ,acceptable ,tolerable

admirable - work, victory, performance, research,
adorable-work,  achievement,
advanced stage, date,
adult –and mature ,grown-up

advisable –and sensible ,wise ,prudent ,suitable

aesthetic- beauty, nature,
affectionate- mother, father,
affluent -person, people, country

affable –and genial ,pleasant ,sociable ,friendly ,jovial
affectionate –mother ,father ,sister ,
aflame –and burning ,afire ,enthusiastic ,passionate
afloat –and floating ,buoyant
afoot –and happening ,occurring

–and frightened ,scared ,fearful ,terrified ,anxious ,troubled

afraid –of tiger ,lion ,ghost ,death ,blood ,
and anew ,again
afresh –apply ,put up the case ,send the proposal afresh
after –and following ,behind

aggression –and violence ,hostility ,anger ,attack ,assault

agreeable –and pleasant ,pleasing ,enjoyable ,satisfying
agricultural –and undeveloped ,farming ,rural

agreeable - condition, idea ,decision ,declaration ,date
ahead –and forward

aimless -and idle ,loitering

alert- army, watchman, always,
alluring - beauty, nature, monument, mountain

 alert –staying ,remain ,be ,

aloud –speaking
already –done ,executed ,performed ,completed ,
alternate –thought ,idea ,way ,route ,
always –asking ,quarrelling ,talking ,late

amazing -nature, structure, building, tower,
ambitious -person, boy,   general, army,project

ambiguous –state ,person ,report ,writing ,situation

amiable -talk, approach, settlement, atmosphere,
amicable –and friendly

amicable –settlement ,way ,person ,voice

ample- cause, reason, evidence, ground, food, medicine, goods, things,

angelic- beauty, character, lady
ancient –monument ,temple ,people ,culture ,sculpture ,civilisation ,period

angry –boy ,people ,face ,lady ,teacher
angular –shape ,diagram ,
animate – state , looking, condition,
annual –day ,function ,event ,budget ,sports ,meeting ,
anonymous –letter ,noting ,draft ,resolution ,
another –boy ,person ,story ,meaning ,idea ,thought ,
antique –and old ,ancient ,
antiseptic –cream ,lotion , ointment, balm

anti-social –people ,boy ,work ,activity ,behaviour ,talk, attitude,

anxious –and worried
anxious –person ,worker ,lady, father,
apparent –and obvious ,clear ,
apparent –fact, thing

appealing- story, murder,
appeasing -nature, statement, hunger
appreciated- work, performance, research
apposite ,

appreciable –idea ,thought ,work ,victory

apprehensive –and worried ,nervous ,anxious ,uneasy ,fearful ,hesitant ,frightened

apprehensive –danger situation ,

approachable- distance, house, fort, palace,
appropriate - order, time, condition, opportunity, person, land,

apt –It is apt to note that. Apt to     write,
apt - and suitable, appropriate, worthy,
aquatic –life ,animal ,flora ,fauna ,

ardent -admire,
arresting- beauty, picture, story, theme, speech,
artistic- beauty, expression, art, manifestation, Ascending order

ardent –desire ,will ,love ,
arduous –exercise ,work ,mission ,
arduous –and hard ,difficult ,strenuous ,tiring ,
arid –land ,area ,climate ,surface
arid –and dry ,waterless ,
aristocratic –life ,people ,living ,
around –me , the table ,the world ,the sun

arrogant –and proud ,egoistic
arrogant –worker ,student ,lady ,behaviour ,

artful –and crafty ,clever ,devious , ,deceitful ,cunning
artificial –and mock ,unnatural ,imitation
artistic –and creative ,imaginative ,

ascendant –and controlling ,ruling ,influential ,dominant ,governing

aseptic –and sterile ,sterilised ,clean ,hygienic
ashamed –and embarrassed ,mortified ,humiliated ,abashed
ashore –and aground
aside –and sideways ,apart
asleep –and sleeping ,numb ,lifeless

assiduous –and diligent ,preserving ,attentive ,hardworking ,sedulous

associate – professor,

aspiring -member, candidate, leader, student, boy
assured- future, return, profit, success, sum, money,
astonishing -effect, beauty, manifestation,
astounding -beauty, monument, tower, mountain,

atmospheric –pressure ,change ,
atomic –reaction ,power ,

attentive- mother, guard, army, police, always, and alert,
attractive- beauty, face, song, dance, film, story, thing, object, to eyes. ,
auspicious - day, victory, independence, birthday,    marriage, agreement,
atypical-  character, boy, girl,
august  -self, office, institution, organisation,
authentic- information, news, source, idea, plan, project, ,
autonomous- institution, college, school, body,
audacious –character ,hero ,king ,leader ,

audacious –and brave ,bold ,daring
audible –sound ,voice ,music
authoritative –attitude ,rule ,
automatic –machine gun ,rifle ,
auxiliary –verb ,forces ,

auxiliary –and supporting ,secondary

available -source, goods, food, medicine, arms, money, things, always, there, here, resource ,information ,data ,contact

assiduous -person, boy, girl,  Persevering or industrious.

averse –and opposite ,hostile
awful –nature ,situation ,looking ,

awkward –position ,state ,condition ,situation